Sunday, March 06, 2011

No SteaK No lobster? How About Charlie Sheen?

Nobody's Opinion: Last week, I saw this baby and her parents on our local news program. (go to to see) A nicer couple you could not even imagine, and so it's no wonder that baby is so full of laughter.

What was more important than the baby is...the father couldn't find a job. He was a professor of American History, and that paper that the baby is tearing up in this video, is the father's rejection letters. It a sad comment on the way America is being forced to change, and how our universities are dominated by the liberal plans to globalize the world, and downsize America, and American History is being dumped for international studies.

I don't know about you, but I'm not doing well with these changes. Tonight for instance, the family had planned to meet at Red Lobster for the Lobster Fest. I had been staring at the commercial all week.

Okay, I had been walking around saying, "I can't WAIT...lobster!" I was dreaming of melted butter, and how I was envisioning myself savoring the butter for at least a culinary heaven. Michael Moore could not have beaten me to the plate, that how excited I was. The reason I get so giddy is because, like many Americans, if I get Lobster once year, I feel lucky.

So, we pull up to the biggest Red Lobster around, and it's Sunday, and it's closed. Out of business.

You've got to be kidding. What? Did BP not come through with the check?

Picture it: it's the side of a major highway, fifteen other restaurants are around it,'s closed. On a Sunday.

Like all good sensible and hungry Americans, we went next door to a Pasta House...where they were ....out of all steaks, and a lot of other stuff.

Out of steak.

A restaurant, in a high-earning area, off a major highway..o n a Sunday...out of meat.

That was a first for me. We all got pasta, what else?

The conversation was of course, Charlie Sheen. Everyone was laughing at "Adonis" and "Winner" and how bad you must be when even your porn star leaves you..and then my brother said something I could not believe.

"Face it, Americans are all too spoiled."

Excuse me? I maybe get lobster once a year...and I'm spoiled? Maybe I took it wrong, but he said it like we need to downsize.

Hey, you don't' start family arguments in a restaurants with a brother who you only see once in a blue moon. The subject went back to Charlie Sheen, which is my point.

The changes coming to America, have been slow...and easy to ignore. I was concerned when the major malls fell into the weeds. But to have the local restaurants running out of food...?
And that's why I'm posting this lovable babies laugh. We still have our families. Right?

I know in my heart that this man is going to find a job. God gave him the most lovable baby, who because a star on YOUTUBE, and therefore, in a roundabout way...this man will get his gift.

It's corney but true. When times are bad, family is your shelter.

And I plan to spoil myself with them as long as possible. Pass the butter.



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