Saturday, March 05, 2011

Nobody Reports Hillary loves Al-Jazeera

Nobody Reports: Can you believe this? Al-Jazeera is reporting REAL news according to our Secretary of State, Hillary (I got #$%) Clinton. And here in America, we do not get good news anymore, she says. It doesn't exist.

(I stopped watching Seseme Street some time ago, Hillary, what are YOU watching? )

Not only that, but she thinks more people here in America are starting to watch Al Jazeera because it gives the "news."

It's official. Lady Clariol is doing way too much damage.

Just who do you think she is talking about here? Everyone knows: FOX .

The good news is: it means the liberals are losing in the media department, so therefore they have to send out Hillary Clinton, the woman who said (I don't remember) about two thousand times before a grand jury, to tell us all we are not getting the facts. We need MORE stations like Al Jazeera.

Oh sure...Al Jazeera is filled with "facts."

The bad news is: This means Obama the Muslim-in-Chief, wants to get Al Jazeera put on all our cable channels, so that (his) plans to make this a Muslim Nation can continue.

This statement was so insane, you can only wonder...what next? Is Hillary going to start telling us all that maybe the women over here should start wearing burkhas?


They will have to get rid of O'Reilly first, and that guy will not go genlty into that good night, nor will Glenn Beck, or Cavuto...or Hannity, or Palin.

Face it Hillary..the only people that are going to turn on Al Jazeera here are Muslims.

Now I know why you have stopped wearing makeup,---you want to be a star on Al Jazeera. You don't want to 'offend" your Muslim comrades. It seems you have still forgotten the fact that you are an American woman.

Hillary...were you EVER an American woman?

"I don't ...recall."

I thought you'd say that.

The day I am forced to pay for Al Jazeera on my TV cable subscription, is the day I will cancel. ..or maybe...that's the plan.



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