Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Jane Russsell...More than a Sex Goddess.

Nobody Reports--
that a great sex icon passed away today, and I think we ought to at least mention the fact that she once described herself as -- ‘a teetotal mean-spirited Right-wing conservative Christian bigot’.

They don't make women like that anymore.

I first saw her in "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds" (yeah guys...I know you remember her in THE OUTLAW-- go ahead...) and I thought to myself, that if there was one woman who could hold her own against the most famous sex goddess of all time, it was Jane Russell, and not just because of her special body parts. There was real intelligence in those eyes. Jane played the "smart" gal from little Rock in that movie.. against the dumb blond, and if I was a man and had to pick between the two to be a mother of my children... it would have been the one with brains.
DNA is important...just ask Charlie Sheen. (Wait...bad example...how about Secretariat?)

Not that Marilyn was stupid, far from it. Anyone who could act that stupid was near genius as far as I was concerned...she was just more messed up.

But, Jane had a rough life too, it seems. Married three times, and divorced twice. She couldn't have children due to a botched abortion at the age of eighteen, so she adopted three of her own. Later on in life she helped set up an International Adoption Agency so people here could adopt from other countries. She was against all abortions after her own, the rest of her life. She almost died, from the procedure.

Once she was asked what she thought of Hollywood liberals such as George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, and Sean Penn, she said, "I think they're not well."

Now, that's class.

Just for fun: imagine Marylyn Monroe and Jane Russell(looking as they did in this 1953 picture) coming down the steps of the Oscars in 2011...and presenting the award for best costume? Or better yet---Supporting Actor?

Christian Bale would not only have forgotten his wife's name, but probably his own.

Is it me? Or did the old sex goddesses look more...real and...fun...and alive?

As for the other picture? I just thought we needed a more current picture of a famous derriere.

Joyanna---you are classless for showing that picture of our First Lady!

You know what? I bet Jane would get a big kick out of it---this one's for you Jane!

Thanks for the memories....



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