Friday, February 25, 2011

Motowning the White House

Nobody Reports another "Black" party at the White House, with a few token whites let in for good measure. Joe Biden came dressed to honor his black roots, and the fact that he has shown, much to his credit, no semblance of a negro dialect.

I now know why Obama claimed to be black on the last census. If you are black, you can make every month black history month and throw a big party--- which is just what the King and Queen of black Presidential history did...they threw another big party for their closest friends and themselves, at the White House, at our expense...of course.

It was a Motown party, with those Motown favorites, like Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, and Sheryl Crowe.

Wait. Uh. Sheryl Crowe?

What kind of Motown party does NOT invite the Queen of Motown, Aretha Franklin? After all, she is not sick anymore, she says. And what is Motown without the OTHER Queen of Motown, Diana Ross? What is a Motown party without, "Stop, In the Name of Love!"

It's a fake, that's what it is.

What kind of pull does a Black President have if he can't even get the very heart of Motown to show up? What about the Jackson's? I'm sure Stevie could have done all Michaels parts, and probably a lot better.

Michelle Obama was looking good in black, the preferred color of the night, and pimping out with gorgeously thick black fake eyelashes, when she was asked, "Who's Your favorite Motown artist?"

"Stevie Wonder, yes indeed."

Okay, just how many times has Stevie Wonder been to the White House again? Is it me...or did this same party happen not too long ago? I'm beginning to think he lives there.

Obama called Motown, "the soundtrack of the civil rights era," and credited Motown's tight lyrics, catchy melodies and deep soul with helping to "blur the line between music that was considered either black or white."

Right...Elvis gets no respect from our black President.

Gee...if Motown was an example of civil rights, what in the heck is the rap music of today an example of?

Civil destruction ?

Imagine 50 years from now, a black President having a party at the White House to celebrate the black music of today?

Good thing, most of us will be dead. I'm having a hard time picturing George Washington looking down on 50 Cents, Snoop Dog, and LiL Wayne.

Wait...Obama has another year....



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