Thursday, February 24, 2011

Forget Hope and Change: Try Some True Grit

Nobody Opinion: Just like his old buddy Bill Clinton before him, 'President' Obama took his good old sweet time condemning that talented terrorist, Muammar Gaddafi (or Gaddhafi, or as I prefer to call him...Gollum Mooointhemud.) Liberals never get in the way of a good massacre. How many time did we hear Bill Clinton say---Well, I DO feel bad about Rwanda...we just couldn't do anything.? Later we learned how many lovely acres of prime real estate that his good buddies the Lippo Group owned in Rwanda....but that's another blog. But let's face it, when it comes to making deals with terrorist..

Nobody's Perfect: When George W. Bush was President, he made a deal with Gaddafi, even after it was proven that he masterminded the death of over 270 people. That's okay--- what was important was that he promised not to pursue nuclear weapons. And so, the Prime Minister of England let an old guy faking illness, (Magrahi) the killer of those poor people go home to a hero's exchange of course for oil rights. When justice has to prevail, our big Western leaders play the hand what? Then...

Nobody Cares when Sting (you remember him...Sting, British singer) says the West "should start treating the Arab culture (in) a better way. " Really? How's that?

Nobody Knows what "better way" we should treat them. After all, they are let into our country with no serious screenings, and then we get Ft. Hood, tennis shoe bombers, underwear bombers, I just want to blow up George Bush's house bombers, and it's as if...

Nobody Remembers...9/11...BUT...good news! There is one man who is..

Nobody's Fool: Check out Alan West. (see video) This guy is great. I love it. We need to fill up the halls of Congress with men like this.

Nobody Flashes: That according to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Reserve caused the inflation that lead to higher food prices, which lead to the horrible riots and uprising in the Middle East. Bill Clinton is telling the farmers maybe they should grow more corn, and cut back on that ethanol production. Bill just can't keep away from those husks, can he?

Nobody Wins: And back here at home, we have our own "union" problems. Half the people are paying for the health care and pensions for the other half of the people, and there is no money left. If the unions win...sooner or later, there will be a lot of really mad people. And while the Democrats are mad becase they lost the elections, they have just decided to go to another state.

Nobody Wonders: So, what if this new democratic play of "if I don't' get my way, I'll just take my ball and go hide" travels up to the halls of Congress and nothing ever gets done?
Then, good men and women with True Grit, like Allen West will come and save the day!
HEY...You wanted a good ending didn't you? Nobody is as hopeful as me.



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