Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Teaches our Teachers?

Nobody Knows who is teaching our teachers...because by the latest pictures coming out of Wisconsin, these people are seriously defective in simple math. What don't they get about the government going broke? What do they NOT comprehend about where their salaries come from?
Do they even THINK?
For God's sake...who is teaching our teachers? They should all be fired. Every one of them.
I don't know about you, but for every good teacher I have met, I could match them with at least fifty that were so ignorant, I wanted to send them back to grade school. They get the smart kids in class (usually the kids whose parents are teaching them at home out of necessity ) to do their work for them. The smart kids teach the other kids how to do the problems, while the teacher is sitting at their desk, engrossed in something else that will benefit homework for her next degree.
I've seen it a dozen times.
While the teachers all complain "the parents just don't care," I beg to differ. Getting into your local school to see what is going on is like trying to get into Fort Knox. They don't WANT you to see what is going on in their schools. Notice I said "theirs" because that's how every teacher and principal looks at schools. Parents, to them, are inferior beings to be tolerated only on parent/teacher day.
And what is even more insidious, the teachers play a duel role in big brother spying. They make the kids write about their parents and their home life...and if you request to see your child's "diary" you cannot. You, dear parent, YOU are not allowed to see what "emotional" problems your child might be having.
And yet, you pay their salary.
They get medical, pensions, wonderful summer vacations, trips to foreign lands...I mean...these people are spoiled. If they were doing a good job, we could say they deserve it. But they're not.
I've seen teachers working on their "degrees" with computers supplied to them by the TAXPAYERS...while the kids struggle in front of them, alone.
I once talked to a teacher who would not take five minutes out of his day to answer a question from a student (my son). The course was advanced Algebra III, and he said, "I learned by the book. It should be good enough for them. " He stood in the room..he might as well have a lamppost. He refused to "teach."
I thought it was this side of obscenity that this teacher didn't teach, and you know what? the principle stood up for him.
And then you have the grossly overpaid superintendents, and the vast office workers...most of them...worthless from what I've seen. We don't just have a nation of uneducated kids. We have
a nation of uneducated teachers. The blind leading the blind.
Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin that is trying to manage the great Union uprising, the only adult in the room, has stood strong. But, like little children the Democrats left the state so as not to have to vote---sulking like little children.
Those Democrats should be fined for every hour they are away...I'd start with $50,00O a day.
The unions killed our manufacturing base, now they are killing our children's future, and all they want is their money.
Here's what we should do. Get rid of the Educational Department, and hand over all our public schools to Bill Gates. No unions allowed.
Let the kids learn from the computers. Only hire teachers who want to "teach." No union allowed, and no tenure. Let the teachers pay for their own education.
Teachers, like our politicians, should start accounting to "we the people."
After all, it's the taxpayer who pays their salaries.
It's about time we remind them.



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