Monday, February 14, 2011

Spitting on Tiger Woods

Nobody's Perfect: Tiger Woods--- the man who every true golfer wished they could reincarnate into, used to be the closest thing to THE golf god of all golf gods. Tiger was held up on the highest pedestal ever built in the record halls of sports history, remember? I must admit, that I was so sick of all the idol worship that the media poured out like pools of giant whipped cream, even I wanted to see him fail.

Nobody is THAT perfect I told myself. And I was right.

Tiger was dealt another low blow this week.

As If being a all-around lying, manipulating, and low-down sack of golf-club-plugs to his wife and two kids by messing around every other night wasn't enough... it seems, once off the pedestal of perfection, you are full game for the world.

What goes up....must come down.

The European Tour in Dubai just fined Tiger for (I can't believe I'm saying this) for spitting.
On the holiest of holy places...the green.

Good thing he didn't kiss the ball, he might have been arrested.

It was said: "somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that."

Oh...that's low. Tell me, how long does spit stay on the top of grass? How long before it evaporates? What are the odds that other golfers are going to hit it? And how can spit actually effect the trajectory of a golf ball traveling as fast as it does...and as we all know, there are other factors to consider...what about bird droppings?

Where's the scientific proof that Tiger's can beat his fellow golfers with a mere hunk of a spit wad?

Come on. You can't be serious. How many times have we seen baseball players spit on the bat, the glove, the first baseman, the plate, the ball, the umpire...and we DON'T want to know what else.

On the other is a rich man's game, and there are rules. The elite and rich, do not look kindly on one of theirs acting like Larry the Cable Guy, even if he is driving a Mercedes.

This little spit fine is probably nothing to Tiger. What's IS going to hurt him much more, is the cancelling of the "future" golf course in Dubai, designed by him. That was cancelled. because, Tiger is no longer number one.

Tiger's brand has been tarnished. Tiger is becoming the Charlie Sheen of the sports world.

The Americans will forgive him. After all, he was the best. But, when it comes to the big money in Dubai? The Arabs (and all of those who have been just waiting to see him fall) are out to get him.

Tiger is going to have to add another bad habit to his sex addiction problem to solve.


You go can do it.



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