Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fashion Quiz...Keep Up...

Nobody Get Email on Saturday Night.
When It comes to fashion, nobody beats the class of the American.
Here are some famous, and not so famous Americans in their finest fashions.
Try to match the picture with the number.
1. I'm a famous singer who loves to dress up in meat, vegetables, Chinese food, and for desert, a gigantic dead bird. Or make that about 100 dead birds. Peta is just GAGA over me.
2. I'm a lady who insists on putting a huge target on my chest, that looks like it was made out of a gigantic recycled pinata. My husband does not smoke. The dress is actually a much needed decoy to protect my husband.
3. I want to get re-elected as the reincarnation of Ron Reagan/John Wayne. BECAUSE everyone now thinks I'm a Muslim, I must prove it to American that I really do like cows, pigs, and fine ten gallon hats from Texas. I do not smoke, nor am I a Muslim.
4. I have come back in time to meet up with Elton John's future child. I bought my own water.
5. I am a nobody, walking in the snows of Middle America, wearing a hat that will disguise me, and hopefully endear me. to the coming immigrants who spend a lot of long lonely hours with various furry animals, in desert mountainous countries.

If you missed any of are not worthy to even get dressed here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas is....

for ever astonished by what women wear.

If I, as a chap, were to criticise, of course, I would be denounced for something or other. Anything would do.

But really. What does that Michelle Obarmy think she looks like? I would not send a dog out in that ridiculous outfit, even on a dark night.

She looks like a walking archery target. The ones made of straw. I can just imagine his SuperPowerfulPresidentness, her very own Dark Knight, rollin' his eyes and showin' de whites but saying not a word.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

I wondered if they were in a South American Country..and if this dress was a suggestion of her husband...don't you?

1:44 PM  
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