Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama's Middle East Speech OR Shocking Our Way Back to You Babe...With a Burning Hate Inside

Nobody Wins Americans were shocked today. Shocked. At least those who remember the holocaust of the Jews, because our President just TRIED to give the land of the Jews to the Arabs today. The fact that it's not his to give evidently did not occur to him.

Everyone heard the man who wants to rule the world today, and those with a knowledge of history, shivered with thoughts of coming mass graves. Sure, he said we stand with Israel, but, only if Israel gives up...all hope of survival.

Israel is saying: with friends like these, who needs enemies?

I once heard President George W. Bush say: Hey..what do you want...WWIII? As if WWIII was just a stone's throw away. And so, if you are Obama, with the power to jumpstart a world war, being a revolutionist at heart, wouldn't you do it?

That's exactly what he is trying to do.

Right now, Israel, is like a little piece of bread floating on top of a lake full of Japanese coi fish. They don't stand a chance.

The Palestinians, none of whom are native to that land, cry out like little welfare babies, because their own Sheiks and Imams will not give them a dime. Arafat was the biggest fat cat of them all. How many billions did he keep in Swiss bank accounts, while his own people starved? They live in tyranny, and that's certainly not the fault of the Jews. In fact, the Jews have kept many of them employed over the years.

But the Muslim religion is a tyrannical poison, one that Obama prefers, and the sooner the deniers get onto that fact, the better.

In his "I love the Muslims" speech today, he promised billions of dollars to send to all the Muslims nations...starting with Egypt. Did Congress sanctioned this?

How embarrassed was this little nobody to hear a President of the United States dictate what he wants to happen in the Middle East. And if the Muslims will do his "hope and change" to his liking..he promises them billions. Oh...and forget those debts you own us guys, just let us send our Wal-Marts, GM, McDonalds, Disney, GE, and know, get you all fixed up with democracy.

And it's okay if YOUR democracy is full of radical extreme Muslims ruled by Sharia law, which will hate long as you let in GE...we're okay with that.

Obama knows nine of ten Muslims want the Jews to die. Evidently that little tiny country of Israel...well, it's just not important anymore. I mean...we got all the big Jews with the real money in America...the Spielberg's, the Wall Street guys,... hey, Israel is just a big piece of sand to them.

What else are we suppose to think? We NEVER hear the rich Jews say a word, and they pour money to Obama and the democrats. They have global markets.

So, what does this tell you? The unions are already in Egypt.'s starting to look like Obama is working for the big guys after all.

Here in America, we just heard that, forget the five-dollar light will pay fifty.

Don't mess with Obama and his people.

And speaking of their own people, even his progressive black professors are up in arms...Cornel West, that bastion of Afro sheen, said this: “Obama is the black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats."

Oh...gee...are you just figuring out Obama lies?

What disturbed me the most, was the insidious way Obama warned Israel, not to fight his wishes by telling them that with the new technology today...Israel cannot defend itself. Don't even try.

It seems the whole world of sanity now depends on that one great leader: Netanyahu, who said today:

“Among other things,” Netanyahu reminded Obama, “those commitments relate to Israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines which are both indefensible and which would leave major Israeli population centers in Judea and Samaria beyond those lines.”

“Those commitments also ensure Israel’s well-being as a Jewish state by making clear that Palestinian refugees will settle in a future Palestinian state rather than in Israel.”

If it were me, I'd would have called his hand and said, "Mr. President, it's not up to you what the people of Israel does with its land, and I'm offended that you claim to believe in democracy but your action are just like a dictator. But you are not King of the Jews. My heart goes out to your people."

You know, this same logic can be used here. We will be told we must give Texas back to Mexico because, it's really not ours. And if you think Obama would not have a problem with that then you also think the Wailing Wall should be built into a mall.

I cannot print what I was saying to my TV set today, but I will take an email written and sent to Obama, by a very famous actor named Peter Fonda, that reflects my feelings too. He was upset by the way Obama handled the oil spill.

"I sent an email to President Obama saying, 'You are a f(expletive)
traitor,' using those words... 'You're a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on
our soil telling our military -- in this case the coastguard -- what they can
and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we
could or could not do'."

That about sums it up. Welcome back Peter, now, go talk to that idiot sister of yours, and if she doesn't listen, send her a one-way ticket to Cario. They have tanks there for her to sit on.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bob Dylan and Bill Clinton Agree: "You Gotta SERVE Somebody"

Nobody Flashes It was reported today that Bill Clinton wants to finally "correct" whatever you read on the internet. He is not happy with the "misinformation" on the internet and he should know. Everyone knows he did NOT have sex, with that MS Lewinsky and the Drudge Report ruined his good time with all the 'misinformation' he wrote day after day, which of course, lead Bubba down the impeachment path of shame.

And he hasn't forgotten it. Bubba wants the government to stop it all.

He said: "It would be a legitimate thing to do."

Legitimate? speech IS legitimate. Nobody wants to be censored, like they are in China, and so, just in case all us bloggers and reporters actually call a duck a duck, Bill wants to have a 'government' agency that "corrects" the "misinformation" on the independent government agency.

An independent government agency? Sounds like duckwad to me.

Bill Clinton wants in China, which brings me to...

Bob Dylan, the famous anti-war propagandist turned Christian homebody was "censored" by China. He went over there to make a butt load of cash, and many of his old hippie fans, like Maureen Dowd, are in shock. Bob Dylan agreed to be censored?

“He sang his censored set, took his pile of Communist cash and left,” Dowd wrote. She called him a "sellout" because China wanted to see his list of songs.

Dylan, (Robert Zimmerman) said this on his website.

“As far as censorship goes, the Chinese government had asked for the names
of the songs that I would be playing. There’s no logical answer to that, so we
sent them the set lists from the previous three months. If there were any songs,
verses or lines censored, nobody ever told me about it and we played all the
songs that we intended to play,” Dylan wrote.

Come can't understand a word the man says when he sings. Really.

You know...I know how she feels. Nobody was a bigger fan than I was back in the sixties. I still have all his albums. And then, when I saw him sitting next to Bill Clinton, who was honoring him with a big award at the Kennedy Center in 1997, WHILE he was bombing Kosovo...I thought to myself: What... a ...hypocrite.

Bob Dylan has been doing all this leftist stuff just for the money?...I get it.

And speaking of money...What a capitalist will do to get it! General Motors is sponsoring a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party!

Yeah...let's celebrate communism! Communists gave them a bailout here--- no wonder they love it.

Nobody Remembers when John Lennon recorded "Serve Yourself" in response to Dylan's' "Gotta Serve Somebody." Looks like Dylan has done both on his tour of China and Bill Clinton wants to put the same rules up here.

So, what do you want to bet that before Obama leaves office, he gives Dylan some kind of award at the White House, all the while he will be bombing Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq...

Will Bob Dylan be allowed to sing "Masters of War?

Come you masters of that build the big guns
You that build the death planes, you that build all the bombs,
You that hide behind walls.
You that hide behind desks.
I just don't want you to know I can see through your masks.

I suggest Bob sing his other hit at the White House: "You gotta serve somebody." That way, when we all lose our websites to cyberspace, we will all remember who to blame...

I mean...who we serve.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unicorns LOVE Virgins-- And Other Fairy Tales

Nobody Knows Have you seen the Progressive car insurance commercial where the bimbo Progressive Lady says that when she thinks of togetherness (like auto and house insurance) she thinks of glitter and unicorns?

I know...I'm glad she's not my neighbor. But, that got me to thinking...just about EVERYONE in the world thinks that unicorns never existed. Never..just a fairy tale princess item made up to make millions of little toys for little girls to fantasize about having her own pony.

Okay, bear with me because I never had a thing for unicorns..but the other day, I read this account, written by a man named John Sparke, in 1565:

"The Floridians have pieces of unicorns' horns, which they wear about their
necks, whereof the Frenchmen obtained many pieces. Of those unicorns they have
many, for that they do affirm it to be a beast with one horn, which coming to
the river to drink, puts the same into the water before she drinks."

Yeah...guess what? Years ago...everyone talked about unicorns as if they were just another fish in the sea, turtle on the log, bar-bee on the skillet. Who knew?

John goes on to describe the rest of the animals of Florida in great detail, all of whom still exist today, and lumped the unicorn right in there with the dolphins and flamingos. It was obvious that John Sparke did not SEE the unicorns, but believed they existed because the natives and the French guys had the horns around their necks.

This was before men could buy Mercedes Benzes.

And he wasn't alone.. Unicorns are in many accounts of Greek historians. Ctesias described then as wild asses, "fleet of foot, having a horn a cubit and a half in length and colored white, red, and black. Aristotle mentioned two one-horned animals, the Oryx and the "Indian ass." Strabo says there were one-horned horses with stag-like heads. Pliny the Elder describes what seems to be a rhinoceros: "a very fierce animal called the monoceros which has the head of the stag, the feet of the elephant, and the tail of a boar, while the rest of the body is like that of a horse: it makes a deep lowing noise, and has a single black horn, which projects from the middle of its forehead, two cubits in length."

The bible mentions them quite a few times...for example: "God brought them out of Egypt: he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn."

Marco Polo described them as scarcely smaller than elephants.

"They have the hair of a buffalo and feet like an elephant's. They have a
single large black horn in the middle of the forehead, and they have the head
like a wild boar's. They spend their time by preference wallowing in mud and
slime. They are very ugly brutes to look at. They are not at all such as we
describe them when we relate that they let themselves be captured by virgins,
but clean contrary to our notions. "

Good old Marco Polo. No wonder they named a swimming game after him.

Yeah...I love history. Especially this part: Unicorns, according to all those who knew one, could be captured by a virgin. (Okay, when I was a virgin, I couldn't capture a damn thing..what gives here?)

Leonardo Da Vinci wrote:

"The unicorn, through its intemperance and not knowing how to control
itself, for the love it bears to fair maidens forgets it ferocity and wildness;
and laying aside all fear it will go up to a seated damsel and go to sleep in
her lap, and thus the hunters take it."

Good old Leonardo. Not quite up to Marco's observations..but definitely more entertaining.

Wow...there's a moral in there somewhere. Mean and horny beasts, who cannot control themselves, become kittens in the laps of virgins. We need to find some virgins fast and send them to the Capitol....

Or else America will become the next fairy tale.

So, was there ever such a creature as a unicorn?

John Sparke says yes. And I'm certainly not going to argue with history, or virgins.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nobody Wants to Claim the Trademark, DEBT CEILING

Nobody's Opinion: The big news today was...The whole middle of the country is being drowned and destroyed by floods!! no it wasn't.

The big news was Huckabee is not going to run for President (aaahhhh) but Newt Gingrich is. Newt is a supporter of Obamacare. Mitt Romney makes no apologies of HIS Obamacare that he passed in Massachusetts, so right there, these two Rhino's have laid their cards right out on the table. Mitt says he will appeal Obamacare, but if you believe that, then you also believe that the tooth fairy is The ROCK, and he really does wear a pink tutu.

Ron Paul, is now on board with amnesty. Tom Trancredo said this about Ron Paul:

He insinuates that patriotic Americans who oppose mass immigration are lazy and
motivated by race. He says that Immigrants "have a work ethic superior to many
of our own citizens who have grown dependent on welfare and unemployment
benefits. It's hard to hide the fact that resentment toward a Hispanic immigrant
is more common than toward a European illegal immigrant."

Wow...such choices we have. And speaking of Obamacare...

Nobody Wins when your beloved Congress passes Obamacare and then Obama gives waivers to 1,372 mostly big corporations, to opt out of it---because then you can be sure you're not living in a Republic anymore. In other words, give money to the Democrats, keep them in power, and you do not have to pay. It's another way to get rid of all small businesses who, of course will not be able to stay in business...which is the plan, and speaking of business...

Nobody Knows how in the world Disney got to trademark Seal Team Six? I mean, can I go and trademark the White House? Or how about the Presidency? Think of the MONEY I would make every single time the logo appeared? This is unbelievable. A company got the rights to make money off our soldiers.

Disney and our government merged when they extended Mickey's copyright forever.

They will make royalties off toys, games, playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles, hand held units for playing electronic games, Christmas stockings and tree ornaments, snow globes..and probably dildo's.

Really..the only ones who should be able to trademark the Navy Seals and receive money from it are the Seals and their families...or the taxpayers who PAY for the Seals. Does DISNEY pay the Seals salary? Well, we are all fools..

And speaking of fools...

Nobody Fool...Timothy Geithner is doing his usual creepy best scare tactic in the news,..because he wants the banks to have an unlimited spending credit card forever courtesy of future generations yet unborn--- BECAUSE if we don't let them up the debt ceiling (above 14 trillion) ...we are all doomed to hell.

"A default on Treasury debt could lead to concerns about the solvency of
the investment and financial institutions that hold Treasury securities in their
portfolios, which could cause a run on money market mutual funds and the broader
financial system." Geithner said in a letter.

He is threatening...double-dip recession! Hey..double-dip recession is coming no matter WHAT they do. Bacon has already doubled in price. Little Timmy can't lose. So when the Republicans say "NO" and things get worse, which they will no matter what...he can say, "I told you so." Not to mention, Bloomberg (Yeah, the mayor) compared anyone who will NOT give the rich more money, worse than Al-Qaeda terrorists...which brings me to..

Nobody Wonders what has happened to FOX news? I was watching the Saturday morning financial wizards and the question of the day was: "Should we go ahead and give $3 billion dollars to the Al-Qaeda rebels in Libya?" And they all said..."Yes." I'm expecting to turn on FOX soon and see the news that Israel should just give up the land to the Palestinians. Believe me, I will not be surprised. The only thing that would surprised me would be if Obama ran as Barry.

Wait...I don't want to give him any ideas..

And speaking of surprises...

Nobody's Perfect. A man named McDonald was found in his truck, along with his diary saying that he got snowed in...but decided to stay IN his truck for over 70 days, to which, he finally died. I don't know about you...but I would have left that truck after the third day...evidently he thought nobody cared...or he was just plain stupid.

And speaking about caring...

Nobody Cares that two of the most idiotic famous people on the planet will be joining voices on Al Gore's TV sitcom".. Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore. In it, we will be hearing such wonderful words of wisdom from Michael as this:

"It's one thing to be happy that a criminal has been captured and dealt
with. It's another thing to throw a kegger celebrating his death at the site
where the remains of his victims are still occasionally found. Is that who we
are? Is that what Jesus would do? I hire only ex-Seals and ex-Special Forces
guys to handle my own security."

Nobody Thinks that Jesus would suggest Charlie Sheen join them both, at ground zero, to beg for forgiveness for using his name to promote their own socialist agendas, and then call up the devil to take them all away.

Let's just say...Nobody Remembers...better days.


Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Shadow of Soros's Smle

Nobody Reports: Today, my husband came home to tell me that some of the big wigs of his company had told them at the main office to fire two part-time employees. I won't mention the name of the company, but I will say, it's an international one. The problem is, they are shorthanded as it is...and now, not only the sadness of losing a good employee is felt, the rest of the people will have to take up the slack...which means, some of them have small children, and will have to find babysitters and work on weekends. Everyone is losing jobs. You are lucky if you have one.

There has to be a name for this new "depression" that is not, we are told, a depression, because you can get welfare. America is being downsized, and in my Nobody Opinion, it's on purpose.
I wrote an essays on May 3, (Stalin: Walking the Haunted Ghost Towns of Cairo) reacting to the insanity of blowing the levees to save the little town of Cairo, IL, which has just 3,000 houses, and hinted that there was a purpose besides "saving" Cairo. We now see...I was right. The decision to blow more levees, thereby destroying crops and farms, all down the middle of America, and over 25,000 homes, has been made by our federal government, in order to save, they say... NEW ORLEANS...and the port.

The port? Boats float. Give me a break. Welcome to the USSA.

The ONLY thing you hear on the radio is, "Well the good Lord has given us a flood." Usually this sound bite comes from some old honest and sad farmer. No mention of the hand that our criminal federal government in making such a catastrophe. In the meantime, all eyes are on bin Laden, and his porn, and how brave Obama was.

It's always the same. They keep us looking the other way, when they are destroying and taking our freedoms. Step by step...inch by will get used to it.

This was not tornados. They could have let Cairo flood, and the river would have taken care of itself. OR, if they knew this would happen...they could have strengthened the levees over the winter.

This nobody thinks this is a planned destruction. The destruction of America. To make food prices go up, and further our downsizing. And if you read THE SHADOW PARTY by David Horowitz, as I did this week, you might come to the same conclusion. In fact, much of what Glenn Beck has been teaching is in this book, and more.

Mostly, the Shadow Party is made up of radical Marxists that have been planning the destruction of America for a very long time..and their leaders, are now in very powerful position. George Soros is the money behind it. He knows how to destroy countries, and he loves doing it. George is the man who started the "Open Society."

This from the book:

Neil Clark, a British journalists says that the open society is little more
than a fig leaf for Soros to hide his greed: Soros deems a society "open" not if
it respects human rights and basic freedoms, but if it is "open for him and his
associates to make money. and indeed, Soros has made money in every country had
has helped to prise "open." In Kosovo, for example, he had invested $50 m in an
attempt to gain control of the Trepca mine complex, where there are vast
reserves of gold, silver, lead and other mineral estimated to be worth in the
region of $5B. He thus copied a pattern he has deployed to great effect over the
whole of eastern Europe: of advocating "shock therapy" and "economic reform'
then swooping in with his associates to by valuable state assets at knockdown

Soros invested heavily in smart bombs, laser directed artillery shells and
computerized missiles, the same weapons that destroyed Saddam Hussein's' army in the Gulf War 16 years later. Soros investment fund did not pay taxes in the US
between 1969 and 1986, enjoying a "free ride" that netted him and his investors
billions of dollars. Until the American Tax Reform Act of 1986 was passed, Soros
Quantum Fund legally avoided paying a cent. All Soros philanthropy began in 1987
the first year he and his fund had to pay taxes. Charitable matters are tax
deductible and Soros says his aim it to give away half his yearly income, the
maximum he can deduct

(Remind you of some other really rich Guys?)

Soros is a big Saul Alinsky fan, (communist) and Hillary Clinton is Saul's finest achievement. She was on the Nixon's impeachment panel, put there by Saul's friends. Her thesis in College was a 75 page adornment of the man. Harold Ickes, one of her main guys, is a Soros man. Hillary was also a lawyer for the Black Panthers in her younger days. John Podesta, another Clinton man, runs the Soros foundation of The Center for American Progress. Alinsky also made powerful connections with the gangsters of Chicago.

The Clintons have been longtime buds with Soros, they just keep it quiet. And it was the Clintons, with the help of Soros and his buddy from Harvard, Jeffery Sachs (yes...that Golden Sachs) who broke Russia.

Soros went in with Jeffery, and ousted Gorbachev, with the help of the Clintons. They put in the drunk Yeltsin, and Clinton put Al Gore, Strobe Talbott (his old ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT college roommate) and Lawrence Sumner, (treasury) in charge of making sure that our taxpayers money went to Russia, in the form of...billions. Instead of a democracy, Soros made sure he got into ownership of the second largest oil company in Russia, and it's steel mills. Billions of taxpayers' dollars went into offshore accounts, and six Russian business man gained control of 60 percent of Russia's natural resources, including it precious oil and gas reserves. The Russian called them "oligarchs." Soros and Sachs used their "shock therapy. in Russia. Russia lifted its price controls, and inflation hit 2,500 percent. The Russian people went up in smoke.

It's gettng pretty smokey here.

So...we see all the same players. Hillary, Soros, Gates, Sachs, Wall Street...Soros. Obama is just teleprompter. And you can bet, they are playing their same games all over the middle East, and China.

Come on are crazy. Well, they siphoned billions to offshore accounts out of the failing Russia, and Soros is spending millions here to do the same. Destroy, and collect, as he did in England.

"When I sold sterling short in 1992, I was in effect taking money out of
the pockets of British taxpayers. he admits in the "Crisis of Global Capitalism:
Open Society Endangered." But if I had tried to take social consequences into
account, it would have thrown off my risk reward calculation and my profits
would have been reduced." It all comes out in the karmic wash, argues Soros,
because once he has executed a deal and made money, he can then use his profits
for the betterment of humanity.

Soros has Coward and Piven, Hillary and Bill, Obama, ACORN, the Tides Foundation, Wade Rathke, Wall Street, and thousands of other organization that he finances....and he is buying up more media here.

We are more trouble than just a depression, and worry about jihadist. Our government is being controlled by monsters who want to destroy us...these people are criminals. Real criminals.

And nobody is reporting it. Not even Glenn Beck....because, he will no longer be there.

Buy this book. Then buy yourself a bottle of're going to need it.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Word From Our Sponcer!

Nobody Cares

I took the day off and went to see one of the best botanical gardens in the world...right here in St. Louis. As you can see...I was in heaven. I took WAY too many pictures.

That's my friend Pattie, standing in the middle of the "Mediterranean plaza" and smiling a great big smile for the picture EVEN though, her feet were killing her.

So, here's the thing: You cannot go through all this beauty and not help but think, "God invented evolution so as to give us all this wonderful beauty and variety." I really don't see how evolutionists can say God could not have thought up "evolution." and therefore does not exist.

Jeez. And they give these people degrees!

I'll be back tomorrow to complain about every little thing political, but for tonight...I'm enjoying the memories.


Monday, May 09, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: USA VS Pakistan

Nobody's Perfect: This week, we found out that the country we are giving billions to help us deal with the Al-Quada in Pakistan, betrayed us by hiding the man we wanted the most---bin Laden. To say that they did not know he was there would be like Lady Gaga saying she does not know where her false eyelashes are at any given moment in the day.

In response to Obama "blaming" them for this act, Pakistan's Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, warned parliament on Monday that, "Pakistan reserves the right to retaliate with full force." ---that is if we dare to come into the country with our forces again. Gilani also said that China is "a source of inspiration for the people of Pakistan."

Gee...that's nice to know! I'd say that's rather a big slap.

He also said, Americans created the Taliban...and for that fact, he's right. We funded those guys to fight Russia, and gave them all the weapons they could possibly dream of. Bin Laden was our baby gorilla in the room. Nevertheless, they have been getting very well paid to NOT harbor terrorist haven't they?

America has given 14 billion in security assistance alone to Pakistan since 9/11, and another 20 billion to...whoever. There has never been any sort of monitoring system on this cash cow, and many believe they have been using it to fortify themselves against a war with India.

When are we going to stop funding our enemies?

Pakistan hides the guys who kill our boys in Afghanistan. That's a fact, and yet, we keep giving them money. Why? ---To keep their nuclear weapons from getting in the hands of Al-Qaeda? Gee...if they would let bin Laden hide in the country, then how can you trust them to not give a few nukes to Al-Qaeda?

Not many remember that in 2008, Senator Joe Biden, said he wanted a monetary package that would triple the amount of American non-military aid to Pakistan, and was aiming to "redefine" a bilateral relationship. So one could say, Joe is to blame for much of this stupidity..but he's not the only chump in the room.

It is said, that Bush and Musharraf (who is hiding out in London) had a deal that we could go in any time to get bin Laden if we wanted to. They now deny this.

So, here we are, with John McCain leading way to getting "funding" for the Taliban in Libya to help them get rid of Gaddafi. There seems to be a strong urging for some of our career senior politicians to throw money and weapons to arm our future enemies.

This throw money to our emimies foreign policy is getting old.

They keep telling us, that it is necessary to pour billions into countries that really don't like us in order to protect the citizens of the United States from future attacks.

Right....and then they turn right around and tell us every single day...we COULD be why are we throwing all these billions down some big sucker hole?

Somebody must be making LOTS of money. I can think of no other reason, can you?