Saturday, September 23, 2006

Women and the Seeds Of Science

Nobody’s Opinion; Not too long ago, the President of Harvard, Lawrence H. Summers, was forced to resign because he made the statement at some elite Harvard party that he thought from his observations, that women were not really as “adept” at science and math as men. He caused such uproar among insulted feminists that he finally resigned. He is now in the feminist hall of fame as “most hated man” of the year.

But then, Harvard long ago stopped promoting the actual pastime of “thinking.”

I was thinking maybe the reason he didn’t have enough women at Harvard interested in science and math was because of all the “quota’s” having to be filled.

But, that’s not the only reason. His comment was just simple common sense. Any of us can look around and see that women don’t seem to be as interested in these things as men. There are enough women interested in math…but when it comes to science the statistics show a lack of Masters degrees in the higher science fields for women across the boards. In fact, the gap is about as wide as a football field.

It’s not that women don’t have the brain power to understand these things; it’s much simpler than that.

Most of them are just not interested, they go into something else.

Unless you happen to be a daughter of a great physicist, or had a parent who took your natural proclivities and develop them from a child, the interest in science or math can sometimes, unfortunately, quickly fade.

And that goes for both boys and girls.

Look at Steve Irwin’s little girl…does anyone have any doubt that she will probably carry on where he left off? Little Bindy will be more careful, because women usually are. At least the smart ones are.

Now, unless you happen to live on another planet, the obvious differences between men and women are sometimes, it seems, hundred fold; at times we downright annoy the heck out of each other. It seems beyond our control.

These differences are even noticeable in little babies.

Heck---the differences in the sexes are noticeable even in turtles for God’s sake. (Now you know what kind of life I have led…sitting around having musings on the sex patterns of pet turtles.)

Having said that, it’s also obvious that when it comes to the process of learning, and being able to understand complex problems in mathematics, physics, or science; there is not all that much difference between us.

If you compare a girl who inherited, let’s say, a high IQ of 140 from her parents, to a boy with the same IQ--- she will just as likely compete equally. She will see things he doesn’t, and vice versa.

But the REAL “stuff” that makes Nobel Prize discoveries---creativity and imaginatio, these seemed to be handed out rarely, but also equally.

Creativity and imagination is often handed out to people with not so big IQ’s.

It’s just a jackpot if someone has both.

Still--it’s what the men do with this “stuff” that might give them the edge over woman, which is; they take risks---sometimes huge ones.

Tests have shown that in the 3-D spatial recognition, men’s brains are wired difference. Women on the other hand, do much better in languages, as parents of teenage daughter’s can tell you.

But that doesn’t mean that if a young girl grows up playing video games with her older brother that, the 3-D spatial function of her brain won’t develop as well as his.

Remember Clinton saying this week that the “Bushes” habit of not being great speakers, were probably due to their synapses functioning different then others? He’s probably right.

Therefore his brain is wired more like a female. (Well, he said it.)

Anyway, I have been thinking about this today. Does the environment have anything to do with a woman’s lack of development in science and math?

And I’ve come up with---

You bet---let’s take my poor excuse for a life to prove it.

As a little nobody squirt, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a nun.

Nothing else could explain this wonder of nature all around me. (My “science vs. religion comes in another blog---bet you can’t wait.)

This ambition didn’t last too long, because I knew nuns usually said prayers with candles. I didn’t have any candles. I wasn’t allowed to play with matches.

I also didn’t have a “church.” I didn’t think the kids in the neighborhood would come into a dug-out sand bunker and say prayers for hours with me, because of course, I in my narcissistic state, was the only one connected to God, therefore the only one in the neighborhood that could save their poor souls.

Good thing I was only four.

Nevertheless, this very same thought process was the reason for Luther’s thesis on the door, and why our forefathers came to America. I was ahead of my time.

My second nobody ambition was that I decided I was going to be doctor. A respected doctor. (Notice the word, respected.)

I got this idea while walking through a toy store one day. I remember seeing one of those really cool models of the body. You know---the ones you could see through, open up, and actually take out all the organs?

I begged my mother with the promise, “I’ll clean the dishes every night for a month, and won’t talk.” Yes, she bought it for me.

Is there a kid on the earth that doesn’t know how to bribe a mother?

Anyway, I spent hours taking out the intestines and the heart: playing with them in the bathtub, taking them out, putting them back in, and wondering what did they do? Why? Why were the kidneys brown? Why was there only one liver? What if they were accidentally put back in wrong? Would the person die?

My mom had no answers, so I could only guess.

I remember the man’s penis was especially fascinating. It was just too weird. It looked like a soft boiled egg squashing two not quite perfectly round, but hard small tan pellets, with a small hole in the middle that someone had probably stuck a pin into.

Somehow I knew it was more valuable then the other organs, so I kept it in a small purse in the closet, and only bought it out to show my friends. And we would say…

“Look at this! Isn’t it strange?”

Anatomy Man often went to sleep without his penis intact at night. I was taking good care of it so no one would steal it.

And you guys think you had all the fun.

Barbie in comparation was so boring. Anatomy Man was the winner hands down.

Keeping up with my studies, one afternoon, I cut the white edges off of old photographs to make a whole human skeleton. It was about seven feet tall, and actually, it was not a bad replica, as I had a picture of one out of the encyclopedia and I copied it.

I hung it up in my bedroom door.

My god…what’s that?” said my mother. (Actually, she was talking about the hundreds of pictures lying all over the floor that had been cropped.)

It’s a human Skelton!”

Where did you learn how to make one look so real?”

Well, that’s how you start a girl to get interested in science. Don’t get mad when she happens to destroy your favorite item in the name of saving humanity someday.

In my mind I imagined being able to fix Anatomy Man one day, with surgery.
Then it hit me…the most fascinating part of the body was the brain! Oh, if I could only decipher and fix the brain! I could do even more for mankind than a nun!

You have no idea what a relief it was to have already planned your course in life; I was going to be a brain surgeon. (At five)

But I needed practice.

So…one day, my parents went fishing on the local pier. They told me I could go play on the beach.

Now, for those of you who have never heard of “red tide” it’s when there is a natural bacteria “red” poison that kills all the fish around the shore, and they wash up on the beach. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a real mess.

And on this day there were hundreds upon hundreds of dead fish lying on the beach.

The doctor was in!

I ‘borrowed” a bucket, a pocket knife, and ran down to the beach to start my work. I cut the eyes out of about eighty fish, which I with great car, put in my bucket.

I was immensely proud of my hard work. It took me the whole afternoon. All that surgery…all those poor fish needed eye removal. I was going to take my bucket of eyes to school where I would certainly be the hit of the day.

Of course, that didn’t happen. What did happen is that I heard a loud…

What did YOU do?! Oh God!” and then---

I was made to sit in the back of the station wagon all the way home, with the window wide open. And then TORTURED, yes, I was tortured in true Abu Gra style because I was hosed off in the back yard for about thirty minutes before I was even allowed to sit on the front porch. I think I was actually left outside for at least three days.

My parents did not encourage my doctor ambitions after that.

Even though I continued to get through many “science” phases like astronomy, rock collecting, Thomas Edison inventing phase, it was all in vain.

The schools did not encourage my curiosity and neither did my parents anymore.

Their greatest ambition for me was to grow up and marry a pro-golfer so my dad would have a golfing buddy.

So yes, we all inherit certain genetic traits from our parents. Many a young girl has been interested in science or even math, but it takes a good soil to make it grow.

You can’t plant the bulb upside down.

And it’s in our earliest grades, one through six, that the seeds of science and math can be sown in children.

And to our country’s great misfortune, that's not happening.

Instead, it’s social programming for state control that takes the precedent over ALL subjects. In fact, the younger they can get the kids, the better.

The elites that have taken over the world just care about themselves. They can import scientists to work in America from other nations who actually have better schools.

They are more concerned with population control.

So, encourage you little girl if she shows any interest at all in the natural world around her. Don’t do it for the feminist, or that poor guy at Harvard, do it for her.

And if your little girl is hiding a “plastic penis” in a purse in her closet...

Tell her, its mine.

Nobody’s Perfect; Looking back, I can’t blame my parents for the world not having another docto. They were from a lower income bracket, and they worked hard just to make ends met. No, I blame our lame educational system much more than my parents.

When I asked them about that day, they said they had no clue I was collecting eyeballs.

Nobody Knows; Thomas Jefferson wanted to find the most gifted children (actually, men) from all the states, and then build a university for them to attend for free, and in exchange they would work for the betterment of our country.

These men and woman would be the tops in all fields.

We have something like it, it’s called Georgetown, and it works for the Council of Foreign Relations. It’s where Bill Clinton took all his foreign international relations classes. It’s the New World Order training ground.

Nobody Cares; Children in the future will be encouraged by their schools to give their time and inventions for FREE to mankind. This is what they are calling the new progressive revolutionary wealth. In other words…you will not be the one making money off that new cure for cancer…the multinational company will be.

Well, that’s real incentive for a young man or woman. No wonder they all want to be singers and sport stars.

Last Note; I was going to title this:

“If You Leave Women Out Of Science, You Might Not Find Your Penis” but there you go…being a woman, I was afraid to risk it.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 16...Countdown

Nobody’s Opinion; Boy, today there was just too much information overload.

As they declared once in the Bible (They did a lot of “declaring” between sacking towns.) black was white and right was wrong, down was up--- and if you can figure out what’s really happening in the world, then I’d advise you to dig a bunker, a DEEEEEP bunker.

And if you can’t afford that, then go to China where they already have bunkers for their people.

Otherwise, in the same confusing order that I thought of them, here are the “more than what we asked for” absurdities. It’s the twenty-second; I have no other explanation for it.


The highest absurdity that had all the talk show hosts, blog writers, hairdressers, and a lot of truck drivers in great puzzlement today, was that Nancy Polsei and Charles Randall, defended President Bush against Hugo Chavez. Nancy even called him a “thug.”

Why this is so absurd is that both these people have called President Bush much worse things than a “devil.”

Was this an “I can call my spouse any bleeping name I want, I can even punch them silly, but if you say one word against “him or her” I will take you down!” moment?

No, more than likely they got their talking points in the morning, in their e-mails from their Grand Puta. Some of the Democrats were told to distance the party from “communists” because, well, the Democrats mostly believe in communist/socialists system of ruling, and they don’t want you to know it.

Pelosi was picked because she’s going to be the big cheese in Congress…they think.


While this was going on, Chavez was in Harlem, right down the street from Bill’s office, giving away heating oil to the poor, and calling President Bush an “alcoholic” and saying “He walks like John Wayne.”

A lot of people would have taken that as a compliment.

Danny Glover, whose claim to fame is being in Lethal Weapons movies so many times, he decided he wanted to be one---was right by his side, giving him a hug, calling him his brother.

Yesterday, I was standing in at a pet store, behind a Spanish woman with two of her babies. She couldn’t speak English.

She had a tee-shirt on that had a picture of a black arm and a white arm holding hands, with the words “unico” or, something like that on…I don’t know, I’ve no intention to learn Spanish anytime soon.

But the meaning was clear. Blacks and illegal’s should unit against the white Republican conservatives and take over. She wouldn’t even look at me, neither would her children.

So, where’s the sitcom with the black family living next to an illegal immigrant family? Where’s our “All in the CASA?” Where’s the illegal immigrant survivor sitcom?

And why do all these movie stars, who would have never in a million years be where they are without having to have been fortunate enough to have been born in America, get off on siding with the communists who want to destroy it.

I say...HeyDanny, divide up all your money, give it the MIDDLE classes who went to see your movies, and move to Cuba.

After all, we are the reason you are even being noticed.


Here’s one that deserves its own conspiracy theory website; The Commerce Department has lost 1,137 computer laptops. Most of these were assigned to the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau lost 672 laptops.

Obviously, someone wants to change a few things, or the jihads need more than cell phones.

Okay, call me stupid, but why is the government issuing laptops to “employees?” Laptops that can be carried easily home in a big purse or coat, and conveniently lost? What idiot ordered laptops for federal workers?

Here we are, all us nobodies, working hard to pay for our own laptops, and then we have to pay for everyone in the entire government to have one, only to have to replace them every time they are stolen?

So, how many “laptops” have been stolen from teachers and admsintrators in the public school systems?

In May, we had the Veterans Affairs Department laptops stolen, which had information of 26.5 million veterans and active duty troops. Also, personal information has been stolen from the departments of Agriculture, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Service, Transportation and the Federal Trade Commission.

And, not to be left out, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported 325 laptops missing. Someone wants to make sure that global warming is being reported accurately.

Gutierrez, the Commerce secretary says, “We are viewing this process with the spirit of activity rooting out the problems and addressing them immediately.”

Gee….I could have sworn the two towers were blown. But I don’t know--all these computers missing or stolen in the same year, there is certainly no conspiracy here!

No…”Those people should HAVE those computers! Let them take them!”

Celine was last seen throwing laptop computors off the stage in Las Vegas.

Unfortunatly, I couldn't afford a ticket.


Richard Branson, the man who loved Virgins so much he named his empire after them, gave 3 billion dollars to Clinton’s Global Initiative today. He did it for global warming, even though it was reported that the ocean’s temperatures have dropped.

That’s because people in America have stopped driving due to the high gas prices. We are so good.

Billionaires are going crazy folks. Warren ‘MoneyBuckett’ and Ted ‘TurherOver’ gave the American loving United Nations, $50 million dollars so that the United Nations could start stockpiling uranium from all over the world.

The United Nations then can hand it out to who THEY think should get it.

Right, let’s trust the American lovers at the United Nations to stockpile uranium.

Iran can just ask for it. That solves the problem.

In comparison, Donald Trumpett, who pissed off a lot of people in California because he put up a giant flagpole with the American Flag over his new golf course without permission, deserves the “billionaire of the year” award for just setting a good example to the other 400 billionaires in the country.

Not too long ago the Forbes list was “millionaires” remember? Back when you were poor.

What, you're still poor?

X- President Clinton, who was on more TV interviews than I could watch, said that he certainly understood Iran’s feelings…it’s only fair that Iran should want its own arsenal of nukes…why should everyone else get to have them, and not Iran?

That’s the same reasoning he used when he gave China our nuclear secrets, and gave plutonium to North Korea. Clinton thinks all countries should all be armed to the teeth…well its’ only fair.

That makes as much sense as giving every teenager in a high school room in Watts, baseball bats and hand guns.

He said we should “talk to them (Iran) without imposing a lot of conditions." Clinton also said, “I think we should have some contacts with them, I’m not sure the president is the place to start.”

Well, gee Bill, that Nobel peace prize is just a conversation away, isn’t It.?

Nobody’s Perfect; Ted Turner says that men should be bared from public office for over 100 years, because they’ve screwed up the planet hopelessly. After having said that, he wanted Al Gore to be the next President.

I knew there was something strange about that lisp.

Nobody Knows; Bill Clinton, although he is doing it in such a “nice” way, has really criticized President Bush in all his interviews this week. He put him down for going into Iraq; he criticized his stance on prison “torture.” He criticized him for not talking to Iran. But he didn’t have to criticize Laura Bush on her kids pumping water with a playground idea; you could see the condescending smug on his face while she was announcing explaining it at his big summit of world leaders.

Actually, I thought it was a practical and creative solution. But then, she announced that she has started a website for Pakistan? What?

Something is fishy here…because right after Bill talked about how Iran should have nukes like the rest of us, he turned around and threaten them, in that special Clinton way, that we would wipe Iran off the map if they attacked with a dirty bomb.

So, if Clinton is coming out saying what Bush can’t say, then that means that dirty bombs are here, and Clinton was telling them…”don’t do it.’

Is that why they are getting along so well? It’s worse than we think?

See what happens when you watch the Glenn Beck Program?

Nobody Cares’ Actually having to see Bill Clinton with his new face peel on my TV all week, was about as much torture as I can take, when he said:

“You can sit there and feel sorry that you’re not president anymore, (ok. Go ahead.) Or you can find some way to use what you know and WHO you know, and what you know about how to do things, and go out there and do all the good you can.”

And if that wasn't enough, my husband reported seeing lots of strange people walking on the side of the freeways today with back backs on. On the news, they are warning us to expect a BIG tornado.

Gee…do I get to pick?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Nobody’s Opinion; The mangy dogs of dictators were all over New York today…their masters cruising the halls of the United Nations. The kennels of New York were reeking with the sheer mass of BS doggie excrement.

I was certainly glad to be here.

The star dog of course, was Hugo Chavez, that Venezuela beauty whose face is a cross between a pug and a transvestite boxer on Valentine’s Day.

When he spoke of President Bush as being “the Devil” there was thunderous applauds all around. Hugo won “Best in Show” just by sheer tenacity.

He was pompously prancing! Doggie poetry in motion! The judges at Westminster were taking prodigious notes.

At the end of the lease was his trainer, Al Gore.

Hugo must be getting some tasty treats for every one of his clever tricks. He is so concerned about global warming, the hole in the ozone, radioactive clouds, the warming of the oceans, and the increase of carbon dioxide (while he sells you the very oil that fuels it) and Katrina, that he forgets to mention that in his own country, waste management is not an option.

He did so well in show that Al Gore decided he would let him out at night.

He said that he feels so sorry for the American people. Actually, I do too, because there are going to be too many Americans that fall for his communism disguised as mock compassion, especially those that do not speak English.

Hugo peed on every corner of America; no fire hydrant was left unmarked. And when he peed on President Bush, it was the highlight of the show.

Jimmy Carter, his owner, has spent a bucket load on this dog. Jimmy Carter is known as the dog whisperer of dictators. He knows just how to get them to heel.

Jimmy---“Here boy…good boy…sit.”

“Now Chavez, you must not forget to mention that it’s time now for the United Nations to move out of New York into a new city, an international city somewhere, with it’s own sovereignty, somewhere in South America where it’s warm, somewhere near Cancun. (I do lust) With all these new surveillances that George is putting in, nobody wants to come here anymore. Besides, New York is not safe for dictators anymore. We can’t even get a good table at Spago’s. If there’s a fire, we are all in trouble.”

Chavez---ruff. (Jimmy hands him a treat.)

Jimmy---“Also, don’t forget to mention that the role of Secretary General has got to have more power. He has to be able to go in and seize any property belonging to any company in any nation. We need international laws to prosecute criminals like the Bushes and Tony Blair, and we need courts and taxes to abide over every country, to overrule anyone else’s laws. You got that?”

Chavez---ruff. Pants… (Jimmy throws him another treat)

Jimmy---“Good boy.”

“Also, don’t forget to bark about universal health care, that’s very important. Oh…and tell the American people their government lies to them, and that they are really run by the Mafia.”

“And be sure to mention that the United Nations needs to go back to the original plan of complete New World Order conceived at Breton Woods.”

Chavez---ruff ruff…”Breton Woods”...ruff. (Jimmy throws him another treat)

Jimmy--- “Good boy! Now sit. Sit. Get down!”

“Stay…now Chavez…Be sure to let the American people know how much you love them…throw in the expressions, “For the people, by the people” those words the Americans will know.”

“This is a hard trick I know, Ahmadinejad had trouble with it, but I know with repetition, you can bark it.”

Chavez----ruff ruff…ruff, “people”… grrrrrrrrrrrr

Jimmy—“Its okay boy, as long as you try to bark it, no one will know you don’t know what you’re saying.”

“Now, remember…Don’t forget to cross yourself, and try not to hump anyone in public, that got that dog Bill in a lot of trouble. Be a good dog!”

In walks X- President, dog trainer, owner, and all around horny dog himself, Bill Clinton.

Bill----“Hi Jimmy! How’s it going with Chavez?”

Jimmy---“I’m very pleased, that dog really wants to please! He has so much energy; he’d make a good circus dog someday. How’s it coming with that little pip Ahmadinejad? You know, he’s awful puny Bill…you need to get him groomed by a professional. And he looks sick Has he got worms?”

Bill---“Hee...Hee...well, I’ll tell you a secret, he’s not really a dog, he’s a weasel that we’re passing off as a dog. But, he’s so mean underneath that fuzzy face that no-one has questioned us on it. You know the press, they won’t ask questions about it. Just don’t say anything.”

“I’m having trouble handling him though. He keeps barking about the Holocaust never happening and how the Palestinians got their land taking from them. I did manage to get him on Mike Wallace, and Brian Williams, and with that young rich kid, Anderson Cooper and he sounded pretty convincing. He does much better when the lights are on him, and you make him sit in the right chair. Sometimes he just doesn’t listen to me though, and he gets a little wild and does what he wants. But, I can’t help like the little booger, he’s so much like me! In fact, I think he’s trying to imitate me, which shows you just how smart he is!

“With a little more work from me on attacking President Bush, I think he’ll make a fine show dog someday. Right now though, I’m having trouble controlling his natural instincts, which are to lie, and steal, and bite every dog around him. He’s also hard to catch.”

“But all in all, my CGI show went on just as well as could be expected, and I’d say we came out pretty well in this show, Jimmy!”

“Hey, that cute little pixie poodle, Laura Bush, is over at my show talking right now. She’s a real pedigree you know? I wish Hillary had more of that genetic breeding in her.

I just love to get near her..wanna go see her show?”

Jimmy…”Naw, I’ve got to take Chavez out for a walk, I’ll see you later. Bye-Bye now!”

So, just who did let the dogs out today in New York?

And why where the dogs in Congress, who are usually the loudest and most annoying barkers in the world, quiet?

Nobody’s Perfect; Ahmadinejad, the real master of pit bulls jihads said today;
“Our people are very free. They have direct contact with the President.”

Brian Williams said nothing to this absurd statement. What it means is that all the people of Iran have a direct line to hear his orders. Freedom is so far removed from this guy’s brain; he doesn’t even know that what he said is blatantly stupid. But then again, Brain Williams didn’t realize it was a stupid statement either.

They both have fleas.

Nobody Knows; Bill Clinton was on Larry King tonight blaming President Bush for going into Iraq without inspections. (Leaving out the 19 mandates by the United Nations) Also, he said HE would have gone into Iraq to get Bin Laden.

Just how long is Bill Clinton going to keep trying to rewrite history to cover up his egregious actions in history?

Nobody Cares; Answer; As long as old hounddogs howl at the moon.

The Fathers of Rainbows

Nobody’s Opinion; I saw my first rainbow at a baseball park. I was there with my dad for my brother’s little league game. I was two years younger than my seven-year old brother, and boy was I jealous of him. He got to play ball just because he was a boy….not fair. He even got to be the star pitcher.

Girls were not allowed to play ball at that time. (Yes, I am as old as a turtle) My dad, knowing I was a tomboy and loved to play ball, let me warm up the catcher---Rocky.

Naples, Florida was a little town of about 10,000 at the time. It had just rained, and it was about three o’clock in the afternoon, when suddenly--- there it was. Bright against the black clouds, the most glorious colored rainbow that ever appeared on earth.

It was huge…ruling the whole sky. My God! What a vision to first behold! Do you remember your first time? Who could imagine such a sight?

In fact, three good reasons to believe in a divine higher power are Clydesdales horses, the workings of the human body, and a glorious rainbow.

Every time I ponder on any of these miracles, I swear I see god. (And no, I’m not radical.) Anyway, those are my tickets to the divine.

But back to the story: my brother asked my dad if it was true that there was a pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow, and my dad, who was a man’s man, who had been a Seabee over in the Philippines during WWII, laughed and said...”Well, why don’t you go run and find out?”

Visions of just how rich we would be danced through our dumb little brains. We both took off, and ran, and ran, and ran…well, to my credit; I figured out reality first…which was:
1. The rainbow’s end looked closer than it actually was.
2. I would probably get lost and miss dinner if I kept going.
3. My brother would get there first so why bother?

I told my brother to stop, dad was fooling us…but like trooper, he actually thought he could get there and be rich. My dad got a good laugh out of it.

He got back just in time for the game. Darn.

Now, I have got to say…that’s one of the great differences between men and woman. A woman, if asked that question, would have talked, and said something like “Isn’t it pretty! Of course there is no such thing as a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.”

And then she would have gone on doing her nails.

Men, even though it seems like they are playing a cruel joke on their kid by making them run for nothing, know the kid will learn more far more from the experience. Men teach differently.

And girls, I hate to break it to you…the man’s way is superior for obvious reasons.

Maybe that’s why we are in such deep trouble now. Too many men have been raised without fathers.

Which leads me to the point…Most adults know the difference between reality and the pot-of- liberal-gold at the end of the rainbow.

Notice I said “most.”

So now, since we are at a time in history, when it seems we are at the precipice of a major decision in our existence, let’s go back to a time when another “father” saw an enemy, which had to be dealt with: A man who tried to awaken people with his “Common Sense,” from their sleep.

“Like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it, and is continually haunted with the thoughts of its necessity.” Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was trying to tell the American people the Revolution and war for Independence must be fought, as hard as it was. And the American people back then, were pretty much like us now…hesitant.

It was plain today, that President Bush was trying to make his plans understood a little more clearly to the world with his speech at the United Nations.

He might as well have been talking to a room full of Willie Nelson’s mushrooms.

This “ideological” battle between very ancient civilizations known as the East, against those the West is coming to a head, and our leaders have known it for a long time

But, like Thomas Paine has said…it was just such unpleasant business nobody wanted to confront it. All of our leaders past and present just kept putting it off.

Then two building came down.

I can’t speak for him, but from listening to what he has been simply saying, President Bush figures he might as well be the one who stands up to this festering and ancient hatred at last.

He’s hoping that, like the Japanese, who we once fought with all the hatred we could feel, someday our Muslim enemies will be our friends.
It is clear he sees this as a very long world conflict. We can’t fight the religion of Islam…but by going over and trying to start some sort of democracy; he figures he can put the seeds in for twenty years down the road. The old fight between the East and the West will disappear.

The trouble is, during WWII, our leaders were united. Our people were UNITED.

Not now. Now, we have the Clintons and the Gores, and the Ted Turners, the uneducated and narcissistic movie stars, and the whole democratic caucus, undermining him, making us a sure target.

After all, it’s not THEM that are going to die, and they know it.

Our first President George Washington had this problem too. Thomas Jefferson and Madison were fighting so violently everyday, and in all the papers, that he got them together and begged them to stop it, because he was fearful that foreign powers would see how divided we were and we would be vulnerable to attack.

Another founding “father” who did not chase rainbows, said:

“People have an undisputable, unalienable, indefeasible divine right to the most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers.” John Adams.

Of course he was talking about the British rulers.

So if nobody else has the guts to say it, it’s about time someone did.

The democrats are traitors. They have been destroying our country, and working with the rest of the world, with the Chinese, with Castro, with Iran, with our enemies, because hey want back in power.

Remember when President Bush said “If you are not with us, you are against us?”

You know what? That was the motto of one of the first papers in our country. It was called the Gazette of the United States and with every issue was printed;

“He that is not for us is against us.”

The “patriotic” democrats want you to think that this statement by President George Bush was nothing short of insane.

Instead of hating Bush, we should hate the Muslims that want us dead. No wonder Ahmadinejad sounds just like a democrat running for Congress. He knows we are divided. He knows the time to attack is now.

The Muslims never experienced their renaissance. They had no Da Vinci’s, no Michelangelo’s, no Einstein’s, no Magna Carter, no genius to lift them up. The only thing they had was Kings, ruling serfs in the sand.

Who knows why they never advanced?

But, these kings certainly knew how to use religion to control, that fact alone gives them a very strong advantage over us. Let’s not kid ourselves.

So, not only are there more Muslims, they are united in a purpose.

And every democrat that continues in this President Bush basing, that continues to attack Christianity, that continues to attack “the family,” that continues to push the rights of our emeinies before the rights of its citizens, is putting us one day closer to another attack.

Those attacking us every day, like our ex-Presidents, want world power now. They want their old jobs back…but enhanced. And if it means some of us die, so be it.

They are not concerned with America, but the world and their power in it. American sovereignty, like the old making way for the young, like a doctor having to decide which man to take first from the battlefield, will just have to be sacrificed.

They are willing to let the Kings of the Sand be armed with nuclear weapons.

Ahmadinejad said, “We must prepare ourselves to rule the world.”

So what are we going to do? Believe that he really is a nice guy? He has a rainbow waiting for us?

Or make our fathers proud and stand up to our enemies within first, then the ones outside.

If you have any questions, look on the next dollar you hand over to Starbucks.

”United we Stand, Divided we fall.”

Think about it.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay. I got a little too serious on this blog, but really, if my dad taught me one thing, it was don’t waste time chasing rainbows when you could miss the ballgame.

Nobody Knows: It seemed Clinton was everywhere today. And oh, how brave Hillary was to protect the Pope. Bill stuck up for those “Dumb Bushes” and said they were really clever because they asked questions. And while old Bill was posing for all the cable programs, Thailand had a military coup. I wonder if his old friends from “the Lippo Group,” you know, those billionaires business guys from over there who financed Clinton’s first Presidential run were part of it? Practicing Bill?

Nobody Cares; I still have a picture of “Rocky” the catcher. Years later, when I was twelve, he asked his high school if he could bring me to his high school dance. It was my first date, and it was where I learned that Rocky had a crush on me ever since I use to
”warm him up.”

My first date actually did have a pot-of-gold at the end of it…the innocence of youthful love.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nobody Absurdities, No.15

Nobody’s Opinion; Since I was expecting Bill Clinton on C-Span today, I was pleasantly amused at seeing Hillary being the star at Ann Richards Funeral…but of course! What was I thinking! She has to come out sometime. Right now they are probably looking at the next convient democrat to die.

Which could be---Robert Byrd? On the floor today, he repeated everything he said at least 3 times…to give his brain a minute to think of the next line.

One almost thinks these people die on command, setting up the perfect democratic moment. It’s almost too unbelievable…what a fine time for Ann to pass on her legacy to Hillary. Hillary…who was afraid to run in New York, a state she didn’t live in, was given strength by Ann Richards. Hillary even mentioned she was down in Texas once trying to get McGovern elected! And hinted that she got drunk every night!

She is really just like all of us out in Middle America!

Oh, she is trying real hard to connect. Somebody give her a cowboy hat.

Gore would have to die for her to put on a cap for NASCAR.

And what is this deal of someone from Illinois or Mexico, being able to come in and represent a state that they have never even lived in? When did that start?

Can you even look it up? Don’t we need to rewrite some laws?

Hillary was doing a whole new slick; she must be reading the blogs because her husband has obviously been working hard to teach her how to connect with “real” people. You know, by telling simple stories and putting yourself down a bit….Hillary told several stories about her hair style, so you would notice she has a new one. (She looks like Peter Pan older brother eating an apple, due to the leftover Botox in her left cheek.) She was in a great mood…of course, behind her was an all black choir. That’s always a good photo-op for democrats; religion, race, and politics--- all in one sweep.

She is working hard to campaign against…McCain? Really folks. If the Republican Party runs McCain against Hillary, then you have to know that they are actually one party, with a clear agenda.

Running McCain against Hillary would be like running Alka-Seltzer against Coco-Cola; diabetes against cancer; Kermit against Miss Piggy.

Bill Clinton won the first time because of Ross Perot, and then they ran Bob Dole, not exactly a contender. If this continues it‘s probably a sure bet that the candidates are picked for the next 50 years.

Like the people in Budapest…someday we will find out they’ve just been “telling” us that it’s a two party system. But, they will be long gone by then.

Anyway, the Congressional Rumsfeld grilling nearly killed her. But she she’s got Bill out there for her. He is going to be on Larry King tomorrow night.

I think I’ll record it. Dinner with the Clintons is not exactly my idea of a family moment; I would rather take my chances with a bowl of Spinach.


Now, on with the Pope, and the crazy, insane Muslims.

Why is it that when the Prince of Iran says that Israel should be destroyed, you do not see millions of Jews and Christians going down to the middle of a highway and jumping up and down like monkeys, and burning pictures of the Ayatollah Khomeini? And by the way…where do these people get all that energy? What are they eating? Americans are so tired from working two jobs to pay our taxes, to take care of the new immersing of Mexicans, that we not only are too tired to go down to our local churches and jump up and down, we would think it pretty stupid.

Most of us think the Pope should be able to say anything he wants, the Pope should not be exempt from freedom of speech …after all, we hear worse things from George Soros.

Having said that, surely he knew he was going to incite all those idiots to jump up and down all over the world, didn’t he?

This reminds me, I still have a vivid picture of President Bush and Bill Clinton standing together outside of the Vatican at the last Pope’s funeral. They were having the best time, telling jokes.

So, were they joined in a common mission to help pick this guy out? Mmmmm…

Oh the conspiracy theories abound in my nobody head.

Well, if your going to start a fight…then start one. He should have said “We must scorch the earth of all Jihads who want to kill Jews and Christians! Burn Mecca!”

But he let an old historical guy do it for him. Clever.


On the home front we see today, that if your going to get busted in the United States, it pays to be famous and on your way to play for a democratic polical funeral.

Willie Nelson had to give up his pound and a half of grass, and probably some pretty potent mushrooms, and have to go on stage and actually perform being straight.

But then again, if Roger Clinton was there, he did not suffer.

On the same day we hear that the Bush Admisntaration has uploaded anti-drug ads to You-Tube. Our drug policy is much like our immigration policy.

In other words…what policy?


Speaking of policies, you knew this was coming. Al Gore has suggested a pollution Tax to replace all payroll taxes. He has said that the global warming crisis is much worse that an attack from Al-Qaeda.

Along with this absurdly is the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg suggesting that the poor in New York should be rewarded with cash…like they do in Mexico and Brazil, paid by the World Bank.

These two guys must hang out.

Bloomberg says that the poor fall behind on vaccinations.

As far as I can figure out, nobody wants those damn vaccinations, so of course they want the “poor” (mostly illegal immigrants) to survive, so we must pay them to get their shots.

God forbid the “flu” should close down the New York’s elite favorite restaurants.

Or is the “mass destruction” coming to New York, biological buggies?

Now, who do we believe? Bin Laden said he was going to punish all who voted for George Bush, which are the red states. Lately we have news that it’s New York and Washington D.C. that is going to get hit.

Should we trust Gore and relax, because it’s really going to be a heat wave that kills us?
Or should we trust the President and start stocking peanuts?

And when is somebody going to ask Hillary about the “environment?”

This nobody thinks that the only way Hillary would be elected is if we are ‘attacked” before the election and they blame President Bush, therefore pushing that we need a woman to “soften” our image to the world, or they really do run John McCain.

Frankly, I’ve rather see Willie Nelson run, than those two, and that’s not saying much.

Nobodys Perfect; We are all trying to figure out, just how a son mysteriously dies in a mother’s hospital room, with her lawyer standing by? Even though Anna Nicole is not perfect, she was smart enough to get FOX news leading forensic guy to continue the search for the killer, thereby forcing us to see her face and body on TV for the next ten years. She needs to call Bill.

Nobody Knows; Who will be the next head of the U.N? It seems all the candidates, besides Bill Clinton, are from the Far East, with the exception of one Hillary clone from Latvia. I’m betting on her…because to put Bill in before the election, would be too much too obvious…or would anyone say anything?

Nobody Cares; Did you know that when Columbus discovered Cuba he named it Juana? I just thought that was interesting…the people thought Columbus was from “heaven” even after he took a few of them as slaves. Amazing.

Also, in 1956, a prominent eugenicist, William Shockley, co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, conducted studies “proving” that that blacks were “less intelligent” than whites, thereby arguing that taxpayer money should not be wasted on programs designed to improve education in inner cities because nothing would improve their intelligence; (A Jealous God; by Pamela Winnick)

In 1956, the Congress was ruled by Democrats. Actually this is beyond absurd, it criminal. And if I were black, I would think about that little secret in the next election.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Inconvenient Truth: Democrats Are Comng With Buckets of Paint

Nobody’s Opinion; They’re warming up. They have their paintbrushes out and they’ve all been given the green light. The Dems have pronounced boldly that they are going to paint the Red to Blue. The elections are vital. The new electronic voting machines are in place.

They will probably be handing out blue crayons to all the kids in school.

All I can say is; they’d better have a lot of buckets.

Maybe for once they are actually taking al-Qaida seriously since al-Qaida has issued an order for all Muslims to get out of New York and Washington D.C, two cities that were blue in the last election. If The Democrats stick to the course, they will want to make sure they get into the destroyed cities first to paint the new remodeled Capitol…yellow.

My Muslim neighbors have already left, but their big white Ford pickup is still in the driveway so we would think they are still at home.

Darn, Bill Clinton already used this “color” analogy at the dedication of the ugliest Presidency library west of the Mississippi, when he said that he thought the red and the blue should stop fighting, mix, and become the color he felt he was; purple.

I actually think Bill is telling the truth here. Even with a tan, his nose has a purple tint.

Yes, Bill Clinton, the purple people eater, coming with cum-cakes and good old boys stories, has started his campaigning for Hillary this weekend at a woman’s Jewish Convention, where he made about 500 statements of about how wonderful it is in this modern world to contribute to his foundation by sending money over the internet. It’s just so easy! Point and click!

He kept saying “People are the prize.” I think he was talking to himself—thinking of that blue dress.

Well it seems he was trying to explain the concept of what leaders think when they win an election…it’s not about the power, or the money, or the cum-cakes at midnight, it’s all about “the how many girls you can stuff on Air Force One”…

Wait…its easy fall in the gutter when Bill comes up, sorry.

No, he wanted those Jewish women to feel that if they gave him money over the internet, he would give it to the right people.

He also cleverly managed to put in a plug for Robin Williams, who is coming out with a new movie where he plays a comedian (himself) who becomes President. How original.

Robin Williams, who can mix every rainbow color in the world together and still come out liberal blue with a pink tutu on top. That’ll be him riding on top of Pink Floyd’s Pink Pig balloon that says “Impeach Bush.”

Hopefully, Robin will have a blue cowboy hat on when he falls off.

Clinton loves a roomful of people. At the Texes Icon Ann Richards funeral this weekend he told a story about how he, Billy Crystal and Robin Williams were at lunch with the late governor Richards, and she was the funniest one there.

I guess that means Billy Crystal has a new movie coming out too.

But, Bill’s just warming up…the United Nations is next week, and so is his Global sucking initiative. We will see Bill at his best at the funeral of Richards, probably tomorrow on C-Span.

Bill has never missed an opportunity to turn a funeral into a political rally. He was jovial at Carnahan’s, drunk at Wellstone’s, amusing at Ron Brown'ss, vindictive at Rosa Park's, shameless at Coretta King's--- god forbid Hillary should die before him. His eulogy would last a month. The whole world’s economy would suffer because we would have to bring all the world leaders here to mourn.

The headlines said this weekend said, “He had tears.” Please. Tears strained with purple, mixed with I’m sure, a very rosy private counseling he gave her daughter who stood next to him the whole time.

Okay, enough.

We also saw George Soros this weekend, who is actually a deep shade of commie red, but he wants you to think he is a liberal blue, so he is painting President Bush as black as the smoke of the crematories in Auschwitz.

He said President Bush is using fear to control us, but doesn’t see that he is doing the same thing by claiming Bush is Hitler. Soros, is of course color blind; everything on the earth is gray in his eyes.

Then he turned around and said he shouldn’t have said it.

He should get together with the Pope.

The highlight of the weekend though was the big blue picture painter; Sean Penn. Sean was on The Larry King Show promoting his new movie “All the King’s Men.”

Larry King, who never asks a bias question, asks Sean if he thinks the people running the government are “devious or wrong.” Notice he didn’t say “wrong or right.”

Well, why stop there Larry? Why didn’t you ask him if he thinks President Bush should be assassinated like the newly released Canadian movie suggests?

Al Franklin would have asked this question, Larry.

I’m sure Al has his eye on Larry’s heart conditions. If I were Larry, I wouldn’t take lunch with Al any time soon.

The very blue Sean Penn, who like Barbra Walters, bragged about spending time with Fidel, said not only how much he enjoyed it, but how he admired the man. He agreed with Fidel that the reason Fidel is still in power is, not because he is a dictator, no, it’s because the United States sanctions on Cuba have kept the people hungry and poor.

Cuba trades with just about every country in the world, but Fidel forgot to mention that to Sean, who was too busy admiring a masterpiece.

Yes, the reason the people of Cuba according to Sean suffer is because of us. And also, the people in New Orleans suffered because of the racism of President Bush.

Sean never mentioned that Nagin is...hey…he’s black. Hello….Sean? He’s black. Earth to Sean…..He’s black. Hey Sean! Where was Mayor Nagin when you were out in the swamps rescuing people with your boat and your GUN?

What, did he take your gun away?

So, Mayor Nagin must THINK he’s white because he too acted like a racist. In our country, the mayor has the first responsibility for his city. Poor guy.

Sean Penn also said he has been everywhere…Iraq, Iran, New Orleans, France, China., Marlon Brando’s bathtub, Madonna’s weight room, Clint Eastwood’s secret gun room…but the one place he really longs to be is in Bono’s footsteps.

It never dawns on this poor unsuspecting “brilliant” movie star that leaders of the world are using him to bash our country. He trying to convince us all that he is just a nobody, who just happens to be the greatest actor on earth because Marlon Brandon said so.

Sean says, “We must pull the troops out, and go with Nixon, who said when pulling out of Vietnam the phase “Peace with Honor.”

You know it’s getting bad when they have to quote Nixon.

It’s not going to be “cut and run” you red states, change it to “peace with honor.” And you will understand.

No, the Democrats are going to be coming out in bucket loads dripping with blue BS.

Just remember when you hear things that sound sincere…to the Democrats, people are the booby prize, the power is the trophy.

And people in the red states are just “An Inconvenient Truth” that needs to conveniently be erased forever.

Nobody’s Perfect; Jane Fonda said she hated all the negativity, on the talk shows. She said that’s why women never listened to them. Of course Jane also said that straddling a gun of the North Vietnamese was not a negative thing to do.

What a cum-cake.

Nobody Knows; Sean Penn says he has a lot of right-wing friends. Do you think any of these “friends” will come out in our lifetime and admit they know him?

Nobody Cares; Someone put up a website trying to get you used to the idea that Oprah should be President. Jane Fonda said she loved Hillary for President, but was against her position on the war. (Of course she knows all liberals will vote for her, so she is really thinking that YOU red person will vote for her because YOU think the radicals are against her, and she’s for the war..see?) Jane also said she hoped Ms. Rice did not run.

Actually, if Jane thought someone would vote for her, she would run herself. She could have McCain as a running mate. I actually think they’d have a good chance of winning in Cuba. A true purple team.