Saturday, January 24, 2009

When In Doubt--Rearrange the Furniture

Nobody Flashes on a Saturday Night...unless of course your name is Bunny.

Okay. So I've been in a bad mood lately.

So, it shows.

So, I'm not too happy with the world right now.

Tell me...who is?

And because of that I intend to do what every normal woman does when she is having a big PMS time...

She rearranges the furniture.

Yes, I'm planning next week to move some MAJOR stuff. Stuff that was moved last when Nixon was in the White House...I will need some big men.

I just haven't figured out where I'm going to find these guys, as the men in my family I'm sure will be WAAAAAAYYY too busy.

Nevertheless, that never stopped any other woman in the world before.

I certainly don't want to disappoint any women in my ancestor pass. If I can't find a man, I will use the next best thing.

My hips...

A woman hips, can move just about anything if she puts her back into it.

So, in the meantime, enjoy this brand new toy that Barack Obama is enjoying...I think it leaves a lot to be desired, but then again...what do I know?

I would have made that thing fly and swim, and have loudspeakers in which to say commands.
But that's me.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Strokes His Pen

Nobody's Fool: Obama (sorry, after today, he doesn't deserve the honor of being called "President") decided today that all our hard-earned taxpayers money---money that they take out of our paychecks every week, will be used to fund abortions all over the world.

How much is THIS going to cost?

Yes, Mama Obama, with the stroke of a "pen" decided to bring back one of Bill and Hillary's favorite ways to spend our pay for women in other nations to have abortions.

Now----whether your pro-choice, or against abortion, it makes no difference on the point I'm about to make.

At a time when our own nation of America has fallen into such deep debt, due to our politicians, the fact that ONE man...just ONE man, can take OUR money and use it to pay for other people's abortions all over the world, instead of using that money to pay off our debt, or pay for OUR our military, our health care, our energy..etc.-----

The fact that he can use our money for this horror, with millions of Americans believing that abortion is an obscenity beyond comprehension. He takes our money, and uses it like a pimp.

Obama might as well be named Stalin. Barack Stalin Hussein, the terrible.

Hey, I gave him a few days grace...he just lost it.

Obama, it seems, had on his mind as one of his first priorities, to control the world's population, and also make sure that aborted fetuses make it to the science labs in order to save the rich.

What? Do you think that Universal Health Care is going to pay for you to get the latest stem-cell embryo medical procedure if ... if you're poor?

He's KING OF THE WORLD! And he has just begun.

This nobody believes that it's one thing to leave that decision up to the individual like all the liberals complain... it's quite another thing when a government takes money from millions of people who would disapprove of any money being used to kill...and giving it out for exactly that.

Yes, Obama now provides the sword.. with OUR money. If the liberals want to donate their OWN money for abortions around the world, that's another issue...

But conservatives all over the country should be screaming...literally, screaming.

For Obama to take our money and give it away to the this time in our history..shows you where he is leading us fast... child, one couple: It might happen sooner than we think. Watch for it...unless you're black, or Spanish, and promise to vote Democratic.

Can you SEE how disgusting this is?

Our "system" is completely broken.

And he announced today that he is going after Rush Limbaugh.

Enjoy him while you can.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Days Can Be Hard

Nobody Wins: President Obama's first day at the office was not without it's "moment's'

For instance: Some of Bill Clinton's old signs were STILL left up all in all the bathrooms, and a few were found underneath desks and rugs. A call was made to the former President who laughed and then asked them all to be sent to his Presidential seems they have run out of them.

Another problem was the complete mess and outdated electrical grid as we see from this picture, taken from outside the West Wing Window...which is not technically up-to-date enough for Obama and his people. When asked why this problem was so bad, it was stated that they decided not to fix it, because, it would have to be torn down and fixed AGAIN with solar panels. Solar panels would be a problem since snipers are usually on the roof, and it really is not reliable or cost effective at this moment. On the good side, Obama's blackberry still turns on.

His brother, as we see here, was STILL waiting for Air Force One to pick him up in Africa, so that he could come and stay in the Lincoln bedroom...

And last but not least, Obama's double was found hanging out downtown, trying to pick up girls, instead of doing his job.
In spite of all this mess, Obama still found the time to blame President Bush and Chief Justice Roberts for "their" mistakes.
It's nice to see everything is coming together, on the whole, the day went well.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Married at the United Nations?

Nobody Flashes: In order to continue my ever going search for the people who REALLY control the world, let me ask you this...

Would YOU get married in the Chapel of the United Nations?

Does that sound like a really romantic place to forever declare your undying love?

Well, that's exactly where Joe Biden and Jill got married on June 17, 1777. It's almost an insult to the men who gave their lives on Bunker Hill.

It also helps to know that Joe is really gung-ho on the United Nations and ALL it's global warming nonsense to control our lives.

Now, the real question is: Where did they spent their wedding night?

Lincoln bedroom? Some Shiek's private quarters at the top?

Nobody Knows...and frankly, Nobody Cares.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nobody Knows a Marxist

Nobody Knows: On October 26, 1760, King George III’s accession to the throne was truly extravagant. A rich and long procession was lead to Westminster Abbey, where just like today, a country in enormous debt from the war with France, (now it’s Iraq) gave its royals a three-day celebration…with hundreds of bottles of champagne, and massive banquets---they spared no expense.

The costs of that war and that party of course, were sent across the sea to the new country called America. That America, didn’t appreciate the “tax.”

That America didn’t put up with it.

That America has been erased---slowly, and with the best PR propaganda that Hollywood can buy.

Today, Oprah announced it is a “gift” to be gay. Soon, it will be a “gift” to be a fool! What did 1984 call it? Doublespeak?

Citizens of the world, doublespeak! All become gay and save the world from destruction!

Right now, I’m listening to Obama talk at the Youth Inaugural Ball, and his main message to everyone is: You WILL serve, serve, serve, and serve some more. Serve for the common good of all.

Spoken like a true communist.

Go figure. As I looked upon the millions of black faces in the crowd today, somehow that word “serve” brought nothing but sheer joy to the ancestors of slaves…simply because it was a ‘black’ man asking them to do it, not a white man.

On Martin Luther King Day he got them all to go out and pick up the trash in their neighborhoods. He’s getting them warmed up.

If only those black “slaves” that built the Capital could get in a time machine and talk some sense into their future generations, they would tell them that slavery has no color. They would tell them that it was African black men who sold their own black brothers and sisters to the white slavers, a fact that they don’t talk about much.

I must say…the Democratic Party has done an excellent job of keeping the ignorance of the masses…just that: ignorant.

The media is so controlled, that when a President Obama gave free reign to his “friends,” to join like Samuel L. Jackson, a man who just loves Castro and Chavez…it doesn’t matter how many flags they wave around him.

He is a hypocrite.

It’s all about the power, and these people are Marxists: they sympathize with Marxists.
All the Obama’s personal friends have been Marxists. And that in itself is astounding.

And now, with the racial kettle boiling, you will soon here the call to the final nail to the call to arms…”Green Workers Unit!”

When I heard Obama’s speech today, I heard him say that some of us will have to take a “cut” in pay in order for ALL to keep employed. Will the blacks be asked to take a cut in pay, or just the whites, who are blamed by the blacks for all evils in the world?

We saw today how the blacks treated President George W. Bush, ...disgusting.

And as I looked at George W. Bush’s face today, sitting behind the podium, it looked like he was thinking: “You people have no idea what’s coming, and frankly, I don’t care.”

And who could blame him?

So--- is Obama going to mandate 35-hour work weeks for all governmental employees?
No, he will want everyone to work even longer hours for less pay. Something we already do now.
And what if we don’t care to join Obama’s new Marxist vision of caring for the world? Is he going to call us all names? Like …Childish? Selfish? Un-American?


And I don’t know about you, but the fact that two Presidents kept repeating over and over in the last few days, the images and words of America’s three major war Presidents: Lincoln, FDR, and George Washington.

Me thinks they are trying to tell us something.

If history repeats itself, then Obama will get us into WWIII, in order to get us out of the depression that will soon hit very hard. Putting Leon in as CIA director will help that much needed attack… an attack needed to rally us all…to serve.

Who can doubt it? And out of that chaos will come the New World Government that they have been planning. I imagine it will be pretty much like China, only a little more “progressive.” After all, America’s bankrupt, as is the UK, and as it is being reported daily, so will be Mexico.

Something is going to give.

And THEN Obama can use his phenomenal speeches and rally America to save the world, the hungry, and cure diseases, and also put the final people who don’t work for the government, to work for the government, because that what’s everything is about---
More government.


And since more people work now for the government, than the private sector, here…people from all over the world will come here looking for work and Americans will be leaving in droves to find better employment elsewhere.

You might think I am crazy, but really, the “social engineering” for this new global society is going on all around us, everyday, and everywhere.

So, while I’m happy for the people having a good time tonight. I just don’t expect much from a man who not too long ago, refused to salute the American flag: A man who only days ago stuck up for a favorite reverend who hates white people: A man who once was so stupid that he got hooked on cocaine.

No, I’m waiting for the moment when Obama admits that Oprah is really gay.

Then I’ll celebrate.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Jill Biden

Nobody's Perfect: Today on Oprah, Jill Biden let it slip that her husband Joe actually had his choice of being Secretary of State or Vice President, and he chose, to be VP.
Everyone laughed! Ha! What a slip!
Of course, it's obvious to Jill and everyone in Washington that Joe is much more capable of being Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton, or even Secretary of Defense. Why...Joe just came back from doing Hillary's job---he was busy visiting all the countries in the middle East...
What was Hillary doing? No one knows.
Joe, I'm sure Jill forgot to mention this--- had even been offered the office of the Presidency, because his experience alone makes him more capable than Barak Obama for that position--- but then he would have had to travel the world all the time, and Jill would have missed him.
After all, she teaches English, a language in danger of disappearing due to global gases.
So, you do have to wonder...according to some, Dick Cheney was the real President these last eight years. Will Joe Biden be the real President the next eight years? Does the office of the Vice Presdency now possess the real power, while the President just makes the speeches?
Mmmmmm....Nobody Knows.
The Biden family, Jill assured Oprah's audience, talked it over and decided to leave the really hard decisions up to Hillary. They do have big plans for the Clintons.
Just ask Oprah.
Being the Vice President is just fine for Joe, and even though Jill acted like it was just a slip of the tongue...something tells me, that since Hillary's confirmation might not go through...the battle for power is STILL going strong within the Democratic Party.
And because of that, I suggest they might want to put a really strong belt on that bomb. After all, the Clintons have never been known to pass up that historical photo-op and we wouldn't want them too!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

The African Taco of Hope

Nobody’s Opinion: Oh boy---I must say…the black people of our nation are so excited, so pumped up, so fired up, that finally, the African in the White House is going to give them all big houses and cars and Disneyworld vacations every year.

He can save us!” “He can SAVE us!”

Too bad he can’t tell them that people still want soda with their Taco’s.

I saw something last weekend that I am still amazed happened, and the only reason for it has to be, that the message is out that our nation now has a daddy…and so, many citizens of our society are so caught up in this feeling that they are going to be saved by Obama that they feel invincible, and if they don’t feel like doing their job…so be it.

Boy---we in deeper trouble than I thought.

I discovered this last Saturday afternoon at a fast food restaurant.

My husband and I pulled into a Wendy’s, around The place was packed, so we agreed to go across the street to Taco Bell. Okay, simple enough.

As we stepped right up to the line, we instantly gave a, now this is important, a 400- pound young white woman our order. I remember feeling so sorry for her weight problem, because she was just so young. A Mountain Dew came with the meal, so she gave us a cup.

Not too long ago most fast food places would get the drink for you. Not anymore…you now serve yourself. But, the self-serve soda machine was not working. Not at all--- you couldn’t even get water.

Hey, it’s not working.” said my husband as he handed the girl his empty cup.

“It’s not?” She went over to the machine, and pressed a button, and nothing came out. “Well, how about two fruit drinks instead?”

You guessed it, I went and got a table with our two ‘fruity drinks” and watched the people pour in, and even the three families before us were standing around waiting for their orders, never mind everyone's drinks.

Someone had told the girl to take the drink orders, despite the fact that the machine was broke, or so it seemed.

Remember, it’s Saturday afternoon, on the busiest street in North St. Louis.

I was timing the wait…twenty minutes went by, and out among the tables the masses were mounting, Everyone was standing, sort of in shell-shock, because there was not only no soda, there was no food coming up.

Suddenly feeling overwhelmed, the fat white girl behind the counter, took about ten empty cups, and went over to the machine and filled up all the cups with…it looked like black sludge. She then took the tray over to a table (just walking was hard for her) where another white young woman, who was just as big (a personal assistant to Hell-Boy ) was talking to a young black woman.

There were papers scattered all over the table.

The machine’s not working…I just can’t get it to!” said the girl.

Well, obviously, I thought, since the white girl was talking so much and the black girl looked like she was applying for a job, that the white woman should get off her butt and fix the problem.

I was wrong.

What’s a nobody to do? Since we had already paid and were still waiting, along with about twenty other people for our meal, and everyone in the place was a complete coward, I went over to the table laughing and said to the two women:

I can’t believe this! I’ve been coming to this Taco Bell for over twenty years, and you could care less about your customers! This is a first!”

I went back to my table and sat down.

The black girl looked at me as if she was really surprised. She came over and said to me, “Well, the machine has been broken since this morning!” No apology to anyone.

Like, “You expect ME to fix it?”

Then she went behind the counter, for a few minutes and walked back out to the table where she was and continued her conversations. I had made the mistake of thinking that the big fat woman was the manager.

No, the young black woman, who did not know how to fix the soda machine, and actually didn’t think it was HER job…was the manager.
So, is this Obama’s new Independent Nation? Blacks, and single white women, will no longer feel any obligation to do their jobs? Because after all, we have a black daddy President, who is going to take care of them now?

What would Sarah Palin have done, if she had been manager? I think we know the answer to that. The word Independence evidently means different things to different people.

Tonight, I listened to Obama’s speech that he just gave in Philadelphia. Most of the speech was about slaves, and the suffering of blacks in America, and lots of it was about defending why he defended his pastor Reverend Wright. Of course, they edited it nicely for the national news networks. That whole part was left out.

It was so different than the speech he gave in front of Lincoln today.

So...we now have an African President, who wants us all to unit,…and while the whites call him our President, the blacks don’t let us forget that he is an African.

And that’s really all that matters.

And the African Daddy is going to save them all. And for the next eight years we "white" people are going to get beat up even more over this stuff till we just cry "uncle."
And I am personally going to take that message of 'hope' with a shot of tequila.