Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here's to all the Dads...

Happy Father's Day!

May your children feel safe, forever in your protection.

May you plant rose bushes for your daughters, and give family rings to your sons.

And may you always be there..when the time comes, to tell them about your love for thier dreams, about your mistakes, about the tough rules of life that mom can't tell them.

May you be there to pick up that lost teenage girl when her date goes wrong...and come to her rescue when she really needs a big shoulder.

May your son grow up to be just like you. And may he forever hold you in his eyes, as a beam of what it's like to be a man, and know when to fight, and when to love.

And may you always know, no matter what, your children love you, even if they don't even know it.

They will. They will. They always will.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

April Fools! Amnesty Rules!

Picture Caption:Aprils Fools! Hey…we FOOLED YA! Huh, huh…heeeeeya! Damn we’re good! You believed everything we told ya!”

Nobody Knows: Here they are...the two men who together will go down in history as the men who put the final nails in the New World Global Order of VERY rich men. Two men who are rewriting history books as we speak to tell the world what great humanitarians they were, and how they saved the world.

Of course to do this they must destroy the country that trusted them. The men who believe in a borderless world of the poor lawn mowers, redistributed wealth, and rich international investors, and a Chinese chicken in every pot.

Even though right now, over 85 percent of Americans, wish they had never heard of either one of them.

So, because this nobody cannot say what she actually wants to say at the announcement today that George Bush has, like a tyrannical King of old-- told us all that, not to worry…he will just stuff 4 more billion dollars down the deep holes of the corrupt senators to pull his amnesty off no problem…

I really need to find another way to release my anger.

Punching my dog’s favorite stuffed doll is not going to be enough.

Clinton thinks BUSH is crazy because he would have just threatened a few guys with some juicy sex scandals---much cheaper and SO much more fun.

No, tonight I have decided to do what I always do when I feel an explosion of indignation at this incorrigible twosome of gumwads. I go into a fantasy world of …verbal revenge.

And since my verbal revenge is really unprintable, I am reaching back into history and imagining that these very appropriate “quotations” from famous angry dead men will make me feel better, especially if I look at the picture at the top while I’m reading them.

Remember, when you read these to think of either of these two men: I’m leaving out who the famous dead men were REALLY talking about….just because..Hey, it’s my fantasy.

1. “This man has no principle, public or private. As a politician, his sole spring of action is an inordinate ambition.”---Alexander Hamilton

2. “A man devoid of every principle.”---John Adams

3. “That dark, designing, sordid, ambitious, vain, proud, arrogant, and vindictive knave.” Gen Charles Lee

4. “His principles are all subordinate to his ambitions.”--- John Quincy Adams

5. “He is a silly doctrinaire at times and an utterly selfish and cold-blooded politician always.”—Theodore Roosevelt

6. “He stands aloof and alone, a molten mass of devouring energy and burning ambition, without anybody to control or guide it in the right direction.”--- Lord Curzon.

He has all the characteristics of a dog except loyalty.”---Sam Houston.

“There for the grace of God…goes god.”--- Winston Churchill…

“Mr. Chamberlain loves the working man: he loves to see him work.”--- Winston Churchill.

“The most popular man and the most able to do hurt that hath lived in any time.”-- Bernard Mandeville
(okay…Bill Clinton gets this alone.)

One could drive a schooner through any part of his argument and never scrape against a fact.”--- David Houston

Much of what Mr. …calls his global thinking is no matter how you slice it, still Globaloney.” --- Clare Booth Luce

And last but not least…my feelings at this very moment;

“I wouldn’t spit in their mouths if their teeth were on fire.”
Rodney Bickerstaffe

Thanks famous dead guys…I feel a little better.

Nobody Cares: The famous dead man quotes were taken from the book Distory by Robert Schnakenberg. Now I will tell you who some of these men were talking about, in order:

1. Alexander Hamilton…was shot by Aaron, but not for this, but I’m sure this didn’t help.
2. Actually, this was one of the nicer things John Adams said about Hamilton,
3. Gen. Charles Lee must have been mad that George Washington got all the attention.
4. John Quincy Adams said this about Martin Van Buren, who had a serious problem with facial hair.
5. Theodore Roosevelt pretty much had Woodrow Wilson number, because it was Woodrow who started the “United Nations” seed.
6. Lord Curzon…a conservative Brit on Lord Kitchener. Proof that all lords think alike.
Well…that’s enough…you get the idea.

None of these guys were fools. As Henry Adams one said "A study of the presidency from Washington to Grant is sufficient to disprove Darwin."

I wonder what Henry would say now?


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ordering Pizza in 2010 ~ Grandma Faith's Website

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Philosphical Look At Slutness

Nobody’s Opinion: Some words are just potent. Some words just jump out and grab you by the throat and slap your head up against the floor. Some words have so much power they can influence an entire life, and the way the rest of us look at that person. Some words can label a person by their peers for life.

All it takes is one time spoken.

Slut” is one of those words. And this word is 95% of the time used to describe a woman. She is an adulterer, a slovenly woman, a fornicator, a prostitute---a woman with loose morals.

And despite the fact that there are many men that not only FIT this word and its attributes with more perfection than many women: when a man is an adulterer, a fornicator, a man with loose morals…instead of ostracizing him from the crowd of humanity, most of the time he is basically admired for his prowess.

He is not a slut…he is a stud.

Just ask Gene Simmons…he brags that he has “done” 4,685 women. (Well, around that but actually it’s probably higher.)

I remember my own father encouraging my brother to “bed” as many girls as he possibly could muster, and smiling with pride with every girl he notched, as I sat by and watched the damage. Silently.

And he was only fifteen.

And yet---when I once got into a car with my boyfriend (I was sixteen) and another guy to go somewhere to get a coke, because I went with two men instead of one, my father called me a “slut.”

I had to ask around to find out what the word meant.

Like I said…powerful. I didn’t get over that horrible scar from my dad for another twenty years.
As far as I know there is no word in the English language that describes the same behavior in a man…at least I couldn’t think of one.

I guess old Daniel Webster just left it out.

Okay, I’m not telling anyone anything new here...I imagine the word “slut” has been around since the first time some woman was raped in the desert in order to get some more camel milk. It was probably used with the Salem witch burnings. They were considered slutty and dangerous.

And as we are finding out, the Islamic laws will kill the girl who is just raped…even through no fault of her own. Good thing my father was not Islamic, I’d probably not be writing this.

The world is full of men, and more than half of them are Muslim. All Western women are sluts to them, and I’m very much an American woman, and proud to be one.

So, what’s the point?

I do intend to try to make a philosophical point, being the philosophical slut that I am.

And that is to explore just how easily women can be manipulated to become men haters. There is historical groundwork that has been laid, and the ground was very fertile.

All it needed was a little leftist manure.

Sort of like how all the white people are still being blamed for crimes committed hundreds of years ago which we fought a civil war over.

Men have been labeling women sluts since forever, and women have been resenting it.

Yet…when men are falsely accused of being sluts (rapists) (as in the Duke Case) there was an outcry for all the damage done to those poor boy’s reputation, as there should have been.

But…does anyone see some hypocrisy here? No? Why?

When was the last time you remember some girl being called a “slut” (falsely) and anyone even caring about it?

We are so used to the label of “slut” for women, and how much men really love “sluts” (as evidenced by the trillions made in porn) that our culture creates the monsters we see now in our Hollywood entertainers.

We can all agree I’m sure that this double standard has been around since time began. Many women, from the time they come into puberty, are bombarded with hundreds of men coming at them, trying to get sex. The testosterone hits the boys, and Mother Nature drives them to the honey...

Girls reaching puberty get to thinking dodging land mines would be easier.

This is why most fathers are overprotective of their daughters…they remember their own thoughts.

Women are almost like walking metaphors for the eggs they are carrying inside. ONE BIG EGG against the millions of little semen’s who are swimming around, mathematically speaking; only one gets through, and for THAT event the poor egg becomes a slut. No matter how big a fight she might put up…or not put up, she can just stand there and do nothing like the egg inside her, and she can be accused of being a slutty egg. Especially if she puts on lipstick.

Really, she can’t win.

Now, when they (the elite rulers and media guru’s) started the women’s movement, (Yes, I was there) it was to tell all women the wonderful message that they would become equal to men.

Women could have lots of sex like the guys and not be called sluts! GREAT! Go ahead…feel good at last! The pill was invented and they were free to fornicate as much as the men! They could even be superior with multiple orgasms!

Wrong. They were sure duped. There were more sluts than ever. (And abortions)

In the sixties, the world was rolling in slut mud. (Clinton never got out of it.) And men were in some kind of slut smorgasbord, because even though they yell “slut” at a Paris Hilton, or a Brittany Spears…they will go home and search for their sluttish picture on the internet.

Leaving the woman with saying, “Okay…I’m suppose to LOOK like a slut, but act like the Virgin Mary….how do I do that? Is it even possible?"

It’s like asking Brad Pitt to hang out with Angelina Jolie and NOT have sex.

Jesus--- a enlightened man (savior) who knew that men were sluts too, made his statement about the whole subject long ago when he protected the prostitute Mary Magdeline from being stoned. How’d that go?

You without sin, cast the first stone.”

No man could throw even a pebble. Nobody even spit.

Well, I have to agree with Jesus because he was expressing what many women have found extremely unfair for years. And then, when giving permission, they started doing what Socrates advised so many years ago…and that was: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

Many women started examining their lives. Some of them found their lives, when it came to men, really could use a little improvement.

They wanted to be independent like men, and get the same pay for the same work---and not be called a slut every other second in the gym locker room if they happened to have on shorts bought at the mall that day, which was of course the latest fashion and the only thing to be seen in, not to mention…the only thing being sold.

So, why do I bring this up at all? Because philosophically speaking, the “women’s” movement is basically why all the men were being attacked.

Instead of some diabolical movement for women to take over the world… it REALLY was installed as a political movement that had been done in communist countries all over the world.

Get the women in the work force. How do you do that? Make them all equal sluts.

And still this “Equality in slutness,” goes on. Get them all to watch “Sex in the City.” Create Sodom and Gomorrah in downtown.

The family will break down. No respect anywhere. The state takes control.

So, next time you go thinking about calling some girl a “slut,” remember you are contributing to the vast planned political movement that is tearing America apart.

You might also think of what Jesus said---Have you been one? If so, then maybe reconsider.

Look in the mirror. After all, if P.J. O'Roake can write that wonderful novel on our Congress called, “Parliament of Whores:”

You can call yourself a …well…whatever you are…you know it. And if you don’t mind, then I don’t either.

Philosophically speaking of course, Jesus would be proud of your revelation. And he'd be even more proud if you were a man and cast the first stone at the hypocracy of "slutness."


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Puppies of the Caribbean

Nobody's Perfect: Sometimes you really just have to stop and forget about the whole frigging mess.

After seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean," which was worth the money, and the end of the Soprano's, which was not...there is not a single thing I feel like making an opinion on...
Except to say, when in doubt...hug a child, a puppy, and go ahead and eat that candy bar because the meat might kill ya.

Besides, I saw hotels in Mexico on the Travel Channel today that made all the best resorts in Hawaii look like a poor man's Drury Inn. Can you say, "Wake up and smell the Refried Beans?"

Too bad they also have Wal-Marts.