Saturday, August 07, 2010

Have YOU Got Your National Security Letter in the Mail Yet?

Nobody Gets Email on Saturday Night: National Security Letters

This week, my buddy amfortas in Australia sent me this. It's pretty good, and very informative, and goes along with last weeks disturbing but not surprising news: The government is keeping body scanner images on file, as if we need even more to think about, besides Michelle's party tonight.

They lied to us again.

One particular guy was saying in response to the revelation, "Hey...if it protects us I don't care, if they scan my body!" The fact that keeping his lame body scan on file forever was not protecting anyone on the planet, had not even dawned on him...and probably never will.

Tonight I watched Washington D.C be destroyed twice on T.V. ---once, by an Asteroid, in "Impact," a story which destroyed the Twin Towers, (while Frodo managed to drive a motorcycle and be saved) ... and another time on the History International Channel.

This time it was done in an "informative" documentary that was actually more scary than the movie because it was a documentary meant to get you prepared for a nuclear bomb. It was called, The Day After Disaster...OR..."How safe do you feel when big government Defense guys are telling you, "when it happens, millions will be killed," instead of "if it happens."

Anyway, see you on Monday! I think...I mean...I guess...or maybe...
(Do not know who wrote this article...but it's probably been around the world at least twice.)

National insecurity

Betraying American ideals without even knowing it

There’s a country that earlier generations might not recognize in which the national government’s criminal investigative agency can execute its own warrants without court approval; present them to private companies and demand information about people who are not necessarily suspected of criminal wrongdoing; and — if that were not enough — forbid those companies from telling anyone — not even the target of the investigation.

The country I have in mind is not a Latin American banana republic or a Middle Eastern dictatorship. It’s the United States of America .

The warrant-like orders requiring no judge’s signature are called national security letters. In the last nine years the FBI, Defense Department, and CIA have issued well over a hundred thousand national security letters. The FBI has exceeded even the broad powers granted by Congress, and that overreach continued for years after it came to the attention of bureau lawyers. Earlier this year the inspector general of the Justice Department documented the FBI’s frequent violations of the law. (See it here in pdf form.) If the government is now operating within the law, that is no reason for complacency: The law itself is an abuse.

Not Far Enough

Nevertheless, it doesn’t go far enough for President Obama, who campaigned against Bush administration civil-liberties violations like warrantless wiretapping. Obama wants Congress to expand the scope of national security letters even more. It’s another case of a Progressive political figure one-upping the conservatives at “national security” measures once he gets his hands on power.

Unfortunately, these things get little public attention — do most people even know that national security letters exist? I can’t help asking: Shouldn’t we be concerned about this? I’d have expected people who claim to revere the Constitution to be rather upset by a law that authorizes federal intelligence and investigative agencies, on their own initiative, to demand private records without a court-issued warrant and in the absence of specific criminal activity — while keeping the target in the dark so he can’t challenge the demand before a judge.

What happened to the separation of powers and the First and Fourth Amendments? We’re talking about some venerable and hard-won protections in Anglo-American law, protections that have now been blithely nullified. (Watch for the September issue of The Freeman, with Joseph Stromberg’s examination of the history and present condition of the Fourth Amendment.)

According to the Washington Post, the Obama administration says it wants to clarify existing law so that national security letters can unambiguously include among the information demanded: “the addresses to which an Internet user sends e-mail, the times and dates e-mail was sent and received, and possibly a user’s browser history.”

Browser history? Could a browser history be used to build a criminal case against someone? “Electronic communication transactional records,” the undefined phrase that Obama wants added to the law, would not include the content of communications – or so say administration lawyers. After all that’s been going on of late, why should anyone believe that?

The legal clarification is said to be necessary because some Internet service providers refuse to turn over such information on grounds that doing so would violate the law, although most reportedly do.

Why not just get a warrant? A national security letter, an administration official said, “allows us to intercede in plots earlier than we would if our hands were tied and we were unable to get this data in a way that was quick and efficient.”

This is a boilerplate rationalization – complete with the tied-hands trope — for unchecked executive power. It was the same excuse used to justify warrantless eavesdropping even though the FISA court expedites the obtaining of warrants. (This is not to say the FISA court is an adequate safeguard of civil liberties. It has functioned more like a rubberstamp than a real independent court.) If the powers that be had liberty among their priorities, they’d find a way to have a real court issue warrants quickly.

National security letters did not begin with the 9/11 attacks and the Patriot Act. They originated in 1978 but were used infrequently and were limited to suspected foreign agents directly under investigation. Institutions served with a letter could not be forced to comply.

In the 1980s and ’90s the power was broadened: Targets no longer had to be foreign agents under investigation; the information sought merely had to be declared “relevant” to a terrorist investigation or intelligence operation. No “probable cause” is necessary. Compliance became compulsory.

The 2001 Patriot Act expanded the power even more. (Some of the issues, such as the gag order, are being litigated thanks to the ACLU. Apparently there has been no final resolution.) As noted, that virtual blank check wasn’t enough for the FBI. For example, it often sought information unrelated to any existing investigation, and informal “sneak peaks” and “exigent letters” were used to get around the loose law when the FBI found it inconvenient.

Isn’t this the sort of thing that sparked that revolt against the British Empire ?

One has to be concerned with how much the American people are willing to put up with nowadays. National security letters are not the only problem. Congress passed, a president signed, and the Supreme Court upheld a law forbidding Americans to give vaguely defined “material support” to government-designated foreign terrorist organizations, even if that support is nothing more than conducting a seminar on nonviolent conflict resolution for a group that directs none of its activities at Americans. (Ominously, Solicitor General and soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan argued the case for the Obama administration. Chief Justice John Roberts chided her for refusing to acknowledge that the law infringes freedom of speech, which was otherwise okay with him.)

Moreover, last week the Washington Post documented the rise of “Top Secret America,” or what I’ve dubbed the “obscene feeding frenzy at the public trough” — namely the unbelievable expansion of the government’s costly and hopelessly complicated global surveillance apparatus. It may not make us safer — in fact it may be reading our emails — but it’s making a lot of people and contractors richer.

Are we so afraid that we are eager to trash irreversibly what’s left of our civil liberties? Is that what we have reduced ourselves to? Have we no sense of the ideals we have betrayed?


Friday, August 06, 2010

Nobody Likes Expensive Cars

Nobody Flashes: Sometimes I just sit back, and think of how since I make no money as a writer...I can therefore write just about anything I want to...and so, tonight I offer up two cars for just fun: One is the most expensive car in the world.'
Yes, it's that ugly blue one. That's a 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. It goes for $30 million.
The other is one I would prefer...a Mansoy. I'd have to get a gold dress and gold high heels just to get into it.
And if I had only married Mr. Salk, instead of insisting that love should always trump money...I'd probably be driving one at this very moment, somewhere in Miami.
And I blame the reason that I am not driving a Mansoy tonight, with open windows and an ocean breeze blowing in my window on Norman Mailer...and I because I am watching a documentary on sharks, you'll just have to wonder why.
Yes, a full grown bull shark is eight feet long, and they can swim up New Jersey...
as it did long ago, killed two people, and inspired the book JAWS...and that's a whole other blog.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Entitlements of a Truck Driver and a First Lady

Nobody Wins: Omar Thornton...the black man who shot and killed nine of his bosses at the place where he worked because he felt discriminated against reminded me of the whole black entitlement issue. This guy was actually stealing beer from the company, and reselling it, BECAUSE? Someone put a sign up on the bathroom door that said 'Kill the n-."

He went on a murderous rampage because someone called him a "name?"

Gee, if we all did that, no one would be left in the world.

What's sad about this, instead of us all being in mourning about the nine men killed and their families, all the reporters are keeping your attention on is, "poor abused."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we just watch a black man preaching on a street that the black people should kill all the white crackers and their babies? And is that man still alive? Has there been a white man go on a rampage killing nine black men because of what he said?

Not only are we all feeling sorry for this murderer..(I'm sure David Letterman has sent his girlfriend condolences) the insane part is that no one is pointing out that the guy was treated MORE than fair. When caught stealing beer (easy since he was the truck driver) his boss gave him a choice. He could quit or be which he would have collected unemployment and not even had to work.

Pretty decent of the man considering he could have had him locked up for stealing beer.

But then again, I bet old Omar had a pretty nice lucrative outside business selling stolen beer, and that was the REAL reason he went off.

Mmmmmmm, entitlement...stealing...where have we seen this recently...I KNOW!

Our first lady, after eight vacations in one year, decides that she wants to go to Spain, on Air Force Two, with 40 of her best friends, along with 70 body guards, and stay at a hotel that charges up to $2,000 a night for a room.

And we the taxpayers, are paying for this. We are also paying for the 40 million people who are on food stamps, due to the Obama's redistribution philosophy.

Omar, felt he was entitled to that the beer...he was black, and abused. He was just a common thief, and like most crooks, they just get mad when they get caught.

Why is that what Michelle Obama doing any different?

The difference is, Michelle is actually, the bigger thief. And if the American people called her on it...or said "quit, or you are fired," how would the Obama's react? We already know.

They have the ultimate entitlement. The Presidency of the United States of America. We can do nothing, just sit back and wait.

When one race starts feeling entitled to whatever they want from another race...and they have the help of the most powerful couple in the United's not good.

This story will disappear. Whenever a black man kills a lot of white's buried. It's just sad, that the reporters are making Omar, a "victim," as if those white men had it coming to them.

They say Omar killed himself, after making a 911 call, AFTER he played his last race card.
And something tells this nobody, that he didn't kill himself. Because if he was that despondent, he would have never made that 911 call, with such calm authority, bragging about his escapade. Saying he wished he could have killed more.

No, I heard that a beer keg fell on his head. Killed him right off. That's what I think. Good thing too.

He was, as we all know, entitled to it.


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pass the Heat Wave Please

Nobody Knows--- that I love Hubble pictures...I have a weakness for every Hubble picture ever taken. I have pictures of galaxies in my kitchen to put the fact that I'm not a very good cook into perspective. When I feel bad if I've had my mind on something besides cooking and burn the bacon, I just look at my posters. My cooking doesn't matter in the whole scheme of time and space. If I had to reason, I'd say Julia Child never looked up much.
And that's not me, I'm always looking up. I still go out every night looking for the moon and stars, and complain if I can't see any. I'm annoying as hell, but my dogs really don't care.
My biggest scare in my life, came when I was three. I was NOT scared of what was in the dark, or what monster lurked behind closet doors...but all those many stars in the sky. The notion that I was not even a speck of sand in my tiny body was a horrible realization. You talk about frightening---I couldn't sink low enough from the inevitability of man's puny existence. The back seat of my dad's Buick was my hiding place. I figured, the stars would never find me there underneath my blanket, which I could not help but stare out of into the night sky...and wonder....oh my god...
Yes, I figured out I was a big nobody at three, and I have stuck by at reasoning. ever since. Even if I became a famous person, (by some freak accident) I would still be a nobody from my reasoning at three. It's just a fact I've never given up on. Go figure. Can't blame it on my mother. I was abused by vast spaces of nebulous. It happens.
God, I love these pictures. Just look at them.
Tonight, August the 4th, 2010, as we all go about our routines, a huge solar burst will hit the atmosphere and bring on wonderful sky displays, even into the Northern parts of the United States.
And if you believe many, this heat wave we are having is not caused by any sort of solar flares, but by the evil pollution of men and their pickup trucks. That's why the EPA has to tax those evil men who are letting cows roll about in the dirt, while they drive their pick-up trucks drinking beer and taking long drives down dirt roads just to be mean---stirring up such heat that the Russians are drowning trying to cool off.
Wait. Man did NOT cause this heat wave? You mean, the sun is waking up? Russians can stop drowning themselves?
Hey, I'm with the sun. Give me a warm globe over an ice age any old day of the week.
So what if Iceland goes Green again? My gardenia's will flourish.
I envy every person who is going to get to see this tonight....and let me remind you...
It's okay to be a bad cook. Buy a microwave. And enjoy the lights.
Mother sun is talking to ya!


Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Nobody Knows Why They Did It....

Nobody Knows: Is there such a thing as instance Karma? I don't know, but I sure hope so. I can think of a handful of New York politicians that should get hit by a flying buttress while walking down the street. It would serve them right.
Today, we mark the day that a bunch of mackdaddy Democrats in New York, gave permission, for a gigantic Mosque to be built just blocks away from the very ground on which innocent people died, in the name of Islam. And years from now, I will remember this day and curse Obama, because it happened on HIS watch, and with his permission and encouragement.
It was bad enough that we haven't even built even so much as a Wal-Mart there, but for a whole gang of "Americans" to vote to "allow" this to happen in the name of diversity, makes the rest of us...fighting mad. I hope they all suffer with an instant Karma, right below the belt.
And WHY did they commit this heinous act? For "diversity?" Muslims don't believe in "diversity"---never have...never will. EVER. It's their way or the highway, or in this case...Allah or death.
What is WRONG with these people? Not one dissent. Not one.
As I wondered why these people would do such a terrible thing to the American people, I saw this: It's a picture of five airplane hangers. It's where the Sultan of Brunei keeps his car collection, which consists of: 604 Rolls Royces, 574 Mercedes-Benzes, 452 Ferrari's, 382 Bentleys, 209 BMW's, 179 Jaguars, 134 Koenigseggs, 21 Lamborghinis, 11 Aston Martins, and 1 SSC.
He collects cars like Gene Simmons collects his bed scores.
Good lord. We were having a hard enough time before 9.11, but our whole economy was changed dramatically after 9.11. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!
All I can think of is either these men and women were so stupid they "do not know what they do" or they will benefit dramatically in future wages from their act.
I wouldn't be surprised if they are not at this moment driving a brand new BMW.
Shame on them all.


Monday, August 02, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Maxine and Charlie

Nobody's Perfect: Uh-oh.
Two of the biggest crooks this side of Atlas's Shrugs railroad tracks are being thrown under the black bus by the racist pigs of America....It seems "someone" is actually looking into the ethical behavior of a lady who lobbied for lots of stimulus money to go to a "black" bank that she and her husband had major stock in...and.. GOOD TIME CHARLIE...who has so many properties he just can't remember them all can only be forgiven for not paying his taxes so many times.
How DARE they. Such FINE examples of human morals should be honored.
And now...the puppet master himself... is throwing them under the bus. Here, we see his picture.
Our first black President has said that Charlie Rangel should retire with the grace and dignity that we all know and love. (As seen in this picture)
As America wonders how in the world these two ever got to be sitting in the Congress...we ALSO wonder...why stop with them?
For whatever reason, they are being made a big news scandal to divert our attention, because by all accounts...WWIII is about to start in the Middle East.
I can't WAIT to see them on Trump's Apprentice...can you?


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Loose Lips Sink Shutter Island

Nobody's Opinion: After watching the newly released movie, "Shutter Island " tonight, I was wondering...when is it going to come? A movie about how the government is really poisoning the people of the world with the food and water supply.
The plot will be very exciting. Some older woman, who is suffering from an overweight problem, will be working in some Monsanto office and find secret documents on how genetically engineered food is being made to make people fat in order for the drug companies to make gigantic profits. The people in the audience will be going "I KNOW, IKNOW! I don't eat anything and I'm gaining so much weight...and I'm just so TIRED all the time...I'm hooked on energy drinks..." And then she will learn that due to our food supply our thyroids have been decimated, and we are left with a whole generation of fat people not being able to even move away from their TV sets.
The audience will be going "I KNEW IT...I KNEW IT...they are trying to kill us all just to make a profit!"
Then, the big ending will come, and the hero (probably Meryl Strep) will then let it be known that in fact, the government is doing no such thing. She was delusional. In the last scene she will confess, she loves Oreo cookies...and she is very sorry, and she will go to the loving nurse who is sending her letters saying, "Come to me I will help you..", and then she will hand the poor star a joint, mixed with Aqai Berry, and the lady will smile..." and then, fade to "Thank God for Universal Health CARE!"
"Shutter Island" is basically the same propaganda. It's about a man who goes to an island to expose that OUR U.S. Government is actually experimenting on people, doing lobotomies, using hallucinated drugs to make "Manchurian" candidates...(which of course you can see happening) and you do NOT learn until the end that it's actually Leonardo that is sick and delusional. The good doctors on the Island are going to help him with a lobotomy and make him a good man.
Gee...get that lobotomy folks, and we are here to tell you that the US government has NEVER experimented on any citizens...ever...(LSD?AIDS?Virus? Vaccines?)

Now, the government knows many of us see what is happening. We still call a spade a spade, and also do not like the massive social engineering of our very thoughts being so cleverly disguised as entertainment. It's why they hate Fox News so much.
I don't know about you, but if I see one more gay guy kiss another man on the big screen, I'm going to start wearing a tee-shirt that says: "It's okay NOT to be gay..really."
Movies are a powerful propaganda force. It's the simple way they manipulate you. For instance, "The Divinci Code" books and movies were all a real hoot to get you to think that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, the prostitute, and had kids...and all the line of Jesus came down to elite European people. And then, in the last one, you were being fed all the conspiracies of the Illuminati and then at the end, and you are going.."I KNEW IT!!"
You knew nothing. Tom Hanks tells you that the Illuminati never existed...and there are no rich guys who rule the world. Listen to Tom. He knows.
You might think it's just another movie..but I'd advise you to...think again. What kind of message is the whole thing putting out?
Remember, Tom Hanks he had a big sign in the back of him that said "Loose lips sink ships." when he made a video endorsing Obama for President on the Internet.
I've always wondered who he was sending that message to.'s the reason Obama used the words "reptilian and mongrel" last week on the view. Those words didn't just pop out of his head. He needs to get the white single women back under his spell so he said the reason for "prejudice" was because of our reptilian brains (black woman thinks, yeah, they are snakes) and then he said, black people are mongrels (when you hear that world do you NOT think of a dog?) and other very condescending words and that's so the white people think, yeah, blacks are dogs.
And then you witnessed the lovely shot of his very white mama holding him up as a baby, trying to get the white woman's vote back.

By that performance I think we can fairly say that Obama is a mongrel lizard, and that's by his own words.
Meantime we are on brainwash overdrive by fear that the world is going to end in 2012, that Jews are still very mean, that homosexuality as a sexual proclivity is very normal, and we need a one world government ruled by an elite few, who need to tell us all what to do and eat.
And if we don't accept it...they will make a movie to convince you that what you think is happening is not really happening---with all of our very favorite actors and actresses.
America...the engineering experiment for the NEW World. I heard my first complete Spanish commercial just last week. No English was spoken at all. ON ESPN.
In the middle of freaked me out.
My very Christian Midwestern neighborhood, just since Obama has become President, is now half Muslim. We have many nationals moving in every week. Most of them do not speak English. It's like they are letting the whole world come here.
The elites think if they can just create the Tower of Babel here...they can do it everywhere on the planet.
All we can hope is that more people come out and sink that big reptilian mongrel boat of Obama's, and the elite's new world order. As for future movies?
Today, I drove passed the biggest AMC theatre in a very upscale section of town. When it first opened it was packed. It had nineteen huge theatres and was the best in St. Louis.
It's now...empty. Closed down. It's not just the price that keeps us away...
Leo says at the end of Shutter Island, a lobotomy can take a monster and make a good man.
Go ahead first. We shutter to think of what's next.