Friday, August 11, 2006

Question Montage

Nobody’s Opinion; Drifting through the day today and listening to all the “war” news left my mind feeling like an overcooked noodle dish. So instead of trying to come up with a complete coherent blog, I’ve decided to put out some of the questions that have been cooking in my nobody brain against my wishes, and I’m dumping them on you.

They are just crying out for feedback from anyone besides my nobody self. So, here, in no particular order and various subjects are montages of questions for you to think about, and if you have an opinion, then please throw in your very important musings on any subject, serious or not.

After all, why should I be the only one to suffer?


Sheppard Smith, reporting from the borders of Israel today, said that the Jewish soldiers just didn’t understand why the Generals running the war did not let them go in and do their job. Instead, it seems they are told to go in, check out a building, and they get IN the building and …boom. In other words, this is just what the terrorists want.

1. Question: Victory could have been ours already in Iraq, and victory could have been the Israeli’s already if fought differently. (Even without nukes) So, is this new politically correct Western version of fighting wars being done because our leaders are afraid of losing the oil supplies? Or is it because of the fear if the opinions of the other nations? Or is it because our leaders know that we already have cells here holding the nation and our leaders’ hostage with threat of U.S. annihilation and they just don’t want to tell us?

2. Question; Speaking of oil, even now, as we go into it seem WWIII over oil, and since it is going to take quite some time for us to change over to another energy source, why do our leaders continue to NOT drill for oil, but just put it off for another day?

3. Question; Alvin Toffler has suggested that the United Nations needs to reform. He made the point that the international globalist companies now are bigger than most nations, and should be represented in counsel in equity with other nations. What do you think?

4. Question; Brittany Spears has just put out a home video on the internet in which she contemplates the universe, and does some really nice burps. Is this a publicity stunt, much like Madonna has been doing all these years just because she is not working and wants to keep herself in the money, or is Brittany only talent singing and dancing?


5. Question; I remember reading a while back a blog by Mr. Elders, stating the view preferred by most liberals, who say it is a fact supported by science, that all men are polygamous. What do you think, and since polygamy is the preferred position by all Muslims, do you think that the world will eventually go this route?


6. Question; Speaking of men, I have always wondered on the evolutionary scale just why they developed nipples. Is it because of the fact that they start out as females until the y chromosne is added? Or is there perhaps an actual purpose for them? (Do have fun with this one.)

7. Question; Here’s one that has puzzled me for some time. Ever since Lethal Weapons, almost every movie or sitcom has paired up a black man with a white guy in the starring roles to promote us all getting along. But they tell us that there are more Spanish guys here in America than black men. So how come we are not being bombarded with Spanish guy/ white guy scenarios in all our movies? Or Spanish guy/ black guy? (Leave the women out)


8. Question; All of our politicians have said we are going to be attacked again. The terrorists have said they will attack the ones who voted for Bush, but that is all the red states, where there is really not much but corn. So… will they destroy the corn? Or will they go for the big economic centers?


9. Question; In the 1980’s, here in St. Louis, 118 people died from a heat wave. The temperature hit over 100 degrees and higher for 18 days in a row, much worse than this last year. Do you think all this reporting of the weather as a monster coming to kill us is for TV ratings and products being developed by the big companies? Or do you think it’s real, and like Bill Clinton has predicted, Manhattan will be underwater within 50 years?


10, Question; Do you think Hillary will become President? Wait…don’t answer that one…I don’t think my nobody heart could take it.

Nobody’s Perfect; Koffi Anan today gave an incredible bombastic speech today, right in the middle of the evening news. I’m sure he didn’t mean to go on and on and on, but I guess he forgot how rude it is to take up so much empty space on prime time.

Nobody’s Knows; Okay, to me. A lipstick is much less threatening than an IPOD or cell phone. I wonder just how many woman are going to be pissed off at the airport when they have to throw away a $25.00 lipstick from Ralph Lauren?

Nobody Cares; What my answers are to my own questions. But I’m going to give them anyway.

1. I think our government has gotten us in so much of a mess, that because of sheer greed of the elitists at the top, and the international corporations, they can’t do much of anything. And that’s why the Chinese, the Saudi’s, Cuba, and even little Iran, can call all the shots over us, because our borders are open due to the big companies, which has allowed terrorist cells to come in and hold us hostage. Our leaders will be very nice.
2. I have no idea on this one, but probably to keep prices up.
3. Alvin Toffler is a New World Order fascist “societal inventor” who wants a one world government that he will help design and receive a patent on. Go for it Alvin.
4. Brittany Spears is just stoned, and wants to eat like the rest of us.
5. This is a touchy one. I think men WANT to have more wives, but because women will basically do unheard of things to them, and monogamy makes for a better society, the institution of polygamy will probably only be implemented if the Muslims take over.
And before you make that decision, remember polygamy has not done much to advance the Arabs. If not for their oil wells (which monogamous American men built) they would still be still roaming the desert.
6. I think it’s the first, everyone starts out female.
7. The government doesn’t want a civil war.
8. Well, if our government is involved somehow, the red states are going to get it. But if it’s the Jihads, .then they will go for Las Vegas. (After having enjoyed the brothels for at least two years)
9. Nobody says…follow the money!
10. If Guilianni runs, she will lose. But if he doesn’t….be afraid, be very afraid.

Reasoning the Tolerance of Survival

Nobody’s Opinion; Every night I walk my dog around the block. Not far from me is a family of Muslims who have lived here for quite some time, and on a day where the terror alert in America has been raised to “YOU ARE IN DANGER” red alert for the first time, I happened to notice there was no one home.

This always leaves a sinking feeling in my stomach. And like all the people getting on planes tonight, I don’t like living in fear.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened. This is a little house, and unlike the rest of us who actually live in our homes every day of the year, this Muslim family hardly ever seems to be there…but when they are home, you will see at least fifteen kids, six big men, and two women. The only faces that have always stayed the same are two of the children. The other faces are always new and seem to change with the moon cycles.

They are not exactly friendly.

Being the true American that I am, I believe in never judging a book by its cover and always judging each individual I meet one on one, no matter what his religion or race. It was part of my Christian religious upbringing, and it basically good common sense.

And I have “tolerated’ the dirty looks I have always received from the Muslim men. I’m blond, and like all Americans I wear shorts. They don’t like blonds, who show legs.

I have even “tolerated” the strange fact that the children say they are not allowed to even pet my adorable puppy (who loves kids) even though I know they are just dying to. There is an understood rule from the adults that they do not like me even talking to their children. Their looks could kill.

I have “tolerated” the fact that I have smiled and said “hi” to the woman, and they never say a word back.

Today, my “toleration” attitude has taken a turn.

But, it’s not because of what you might think. It’s not my Muslim neighbors that have gotten me to rethink my attitude. It’s not even the event today of 24 home grown Muslim citizens from England who wanted to hi-jack planes and kill hundreds of people.

No, that’s not it.

I am actually changing my attitude of “toleration” because of something that is much more intolerable to me than some idiots and insane religious maniacs who want to blow up the world.

It’s the American liberals among us that are trying to teach us “toleration” at the expense of our own destruction, because they don’t believe for one minute that anything will happen to them, that have finally got to me. The reason they don’t is they are mostly rich, and have bunkers and friends in high places. And they don’t like America.

I just happened to hear Mike Wallace today on the radio talking to Sean Hannity, promoting his upcoming TV special where he interviews President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

It made me sick. Mike Wallace, who came out of retirement because either:

His ego just couldn’t stand Barbra Walters having the only memorable interview with a murderous dictator (Castro) and he wanted to top her before he died.
He is working for the Democratic liberal party who seem to have on every turn, not only tolerated the jihads Muslims that want to kill us, but sided with them.

Mike, like a lot of these media Gods, needs to move to Iran.

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Wallace famous piece which will air on Sunday.

Not only does Ahmadinejad look like a Democrat with his preppy outfits, he sounds just like a Democrat when he says;

“Well, please look at the makeup of the American administration, the behavior of the American administration.” (Which means, you Americans have just GOT to get a Democrat in office)

“See how they talk down on our nation.” (Unlike the Democrats who praise me for being an intellectual with a degree!)

“We are all free to choose” (Which means I am free to choose to be a God)

“But please give him this message sir: Those who refuse to accept an invitation will not have a good ending or fate” (Which means, President Bush, if you don’t let me destroy Israel with my nukes, I will nuke your cities.)

“You will see his approval rating is dropping every day.” (Ok…every single talking point Democrat has repeated this mantra over and over again on every cable channel for the last year)

“They want to build an empire.” (Oh, right out of Michael Moore)

“And they don’t want to live side-by-side in peace with other nations.” (John Kerry speeches.)

“The time of the bomb is in the past, it’s behind us.” (Ted Turner added this)

“Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges.” (Hillary)

Come on, anyone who has turned on CNN or FOX has heard these very same words out of every Democratic pundit over and over. I can certainly surmise that Ahmadinejad could probably run for Senator in Connecticut or Massachusetts on the Democratic ticket and get elected if he spoke these words.

The despicable Mike Wallace, who considers himself the intellectual superior to Sean Hannity, made the point that Ahmadinejad had a good point in saying that the Jews should live in the country that caused the holocaust. In other words…move to Germany.

Mike wants to help bring down the Republicans. He needs a mission, he’s bored.

I ask you, what are the Democrats doing now? Talking about global warming. Al Gore has even said it’s much more of a threat than Iran.

They ignore the imminent threat to us, it seems on purpose. But why?

Okay, I admit…I will still judge each person one by one. But I will no longer ignore the traitors within.

“Tolerance” should not be just a one way street. The Muslims and their democrat’s sympathizers are just going to have to learn to tolerate the real Americans who are not going down without a fight.

My Muslims neighbors are going to have to learn to “tolerate” me, and my dog. And while I am keeping an eye on the adults, maybe an “Oops, sorry, my puppy got away from me!” and a few doggy kisses will at least help the young ones see a different world.

And for all those within our own country, who preach tolerance but have none the patriotic Americans who stick up for our country…

As John Lennon once said, ”Instant Karma is going to get you.”

Nobody’s Knows; This “Western White House:” thing is really bothering me. Why? Because isn’t it convenient that President Bush was in Texas when one of these planes could have been heading toward the White House? It has been a rumor on many internet sites that Denver, Colorado is going to be the new Capitol.

If you are going to get rid of a country, then you must destroy their very foundations and symbols. Washington D.C. is the very historical center of all that we believe in.

Nobody Cares; In 1933, a mysterious fire destroyed the German Reichstag. It was said Hitler destroyed it himself, and blamed the Communists. If Washington D.C. is destroyed, I wonder in 2099, will the Muslims be blamed? Or George Bush?

Nobody's Perfect; The Muslims beleive that when they die they will go to 72 mansions, each with 72 beds, and each bed will have 72 virgins. Anyone who knows women knows that this is not exactly heaven. Seventy-woman in one bed? Whoever thought this up was probably a virgin himself.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jimmy Carter; A Colossal Peanut of Corn Porn

Is this Cindy Sheehan? Or is Jimmy hiding out near the Western White House?

This is dedicated to the Rogue Jew after reading his last post.
This nobody feels your pain.

It was written November 2006, but let’s face it, some things never change…

Nobody’s Opinion; I was walking past my tube tonight (ok…I sometimes keep it on for the noise.) and just glanced over at the screen to see the young JFK dancing with Jackie, on their wedding day. There were old friends of the family, talking about how Jack took after his father Joe with his endless affairs. This was said as if the whole feminist movement had never happened. The reporter was beaming from ear to ear as if pictures of all JFK’s conquests were running through his minds’ eye like Playboy Bunnies being chased by a pit bull. Who knows--- maybe he was remembering the night he got sloppy seconds.

The reporter remarked how nobody knew about all of JFK’s affairs because of the well handled PR. And then I heard the remark, a quotation from Joseph Kennedy…and it struck me like lighting. Old Joe Kennedy, the one who made the fortune that the whole Kennedy clan continues to live on said;

“It’s not what you are…it’s what people think you are that’s important.”

Well, that just about sums up the whole obdurate Democratic motto.

Let’s take Jimmy Carter, the good ol’ boy, down home, religious peanut farmer…the Nobel Prize winner, the world philanthropist who just wants to give the world houses, food, and all his political wisdom. And how can you not believe him? He never raises his voice, he speaks ever so softly, and he has the face of a benevolent preacher. We think Jimmy Carter is just like he looks; a sweet, caring, country boy.

I didn’t find out that this man had a degree in nuclear physics until years after he was out of office. In fact, if you judged from the way he handled the Presidency when he was in office, you would swear he didn’t make it past high school.

I really listened to him on Charlie Rose the other night, and low and behold, if you look into the mind of Jimmy Carter, you will discover someone who is actually slicker than Slick Willie. In, fact, I believe there is a little jealousy going on between them. Bill Clinton certainly did make a big deal in his book about the time that a bunch of violent criminals from Cuba made an infamous prison break and ran loose in Arkansas while he was governor…why that mean Jimmy Carter made him take those prisoners because Jimmy didn’t know what to do with them. And. recently Jimmy sounded a little hurt that Clinton was cutting him out of something. (High office in the NWO?)

Anyway, back to the point…Jimmy Carter is a very shrewd man. Behind that good ol’ boy exterior, aw shucks act, is a very ambitious man who would step and squash your peanuts, to promote the new Democratic Party line.

This new Democratic Party, who wishes us all to think that it is only they who have the answers to the world and all its problems: and it’s only they who want to feed all the poor, get along with all countries. They care, they feel, and they are fooling you all with, as an old southerner would say…good ol’ homespun, corn porn.

Beneath this field of corny “We just want to help the world.” act is, as a girl from the show me state would say…bull manure.

Listen to all the Democrats…somehow in every speech last month they all managed to say the exact same phrase:

“Render unto Caesar what’s his, and unto the Lord what is his.”

Carter said it on Charlie Rose…Chavez said it in Venezuela. John Kerry has said it.
They all use the same words. They think that all the people that voted for Bush are religious, so they are trying to talk to you in words that will control you…the Lords words. What it means when they say it is:


But let’s take this a step further. Jimmy Carter traveled to Venezuela to help Chavez, a full-blown communist get elected. Chavez got personal lessons in how to sound like a Democrat and all the party’s current catchy phrases. All he needs is a little more corn.

Jimmy looked at Charlie, and out of that sweet smile came some of the biggest lies and most malicious accusations ever thrown into a mud hole---

“George Bush has done what no other president in the History of the United States has done…a pre-emptive strike” When Bill Clinton dropped bombs on Kosovo, and Iraq, and sent men into Somalia, the word “pre-emptive” came after “is” in the dictionary.

“The rich are not giving enough to the poor. The United States is stingy. We only give 16 cents to every dollar, while all other countries on the planet give 40 cents to every dollar” Well, MS Heinz alone could make up for that. And if you believe that lie, you must think he really sells peanuts.

“He said that President Bush did not win the first election, and the reason he won the second time was because we were in a war mode and you don’t change horses in mid stream.”...Right.

“The invasion in Iraq was unjust.” Okay, it’s alright for Jimmy Carter and his hundreds of employees to go all over the world to influence every election in every country in order to spread good ol’ down home corn porn communism, but George Bush had no right to try to spread democracy in the Middle East. How dare he.

“All problems should be solved through the United Nations NOT the United States” Now, this would be just hunkie dory if the UN representatives were elected by the people of their countries. In fact Carter zealously bragged how it was he that set up the International Court through his Jimmy Carter foundation, a convenient way for the globalists to get rid of any elected President that does not bow down to the United Nations. “He wants to cut taxes! To trial! Off with his head!”

“We should be benevolent.” Yes, benevolent to dictators, communists, Islamic terrorists, Saudi Princes: in fact any country BUT America…and most importantly, to former Democratic Presidents.

“The Chinese are underdeveloped.” Not anymore, not since Bill Clinton gave them all our nuclear secrets with the computers and the rockets to launch them at us. They have more students graduating with higher degrees in science, math, and technology: they are ahead of us in nano-technology research, AND, lets be honest. Next to Hong Kong, New York looks like the ugly older sister.

Wait---did all that nastiness just come out of the mouth of that saintly looking man?
Could that smile get any bigger?

“The soldier’s death is not being revealed.” He misses the good old days of Vietnam when the cameras were on the field recording the blood spurting out of Johnny Iowa so his mom at home could see her son’s last moments while she was cooking breakfast.

It helps if you look the part of benevolent father. You can say anything you like if your facial expressions make you look like a warm puppy.

The warm puppy party of democrats; a party out to destroy our soldiers by not rallying behind them in war, a party out to destroy our children by supporting the teachers union who disgracefully year after year keep our children dumb, a party who wants a country ruled by appointed judges instead of popular votes, and a party who now is siding with foreign nations to triangulate themselves into a New World Government, while using middle class fools to foot the bill.

A party who knows what is really important is the perception of kindness. That image of benevolence to all. Really, even Jesus might wonder how they do it, because God knows and anyone else paying attention, it’s a false image.

After the TV program ended, I thought how worshipped JFK still is. No wonder Bill Clinton got so mad. After all, JFK screwed around…and no one dared to call him on it.

The next time you see Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton flying all over the world, and shaking hands and making deals with world leaders, even though they are no longer our voted representatives, if they seem like harmless corn porn men gentle men from the South, think. What you see, is not what you get.

Remember, just before the Jews stepped into the shower the Germans would smile sweetly and say “We have got a nice hot shower, food, and new clothes waiting for you after your long trip. Just step in. “

And although it’s corny, remember--- You can’t judge a peanut by its cover.

Nobody’s Perfect; Of course, I’m sure everyone remembers when Jimmy had lust in his heart every day when he did the Playboy interview. It makes you wonder what PR guy thought that this interview would bond Jimmy with other men? Does he get together with Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Al Gore and hang out at Larry Flynn’s house for lusting fests? Do they invite John McCain?

Nobody Knows; How many more of these southern good old boys, with the trusting faces and down home spun bull we will see in the upcoming elections. John Edwards made a good stab. He might be a Vice President with Hillary…anyone wanna guess?

Nobody Cares; Jimmy Carter’s son is running for Senator. Great.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Apocalyptic Paroxysm of Numbers

Nobody’s Opinion; Iran’s nutcase, Ahmadinejad, who dresses like he hangs out on Martha’s Vineyard (for all we know, he has been there) instead of the religious cleric that he claims to be, has announced today that the apocalyptic end of time will come on; August 22, 2006.

There’s that number 22 again.

That gives me only thirteen days to see Yosemite, the Redwood Trees, and Las Vegas: write the two novels I’ve been thinking about, get my product into all sports parks, and redecorate my house: throw away all the junk in the basement, build a bunker in the backyard, and stock it with enough food to last two months: see the ocean again, learn how to skydive, and go whitewater rafting down the Colorado River…and if there’s any time left, visit the Castles in Europe.

Okay, it’s official. This insane man wants to end the world, despite the warnings of Pat Buchanan to the contrary.

It seems in 874 A.D., some imam named Mahdi jumped down into a well and is still there…and he will only be released when the time is right by an “apocalyptic” moment, in which he will jump out of the well he will save the Earth by converting us all to Shiite Islam. Ahmadinejad believes he has been chosen to do this deed. He is going to release Mahdi from the well, with probably a nuclear weapon.

This sounds pretty much like the second coming of Jesus, except Jesus will be coming down from the sky.

You would think these two religions would get together on this.

Okay, bad idea. But this particular number, 22, got me worried because, something has been happening to millions of people all over the planet for years now that is really crazy.

In fact, it happens to me all the time. There are whole websites trying to explain it, but like the reason men always go to war when it’s obviously a really stupid way to settle disagreements, it cannot be explained, although many give it a good try.

What is that you ask? They see the numbers 2.22 or 1.11, on a clock. Or they see these numbers just anywhere during the day. I tend to get them on my lotto tickets, but people have sent them on just about anything you can think of, even divorce papers, bingo cards, and dog tags.

Hey, I’m not making this up. There have been whole radio talk shows on this, and to those of us that it happens to, it can drive you crazy, because if your NOT superstitious like this nobody, (I have never avoided a black cat in my life) having something so bizarre go on in your life which you have absolutely no control over, not unlike foreign insane leaders with nukes, is not fun.

Now, people have always been suspicious. Ball players will use just one bat until it finally cracks. Nadia Comm had her teddy bears to bring her luck. Hillary had séances with Eleanor Roosevelt, and Nancy Reagan would hire astrologers to forecast her husband’s day.

The number 13 was always considered so unlucky that for many years the 13th floor was left off of high rise buildings.

But 22, that number is special, because according to numerology it is the highest number in the universe…the master number. And 11 is right under it. And as David Ickes said tonight on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, 22 equals two 11’s.

Once I even saw the number 22 on the inside of my refrigerator, a warning against apolgolitic cravings of ice cream no doubt.

And even though we want to think it’s a good sign, these numbers, historically speaking, have usually meant bad things to many people. (See Nobody Knows)

But that’s not the point. It seems that logically, numbers mean whatever meaning that the individual places on them, and in this instance Ahmadinejad believes that on August 22, was the night when Muhammad flew to “the farthest mosque,” which was Jerusalem, and then flew up to heaven, and then back again.

Of course, he faked this whole thing, but you cannot tell the believers that.

The best we can hope for is that when doomsday comes, Muhammad will be so busy fooling around with his virgins that he won’t see Jesus coming down from the sky to get him.

Nobody’s Perfect; Okay… I doubt very seriously if this guy is going to nuke everyone, and the end of the world will then happen. Nevertheless, the fact that he believes in this Islamic insanity is reason enough to maybe look for some good signs…

Nobody’s Knows; Here’s a little list of historical events on the 22 and 11th just for fun and remember, some of us need a life.

9/11/2001 World Trade Center destroyed.
12/22/2001 Shoe bomber tries to destroy plane
1/22/1973 Roe VS Wade decision
11/22/1963 Kennedy shot in Dallas
12/11/1941 U.S. declares war on Italy and Germany
8/22/1998 Drudge report on Monica Lewinsky
4/22/2000 Janet Reno takes Elian
7/22/1979 Saddam accuses council members of crimes
6/22/1941 Operation Barbarossa, Germans invade Russia
9/22/1861 The town of Osceola, Mo was sacked by Jayhawkers.
2/221862 Quantrill’s raid of Independence, Mo
4/22/1940 Germans bomb Norwegian towns in air blitz
Well, you could find many more…but on the other hand,

On the 22nd day in December the Berlin wall fell, and on the 11th of November (1918) an armistice was signed with Germany to end WWI.

Nobody Cares; Hey, I’m not superstitious, just observing. Anybody got more to add?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No 9

Nobody’s Opinion; It was a Salvador Dali day. Remember Salvador Dali?---the artist with the big mustache who became famous drawing melting watches? Have you ever had a day when your feet are touching the ground, but you’re not sure if you are actually on the right planet, or even, when you look down, if those feet below belong to you?

And your sober?

The news today was beyond absurd. Surrealistic doesn’t even come close to describe the fact that I felt I was walking around in a daze watching the world melt.

Then again, could have been the bad coffee.

Anyway, here is some surrealistic Salvador Dali absurdness that anybody can think about because if you were paying attention, the watches were melting in your time zone too.


I woke up to some news that’s just seems to be coming out.

You know how we’ve been hearing for the last year how stem-cell research simply must go on, and to stop it would border on criminal intent, due to the fact that it’s going to cure diabetes, alzheimers, cancer, tuberculosis, leukemia, heart disease, and maybe even bad hair days?

The Democrats have not missed a moment condemning President Bush on his fight against this madness. Why, he has been trying to keep the human race in the dark ages!

What they seem to have kept a well guarded secret is that woman all over the world are getting stem-cell injection treatments as we speak, for that ever illusionary rainbow of promise, the Fountain of Youth.

Yes, you can go to Russia and many other places if you have the cash, and join with Ponce De Leon in the never ending pursuit of living forever! Well, maybe not, but it is said that you can look at least ten years younger! One injection will last a year.

Which explains Cher.

You’d better have a lot of money.

Millions of woman all over the globe will be throwing away all those morning after pills, knowing that if they happen to get pregnant and abort before 12 weeks, a girl can make enough money to go to her local spa, and maybe not get younger, but certainly could afford Botox and some Angelina lips.

I wonder who has stock in this company?

After learning about this, I didn’t even want to see a clock.


Then the news about how BP, the real reason the British are always on America’s side in any middle Eastern war, is shutting down the Alaska pipeline to clean it up.

What a propitious time to hit us with this. This decision has come right after all those hokey commercials on TV stating that the gas and oil companies care about the environment so much, they are going to develop new technologies to get us off of it.

A little manatinience of the old pipeline, while commercials are hitting us on the hour, along with the fact that Americans will be tying to decide what meal to cut out of their week, and it won’t be long before we will be demanding this new technology.

In the meantime, the huge oil reserves in Colorado remain on hold.

After the picture of Madonna was very cleverly put out on all cable networks to cause a stir among all the Christians, today we learn that this publicity stunt produced its intended purpose. Her concert is sold out here in the United States.


Today we learn the news that Madonna is hanging on a cross for the good purpose of “help save the children” dying of aids in Africa. Jesus would lover her for this she says.

Madonna has always made money off of shock. But this stuff with ageing entertainers becoming saviors is really getting old, especially when they use this scam just to fill their own pockets.

Frankly, I think we should save the adults on the planet first.


And speaking of entertainers making money, Bono, the Noble Peace Prize Winner wanna-be has suggested that United States and the UK fork out even more money to the third would nations.

Bono, its seems has not been paying taxes all these years in Ireland, and so he has moved his whole business to Holland. He also has bought into the Forbes empire.

I have my suspicions that Bono is actually an illegitimate son of Salvador Dalis. He should fess up.

India came out today and claimed that Pepsi and Coke contain huge amounts of pesticides.
If this is true, then that explains why Gorbachev a few years ago, was very concerned about American ground water being oversaturated with pesticides, which was contaminating our water supply.

I thought it was really strange of him at the time. How nice of him to be concerned.

This would also explain why the West Nile Virus didn’t really wipe us out as intended, our guts were right there loaded with a perfect immunity.

And here’s a question on trade Secrets; Why is it, that any other intellectual property gets shafted? How come any other invention, gets a mandatory sentence of only so many years before the monopoly is up, but Coke and Pepsi can keep their monopolistic trade secret until they run out of pesticides?

The answer is out there…somebody else besides me can look it up.


Well, to be fair, it’s a full moon, and the thought is comforting that somewhere in the Middle East a lonely soldier is looking up and thinking about his family. Hopefully he had a day that made more sense. (But, not likely)

And now that the White House in Washington D.C. has closed down due to renovations and rats, a New Western White House has been set up in Texas. I bet the news corps just loves being in Texas.

Condi is standing next to the President on the briefings just in case he falls over, according to the tabloids.

The Israeli’s are being ostracized in all our liberal media stations for fighting war the politically incorrect way.

The parliamentary leader of Lebanon today cried pretty obvious fake tears in front of the Arab nation, and thinks that a United Nations force should come in and clean out Hezbollah, and then set up the Lebanese army, thereby insuring that nobody has to leave.

I’ve had enough. And I’ve decided at the end of the day that I’ve figured out what Salvador Dali was trying to say with all those melted watches dripping all over the landscape in his paintings.

He was saying, “Watch out, you will be having days like this.”

Nobody’s Perfect; Brittany Spears has pulled a Paris Hilton publicity stunt by putting some old movies of her drunk and ranting self on the internet. We get to hear how she believes in a time machine.
Someday Brittany will come back in time, and NOT get married in Las Vegas, NOT put the child in a car seat, and maybe even get to the bar where Mel Gibson was getting drunk, and get into a long drunken conversation with him about time travel thereby preventing him from driving.

Give it a thought Brittany.

Nobody Knows; It was reported today that the wild fires in Spain are almost all deliberately set, most of them near houses, and some fires set apart in order to merge together. Gee. Why can’t we get decent reporting like that here?

Nobody Cares; North Korea is flooding the world with counterfeit American Dollars, in order to defeat our country. Actually, our own Republican Congress is way ahead of them in this maneuver and in that race, there is no contest, our boys win hands down.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sweeping At "Democracy"

Nobody’s Opinion; On Sundays, I do something that woman have been doing since the first caveman came home with bear-hair and wart-hog dung on his soles …

I sweep my porch.

And while I was sweeping, I was thinking about how this word “democracy” and the spread of “democracy” was being thrown around by President Bush, and Condi Rice, and just about every politician I can ever remember making a speech in my life.

Now our founders deliberately wanted a “representative” government, NOT a democracy, which is basically…mob rule. Remember the guillotines in Paris? ---That’s democracy.

But, we don’t have mob rule here…the mob doesn’t get to rule anything.

Do you feel you have a voice? Doesn’t it feel that the only time our leaders listen to us is in some poll? Polls are basically used to control us, just in case you haven’t figured that one out.

I stated sweeping faster…and harder...and thinking…

When “We the people” are no longer represented by our elected officials; when the people feel that they have no voice in anything that happens in their lives---

When we have seen decades of a corrupted educational union monopolize and propagate the stupidity of our children, while the rich kids get great educations, and “we the people” have no say whatsoever in even what they teach…

When our universities are controlled by borderline communists…

When a government stands by and watches generation after generation of their citizens being demolished by drugs and despite billions of tax dollars the problem is worse than ever…

When only millionaires and billionaires can run for office, thereby only representing the rich man, while “we the people” and the common man who represents the majority of the people would have to win the lottery to even run…

When x-cabinet members can just move to a state he or she has never lived in, and with enough money and connections, be made senator of that state...

When a government ignores the will of the people and encourages an invasion from another country for the benefit of stock options…

When members of our highest Court, (who call themselves Supreme) site international law---and instead of interpreting the Constitution, they dismantle it, and nothing is said by our elected officials…

When Americans lose their constitutional right to private property and our elected officials do nothing

When a government does nothing to protect the borders from terrorists, but instead spies on its own people--- (And remember, Clinton was doing this just as much) ….

When you see camera’s going up on every corner, but not one politician says a word….


When x-Presidents commits treason by giving our enemies nuclear technology to China, who gives it to Iran, and absolutely nothing is done to him…

When elected officials send our young men off to war, and then put those very lives in danger by daily siding with the enemy…

When our manufacturing base is sold out by politicians working for themselves and major corporations instead of the interests of the country…

When Congressmen stay in office for life, and sit on boards of huge companies, and then build big bunkers to protect themselves and their families from a nuclear attack, but do nothing to protect the people…

But they are sure to give themselves raises every single year while teh people wages go down…

When the American people are taxed at a higher level than what the revolutionary war was fought over, and are bled for more, and when they can’t save because of high taxes and high interest rates on credit cards, are told that it’s their own fault...

When no one can bring a suit of injustice against the government without fear of an audit, or prison. In fact fear is used constantly on a daily basis in all media outlets…

When huge welfare states are built, transferring wealth from the middle classes to the poor without the consent of the people…

When a medical system of welfare is introduced to make it so expensive that no one can afford care, and therefore the only answer will be a Socialist National Health System…

When a government refuses to build refineries for our energy, or even look for new energy resources, never solving the problem but introducing bicycle paths, and forcing us to drive dangerously small cars…

When a government tells us we are at war with terrorists, and yet let in thousands of our enemies who could destroy us at any moment…

When we are told how lazy and educated we are, and treated like children…

When we are told we cannot go into some of our National Parks anymore without permission…

When we are told we must celebrate diversity, and therefore soon will lose our jobs if we don’t learn Spanish.

When no repair and upgrade is done on the electrical grids, infrastructure, and roads…

When trillions of taxdollars go down some hole but our govnement is not audited or held responsible in any way…

When Israel is being attacked, but we cannot go in to help them…

When any President can declare a war and bomb a country for over 3 months on a whim….

When our merger with Canada and Mexico are being forced upon the nation without even a vote…

When our sons and daughters are being force to serve the United Nations.

When men do not have a say in a "woman’s choice"…

When a government shows that in a disaster, whether natural or nuclear, we are on are own, and yet, when it comes to other countries, our government is the first there…

When the two parties put globalization before their own citizens…

When we watch a woman’s painful death ordered by a court to starve, because our elected officials want this old population to go without waste….

No question…we are really down in the dirt.

Now, if you think we live in a democracy or even a representative republic, then you have major cobwebs between your ears…come on over, I’ll get the hose.

Once thing is obvious…”we the people” have a major FUBAR on our hands.

The great United States of the founding fathers no longer exits. And I for one would like to sweep the whole lot of them in Washington D.C. right off my porch and start over.

Nobody’s Perfect; I heard that President Bush was down on his Western White House Ranch reading about Lincoln and the Polio vaccine.

Guess he’s expecting a civil war, and so they might have to release bird flu to contain us….

What? Well, my guess is as good as yours! Why even tell us what he’s reading?

Nobody Knows; Why there has to be a Crawford White House? That’s just George and Laura’s House. I guess he wants the Mexicans to feel he’s close by.

Nobody Cares; And when did the word “troops” take on a new meaning? It used to be that “troops” were a unit of soldiers…now it means a unit of one soldier. Right? I’m confused.