Saturday, January 08, 2011

Nobody Reports: A Sad Day

Nobody Reports:

By now, everyone knows that a very sick young man shot a young and very endearing Congresswoman in the head---Gabriel Gifford, it is being reported, was loved by everyone who knew her, and unlike most of the representatives in Congress, it is being reported that she often invited the people of her district to come and talk to her. A Blue Dog Democrat...more conservative than not. Almost a dying breed.

Yes, Gabriel invited everyone to come and talk to her, which of course, left her vulnerable.

By, the grace of God, and the skill of her surgeons, she is alive.

Not so lucky was a quiet Federal Judge that just stopped by to say hello. He is dead. As are many others, who no one is talking about for some reason..except for the heartbreaking news that a nine-year-old child was killed.

NO one is mentioning the other people who just got shot. I'm still not sure who else suffered bullets holes, and where, and who they were...18 in all...who are they?

So much for factual reporting in America.

This is not a first. We've had in recent memory, Ft. Hood, Columbine, Oklahoma City, and students going wild in many a school.

While the nation mourns, before the facts had even come out...the liberal democrat politicians were quick to denounce their enemies, talk radio ...etc..and blame this man's horrible actions on them.

That in itself is rather despicable.

So far today, while listening to CNN...once again, in remembering the words of Bill Clinton after Oklahoma, it was talk radio...and the tea partiers to blame. I heard it from several sources.

One of them was a Senator. And they are not stopping.

Jared Loughner, the shooter, had his MYSPACE page exposed, where it was discovered that his favorite books were Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto, puts him in the real nutcase category.

Tea party guy. Right. All tea party people love communism.

At the beginning of the day, Harry Reid dismissed the Tea Party people saying that since the economy was getting better...they would disappear.

Then, the news that the Commerce Department was going to push for everyone to have an Internet ID, was BEFORE the was the breaking at the top of Drudge.

Rahm Emanuel's "never let a crisis go to waste" would have thought the timing perfect.

On that note, they can certainly use this horrible tragedy as a tool to promote the draconian and dangerous mandate, that Rush, Hannity, and Fox news should be ostracized for causing these mass killings.

Of course, if you happen to kill in the name of Allah, as in the Ft. Hood killings, they are...silent.

It's a sad day, when many in Washington use a sad event, to further the agenda of silencing the opposition...

And it makes the day, all the more important to remember. We must have free speech. Even if it offends. We must not be silenced.

If this guy was reading the communist manifesto, I doubt seriously if he was watching Fox or listening to Rush.

Gun laws will be changed, the Internet will be controlled, and to speak against your government will be considered even more dangerous.

Unless of course, we refuse to let them use this horror to silence us.

Trust me. They will try.

One last note. Obama has said, he does not like Fox. Brett Baier was the first to announce that Gabriel was dead. He got this news from the FBI.

Was he set up?

Nobody really knows...but I wouldn't put it pass them.

In the meantime...when will we hear about the poor other people that was hurt?


It's a sad day. All prayers go to the families.


Friday, January 07, 2011

Nobody Has a BIG Problem with Ed Koch

Nobody Wins: Liberals are such hypocrites.
They claim to be the "compassionate" party. The "human rights" party. The party for "progressive advances in science."

Until it comes to their own pocketbooks.

The compassionate party doesn't donate to charities. The party of 'human rights' includes everyone but the unborn. And when it comes to progressive medical advancements, they are all for using embryos to look for 'cures" of disease--- looking for life advances for every cure...but...only to benefit the rich and powerful.

If you have to kill a life to prolong the life of a rich be it.

That's what Obamacare is all about. It's a holocaust-- a killing off of millions of people, all to save the rich and powerful government, (And their business partners) from collapsing.

But if you have the money, it's okay. You will be saved at any age. Especially if you work in Congress.

When I read, "Ridiculous to extend life at all costs" by ex- New York mayor, Edward Koch today, I was furious.

Yes, the Jewish x-mayor, who should WELL be versed in the euthanasia of human life, thinks old people should just die. If you go by his logic, then Hitler actually did humanity a big favor. Think of all those old people that were put to death by the Gestapo guards at Auschwitz because they would not be the 'Republic' of Germany.

"How old are you? Go to the left..".

Ed Koch says--- I believe that Americans are unduly afraid of death. Death is an inevitable part of life. We start the process of dying the day that we are born. What I hope is the Almighty does not engage in what I call "salami tactics" when he decides he wants me."

Nobody says---We start the process of dying the day we are born? What? If we are dying the day we are born, then kill the babies too. Those preemies can cost thousands of taxpayer's mucho money. What an ignorant comment.

And to use GOD as a partner in this inhumane treatment of our almost beyond comprehension. God gave man intelligence, which he has used to discover ways and means to prolong our lives, and to have a panel of men decide who gets to live longer, even if it's only two months longer, should be law. No MAN should be put as the executioner over another.

God will call soon enough.

(Okay, I'm getting mad. Let's go on. What part of 'Thou Shall Not Kill' did baby Eddie not get?)

Ed Koch Says--- I ask that I not be sliced up and suffer in the process of dying. I think it quite reasonable that a panel be authorized to decide whether expenditures of public funds for extraordinary efforts to extend a life should be authorized, taking into consideration a number of factors agreed to by medical experts and ethicists including common sense, age, dignity, and other factors.

Nobody Says: Oh..gee...he didn't say that when they did a quadruple bypass surgery on him in his old age, did he? He had NO PROBLEM being an old man and being sliced up then now...did he?

How dare he say an individual should give up their life for the "public funds." It was the politicians that stole those public funds to begin with.

Dignity? This man has just lost any sense of dignity he ever had.

Ed Says: I do believe you can use your own money to provide services the government will not provide, as we are permitted to do in every other aspect of our capitalist economy.

Nobody says: snob. Okay, if you're rich...we'll let you live. All the rest of you scumbags..die. You're not worth another penny. If you have grand kids that would like a few more months of your presence..too bad.

At this point in time, I would even let Mel Gibson put in his two cents here......a man who has such little respect for life deserves to be ridiculed.

What happen to the Jew of the Bible? Remember when Charles Heston, who played Moses, watched while the old woman, Yochabel, was being crushed by the stone wheels...And the taskmaster was beating his whip, thinking that an old woman slave was no loss, and would stop production,..and Moses stopped the slaves, and saved the woman's life?

That used to be a no brainer. "Thou Shall Not Kill" doesn't stop at age 55.


That is compassion. That is the Jewish way. THAT is the Ten Commandments.

Koch is no Jew. Not in my book.

Every individual...should be treated with dignity and respect from birth till death.

Men have given their lives to preserve the concepts of decency and fairness: concepts that Americans have stood for since our founding.

Shame on you Koch. You are NOT a Pharaoh.

Do us a favor. When you have your next heart attack, live by your own beliefs. Give all your money away and let the good Lord do with you as he wants.

Yes....we all know you are not afraid of you have said.

But Mr. Koch...

In the words of the great liberal Yoda....

"You should be."


Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Constitution VS the Godfather

Nobody's Opinion: Did anyone else but me think it was just a little bit too surreal, that on the day the Constitution was read on the floor of the House, the President picked as his Chief Advisor, the son of the retiring Mayor Daley of Chicago?

AND--- was there some kind of conversation like (So..Rahm wants to be Mayor huh? I'm gona make him an offer he can't refuse.) from Dad?

The Constitution VS the Godfather is now an action sequel.

Just what the country needs: William Daley was the man who helped bring us NAFTA--he helped with Fannie and Freddie, he was Bill Clinton's Commerce Secretary, (who helped Boeing give all our nuclear secrets to China, thereby nuking up the rest of the world) and is a big part of Bill Clinton's Third Way Think Tank.

You don't even WANT me to go into that.

The pundits have it all wrong. "Oh...he is trying to show the business community how he is going to work with them now."

What they are not saying is the obvious: Obama cannot pass his stuff, so he is going around the Congress to pass his Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue, with the help of Mr. Daley...through the Commerce Department. That's how Bill Clinton gave China the knowledge and technology to be able to hit every American city with a nuclear bombs. But hey...Nobody's Perfect..

Speaking of which:

Nobody's Perfect--- As you can see here, The President doesn't know how to button his coat. If that doesn't make you feel like they should maybe HIDE the suitcase...I don't' know what does.

Nobody Cares--- On the floor of the House today, during the reading, a citizen was arrested for shouting the phrase, "Except Obama." She did this when they read the part about how a President must be a natural born citizen's the law.

Yes, in the USSA of America, there is free speech, unless it happens to be true.

Nobody Knows---Why birds are falling dead out of the sky: why fish are dying and stinking up rivers and lakes: and why UFO"s are appearing in my hometown of Naples, FL.

Some say it's the Great Tribulation. It might be true, because I turned on my TV and there he was again..James Carville.

Nobody Wonders: What big rich politician wants a strip club right outside the Dallas airport? Or maybe, what Shiek? Let us know, will ya?

Nobody's Fool: Alex Baldwin said just about the smartest thing he has ever said in his life this last week. He said that men from Harvard and Yale have been running the country, and done a lousy job. And since he wants to run for office, that was a brilliant thing to say.
He also said that he wants to be a public servant.

Okay, Alex..

Why don't you run for mayor of Chicago? It's the next thing closest to the White house.

Which brings us back to: They read the Constitution today, but this nobody wonders...did they hear the fish and birds falling out of the sky right outside the hall?


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

How About a 28th Amendment?

Nobody Flashes: Here's an email I got last week---It proposes a 28th amendment, which states that the cumquats in Congress also have to live by all the laws that they pass on us.

It's about time they stop putting themselves above the law.

If they did not comply: jail.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

Monday on Fox news they learned that the staffers of Congress family members are exempt from having to pay back student loans. This will get national attention if other news networks will broadcast it. When you add this to the below, just where will all of it stop?

35 States file lawsuit against the Federal Government

Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.

This is an idea that we should address.

For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform... in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ."


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nobody Presents Mathematical Gumballs

Nobody Wins: Most people have seen this video, but, I thought it was worth another look. Immigration is the one thing left for this administration to pass...and NOBODY on either isle is talking about it right now.

And they should be.

As this little gumball demonstration shows, there is no way we could redistribute OUR money to the rest of the world and save it. It's almost a joke.

But, that's what the global -warming scam is all about. A way to collect money to spread around, --or so they say.

In the end, does anyone think that it will uplift one single human on the planet besides Al Gore?

If you do...go ahead and pop that Bubble gum!

So, Nobody presents...Roy Beck, playing with his gumballs.



Monday, January 03, 2011

How Many Cars Does It Take to "Protect" a President?

This Christmas season, as an increasing number of American children wrote letters to Santa Claus asking for necessities instead of toys, the American people can rejoice that at least one family has not floundered upon hard times. The Obama's spared the taxpayer no expense to live it up on a Hawaiian vacation during the seven days of Kwanzaa. The (UK) Daily Mail reported that on New Year’s Day alone, Obama required a 20-man, 10-vehicle motorcade through closed roadways so he could visit an old friend. The small fleet trailed the president from his rental property in Kailua to Bobby Titcomb’s beachfront home. This was perhaps the most overt and least egregious example of the first family’s self-indulgence at your expense. ..Floyd Report

Nobody Cares;
I've been waiting for this story half my life. This kind of long processional Presidential entourage that closes down whole cities and is used to guard our Presidents has been going on for decades, and it's absurd.

And as I look at this picture, the thought comes to mind is: Just what the heck does one man need all those people and all those cars for? I mean, come on. If someone wanted to take out the President, all those cars traveling behind the Presidential car would just be witnesses.

So, who ARE the people in those cars? Hairdressers? Camera men? All the people he needs to keep him comfortable? Cooks, Bo, bug exterminators ...What?

Years ago, I asked myself these same questions. I was playing piano in the lounge of a Doubletree Hotel, in Chesterfield, Missouri, when the word came down...VICE-President George H.W.Bush, had just decided he was going to spend the night.

I was playing and singing at the hotel's grand piano...minding my own business, when a bunch of really mean looking agents with dark Sunglasses on, flooded the lobby.

And yes, it was nighttime. The Men in Black had arrived.

The room where I was playing was a good ways from the elevator where VP BUSH would hop on to get to his room, but that did not prevent this big linebacker guy from examining every pot, every inch of the floor, my piano, my piano book, inside the piano, under the doorway...and by the time he made me take off my high heels shoes to be examined, I was laughing.

BUT...he skipped the bar.

Right. Nothing in those hundreds of alcoholic beverages, that could really light up the place, was the least bit suspicious to the great protectors of the VP.

Any explosive in my shoe was MUCH more of a danger than two thousand bottles of flammable alcohol.

Then, the body guard stood and watched me, with looks to kill. Me. The single mother piano player, my velvet gown, and high heels, playing, "They Long to Be Close to You"

I guess that gave me away.

I'm afraid to say, I was totally amazed that over fifteen cars pulled up to the front of the hotel that night, and Mr. Bush was rushed in, in a matter of nanoseconds.

So, when Mr. Bush says he has never been inside a grocery store: believe him. It would take 300 FBI agents just to examine the ketchup.

Fast forward to 2000. I was visiting Washington, D.C., and standing not far from the White House when our tour guide announced President Bill Clinton was to drive by. How did he know? He had an earphone on. This man was no mere tour guide. ALL the tour guides looked like body guards. White Vans were parked all along the White House...over 30 of them. Each with an "tour guide."

When we all got out our camera's , the Guide said.."DO NOT FALL off the curb. You will be shot."

He was not...kidding.

Bill had only a few motorcycles around him, but he didn't need any more. The whole city had cops on every corner due to some WTO meetings. It was actually a police state. I have no doubt there were snipers on the rooftops of his route.

They do this in Russia too you know.

So---Did the President of the United States decide to take out 20 men in Hawaii just to visit an old friend? I'd like to think there was someone else at this house... a secret meeting with some world leader or such, and that the President wanted complete privacy. He used his friends house as an excuse for the meeting away from reporters.

I'd LIKE to think our President, after having spent over $1.7 million of our dollars on his lovely vacation, would not waste our money like that. But then, a man who has a plane to fly his dog, would probably do just that.

But, be rest assured fellow nobodies! While Presidents spend millions of our hard earned dollars, protecting their own selves, when it comes to OUR protection on our border...they spare no expense.

We have...border dogs.

And Nobody Cares

© Joyanna Adams 2010


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nobody Knows the Contenders

Nobody Knows: Since it is just the second day of the New Year, of COURSE all our famous well-known pundits had to start all their talk shows off with..


For the next two years, all we are going to hear about is the Republican contestants, simply because, short of a miracle, most Presidents want, and feel entitled to, at least eight years. And since anyone who would actually challenged Obama on the democratic side would be labeled a racist, it's not likely he will have many challengers...unless Bill Clinton decides to claim x-Presidential executive privileges, or Hugo Chavez decides to declare he was born in Hawaii.

So, let's take a look at the pundit's possibilities...shall we?

1. Mitt Romney

Pro He's nice. He's got a nice looking family. And he was truly surprised when he didn't get the nomination last time. His biggest asset is that he is very rich, which will appeal to the very rich who will pour millions into his campaign in hopes he will continue to represent their interests.

Con He pushed and won Universal Health Care in his home state of Massachusetts. He helped Scott Brown get into office, who turned out to be a Rhino. Big Business WANTS Universal Health Care so that they can compete in the GLOBAL market. Americans didn't want it. Romney is supported by the top Rhino family. He is second favorite to their son, Jeb Bush. He would not get the black vote or the Hispanic. As for being a MORMON...some of America does not support that religion. matters not that you yourself are married to just one women. Many in that religion have shared the "have as many wives as you want" idea with Islam. And to STAY in that religion is hypocritical to many of us.

Nevertheless, short of Jeb...he may very well be the next President, if the oligarchy decides.

2. Newt Gingrich

Pro Newt is a great talker...and knows history, and beats Romney out on speaking ability alone.
Con But Newt has sided with the Democrats, as often as he has not. He loves Alvin Toffler's social engineering, and hides his proclivities to global conquest well. Actually, he's scarier than Mitt Romney, because he's knows where all the bodies lay.

3. Mike Huckabee

Pro If Mike became President, we'd all get daily musical broadcasts with Mike on bass from the White House.


Con Mike...should stay at FOX. We need a real conservative leader, not an entertainer. He would not beat Obama...not in our lifetimes. Like Newt, he says what we want to hear. Almost a pinky Rhino, and he hides it well. He is a Washington insider...makes deals, just like Newt. Bill Clinton would be his right hand man---they worked fabulously together in Arkansas.

4. Sarah Palin

Pro EVERYONE is against her: the Bushes, the pundits--They all say that she cannot win in a million years, which of course works entirely in her favor. Being a woman gives her an advantage because, remember, the black man got the vote before women. If half the nation votes in a popularity contest, she has a good chance. would be a nasty, race. She is certainly smart enough for the job.

Con She is not the speaker that Obama is. That's her worst side. She needs a better speech writer (Hey Sarah...I'm here!) She has to start talking to the whole nation, not just the tea party. She needs to be more clear on immigration.

5. Jeb Bush

Pro He's evidently, like all the Bush family, very sweet, and decent. Did a fair job as governor in Florida. He is the only Republican that can speak fluent Spanish, and has a Latino wife. He could beat Obama on that point alone.

Con BUT---Oh no. Hell no. Watch for it. We will be attacked, (hey, they keep telling us that) Jeb Bush will get elected due to the fact that he loves the Mexican people (comes from a family known for strong military) and can finish what his brother started, which is finish the North American Merger, and the great decade of the Bush dynasties will never end. Remember, they have hundreds of kids in that family. We just got over the Kennedy family dynasty, we do NOT need a Bush one.'s some of MY nobody picks;

1. Paul Ryan

Pro This guy knows economics and is not afraid to stand up to corruption. He a great speaker of conservative ideas. He would, by all accounts, make us proud. I really don't see him being a phony of any type. Sarah Palin backs him. He's got his youth going for him, and he's just coming into his prime years.

Con Really can't think of any. Says he won't run, but they ALL say that.

2. Christ Christie

Pro So far, the way he stood up to the teacher's unions..we like him. Nothing like a John Wayne type of guy to get you excited. Honest, and blunt. He put away a lot of criminals in his time, from both Republicans and Democrats.

Con BUT--- that bluntness could cause trouble in many places: not that we as Americans care much.

3. Donald Trump

Pro He knows business, and how to get America back into the world. He's a tough talker, and tough negotiator. I'd pick him over Mitt any day, because Mitt would bow to the Chinese..not Donald. As Americans, it's what we've been waiting for. And with nuclear danger all around us, we need a tough guy right now.

Con Then again, he might paint the word TRUMP on Air Force One...the temptation would be too great. And we would always be wondering if he was just using his job to get his casino's into China, Dubai, and India. Would he use the office just to promote himself? Nobody Knows.

4. Thomas Sowell

Pro He'd beat Obama in a heartbeat. (sigh) He knows economics, and would be an excellent leader.

Con He is much too smart to run, dream on.

5. Michelle Malkin

Pro Okay, here's a surprise. This woman, would make a great President. She can speak, she can think fast, she can't be bullied, and she is smart enough, like Reagan before her, to pick the right people to surround her. Obama would lose in every fact, unlike Palin, that's her strong point.

Con She too, might not want the job. She probably feels she has more power just commentating on issues. But, she is, the real deal. The true Patriot...I would even pick her over Palin. It would be a trip just to see that lady get off Air Force One.

Nobody Knows that to find a President that is NOT a puppet of the powers in Washington is a must in order for America to survive.

If all else fails, and 2012 rolls around, and the choice for President is between Obama, and say..Mitt or Huckabee, or worse, Gingrich or Jeb, I will go to the voting booth and write in the name, Dave Barry. He runs for President every year, and yet,

the United Nations does nothing,.

Then I'd get on Fox's News, and complain that MY vote...was not counted.


© Joyanna Adams 2010