Friday, April 30, 2010

The Master of Disasters...

Nobody Wins when the President of the United States takes a major disaster, and turns it into a wonderful opportunity to announce his soon to be established, new energy thermostats into every's going to be just great.
Just think of the energy we will save.
While the greatest oil spill probably ever in the history of the United States, is demanding his attention, what is he doing?
Talking about how "his" economy" went up...ah...3 percent!
Well gee...this oil just MIGHT destroy Obama's new really great economic numbers by destroying our shrimp industry, our crab and fish industry, naval operations...not to mention...turtles, fish, and beautiful sandy tourist beaches for years in advance...and what is our President concerned about?
Americans---who just cannot be trusted to turn down their thermostats. (They also can't be trusted to want to live past 65, but that's been taken care of.)
Yep, Obama is all dressed up in his "energy" pimp hat, and we haven't see nothin' yet.
He has demanded that mean old oil company, BP, to clean it all up, thereby continuing to play the President trying to save us from all those big evil companies. He'd rather let the country be destroyed just to make a point, that the plan?
Or maybe he's out of money because he has promised the Muslims billions to help their people get into their countries. BP will just have to fork over some bucks, it's all about redistribution, and he has other plans for our "money."
Do you NOT get the feeling, in every action, that he is really out to destroy America? How else can you interpret his insanity? This blow up of an oil rig came just at the PERFECT time. Once Cap and Trade passes, Obama will have control of your house, your electric bills, your water...and all that you do within your house... and that includes the Internet.
What a lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky......lucky break for Obama...for this oil well, to go up in smoke right at this perfect moment in time.
It couldn't have happened at a more opportune moment.
Wait, that would be a conspiracy--- of course, that didn't happen. No way. Nor could it have been a terrorist attack. No, and flight 800 just fell down.
Well...until I hear an explanation of WHY that explosion occurred, and WHY Obama doesn't seem to be too upset about it...I will consider it, just another perfect move in the great chess board of global governance.
If Glenn Beck is right...the organizations behind Obama, especially those sixties guys who loved a good bomb going am I saying?
Maybe it was just good human mistake. Maybe there men on that rig doing jobs that Americans just won't do anymore.
Will we ever know how this happened?
No, because, this weekend, all thoughts will be off the rig, and on immigration. In the world of war and chess...good move.
If you were going to destroy a country in order to rebuilt it would attack from all sides at once, wouldn't you? Now, all we need is for someone to "kill" an illegal immigrant.
A tea partier would be really just very, very, very...lucky for Obama.
"President" Obama...the master of disaster. Obama, take off your hat.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock: An Oscar, A Black Baby...What's next?

Nobody Cares:
Here's a twist: The best movie actress in the world, (Meryl Streep) who truly gives what I consider her finest performance on screen, an actress that takes a living legend and imitates her so well, (Julia Child) you can hardly tell the actor from the real deal...loses the Oscar to another actress (Sandra Bullock) who plays a white woman (Leigh Anne Tochy) who adopts a black son, and helps him become a success.
While Sandra did a fine job, it really was the movie's theme...the wonderfully political correctness of the script, that gave Sandra the edge in Hollywood. Therefore for once the politically correctness of the liberals who swear by their compassion of saving the world, slapped a rather nasty insult at one of their beloved, and took Oscar from the one who really deserved it.
The world before the ego! Redistribution! And a more "JUST" society!
Ha! ha!
And now, keep her damaged image as the woman who couldn't keep her man faithful, and to stop all the gossip, and because being a single mom is just so...IN STYLE...Sandra "adopts" (Oh didn't we tell you? She's been keeping him a SECRET!) a black child, just like the white woman hero, Leigh Anne Tochy in the movie, so we will all really feel how wonderful she truly is!
Trouble is: if Jesse and Sandra really did adopt this child a year ago...why did they keep him a secret? Was it because the baby was being used as a ...dare I say it..prop? Were they ashamed of his...blackness? ( I say this because liberals are always saying how racist white people are and uh...Jesse and Sandra are uh...white.)
Or were they saving him for the right moment to promote the movie?
They said, they were going to tell us all AFTER her Oscar. Oh.
I think Merly Streep should start a cooking school in Haiti, and donate all her money to give out free food to that poor population every single day.
I would not let Sandra have the last word, Meryl. Go her who's boss.
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nobody Knows: Jeb Bush...Half Mexican?

Nobody Knows: Who knew that the Bush family was of Mexican blood? The news was admitted today that Jeb Bush, who vehemently condemned Arizona for prosecuting the "civil" rights of illegal aliens by saying:
"I'm Mexican-American, I could be picked up."
We should have suspected it when his brother, President George W. Bush, reprimanded native patriots for trying to protect their own borders, by calling them all "vigilantes."
Wow, were WE stupid.
I always wondered why Daddy Bush broke down in front of the camera's not too long ago...what did Jeb say to him?
"It's okay dad. We have it all arranged with the Paraguay government. We've bought up hundreds of thousands of acres of land for all the Bush family, in Argentina and Paraguay. We will also be sitting on one of the biggest fresh water aquifers in all the world. We will have over 16,000 troops to protect us...should Obama manage to stay in power. Dad, don't worry. We won't tell mom about Juanita. You know, we got a good deal on this land with Mr. Moon, and look at all the money we made on the weapons deals! And Dad, we have been excellent public servants, it's time we get back to our own country. And they can't get us for any crimes there either Dad. Paraguay has no extradition trades with the U.S. And if they hit the U.S. with nukes, hell dad, Paraguay is the safest place in the world to be! Fresh water forever! All the grandchildren can grow up on a ranch, just like the one in Texas!. Don't worry dad. If for some reason, the communists don't let me into the Presidency, we will always have our ranch, Papa. it's Okay. I promise not to wear those silly hats...George just gets carried away."
(Nobody Makes this stuff up. Well, not the ranch...they DO own property in South America. And the question many other of the elite do too?)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Nobody Gives Illegals Tips

Nobody's Perfect: Here we see Ralph Cantino and his little friend Pablo Manuel...and they want me to tell you...what to do if you are an illegal dog, and are working and living illegally in Arizona. So, in no particular order, here are their tips to surviving the horrible Arizona Nazi takeover.
1. Always act naturally when driving your car. Stop speeding. I know you want to race with your new NASCAR souped-up old Chevy on Saturday night, and you usually score there at the races...but...for awhile, cool it. Take up golf.
2. When you are at a stoplight, turn your radio station to Rush Limbaugh. I know, it's hard to find, but, nothing puts the cops off as a Spanish-looking man listening to talk radio.
3. If you are caught, and the American cop takes you to a jail, and asks you to take a shower, tell them, you can't because you're allergic to water---as is reported...illegals in Arizona will now be secretly killed and gassed...or worse, shipped to California where they will be made to pick grapes.
4. Attend every single Diamondback baseball one will even ask if your illegal because all illegals have been asked to boycott everything.
5. Learn to play basketball.
6. Stop singing La Bamba every time you see a gringo.
7. Take a daily bath, and shop at Macy's. You don't have to buy anything, just go there and walk around.
8. Find a black friend and go everywhere with him.
9. If you cannot speak English, pretend you are Muslim. In fact, carry a small Bosnian flag in your pocket and take it out if a cop stops you and asks for identification.
10. Go ahead and boycott all hotels. That way, the hotels will go under, and all the illegals will lose their jobs, and then you will have less competition.
11. And most of all, when you are reading any sign in Spanish always turn to whoever you're with and say..."Why the hell can't they learn English!" That is the only English phrase you need to know.
Good luck, amigos. Remember to keep calm, stay out of the Ovens, and be sure and kiss all your babies before they go to sleep and tell them to not be afraid. THEY are American citizens by "right." And by this time next will be too.
(Nobody makes this stuff up because Nobody's Perfect)


Monday, April 26, 2010

Trucking In the Strippers

Nobody's Opinion: You've heard the argument, I'm sure--- that smoking marijuana, would eventually lead to the bigger cocaine, heroin, and pretty soon, you are a major drug addict, making your living doing runs to Tijuana, and eventually committing crimes. While many a dope-smoking candidate will tell you how ridiculous that is...there are many that will tell you, that there is something to it. And the younger you start, the more likely you are to become addicted---to anything.

In the Obama age, we can now make another argument. Letting kids watch strippers dance around a pole, could do permanent damage to our children's future mental health.

If you are a five-year- old girl, and you are watching how your father reacts to an almost nude beautiful woman gyrating her private parts around a pole, it might lead a young girl to want to go home, find a little tree, and start doing it herself. She might grow up to become a stripper, and maybe even, with the latest technology, figure out in high school how to make extra money setting up her "trade" on the internet. After all prostitution can make up to $230,000 tax-free dollars a year, and she would only have to work 15 hours a week. And in this economy, with the high cost of education, and the government now controlling WHO can get the loans to go to school, and who cannot: Pole dancing...could become...addicting.

We all know lots of men go to the strips clubs. There are few men that have NOT been to one. Strippers, exotic dancing, and prostitution, has been around so long, Gene Simmons has written a book about it. The Democratic Party alone was probably built on the mobs' running of the great prostituting rings in all the major cities. And if not for prostitution---Las Vegas would be in worse trouble than it is. I doubt seriously if the city can run on high rollers, and grandmothers playing nickel and penny slots alone.

Prostitution, and porn, are now so addictive, that the downfall of our economy was recently blamed on the addiction of computer porn...because the men that were supposed to be guarding Wall Street, were watching Susie on her pole, instead of the coming economic apocalypse seems, Obama's nation of justice and redistribution has not gone far enough.

Now we need to use the levels of "fairness" further, with the newest invention called...Stripper-on-a Truck. The men just are not getting their fair share of stimulation.

You may have heard recently that some clever man in Las Vegas put his stripper in the back of a truck, and ran it up and down the street to draw business to his joint. It worked so well that his business tripled, and there were so many traffic jams, they had to shut it down. Even the good people of Las Vegas thought it was too much.

But...not Larry Flynt. You remember Larry--- the man who took Playboy 's romantic bunnies and turned them into well...snacks on a harry stick? Larry has two strippers clubs here in the Midwest, not far from the baseball sports arena' in Baltimore, and one in my town...St. Louis..and guess what?

The Democratic mayors say there is 'nothing illegal' about these stripper trucks circling around the Orioles and Cardinals baseball stadiums after the games, to get the men to come over to his clubs.

And if you remember, Larry Flynt is a great friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who used him and his money to dig up dirt on their Republican adversaries.

Do you think Larry cares about the kids seeing dancing prostitutes on a pole when they come out of a family night out at a game? Do you think our Congress will look into whose exposing children to prosittues around sports stadiums and care as much about that as they did the "steriod" use by professional athletes?

I guess the baseball players forgot to pony up.

What are the parents going to tell their kids when they walk out of the park, with their kids, and see this truck? The circus is in town? What kind of impression does this make on a child's mind?

Here's what an addiction expert says:

According to addiction specialist Mark Laaser, Ph.D. "the arousal template" in the emotional memory centers underlies many behaviors that get out of control. it is important to understand where you were and how old you were when you experienced your first pleasurable or arousing experience, 'such as standing a at the stove making fudge with my grandfather when I was four year old.' This intense, emotionally pleasurable experience often lays the neural tracks for later additions. --Change Your Brain Change Your Body by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Okay, maybe a young boy who has gone to the game with his father will not become addicted to wanting to see strippers when he grows up...maybe he won't waste his time, money, and ruin his marriage or his career because his watched his father's expression when they witnessed the Strippers- On- a-Truck after a game one night. Maybe he won't grow up to believe that that is what women do.

But, when a man sees a stripper, think: Will he be likely to follow that truck, and maybe get in a accident and the boy end up seriously hurt?

It seems, in our major cities, the Democrats care more about Larry Flynt's campaign funds than any concern that you as a citizen might have about exposing your children to porn. Maybe the plan is for all children to become future 'whore' runners, because that's what the Democratic Party seems to mostly consist of. Whores working the poles for big money.

Our government does not protect our borders, and now...they will no longer protect our children. The Stripper-on -A -Truck girls, (and I'm sure, boys too) might as well hand out joints.