Friday, October 31, 2008

Nobody Does Halloween!

NobodyFlashes: Hey, Coast-to-Coast AM has some great Halloween art posted..check it out!

Everyone have a great weekend! I'll be back on Monday!

AND...I've already given out my first candy! A witch, a pirate, and...and...and....some kind of ...

I'm not sure. Could have been a mutant-dredlock.

The good news is, it's three more kids than last year! So, I'm already considering it a victory! Hope it's good sign!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nobody's Absurdities, No 63..Nobody Can Smell A Conspiracy Like Me!

Nobody's Absurdities,
NO. 63
A few days ago, I was listening to Glenn Beck (yes, I’m a big fan) and he was ranting in his usual adorable “The sky is falling and I can’t believe that I can see it!” way. He was attacking conspiracy theorists who were, according to him, getting into all kinds of nonsense about Obama’s birth certificate. He made the point that Obama could not get a valid passport if he did not have a driver’s license.

(Gee, I wish he’d quit picking on me.)

Uh…Hello? Did Glenn miss the news that there are at least 400 places set up just to help illegal immigrants get fake passports, driver’s licenses, whatever documents they need, and that’s not counting the hundreds ones south of the border?

If a poor illegal can get a fake one, surely, surely…the great Senator from Chicago can manage to get a real one. Someone who daily gets millions of dollars of illegal campaign contributions from foreign contributors certainly would not have any trouble at all getting a fake drivers license, or even a fake birth certificate for that matter.

That Glenn--- he’s so adorable.

To this I say; in the words of Paul Simon: (and whoever he stold the phrase from)

One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.

Let me add to that, “One man’s conspiracy theory is another man’s fact.”

Case in point: In St. Louis, there is only one newspaper, The Post Dispatch, which is about as liberal as you can get, and has for decades put more news about the dying people of Africa in it, then any news of the city. When St. Louis had a sports hero of any kind, whether in baseball, or hockey, the paper always, with great joy, ran that favorite money-making hero out of town.

Years ago, believe it or not, there was another paper here called, The Globe, which presented a conservative point of view, but the unions ran it out, and destroyed it.

Today they would call that act “a fairness doctrine” but back them, it was just union muscle.

The Post-Dispatch also had a smaller paper, called The North County Journal, which served the local neighborhoods. It was free, because it was 90% advertisements. Last week it was announced that right after the elections, you will now have to pay for it if you want to know what’s going on locally, because the big Post has no such news.

I have to admit I am going to miss it, because it’s usually in the little tiny headlines waaaay back in the section by “Joe’s Meat Market sale” that I find out what is really going on in the world.

Yes, the most important news is sometimes right under your very nose.

Here’s a headline from the last issues that I will ever get:
Police Chief Wolf flew home from St. Petersburg, Russia a few weeks ago, and the travel left him a bit jet-lagged for a few days.(ahhhhh)

Wolf, a member of the International Association of Police Chiefs spent a whirlwind week in Russia earlier this month attending an Interpol convention. (I am NOT making this up.)

The association paid for the trip. (That was to make us all feel better because our taxes property taxes here are OFF THE CHARTS!)
(I'm surprise they didn't send our fire department! )

Wolf said the gathering was an opportunity to share ideas and information and gather input from colleagues from around the world.

And this news is supposed to comfort me? Sorry Glenn, I smell a conspiracy.

This is the way I see it. If this guy Wolf, an American police chief of a VERY small town (a Democrat, as most are) is being sent over to Russia to learn how to rule mob crowds, and is being taught by the KGB--- where do you think Obama got his training?

More importantly…why is there any such organization in the first frigging place? All our small town politicians and teachers are always making trips overseas to “learn.”

What? You don’t see a conspiracy here?

Sorry Glenn, but I don’t buy it that my police chief was just going over to Russia just to learn how to write a traffic ticket. I think they are expecting race riots sometime in the very near future. And who knows better how to control their people than the old guard of Russia.

I suspect this because North County of St. Louis, (where I live) is predominantly black.

Remember---Bill Clinton spent time in Moscow at the Russian University, (Where they teach communism, which, by the way, is also where that lovable dictator,MAO learned crowd control.) when he was a student at Oxford. He said he was just visiting friends.

And, isn’t it a coincidence that Obama and Bill Clinton just happen to both be Constitutional law “experts?"

You sure can’t tell.
So-- I consider myself to be a very proud conspiracy theorist when the circumstantial evidence is monumental. Put me right up there with the hated Ross Perot, who tried to tell the American people how NAFTA was going to send jobs out of the country forever, and they still make fun of the man and his “charts.”

He’s still on everyone’s nutcase list.

But in my book, Perot was a great patriot; he was trying to warn the country that he loved. I voted for him twice, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

So, in Glenn's words; Here's one thing I know: Many powerful and rich people want Obama to be President, and they will lie, cheat and steal the election if they have to.

Obama, no matter what he says, wants to destroy America, the Constitution, and all that we have ever stood for.

And that’s not a conspiracy, that’s a certifiable fact.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nobody Flashes! Tito for President!

Nobody Flashes: If you did not hear Sarah Palin's great speech this morning, then you really missed it! She was great!

But even more importantly, was another nobody named Tito the Construction worker. He is a true American, and I just wanted to kiss him, and shake his hand, and well, it's so good to see someone like him get to speak out...bless his heart.

GO TITO! Tito for President!

His speech was short, and powerful, and will make you if you missed it, go here!

No, I didn't listen to Obama's speech. I was busy putting together a Hillary doll to hang from my roof on Holloween, now that's it's okay to hang white women by a noose on your lawn.

Who Knew?

I'm making a list of famouos women (fake of course, don't be a ninny) to hang on a noose in front of my house for next Holloween. All suggestion are welcomed!

See you tomorrow...I'm going to pig out on cheap bubble-gum.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nobody Knows---Who's Your Daddy?

Nobody Knows: We have just a few days before America will get a new President. I’m finding it hard to express my emotion about my petulant thoughts---that soon in America, if we believe the “polls,” we will have a President named Barack Hussein Obama, who, as far as we know, may not even be his real name since his birth records are being carefully guarded under lock and key by the governor of Hawaii…a small matter he took care of while he was visiting his sick grandmother last week.

Yes, how do we really know? After all, it wasn’t too long ago President Bush was begging Americans to let Dubai take over our ports.

And how can we forget just how deliberately our Congressmen have refused to drill for oil…year after year after agonizing year, despite our dire needs.

So…I ask the question: Who’s your daddy?

The media is so controlled and manipulated, and we have all been so programmed not to offend “anyone,” that it’s hard to figure out what is true and what is not. So, here in random order are a few thorns in my side this week, before the storm comes about…

Nobody Knows: If communists had planned to takeover America from the inside, the BEST way to do it would be to run a black man, because anyone who criticized him for his politics would be considered racist---very clever. Nobody knows if this is the case, but we will soon find out.

Nobody Knows: John McCain’s policy of bailing out all those people who bought houses they couldn’t afford is the very same redistribution of money that Obama is harping about. Therefore, the “redistribution” system of welfare and affirmative action will continue to grow at leaps and bounds no matter who’s elected. Obama will just push it harder.

Nobody knows: Many black people think that Obama will give them reparations for all their sufferings. Won’t they be surprised when he actually taxes them, especially those in the middle classes, and then redistributes their hard earned money to the illegal aliens and to African nations? Middle-class blacks, and there are many of them, in the upcoming years are going to feel what the white people have been having to pay for decades: they will have to sacrifice their children’s future for the illegal immigrants getting into the work force. I wonder how they will react?

Nobody Knows: Words like “change” and “affirmative” action, and “negative” liberty, are words used to steal the American dream and put it in hands of extortionists and dictatorships. Do we learn from history? Evidently not.

Nobody Knows: All of a sudden, a lot of states are getting people to vote early. Now Obama has suggested everyone take off work the whole day, to vote. All employers are mandated by law to let their people vote…but to give them the whole day off?

So, how many people do you think will do this? Obama now makes national policy with the announcement of his voice---think about it.

Nobody Knows:
Who thought up this brand new tool to influence votes? School kids all over our nation have voted in their schools, and the results will go out soon to show that all the kids want Obama to be President. They grabbed this wonderful idea right out of Hitler’s youth camps. The polls, I guess, are not enough.

Nobody Knows: When the Bush family will run to their new big ranch in the deep jungles of Brazil?

Nobody Knows; Nobody knew when FDR was serving as President, that he was a cripple. Just think of how much effort this took to hide. This was done years ago…so…how easy do you think it would be to hide the fact that Obama is a full fledged Muslim or communist now?

Nobody Knows. Barack is upset because the founders never got into the redistribution of wealth---further proof that he is a Marxist, since it was one of the very reasons the revolution was fought.

Nobody knows---just now divided the country is going to when Barak starts redistributing what little money everyone has left to whomever he sees fit. Obama will divide us even further.

Nobody knows: Our corporations would prefer a communistic country like China. All you have to do is listen to the big CEO’s on Charlie Rose. They all say the same thing: Business is SO much easier to do in a communistic country. That way, all the chips can be put in a few baskets. They wish it was that way here, and they say it.

And that is why, unless the people get smart in the next few days. America, as we know it, will go down. And if the past forty years is any example, we will never recover.

Republics are such a pain to the new world elite.

May every soldier who has ever given their lives for this grand country forgive us.

And may God Forgive me this point: For those who knew what they were doing by destroying our country for their own power and fortunes: God damn them all!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Nobody's Perfect: Janice the Muppet

Nobody's Perfect; Janice the Muppet has made some very big mistakes in her life: first, was when she lost the American Express Card comercial to MS Piggy because of her affair with Kermit: then there was the time she got on the air, and forgot her nose (as you can see, it still hasn't been located) Kermit has it hidden in his private collection of "famous nights to remember."

And last, but not least, her famous look-a-like sister, Donatella Versace, has just launched the most expensive perfume on the market...beating Janice to the punch in being the first to market an odor-de-plastic surgery to the masses.

It's only $2,100 a bottle, and it has its own leather carrying case, which I suggest you handcuff to your wrist when traveling.

Janice has not given up however...she plans to get another injection of botox at Christmas time, in order to beat Donatella's famous smile. In fact, according to the reports at the Muppet factory, she is planning a whole redo...for that she will not be seen for at least two months as she goes to the South of France.

Frankly, I'm inclined to give the poor Muppet a break, because, she has no famous brother.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair.

No, she's not perfect, but she's got a lot of punch, and a GRRRRREAT smile.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Princes Attacks the Paupers..

Nobody’s Opinion:
Each man is afraid of his neighbor’s disapproval—a thing which, to the general run of the race, is more dreaded than wounds and death.” –Mark Twain

We have only a few days left before our Presidential election, so it was surprising that the most important topic on George Stephanopoulos’ “let’s all vote for Obama” Sunday propaganda show (a show presented as a serious discussion of current events but sometimes seems more like a platform of intellectual pompous know-it-alls)--- was Sarah Palin. Everyone was worried about her horrible “incompetence”. You would have thought she was just a mere…plumber.

Why weren’t they discussing the two candidates running for office and their issues you might ask?

Could it possibly be that Sarah Palin, as the closest representation of the vast majority of the “lower” classes, is a real and present danger to the great Messiah that has been chosen to be President?

Did she or did she not take on some very powerful men in Alaska…and win?

You bet they are scared.

Sarah represents the old America, the great America, the reason the “elites” all have their cushy jobs in the first place. In fact, she represents all that the Princes fear…a formidable threat to the corrupt system that has been in place for so long. And this corrupt system means to continue ruling without interruption.

Both “elite” parties have been in on this destruction of America. Both parties are leading us into global rule, and to get us there they are telling us how to vote with every single minute-by-minute poll.

Good thing I had only a few powdered doughnuts before witnessing Peggy Noonan’s continued destruction of Sarah Palin this morning, who frankly, has done more in her short life than Peggy could ever dream of.

Peggy finds Sarah part of the “lower” inferior classes; she couldn’t be blunter about it.

Well, Ms. Noonan--at least Sarah can ad-lib her conversations and thoughts without having to look down at her notes every single second. You might want to work on that since you are so…intellectually her superior.

Peggy went on to say that Sarah represented the “old” conservative party, which was really outdated. All those “young” minds in the universities, who have never worked a day in their lives, will certainly not vote for her---she said with a sly grin.

You heard it….conservatives are outdated.

Obviously, Peggy has come into the ‘new’ progressive, conservative party; a party which is only a sliver to the right of Obama’s Marxism.

So, why is she doing it?

Well, if Mark Twain could give the answer he would say that Peggy is so afraid of being ostracized by her updated conservative party, and her plans to keep working in it, that she is attacking the only conservative in the race.

Peggy has jumped on the elite bandwagon of American ‘Princes’ who feel themselves superior and she is not alone. Many of our staunchest conservatives have jumped on the, “Hey, sorry we robbed, raped, and pilfered the American people for so long, but it’s their own fault for being so inferior. Why should we give up any of our vast fortunes?” bandwagon of power.

Another ‘new conservative’, Christopher Buckley, son of the conservative god William F, endorses Obama, a Marxist, and says that the thought of Palin as President gives him acid-reflex. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he says his father would also be appalled at her nomination.

What a bunch of political puke.

How insane is it that our vast media-complex of political pundits are more worried about the possibility that an “inferior” American might become President, as opposed to a man who was a drug addict for much of his life, worked for crooks in Chicago, was put through Harvard with the help of Muslims, is endorsed by every one of our enemies, hangs around with men who hate America and white people, has associated all his life with Marxists and terrorists, and most probably shouldn’t even be allowed to run for President because he was born in Kenya and has supplied no real proof of citizenship?

Obama makes Sarah Palin look like Snow White. But that’s the point.

They will continue to attack her, in the words of the great Mark Twain, “in a conspiracy with all the strange extravagances these people’s decayed brains can invent.”

So, historically speaking, not much has changed. Egotistical American Princes are ruling with decayed brains…attacking the paupers they rule.

Now, if we could only get them to change places.