Friday, April 20, 2007

What Would Christopher Columbus Say About Iraq?

Nobody’s Opinion: I decided to take a break from the depressing news of the week, and Alex Baldwin is by all accounts, deranged.

So, here are some other nobody thoughts about a guy every one of us heard about in lst grade…Christopher Columbus, and his look on life.


In 1493, Christopher Columbus wrote a letter to one of his ‘patrons,’ Lord Raphael Sanchez, treasurer of Aragon.

He starts out his letter: “Knowing that it will afford you pleasure to learn that I have brought my undertaking to a successful termination, I have decided upon writing you this letter to acquaint you with all the events which have occurred in my voyage, and the discoveries which have resulted from it.”

The key word to be noticed here is “successful.” Never mind that Columbus thought he had reached the shores of Asia, but actually found instead, Cuba and the Caribbean islands. Never mind that he really did NOT succeed in what he was looking for, a way past the throat-cutting Muslims, and a new route to China.

In that he failed miserably.

But as far as Columbus was concerned, his voyage was an enormous “success.”

Success”---a word that our current Democratic Congress would like to outlaw forever into some vast pool of American words never to be used again.

Columbus was successful because, by boldly taking a risk on his vision, to go where no one else had gone, he opened up for decades to come, Spain’s domination of the world…for a while.

Before you start saying, hey Joyanna, “The Spanish went out and plundered, got slaves, stole gold, and destroyed the ingenious population of South America with disease.”

That’s another blog. Let’s stick to Columbus for now, and the meaning of “success.”

Success” has always been a word Americans have strived for. After all, we pretty much industrialized (along with England) the planet. We have been the most successful country in history. And our innumerable successes have benefited every nation on the earth.

But now, due to a tremendous propaganda machine put in place by the “liberals” it seems the word “success” has been deemed a very dirty word, (much worse than Hoe) and has been replaced with the word, “tolerance.”

We are being told that America must tame our “successful” drives to make way for the new “global citizenships.”

They have redefined America’s success …as imperialism. And now, we must admit we are failures in everything we do.

Harry Reid this week has come out and said that Iraq is a failure, the war is lost. And by all means, in Baghdad, so it seems to be. The civil war has begun.

But if you read Christopher Hitchens piece, “Holiday in Iraq” in the April issue of Vanity Fair, in the North of Iraq, where the Kurds are now thriving, it seems the American’s have done a very good thing. Chris visited Kurdistan at Christmas with his son.

Walking anywhere at night in any Kurdish town is safer than it is in many American cities,” says Chris. “I was among those who thought and believed and argued that this example could, and should, be extended to the rest of the country, the cause became a consuming thing in my life.”

So yes, our President has at least one strong voice on his side.

But if it was George Bush’s intention to completely democratize all of Iraq, then just
like Christopher Columbus, President George W. Bush has missed his true goal entirely.

It’s a good chance, with half the world against him, he will fail. Columbus after all, did not have CNN nightly news always badgering him about his “failure to find a route.” And unlike the year 1492, in 2007, we have come to realize there are no more routes around the throat-cutting Muslims anymore.

They can now fly to us.

Yes, Christopher Columbus wanted to find a route to China. President Bush says that by promoting democracy in the area for the future, we will have less to fear from a future attack.

Christopher Hitchens believes that, and so does, believe it or not, Bill Clinton.

And who is this nobody to argue? The Democrats have been telling us that it’s President George W. Bush that the world should fear. Still, when we were attacked, the President hadn’t been in power very long.

The liberals have a nasty habit of trying to make everyone think in the emotional moment. Instead of thinking in 3-D, they want you to think only in their one dimensional, world of “vote for me.” I will save you.

Nevertheless---we must ask ourselves: Is there something else that is being accomplished here that, like Columbus’s voyage, will in the future, actually benefits our nation?

Columbus opened up decades of wealth for Spain, and yes, no doubt America stands to gain from the oil. American companies will expand throughout the region in time. It’s no secret that our huge international Corporations want into every single nation on the planet, and that includes all the Arab states.

But this vast imperialism as it is called is not exactly going to hurt all these other nations. On the contrary, it will probably destroy us instead.

Our loss of jobs, is building vast middle classes in India and China, at the expense of the middle class in America. We are actually hurting OURSELVES more than hurting other nations on that account. I wouldn’t call that imperialism.

But…the most important fact we need to think on is that the Muslim religion, as we see now in Baghdad, is not exactly one that any American would want to bow down to.

Not ever.

Yet, we are doing that in this country right now, in our schools and communities.

The premise of religious tolerance, as put forth by our founders, also meant that the religion we tolerate must ALSO tolerate us.

It’s got to be a two-way street.

And that is not in the Islamic belief. They do not believe in this “tolerance” that the liberals want us all to succumb to.

Let’s just suppose for the sake of reason, that Columbus had been a Muslim. When he came upon the naked and vulnerable people of the Islands, would he have treated them so decently?

Here Christopher Columbus, the Christian, described the trading habits of the natives: “They also gave objects of great value (gold) for trifles, and content themselves with very little or nothing in return. I, however, forbade that these trifles and articles of no value (such as pieces of dishes, plates, and glass, keys and leather straps) should be given to them.”

Columbus forbade his men to take advantage of them, in any way. But if he would have been a Muslim, he would have cut more than a few throats, and traded probably little for the gold that they offered. He would have asked for bribes…as has always been the habit of Muslim rulers for thousands of years.

And who know if they would have let the woman live. They were after all, naked to the core.

Columbus was a very devote Christian. One thing our schools don’t tell our kids.

In the ending of letter, after describing the rich and beautiful islands, the building of a fort by his men, and the many wonders he had found, (including that the women seem to do all the work and men and woman were monogamous) he said:

“But these great and marvelous results are not to be attributed to any merit of mine but to the holy Christian faith and to the piety and religion of our sovereigns; for that which the unaided intellect of man could not compass, the Spirit of God has granted to human exertions, for God is wont to hear the prayers of His servants who love His precepts even to the performance of apparent impossibilities.”

It as good thing Columbus wasn’t reporting to Harry Reid, because the Democrats have no clue what the words, “apparent impossibilities” mean.

So, as apparently impossible as the democratization of Iraq seems to be at this moment in time, maybe if the people that represented us, had a little more faith in America, someday there would be a child in Iraq, who would read in a book:

In 2009, the Iraq’s discovered a true peace and stability. Thanks to America.

So, America might ask…where is our Christopher Columbus? And would that Christopher have the vision to ask ,“Whose God do you worship?”

That would be a good start on a success, which beats failure any day.

Nobody’s Perfect: Now, having said all this that still doesn’t let President Bush off the hook for all the other awful things he is doing to us as regards to our border problem.

Nobody Knows: I really enjoyed the video that Mike LaSalle put up on the site---where Christopher’s Hitchens talks at Hart. Surprisingly, I also agree, (as did John Adams) that organized religion has been a curse to humanity in many ways.

On the other hand, the great gift from the Bible, the Ten Commandments, has been the basis for the rule of Law, and in that respect has done wonders for Western Civilization.

Nobody Cares; I am not actually a Christian....although I do beleive the man was God inspired... I was raised a Methodist, and my church ending days came when I went out one Easter to five different churches of different dominions and found each and every one of them locked.

But I do believe in the concept of God …whatever that concept turns out to be. And so did the natives of Cuba, because they thought Christopher Columbus was from heaven. It seems to be a universal feeling, (we even have genes for it) that…we are not alone.

Now, if God would just get rid of Castro, and all his leftist buddies...the apparently impossible.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

He's Baaaack!

Nobody’s Opinion: There is good news: Bill Clinton is back to running for President again. He started his kickoff on Larry King tonight, and the words sliding from Slick Willy’s biting lips were: “Hillary just needs to get her sea legs.”

This means that Bill Clinton knows she is in bad shape. They both know she cannot be elected on her own, too many people dislike her, and she is, according to Dick Morris, losing her base.

Good news Joyanna you say?

Well, that of course depends on us, but yes in a way it is. According to Dick Morris today, her poll numbers are falling faster than a Global Warming New York City Thermometer in January minute.

One Clinton down, one to go---and he is NOT going down without a big fight.

Obama, by forcing Hillary to show her face so early, has exposed her for what she is; not much.

On camera, Hillary has the same effect as Richard Nixon in the famous Nixon/Kennedy debates, and when she finally comes around to debating Obama, she is going to look pretty pathetic next to him. Obviously this was good strategy on his part.

Hillary would prefer to be elected as she was in New York---a few parades, a few visits to old folks homes, then, First Woman President.

As it is, her image is so bad, she has had to at every turn, put movie stars on TV as women Presidents, promote “women” leaders at every turn, all to get us to maybe vote for her…just because.

But it’s a long way to 2008, and Hillary will be forced to show just how incompetent she is more and more.

So now, we will be seeing Bill everywhere, because as Larry King says, his approval ratings are, according to their polls, around 60%.

Larry King has always been the Clinton’s biggest promoter. I didn’t catch the entire interview, but some of the things I did hear were pretty scary.

For one, Bill Clinton thinks it would be a good idea to “Institutionalize” some kind of job for former Presidents. This means if Hillary becomes President she will invent by executive order a job for her husband, with pay, to represent us all over the world. Probably some kind of “World Ambassador.” She has already suggested that job for him. Being lawyers, they both want to make it officially on the books.

Never mind that this is completely unconstitutional. It’s almost like a monarchy. The Queen crowns the new World King. The U.S. will cease to exist.

Then Bill will go back to doing what he did all through his first Presidency: traveling on Air Force One all over the world, setting up his and her global village---their One World Socialist/communist government. He has already got this ball rolling in his “Global initiatives” programs.

Yes, Bill is right now busy setting up a whole slavocracy of “citizen public servants.” That sounds so much better than “comrades,” don’t you think?

I don’t know about you, but wanting to control the whole World is a lot more ambitious it seems to me, than trying to set up a democracy in Iraq. Being as the Clintons are masters at this game, and well organized with the media…they are always seen as benevolent humanists instead of what they really are.

Bill is working very hard to get back into the White House, which by the way, if Hillary is elected will probably get some really big renovations being as Bill recently made a crack at a party at Sumner Redstone’s house, saying that next to Sumner’s house the White House looked like public housing.

He has big plans for that baby. If it’s anything like his library, the White House will get a walk over the Potomac and another 300 rooms on the other side, where Hugh Hefner can set up resident.

Then Larry King…like a good boy, asked Bill about the other candidates. It seemed pretty clear that Bill would prefer John McCain, because of course, except for his stance on the war, John is just as pink as Hillary on every issue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him running as her VP.

As a Republican, John McCain would be easy to beat, so Bill Clinton will be found praising John McCain at every chance.

Giuliani is just popular because of 9/1l, said Bill, but we don’t know all there is to know; more things will come out…which means in Clinton speak; expect pictures of Giuliani sucking the toes of a mule or something. They have “some” kind of scandal to hit him with and they are, like all good politicians, waiting for just the right moment, to push it into the media.

Of all the candidates, Rudy would beat Hillary, easily. Most of the Independents would vote for Rudy and enough people from both parties would join in to make him President.

That is, if the “new” voting machines can’t be hacked.

Funny, Larry didn’t even mention Obama. Wonder why?

Bill was in good form…he wanted us all to know he’s in great health, and ready to keep going strong for another decade or more. Yes, he is healthy enough to run the country again, AND the world…so, go ahead and elect Hillary, because he will be able to advise her on every move. He’s helping her out. He still loves her.

Time to gag.

Having said this: Remember. All the events leading up to 9/11 were due to Bill Clinton’s careful negligence. I say the word “careful”…because no one man could make so many obvious mistakes.

Sandy Burger’s actions in the National Archives are proof of that.

And anyone who has been paying attention to all the egregious actions of Bill since the moment he became President, means that Bill is not retired by any means. He has never left the national or global stage, and like the evil uncle in a Shakespearian play, wants back the White House.

While Rosie, Bill Maher, and all of Hollywood will be jumping on the conspiracy theory that George Bush had something to do with the falling of the towers…on the other end of their strings are the puppet masters, and it’s not Dick Cheney.

The trouble is; most of these people, due to their close relations with the Clintons themselves are actually looking in the wrong direction.

Recently we have been hearing about how all our jobs are going overseas, and NOT just from Lou Dobbs. The democrats are starting to use the theory that middle America is just now realizing after the fact, and blaming it on the Republicans.

But here are a few facts they won’t mentioned, some important events from 1993. Bill Clinton’s first years in office.

On November 23, 1993, the Senate approved the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by a vote of 56 to 2. Remember, this was before the Newt Gingrich Republican takeover. It was a democratic Senate.
On November 17, 1993, the House of Representatives ratified NAFTA by a vote of 234 to 200. Again, the democrats.
The very next day, on Nov 18, the Clinton administration announced it would sell an $8 million supercomputer to China and lift a ban on the sale of components for China’s nuclear power plants. Bill Clinton was also responsible for China getting into the WTO, and favored nation status.
Yes, blame Bill Clinton FIRST…for your jobs leaving. Also, blame Bob Dole, his close buddy, who helped it out.

And as for Muslims hating us? On Nov 28, 1993, the Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi declared the Unites States President Bill Clinton the “most hated person in the Muslim World.” This was because Bill Clinton met with the author of the “Satanic Verses.” wonder he’s so good.

Now, if I were the devil, and wanted to control the world…I would do everything I could to help an enemy of the Untied States to “attack” again, then come in and promise to “save” that country.

President George Bush has continually been called the Anti-Christ by all those that hate him. But the Bible has this one quote about the anti-Christ, which leaves the much hated George Bush at the end of the line for this job. In fact, he hasn’t a chance in hell.

Revelations 13: “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” (the anti-Christ)

Now, does that sound like President George W. Bush?

Or does that sound like the man who is right at this very moment setting up his Global Citizenship plans for every person on the planet? A man who honored the author of the Satanic Verses---a man who is a smooth with lies as the Devil himself.

Hold out your hand good citizens, and get the mark of “global citizen.”

You can be a 666 or you can be a 1776. It’s your choice. But you’d better make it soon.

Nobody’s Perfect; Bill Clinton is not at all shy about promoting his global ambitions. He is using the words “global citizens” as much as possible, getting us all use to the fact that Americans no longer matter anymore.

This might not play too well in Iowa.

Nobody’s Knows; Why some of our most valiant warriors have already given up? That’s exactly what they want us to do. Hopefully, they will snap out of it.

Nobody Cares; Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger have both made remarks that America is already “Not the big dog on the block.” Henry has said that we should be scared of China, who not only has more people, but who now, has us by the “national debt balls.”

And then I thought---if the colonists of early America could stand up to the vast English Navy…if George Washington could lose battle after battle and still remain steadfast.

This is NOT the time for America give into “global” anything. This “global” initiative is far more dangerous than the jihads, because the leaders of it, the Democrats lead by Bill and Hillary Clinton; plan to give up our country to the jihads. As President Bush has said…they will come here. This is exactly what Bill and Hillary would like in order to put in their final Phrase of the rest of their “global” Initiatives rule.

Wait for it---watch for it….because he’s baaaaaack…


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nobody Paints A Liberal University

Nobody Flashes; this picture was just sent in to ABC: by this man (Wayne B. Goone) who has admitted to having been a liberal art professor for so long, he has decided he could take it no longer.

On a very elite campus, where students get drunk on vodka, have trust funds, and drive very expensive sports cars….overnight, a huge mural of an America Flag was drawn on the Administration building. In the morning, the President of the college was so distraught; he had a heart attack on the spot.

All the professors agreed that the flag was drawn by a very sick man.

Horror set in. The police were called in. They decided it must have been a prank by the Marine Recruiters that they threw off the campus the day before.

But they were wrong; it was none other than the university’s Art Professor Goone, who had been with them for over twenty years.

Right after this picture was taken; Wayne then went out and painted two hundred houses in a well guarded golf community in Palm Beach…with giant cat images.

“It was shocking!” said Wilma Willington, a retiree. “He did it so fast, by the time the police got here, he was gone.”

Everyone in the community was shocked. All the houses will have to be repainted.

Wayne was finally caught the next day trying to paint an image of the Statue of Liberty on Ted Kennedy’s summer house in the Hampton’s.

When his fellow alumni were asked if they had ANY clues that their Art Professor was cracking, his usual lunch mate the head of the English Department said, “Well, I did notice that in his conversations at lunch he was starting to talk about how the Mexicans were taking over the country, and should all be sent home.”

One day, he actually had a steak for lunch, then pulled out a cigar and smoked it!”

The English professor was in shock, and reported what Wayne had said to the Dean, but nothing was done.

In fact, many had noticed something very strange when he started saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” before every class.

But, nobody reported it to the authorities.

Along with this picture, ABC received Wayne’s manifesto…which quoted sayings from Thomas Jefferson, Jesus, Thomas Paine, John Adams, and Rush Limbaugh.

Clearly the man has been listening to talk radio.

So, did this man do these horrible acts of conservatism all by himself? Or did he have help from the NRA, the vast right wing conspiracy, and Charlton Heston?

These questions remained to be answered.

In the meantime, the school counselors are reporting that UNITLL Wayne starts painting pictures of Che, Castro, and Hillary Clinton, he will be kept confined and away from all students.

But in the meantime, no one knows what made Wayne B. Goone…crack.

The university remains strong after the attack, and still proud.

Tonight there will be a candlelight service for the President of the school. Many members of the DNC will attend. Al Gore is expected to deliver a moving speech on mind pollution.

Everyone is advised to bring a cup of Starbucks.

Nobody’s Perfect: Of course you know I made this up after listening to Cho Seung-Hui all day--- I kind of lost it. Call it…nobody’s had enough of this abomination and the fact that he is getting just what he wanted…fame.

Nobody Knows: I thought Bill O’Reilly made an excellent point today…everyone in the world is talking about the violent United States…but NO one makes any mention of the fact that every single day…jihads are murdering hundreds of innocent women, children, and men in Iraq. A point worth repeating.

Nobody Cares; Remember in “Conspiracy Theory:” when Mel Gibson mentioned that all assassins have three syllable names?



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No.42....Imprecate

Nobody's Opinion; Today as thousands gathered on the campus of Virginia Tech to mourn yesterday’s shooting victims, there was a rather impressive grand performance for our New World Order “diversity” programming.

You can always count on the Democrats to turn a funeral into a political party of pontificating pandering. I’ve haven’t seen them pass one up yet. Not only did they start off with a Muslim prayer (completely ignoring the majority of non-Muslims there) …they had some poet blond (sometimes blue) wanna-be lady named Nikki Giovanni at this “healing” rally for the student body and family of the poor souls blown away, by all accounts by an American hating foreigner, give a performance so progressively inspiring, that Bill Clinton himself probably got her the top billing.

She somehow went from the subject of the unfortunate and untimely death of the people just slaughtered, onto how less significant this event was as compared to a baby elephant mother being slaughtered, Africans being slaughtered, and Mexicans going without water…all the usual leftist/communist causes all over the planet that we are responsible for, and THEN ended it all by leading the poor students with the school’s sports cheers.

I mean, what could they all do? Not clap?

It’s an old entertainer trick. Get something you know everyone has to clap to, and then turn the clapping into applause for yourself. Pretty cheap.

You would have thought she had won the super bowl, the way she was celebrating her rousing performance.

Boy, I bet the fact that some poet liberal professor got her Andy Warhol claim to fame at the expense of their loved ones, really made the family of the slaughtered feel better.

She was such a hit; no doubt Maxine Waters will invite Nikki on her next taxpayer paid free of charge, Caribbean Easter vacation next year.

Esquire will now have to do a photo-op on American Poets. Underneath the picture will be the title “Poet of the Proud, the brave, and the Savior of the Hoseys.”

Personally, I think she should die her hair red, and add a few horns.


Ted Nugent, who obviously is more intelligent than all of the administrative staff of the Virginia Tech University, (not to mention 95% of Congress) mentioned the fact today that the whole campus at VT was a “Guns Free Zone.”

Oh…I guess that explains why none of the 3,000 fully armed police and 300 FBI could not go into the building and save some lives. It takes more than twenty-five minutes (the time it took for the boy to kill everyone) to call your lawyer and find out if you are ALLOWED to even carry a gun in a “GUNS FREE ZONE”

A “Guns Free Zone” is much like a “Drug Free Zone.” These signs are put up all in all the schools all over the country. The liberals think if they just put up a sign on their schools, then everyone that sees the sign will say:

Oh, I better not shoot up in the bathroom today.”

As we all know, signs do not mean a thing to someone who plans to shoot up a school, or sell drugs inside the halls.

My neighbor, who teaches at the local high school, says that between every class in the halls the kids pass their drugs right in front of the teachers. The teachers just pretend not to notice.

But, that has never stopped all the principles from putting up their silly idiot signs. They want the parents to think their kids are safe, and protected.

Why, there is a SIGN! Don’t you worry mom and dad! No drugs or guns here! We would know it!



And speaking of SIGNS…it seems that many people knew, like they did about the boys at Columbine, that Cho Seung-Hui was a bullet ready to burst. He set fire to his room, wrote fantasy plays of revenge, stalked girls, and didn’t even talk to his roommate.

Probably the very same things Bill Clinton did at Oxford.

Also, he was taking anti-depressives, which in some already depressive personality is like dozing fire with gasoline.

But who cares? Certainly it seems, not the higher paid administrators on campus. They all have big cars, big houses, and big pensions…they live in a dream world, where they know they will never be hold accountable as long as they don’t get involved. It’s the creed of the lawyers who advise them.

And the Democrat party makes sure they have the best lawyers around.

After all, they get used to the fact that they can never be fired for anything. Why put your neck out?

There is ONE thing that it seems, is never talked about. I would especially like to bring it up, because it’s a pet peeve of mine.

It seems this guy lived across the hall to this “girlfriend” named Emily Hilscher, the first person that he killed. Poor thing. She probably didn’t say “hi” to him sometime in the hall that day because she was busy.

That was all he needed.

The liberals, who promoted “free sex” and “woman’s rights” all during the sixties, somewhere during the Clinton era, decided that it would be an equal opportunity idea for all women and men to share the same dormitories, the same bathrooms, the same submarines.

This is one of the most insane things ever promoted by an administration. To put men and women, who are NOT married, into having to share bathrooms, and living quarters with strangers of the opposite sex, especially at the peak of hormonal human sexuality is a complete breakdown of society.

And have you noticed, there is not much talk about this at all, anywhere?

Tom Wolfe wrote an excellent book about this in, “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” a book I recommend for every parent that has a daughter going away to college.

Maybe this poor girl would still be alive today if she had not lived on the same floor.

If parents starting sending their kids to colleges that did NOT practice this insane habit, the universities would have to change.

No wonder the kids don’t learn anything. But how many college kids are going to want to get rid of it?

Yeah. My point exactly.

And lastly but not leastly is the MOST absurd reaction of all. (Besides Chris Mathews) The Europeans are blaming the whole affair on Charlton Heston.

Yes, the Italians, the French, the Germans, and the British, all say that we as Americans are violent because of our guns, and the NRA and Mr. Heston has caused it all.

This nobody thinks they have a lot of room to talk. We watched Paris burned, for a whole summer. Any soccer fan will split your head open with their beer can, and if not for the American protecting their very proper socialist’s butts for all these years, they would not even exist.

I say, we should tell them we agree, and bring all our troops with all their guns home and off their borders.

Let them get all get slingshots.

Nobody’s Perfect: Although I’ve seen some columns written today criticizing the way the college and the police handled the whole situation, I bet NOT one of anyone involved will receive any kind of reprimand.

After all, if they didn’t punish Sandy Berger, why punish these people?

All the poor parents, who want to sue them, will find out that all the local lawyers are already on the University payroll.

After all, the President of the University has the endorsement of the President of the United States of America. Why should he fear anything?

It’s just another taking taxpayers money making day.

Nobody Knows; We all watched for hours at Columbine….the police didn’t move. Same thing here. What if, these people that are actually hired for these kind of things, what if they actually were allowed to do their jobs? There is no need to change gun laws. There are plenty on the books already.

Why was there not an armed undercover man in this building?

With all the money these schools make, how much could it cost to put at least one undercover man with guns in every building? And have a button to press on every teacher’s desk in case of emergencies?

I bet you could even find an illegal alien to do it for practically nothing!

Oh, that’s too obvious.

And how come NOBODY has asked why, after the first shooting they didn’t block all the streets going in and out of the campus? Pretty simple. They could have set that up in fifteen minutes. They sure can dish out a lot of baloney.

“We just couldn’t get a hold of all the people coming in to classes!”

And how about that e-mail! Come on IN! Just watch out for the man who wants to kill you!

Nobody Cares: I just heard some bozo on the radio putting out the “Kudu’s” to all the excellent response to the shooting, how well all the agencies reacted to the crisis.

It doesn’t get any more absurd than that.


We Don't Know

Nobody's Opinion:

Today’s post is due to the fact that I have maybe read too many Dr. Suess books: If you have ever done this, you know what I mean…

We Don’t Know

The day is young, the news is bad,
Some kids are shot in school, it’s sad…
“We are on the scene; we will keep you informed,
There are many police in police uniforms”

There are cars, there are trucks, there are troopers hiding behind trees,
They are trained to catch the men, who did this terrible deed.

“Yes, there were two shooters, so we are told.
We’re not sure where they went, we can’t be so bold.
Could be out of state, could be a few blocks.
We don’t know, we’re still reviewing our thoughts”

No one knows much…The shooter escaped.
No, we don’t know a thing, but we are sure things are safe.
It’s over now, but we don’t know much.
But we’ll stick around; we’ve got a nice bus.

So, I run up to the store, bought the dog a nice bone,
Got some more lotion, turned on my phone…
Went home, fed the dogs…there now is more news…
It’s on all the channels, you don’t have to choose

Many more have been injured, up to twenty they say…
But only one dead…”Whew, it could have been a worse day.”

I say to this to my dog ---
Who is sitting with roach bait in her mouth,
It is completely destroyed,
I search the whole house…

Hydrogen Peroxide down her throat says the Vet,
Then make sure she stays out in the yard so your house don’t get messed…

She is happily running outside and looking at me,
While somewhere in Virginia a man is shooting a spree…
Of bullets into young women and men,
He kills thirty one, he was alone they say in the end…

But we STILL don’t know much, says CNN the news.
So they ask all the students and the boy that they choose, mentioned Columbine,
And is the first one to relay, “Why would any one do such a thing, on such a nice day?”

We don’t know.

CNN starts to worry, what kind of gun? What KIND of gun? Where did he GET the gun…it so easy to get a gun…the kids are dead, it’s the gun. Yes it’s the gun so they say.

Then the President of the college comes on to announce,
There are 33 killed, at least at last count.

Then the Senate, the House, and George Bush do appear,
To make a short statement, but nobody cares.

What? Oh no…What a shock! What to do? What to do?
My dog could be poisoned, and I don’t have a clue!

Just how much to give her, did I not give her enough?
I call the Vet back, “Just how much is enough?”

Then I glance up at this man, who just looked too normal…
As if he was announcing the fall schedules for sophomores
No remorse, no sorrow …it seemed almost appalling…
He was in too much in charge, he should have been balling
I’m sorry; he could have least seemed upset.
It was a disgrace how he read with such composing effect...

Of how they sent e-mails to everyone that they could…
Even if they did not close the school, it must be understood,
There is NO way they could have known what this lost gunman would do.
Why one man can shoot one hundred bullets in three minutes,
So could you.

There was no way we could have prevented this.

We don’t know, we can’t say…we’ve been here all day.

Kids were jumping out of windows, but police just stood around
Yelling “run, run” when they fell on the ground.
We give them guns to look pretty,
We give them guns to “surround”

But not save any lives…almost as if someone is holding them back
At least one policeman was crying-- we see only his back.

But my dog had not vomited. I tried to catch her again,
She wiggles and waffles, She is so stubborn and then,
I get some more down.

And now I must wait, if you don’t do this now, it will then be too late.

So what if my dog dies on the same day as this day of all days? And what of all those poor parents who lost much more than a dog? A lifetime of love, of parties, and hope, and dreams, and memories…and God Knows the pain…thousands of parents don’t even know if their child is one that is not named…on a list…

Or is even alive! …the phones lines are cut off…tell me why…tell me WHY!

We still don’t know much,
Says the police to the reporters…
We don’t know who he is,
But he’s now in the morgue

But we will tell you that our Governor Timothy M. Karie (D) is in Japan
He is very concern, which shows a great man
He is on a trade mission; he’s got big salaries to pay,
We need more exchange students, like this guy who just made

The news.

Pools of blood in the hallways, pools of blood on the walls.
They are all not like him, we can’t stop them all
We need the great brains from overseas to compete
The students from here are just incomplete
This guy, he was on a visa for one year.
He could be a spy for all we know…and we won’t know for years.

Then I see stuff come out of my dog from both ends…I have saved a small life
Thank God, Lord Amen.
But she’ll have to wait a while before she eats the other half of my ham…

I should have felt relief, but I went inside and laid down
I was stressed and depressed
I turned on the TV
I fell asleep to the sound.

Of murder, of horror, of spin, of distraction.
Of fear, of pain, of an ominous infraction

Of a country that no longer protects its own citizens.
To further an action, so guns are prohibited.

We don’t know, we don’t know, we didn’t expect it.
It’s the sound that we get, no matter what the occasion.

9/11, Columbine, the Mexican invasion…

We don’t know, we don’t know
And we won’t know for years.
This leads most of us into a future of fear.

Well this nobody says, this nobody shouts…

Don’t you think it’s about time somebody finds out?

Nobody’s Perfect: No one could describe the heartache of watching this unfold, so I’m not even going to apologize for being a bad poet. It’s my way of coping with it, some others might just…go have a drink.

Nobody Knows: Just when our country was FINALLY getting into some decent discussions about culture and race, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were being exposed: just when some truth was coming out about the Imus affair, we had this horribly tragedy.

What a coincidence.

Nobody Cares; The Chinese have thousands of spies in our country, and most of them, come in on student visa’s.


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Al Gore's Bee Discrimination

Nobody Flashes: Someone needs to get a hold of this guy, and get him to either buy himself a REAL earphone, or get rid of that cancer causing thing forever.

According to the latest scientific suspicions, cell phones are more of a threat to the destruction of human kind than global warming: more of a threat than Islamic terrorists, more of a threat than Don Imus.

Even more of a threat than President George W. Bush!

Yes, honey bees everywhere are hitting those magnetic fields of all the millions of conversations floating through our stratosphere and getting lost. And who could blame them? Most of the stuff everyone is talking about would annoy any species.

The bees are having a hard time finding their way home to the hive, and just flying around in circles and wearing their cute little wings out, and then, boom….global extinction.

No more ethanol dreams. No more burritos. No more…bee sting stories to tell your kids when they get bit on how brave YOU were at your first bite.

Thereby depriving yourself of a lie you can tell and feel good about.

Now, because Al Gore has not shown even the tiniest concern about this, even though, if true, then it really IS a man-made Armageddon …the rest of the world figures it’s not even a concern.

But I suggest before we dismiss this seemingly meaningless global extinction, because well---NO environmental junkie is even concerned about the poor little bees, due to the fact they are more concerned about the big polar bear thereby showing their usual discrimination against the little guy…maybe they should read the words of their TIME MAGAZINE man of the century, Albert Einstein who once said: (in between girlfriends)

“Man would have only four years of life left” if all the bees disappeared.

Well, the good news is, if that’s true, we can eat anything we want, get as fat as we please, and all stop paying taxes.

Still, I can’t help wondering if this is why I can’t get a decent cob of corn at my supermarket anymore. Has a vast conspiracy been concocted so that some big company which sells genetically improved seeds for self-propagating corn will be bought?

Or is this just a way to get rid of all the fat people?

Either way, I’m stocking up on honey.

Nobody’s Knows: Someone suggested on the radio the other night that the bees have all been taken to fields of corn with big domes in them, where our government was working with an alien race to make…I forgot. Something…like in the X-Files movies.

Nobody Cares; Who knows if is this is true? I’m still trying to control my roach problems. But if I see some honey bees around my house, out of respect, I will NOT turn on my cell phone, so they can have a lovely time. If Al Gore doesn’t care about them, then they must be important.