Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Don't Know

Nobody's Opinion:

Today’s post is due to the fact that I have maybe read too many Dr. Suess books: If you have ever done this, you know what I mean…

We Don’t Know

The day is young, the news is bad,
Some kids are shot in school, it’s sad…
“We are on the scene; we will keep you informed,
There are many police in police uniforms”

There are cars, there are trucks, there are troopers hiding behind trees,
They are trained to catch the men, who did this terrible deed.

“Yes, there were two shooters, so we are told.
We’re not sure where they went, we can’t be so bold.
Could be out of state, could be a few blocks.
We don’t know, we’re still reviewing our thoughts”

No one knows much…The shooter escaped.
No, we don’t know a thing, but we are sure things are safe.
It’s over now, but we don’t know much.
But we’ll stick around; we’ve got a nice bus.

So, I run up to the store, bought the dog a nice bone,
Got some more lotion, turned on my phone…
Went home, fed the dogs…there now is more news…
It’s on all the channels, you don’t have to choose

Many more have been injured, up to twenty they say…
But only one dead…”Whew, it could have been a worse day.”

I say to this to my dog ---
Who is sitting with roach bait in her mouth,
It is completely destroyed,
I search the whole house…

Hydrogen Peroxide down her throat says the Vet,
Then make sure she stays out in the yard so your house don’t get messed…

She is happily running outside and looking at me,
While somewhere in Virginia a man is shooting a spree…
Of bullets into young women and men,
He kills thirty one, he was alone they say in the end…

But we STILL don’t know much, says CNN the news.
So they ask all the students and the boy that they choose, mentioned Columbine,
And is the first one to relay, “Why would any one do such a thing, on such a nice day?”

We don’t know.

CNN starts to worry, what kind of gun? What KIND of gun? Where did he GET the gun…it so easy to get a gun…the kids are dead, it’s the gun. Yes it’s the gun so they say.

Then the President of the college comes on to announce,
There are 33 killed, at least at last count.

Then the Senate, the House, and George Bush do appear,
To make a short statement, but nobody cares.

What? Oh no…What a shock! What to do? What to do?
My dog could be poisoned, and I don’t have a clue!

Just how much to give her, did I not give her enough?
I call the Vet back, “Just how much is enough?”

Then I glance up at this man, who just looked too normal…
As if he was announcing the fall schedules for sophomores
No remorse, no sorrow …it seemed almost appalling…
He was in too much in charge, he should have been balling
I’m sorry; he could have least seemed upset.
It was a disgrace how he read with such composing effect...

Of how they sent e-mails to everyone that they could…
Even if they did not close the school, it must be understood,
There is NO way they could have known what this lost gunman would do.
Why one man can shoot one hundred bullets in three minutes,
So could you.

There was no way we could have prevented this.

We don’t know, we can’t say…we’ve been here all day.

Kids were jumping out of windows, but police just stood around
Yelling “run, run” when they fell on the ground.
We give them guns to look pretty,
We give them guns to “surround”

But not save any lives…almost as if someone is holding them back
At least one policeman was crying-- we see only his back.

But my dog had not vomited. I tried to catch her again,
She wiggles and waffles, She is so stubborn and then,
I get some more down.

And now I must wait, if you don’t do this now, it will then be too late.

So what if my dog dies on the same day as this day of all days? And what of all those poor parents who lost much more than a dog? A lifetime of love, of parties, and hope, and dreams, and memories…and God Knows the pain…thousands of parents don’t even know if their child is one that is not named…on a list…

Or is even alive! …the phones lines are cut off…tell me why…tell me WHY!

We still don’t know much,
Says the police to the reporters…
We don’t know who he is,
But he’s now in the morgue

But we will tell you that our Governor Timothy M. Karie (D) is in Japan
He is very concern, which shows a great man
He is on a trade mission; he’s got big salaries to pay,
We need more exchange students, like this guy who just made

The news.

Pools of blood in the hallways, pools of blood on the walls.
They are all not like him, we can’t stop them all
We need the great brains from overseas to compete
The students from here are just incomplete
This guy, he was on a visa for one year.
He could be a spy for all we know…and we won’t know for years.

Then I see stuff come out of my dog from both ends…I have saved a small life
Thank God, Lord Amen.
But she’ll have to wait a while before she eats the other half of my ham…

I should have felt relief, but I went inside and laid down
I was stressed and depressed
I turned on the TV
I fell asleep to the sound.

Of murder, of horror, of spin, of distraction.
Of fear, of pain, of an ominous infraction

Of a country that no longer protects its own citizens.
To further an action, so guns are prohibited.

We don’t know, we don’t know, we didn’t expect it.
It’s the sound that we get, no matter what the occasion.

9/11, Columbine, the Mexican invasion…

We don’t know, we don’t know
And we won’t know for years.
This leads most of us into a future of fear.

Well this nobody says, this nobody shouts…

Don’t you think it’s about time somebody finds out?

Nobody’s Perfect: No one could describe the heartache of watching this unfold, so I’m not even going to apologize for being a bad poet. It’s my way of coping with it, some others might just…go have a drink.

Nobody Knows: Just when our country was FINALLY getting into some decent discussions about culture and race, and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were being exposed: just when some truth was coming out about the Imus affair, we had this horribly tragedy.

What a coincidence.

Nobody Cares; The Chinese have thousands of spies in our country, and most of them, come in on student visa’s.



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