Saturday, April 14, 2007

Vanity Fair Honors Rush Limbaugh!

Nobody’s Opinion: Yes germs and ladies…(or Nappy Hoes if you prefer,) Rush Limbaugh has just reached another milestone in his never ending quest for the procurement of quibbling liberal repudiations and what they consider to be his parlous and pompous audacity of existing on the earth to just to annoy them.

But this time, according to James Wolcott in the “GREEN” issue of Vanity Fair, which was just released, in “Rush to Judgement,” James has had enough. Rush has gone too far…

Rush has according to Mr. Wolcott single handedly kept the “elite and green rich idiots” (my quotes) from saving the earth.

They just have to blame the fact that most people are starting to listen to the real facts on someone, and Rush is the man. Besides, they just can’t STAND the way he smokes his cigar.

Mr. Wolcott did a good job showing off his upper class education, but like many of the rich elite liberals, he not too good at thinking. What a ninny. He repeated all of Rush’s statements: like the fact that he came up with the phrase, “environmental wacko’s,” which of course, we conservatives all love.

This phrase alone is engraved on every liberal hypothalamus, and they can’t get it out, which is causing them to see visions of naked polar bears drowning at their beach houses in the Hamptons.

With every Rush phrase that James was so vividly bringing to our minds…he was shooting himself in the foot---and what’s more, he was too stupid to know it. You don’t show all your enemy’s good points if you want to win.

But, that didn’t stop him.

Here are some of his college educated--- properly invoked sentences of what HE thought was dead on in the revealing of a selfish scoundrel, like this one:

“Limbaugh will shrug off this report as he has shrugged off the others. If he could set his shrug to music, he could become king of the mambo beat.” (Whaaaa?)

Or this one;
“Postmodern conservatives prefer to let little lies proliferate and take on a viral life of their own that becomes impossible to arrest.”

Hey Wolcott! Guess what? That’s because you guys HAVE NO FACTS! Duh!

If Wolcott wanted to actually show that Rush had kept humanity from saving themselves then he should have bought in some real life evidence to back up his claims.

Oh…that’s not necessary? This is a satire? Oh. I see.

He even included a picture of Rush’s rich mansion to make all us nobodies feel that Rush is just a rich guy with no clue---sitting in his big, drug-filled mansion full of himself, and not caring that he has destroyed the earth.

Now, how stupid do they think we are? If you really want to see the pompous, and nappy (hey, I’m starting to love this word) rich of the elite idiots, all you have to do is flip through the pages of the rest of the “green” issue.

Robert Redford, even came out of his “barn” to get a double page layout of himself sitting in front of a mountain range. My guess is he was waiting for Dakota’s next take. Robert doesn’t have a mansion you know. He just sleeps in the dirt. (cough)

These people are so in love with their own images, and getting their picture taken, and showing everyone how much they love the image of themselves…looking so cool… that one wonders when they have time to actually do anything but look at their pictures, and go to photo shoots.

Yes, James concluded that, “Limbaugh will go down in history as a grand obstruction, a massive blockage.”

So Rush, put another notch in that cigar on your meteoric grand obstructions of the green “wacko’s.” At this pace, you might even make National Geographic!

Or best of all, maybe you’ll get mentioned by Madonna at Algore’s planetary green concert rape-off for the future of the world, in which she will announce that the earth is being destroyed by that putative grand pyramid of eminence grise; Rush Limbaugh!

Quick, send money!

In that case…even I will light up a cigar…because they will have just cut their proceeds in half.

So congratulations Rush…this nobody says…well done!

Nobody’s Knows: If you are a Rush fan, you will enjoy the article, because it really is filled with all the things we love about the guy. Don’t buy it though, borrow it from your liberal friends, and then stand in front of them when you read it and say “I just love this guy!”



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