Monday, April 02, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 41..Where is YOUR Darth Vader?

Nobody’s Opinion
: Tonight, somewhere high up in Washington’s National Cathedral, is a stone gargoyle meant to represent all the true rulers in our nation’s capitol…yes, Darth Vader is looking down on you, and every politician who comes here to make his obligatory appearances to the National televised funnels of x-Presidents: where they all get to sit in the front row and look important, and make faces.

You probably think this is a joke left over from the April Fools Day, or maybe a nobody full moon wack-job. But no, evidently there was a contest for the “children” to present different ideas for a new gargoyle, and guess who they just happened to pick as a worthy representation of evil?

Dare anyone who portents to be of a religious and moral background to have the inclination to think that this is perhaps going just a bit too far and smacks of incogitable incivility… may I remind them of the various nefarious men who have served in the many other places around the Capitol that have been held throughout our history as places where only men of good and righteousness should reside, the Congress and the White House----

May I suggest that it is only fitting that we erect these stone gargoyles on the White House and the Capitol Rotunda in their honor?

Why put only one Darth Vader up, when we have so many?

I’m sure Jesus might agree. It’s time we put some more Darth Vader gargoyles to reflect our real history.

And speaking of Star Wars, it got another plug tonight on “Dancing With the Stars.” The last dance was a tango, down with the girl dressed up in a Bikini, and Luke with a blue Laser…to the soundtrack of Star Wars. The male dancer threw off his hooded robe, and grabbed the imposter Leah to do a very star-wars dance of silliness.

It was a BIG hit with all the judges, and the movie got a huge plug.

I wonder how much that cost?

This nobody wonders just how far George Lucas will go to promote his 30th anniversary celebrations. What next?

Add Darth Vader’s face to Mt. Rushmore? Make the Congressmen wear Robes? Take out the words “In God We Trust” off our money and put instead, “The Force Be With You?”
Build a “Death Star” to commemorate the movies in the middle of the mall? Make all hockey player sticks light up?

No wonder Stephen Hawkins wants to leave the planet.


And speaking of leaving the planet, last night on Coast to Coast am, Art Bell interview a guy named Major Ed Danes, who declared with unbounded preponderance that earth as we know it, and all life on it was going to exist no more…we had fifty years.

None of us would survive…unless we lived underground. And even then, we would have trouble growing food.

Ed knows this because he used to be a “remote viewer” for the CIA, and since they closed down the program, he has been giving lessons in remote viewing for anyone who cares to learn the “art.”

In case your wondering…remote viewing is where you sort of go into a trance, and then you can see the future; like hurricanes, where bin Laden is, future lottery numbers, and which table to go to in order to win big bucks in Las Vegas.

This is of course where he teaches all his classes.

The price for a video set is only $299.95. But if you want to learn how to really do it from the master, for a cool $699.00 you can join a three day class. (This does NOT include room and board at the Vegas hotel.) This week he has a special, only $599.00.

This nobody thinks Darth Vader takes on many other forms besides gargoyles, and con artists have gotten so creative they just tell you the world will end, and you should buy that cheaper car, or learn to remote view, because if you don’t, you WILL be forever condemned to purgatory…which is filled with endless visions of bad actors.

And they get very, very rich dishing out the end of the world as we know it routine.


Which leads us to the last case of evil news today, the Supreme Court (Which has more than a few dark lords) has decided that AL Gore will soon be able to tell you to drive a smaller car. In fact, he can MAKE all car makers make nice little European cars that cut out greenhouse emissions.

No mention was made of course of the fact that we will still be letting those new huge Airbuses land here---and all planes and jets will continue as usual. Oh and how about all those gigantic new designer refrigerators, washers and dryers…

Of course all 800 Mexican trucking companies and all their trucks will be exempt.

John Travolta will continue to be able to fly his 747’s and fleet of planes…as will all the other Star Wars Rich and Famous…because, after all, the force is with them.

He also suggested we should live in domed cities and leave the planet.

Another man who wants off…

Meanwhile, the real Darth Vader…Ahmadinejad is somewhere doing remote viewing, and praying to his dark forces…like all con artists.

Okay, it may be long past April the lst, but I do think the full moon is affecting me. I might as well go sit in my hot tub and enjoy it…after all; I’ve only got 50 more years…

Nobody’s Perfect: Today, John McCain went through Bagdad and declared it a safe place to walk…not realizing that statement is ONLY true if you are John McCain and have 100 special forces packing the best weapons money can buy and a fleet of helicopters following you everywhere.

Nobody Knows: I wonder what happens to Major Ed Danes if someone goes out to Las Vegas, forks over a good thousand dollars expecting to WIN at the tables with all the remote viewing lessons he learned, only to find out he loses more money at the tables. And that his lessons didn’t work?

Does Ed Danes have the power to “see” this guy coming for him?

And you would think if he was so good, he would find bin Laden, then he wouldn’t have to put on seminar’s in Las Vegas.

Nobody Cares; Everyone in the world expects those poor British hostages to be sacrificial lambs…because everyone knows that the Iranians are trying to start a fight, and it seems neither the British or the Americans will at this point start a war for the lives of a few.

It seems only a higher power can save them now. So, I really don’t care if anyone thinks it’s absurd when I say, I plan to pray to a higher power for their safety, and their families grief.

The real face of evil has shown his face, and God only knows if they will survive.



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