Monday, March 26, 2007

Florida: Justice Casino Style

Nobody’s Opinion: Today the great detective work of the Florida Seminole Police Casino Department had declared that the body of the blond bombshell Anna Nicole Smith, was found to be---well dead. They didn’t think anything was suspicious at all about the fact that three people were in the room with her for days, including a nurse, and she just happened to die.

It certainly wasn’t their fault she was so stupid!

Her lawyer, Howard K. Stern, even though he loved her with all of his heart and soul, knew she had a 105 fever, but just had to go out shopping for his new yacht anyway. After all….taking care of Anna’s estate was much more important.

The Floridian coroner also ruled there was no foul play in the many drugs found in her system. Why---according to him, even though she was depressed and taking anti-depressants, she certainly would never have killed herself.

Joshua A. Perper, MD, the highly esteemed man with the Russian accent who had been endorsed as simply brilliant by the leading forensic pathologist of Fox news, had declared that most suicide victims take an overdose of many pills, not the proper amount of many, as she had done…therefore, he deemed it was just an accident.

I mean, no suicide victim would think of just grabbing all she had and shoving it down, don't be silly.

No wonder the Russians lost the cold war.

In order to prove his theory he released what was found in her body to prove his point that her death was “accidental.”

He was sure to list all the drugs as “therapeutic.”

These wonderful therapeutic pills found in Anna were:

1. Diphenhydrammine which causes hallucinations, confusion, drowsiness, slurring speech and amnesia.
2. Clonazepam, which causes drowsiness, slurring speech, and amnesia.
3. Diazepam, (Valium) which causes drowsiness, slurring speech, and confusion, special warning not to take with any other medicines that cause drowsiness.
4. Nordiazepam, which is known to impair your driving…but in Anna’s case, walking.
5. Temazepam, which causes drowsiness, slurred speech, and by now, she is in a coma.

And did you get the feeling as I did, that someone didn’t want her to remember anything?

Here Anna, "These will help you forget your son...take these, take some more."

Well, nothing suspicious there.

Then he listed “other non-contributory drugs” present;

1. Atropine, actually is belladonna, a potentially deadly drug that my cause difficulty swallowing. It really CAN kill you, but of course the good doctor says that she did not take a whole bottle of this stuff.
2. Topiramate causes grogginess, cognitive deficiency, and memory problems.
3. Cipro, well, what do you know, finally an antibiotic! Unfortunately it couldn’t get through her otherwise clogged up veins. It probably didn’t get through until her funeral, but by then she was already dead.

And let’s not forget the Chloral Hydrate that her nurse/psychiatrist sidekick gave her. Kristina Eroshevich, another clueless Russian, got as much for her as she wanted. In fact, she had so much of this stuff in her liver that even her hair was sleepy.

When Kristina found Anna she also called her boyfriend before Howard, the hotel, or an ambulance. Something all nurses are taught to do.

It took a while for the boyfriend to get there.

Not only is Chloral Hydrate highly addictive, it’s another “sleep aid.” that no one should have given her at all. When asked why they let her take all these combinations it was replied, “Anna called the shots for Anna.”

What could they do? God forbid she didn’t feed them.

Oh, there was that shot from an infected needle, that caused her to get really, really sick. But, she’s so stupid, she probably gave that to herself by accident. She slipped and fell on it.

The doctor also noted that the laptops taken from Howard the Stern showed no signs of suicide, and she was reported to have been very cheerful at the hotel.

I’m sure she had her clown mask on. That Anna was such a card! Always spinning around!

In the end, Howard K. Stern was relieved to have that pressure off him. After all, he took a video to prove to the whole world just how stoned she was, how her speech was slurred, and how he was going to sell that tape for a lot of money.

In the end, there is good news and bad news;

The good news is; if you have someone you would like to kill off by just getting them hooked on drugs so badly that they aren’t even aware they are being killed, rent a room in South Florida. After all, the whole justice system was set up by the same lady who defended the kids at Waco, Janet Reno: they can’t even count chads down there, let alone declare that one hundred pills in a body were not accidentally swallowed.

The bad news is; I’m sure this stuff happens everyday. The victims just don’t look like Anna Nicole.

I know one thing, the next time that I go to South Florida, I’m not betting against the house.

Nobody’s Perfect: The guy with the lopsided cranium, Joshua A. Perper, after saying that she did not commit suicide, put in the autopsy report that she suffered a depression after death of son, seeing no contradiction at all in that statement.

Nobody Knows; Just last week a report came out with the headline “Monroe Was Tricked Into Suicide.” It was reported on the FBI site of our government, that Robert Kennedy, with the help of Monroe’s housekeeper who put the bottle of Chloral Hydrate by her bedside, helped kill Monroe with a plan was made up to deliberately give the news to fake another suicide attack.

In other words, Marilyn was duped.

There was a phone conversation where Robert Kennedy called Peter Lawford and said, “Is she dead yet?” Peter had to keep calling Marilyn to make sure.

Probably the very same words spoken by Howard Stern from his yaght.

Nobody Cares; Anna would have been extremely happy to know that she was tricked into suicide too, just like her idol. If she really wanted to die like Monroe, then she hit the jackpot.

But…if I were Howard Stern, I would watch out for storms at sea. You never know what’s in the roll of the universal dice.



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