Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just Call Me Barry!

Nobody’s Fast Blast:

Its official…the New York Times has endorsed Obama for President, and Bill Clinton is really mad about it…but too bad. The spin is on.

In fact, the NY Times has taken upon itself to try to clear up some really important facts; especially one that they know is just bugging the heck out of middle America…his name.

The polls have shown that with a name like that, a lot of people will not be pressing that button for him…so, they just wanted you to know that, hey…his name is really BARRY!

His sister wanted us all to also know that “there was always a joke between my mom and Barack that he would be the first black president.”

NO wonder Clinton was pissed.

The spin doesn’t get any better than that.

His mother was white. (I love this stuff.) She was also blind. (just kidding)

You see, everyone knew him when he was growing up in Hawaii---a poor, lost black boy going to a very expensive school which it was noted at least sixty times in the NY Times, centered on multiculturalism, as….get ready…Barry.

It also produced Steve Case, the former chairman of AOL Time Warner.

In Hawaii, everyone knows him as simply... Barry. And of course everyone loved BARRY…coaches, teachers, he was their BARRY.

But Barry had, like all blacks, going to a rich school, had a hard time feeling like he fit. So he changed his name and became a Muslim like his dad, but wait…the New York Times forgot to mention that fact.

They also forgot to mention just how aleinated he felt at Harvard.

Oh yes, and they also forgot to mention if his name was Barry, why he did he change it to Obama?

Was it so he could fit in with the kids better?

They did mention he felt so lost he hung out with old black men.

The sister said that Hawaii is such a multicultural place, and Barry, it was reported by Bernice Bowers, a classmate, "seems to have the skills that a lot of people in our class had, which is to pull diverse people together.”

So, have faith all you Muslim bus drivers, you Jewish rich people, you red-neck garbage drivers, you left-over soccer moms, you Chinese restaurant owners, you overworked and overweight baby boomers….

Barack wants you to know that he really is just like you.

Messed up from birth--- but he wants you to know his real name is Barry.

And with Hollywood and the NY Times endorsing him, you can call him anything you like, because he’s got the money in his pocket.

Maybe he’ll ask Bill Clinton to be his Vice and Bill will change his name to Mohammed.

Yes, since Barry changed his name to Barack, he doesn’t feel alienated anymore.

He truly is a multicultural homeboy. Let's all be happy for him.



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