Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hillary's Women

Nobody's Opinion: Due to the importance of the upcoming elections in 2008, the women of the ACLU and some of Hillary Clinton's old girlfriends all got together with the best Hollywood plastic surgery doctors and decided to bring out the big guns, and change their looks, going against everything they have ever believed in. They felt it was time to serve their country.

The democrats will do ANYTHING to win in 2008, including undergoing the knife.

This will be Hillary's new cabinet.

Hillary is running out of options to beat Obama, so these brave women are at this moment being held in the Bahama's, where Bill Clinton is keeping a good eye on them until the moment in the campaign when they will bring them out.

If they lose, they can always use them for "scandals," showing just how far a real progressive woman will go to help their country.

Nobody's Perfect: Even though Hillary has already had plastic surgery, unfortunately, it didn't take.

Nobody Knows; It was rumored that donations were made for the operations by a very rich Saudi Prince, but so far, it seems to have come out of the Clinton's library.

Nobody Cares; Two of these woman are rumored to have had Bill's child, being held in the bahamas along with the mothers. DNA is being sought by the attorney general.



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