Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nobody Knows What Women Want...Part 1

Nobody's Opinion: After listening to Bernard Chapin's excellent enclyclical expose on the inumerable ponderings of just WHAT in the world does a woman really want...
(Read by the sexy masculine voice of Mike Lasalle)

I've decided to help him out.

I don't know about all the other women in the world, but I want a yellow plane.

I used to want a yellow Lamborgini---I once owed a yellow Firebird--- sometimes I've thought about a how wonderful it would be to own a yellow diving suit with matching yellow goggles, but since this picture was sent to me by that didactic man of inestimable opinions and intelligent finespuns, amafortas, known to all MND readers) I just can't think of anything else in my life that would make me more happy, at this particular moment.

Proving of course that Bernard's Chapin's feelings that a woman changes her mind more often than a man, (on all subjects but sex) is right on the money.

When I was young, purple was my color. I bought a purple Duster. I had a pair of purple boots that I had to wear for three solid weeks once in New York because my shoe bag was stolen in the first five minutes after I arrived.

Now, I realize that I could never in a million years buy a plane like maybe I should find a gentlemen to buy one for me!

Nah, I'm too old.

Oh, but I'm a typical female! I would want flying lessons too! And then, just when I learned how to fly the plane, I would leave the country!

So what does this mean in the philosophical epicureanism of the female and her cravings?

Maybe it just means that there are a lot of men suffering from colorblindness...

And someday, after I've read all the essays on this subject, I will actually get serious and say something about Nobody's Knows What Women Want, Part II

But tonight, I have to go clean the bathroom.



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