Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nobody Can Picks a Father

Nobody’s Opinion: Okay…how did you guys miss this?

I’ve been reading all the comments for quite a while now, how men are screwed by the courts, how the women are just using the men.

Their children are stolen away.

SO…how did you guys miss this?

Was it the trees? Was it the forest? Was it the big boobs of Anna Nicole being taking off the earth such a loss? Was it the fact that the man stealing another man’s baby is …ooops…wait…there is no villainous woman here.

I guess since Howard K. Stern is a man…it just didn’t compute. (WE DARE NOT TRASH A MAN.)

Did the point that a man was basically depriving another man of his own child, never to have any say or control, or even hope of seeing his child again in his lifetime….even come into your mind?

What, a man named Larry Birkhead…doesn’t count for some reason?

Isn’t Larry, Anna’s longtime boyfriend, a lot like many men?

Something tells me, if Howard K. Stern was the one who had died, and Anna had moved to the Bahamas to keep the baby from Larry Birkhead, who claims to be the natural father, there might be a few grunts of disapproval, but not much, because…

She was such a beauty.

You guys have to get your mind on the real story here.

Your missing a great opportunity to promote just how outrageously screwed up the courts are against men.


Here’s your chance. What is holding you back? The silence is overwhelming.

I know you’re not all out hunting deer.

What’s that you say? Why, this is ONLY one of the biggest opportunities in decades to promote the rights of men vs. the courts waving it’s SOS sign right in front of YOUR FACES, and yet…no where did I hear an outcry.

No seething articles against fathers being deprived of their child.

Someone tell me where they are.

No where are there battalions of men on the march for the injustices being done to a father…a father we watched all week saying with sincere heartfelt exclamations…

“I missed her birth, I have missed SO much. I not even allowed to watch her grow up.”

“I am the father. I want my child.”

“I WANT the paternity test.”

Okay, guys---(sigh).I guess it’s going to take a woman to help you out…you’re all lost at the moment in your lamentations of how screwed up women are. I know…life is hard.

What was done to this young man is nothing short of outrageous. He has a long time affair with a sex starlet. Great sex, big lust, then…love.

Most of the time, that’s how it all starts off.

Then, Anna has a miscarriage of their “first child.” The loss was hard on him too, and yet all the time, the focus is on her. Poor drugged up Anna.

He goes to the hospital, where she is pregnant with their second child. All the time, in the background, even sleeping on the couch downstairs, on the floor, under the bed, it’s Howard the pusherman.

Howard keeps her drugged up so much, that she can’t live without drugs. She finally chooses drugs over Larry.

In fact, she is so drugged up that her own son dies in her hospital room right before her own eyes, and she has no clue what happened.

Can you even imagine what Larry is going through? (Well, of course you can.)

The mom is dead, her son is dead…and the lawyer takes Larry’s daughter to the Bahamas so that Larry can’t touch her.

Remember, Howard K. Stern has pretty much admitted he’s not the biological dad.

BUT he has the audacity to put his name on the birth certificate as the biological father because he knows the laws in the Bahamas make him the dad, and he gets the money.

If there was no money with this child, she would have been in her real father’s care by now. Come on.

The motive for Howard, the upstanding man who gets no criticisms from any man on the earth…. (Or on this site) is the fact that he wants continue to live on welfare all his life, yes---on Anna’s money.

Just like all those millions of women who feel it’s their god-given right to be supported.

She may not have worked hard for that money, but something tells me, she worked harder than Howard did.

This nobody thinks, that being this is such a national issue, if all the men would get together and start talking about this poor guy Larry Birkhead and start giving him some moral support: if men would start talking about how Larry is being deprived of his child (never mind it’s a man doing it) maybe some of the court rulings would start changing more in favor of the men.

That’s how my friend Lee Salk did it. He used the press.

Lee Salk stood up to the courts. He had a long and nasty battle in New York for his own kids, and he won. His actions in the courts and his battles in the press got the advancements for the few men who do get custody of their children.

You’ve got to battle….

If Lee Salk were alive today, Lee would have spoken out vehemently on the actions of this courts ruling, and the fact that the real father was being deprived of his child.

The fact that Anna Nicole Smith and her lawyer were not only drug addicts, but almost everything that Howard K Stern has done…shows that he probably had a hand in two deaths, should be the issue here.

For all of Larry Seidlin the compassion judge crying about the child, he did nothing to protect her.

My god, this poor child. This poor man.

So, here I am, a nobody woman, trying to wake you guys up.

THIS is when you fight. What are you waiting for?

A man who’s life is about to be changed forever very soon, needs you. Let him be a voice for all men getting the shaft.

You can blast me later.

Nobody’s Perfect: Okay, I know many of you probably haven’t been following the trial, due to the nature of the press…but still, there is a big story here that is being underplayed.

Nobody Knows; I think Larry Birkhead’s lawyer, who happens to be a woman, is one of the best I’ve seen anywhere. She put most of the men to shame. She is going to file for kidnapping and good for her. I give her credit, and Larry was a very wise man to choose her.

Nobody Cares; Really…there doesn’t seem to be any outrage at all about the most interesting facts of the case, which is not that Anna Nicole Smith died like her idol Marilyn Monroe, but that her child is being kidnapped illegally just for the money, and getting away with it, because…well…you tell me why.

Nobody Wins: The paternity case in the Bahamas for Anna’s Nicole Child will be held in closed doors this week. If Howard Stern wins the child under the Bahamas Courts, and if there is not an outrage here in the United States, then once again, not much will change.



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