Friday, February 23, 2007

UPDATE: Anna Nicole

Nobody's Opinion;

Today, sadly, on Fox news... we saw some of the last pictures of poor Anna Nicole Smith...she had been painted up by a neighbor's child with clown makeup.

As you can see...the child, being just a kid, WANTED to make up Anna, but Anna was face down in the pool, trying to wake up from a another night with her lawyer and the minister of granting citizenship for sex.

So she painted the cat.

This very important documented video was presented to court in Florida as vital evidence in the trial of "Who misses Anna's money the most, and is willing to fight the hardest?"

The news tonight is that all the men who were calling each other mortal enemies at the trail have gotten together...and decided to pass the cat off as Anna's favorite pet.

They have also decided to SPILT the money three ways.

After all, her lawyer doesn't want to go to jail, her boyfriend knows the lawyer has it in his right to forever deny the boyfriend a paternity test, and the neighbor is going to make a lot of money selling tickets to her grave, which is on his property.

Money solves everything.

Cats will be painted up and sold as Anna Nicole's "cat" for $100 a piece. And this cat will be the first one to go.

Also on sale at Anna's gravesite, will be reproductions of Anna's favorite dresses, Anna Nicole Makeup Kit, An Anna Nicole Doll, (which says YOU BITCH is three languages) and Cherry Candy made up in cute little perscription bottles.

Anna's old bras will be on display in the Anna Nicole museum.

Larry, the old boyfriend, will sell lots of Anna's old pictures.

This cat still hasn't got the makeup off since that video in which Howard, the dubious lawyer. is heard saying "This is going to make a lot of money."

Actually, the cat was so stoned when Howard took this picture she couldn't remember where she put her last hair ball.

The man from Trimspa plans to make up a Trimspa pet diet pill and name it after Anna...

Many names are being considered...Pussypill...Trimpet...Poppycat...

The Humane Society has already donated the first 2,000 cats to be sold.

All we need now, is for someone to dig up Marilyn Monroe's body and move it to the Bahamas.



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