Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grasping the Gipper

Nobody’s Opinion:
After reading Doug Powers’s very moving birthday tribute to Ronald Reagan today: (See his piece on MND…“Happy Birthday: The Gipper Remembered”) he brought me back, as good writers can do, to the day of Reagan’s death.
I remembered all of America mourning as they had not done probably since the death of Eisenhower.
I too, remember being swept away by the moving pictures of his funeral.
Recently, we saw with Ford’s passing, a media trying desperately to present the same sediments. But it wasn’t there.

The opposite was true when Reagan died. Most of the media was trying to downplay his greatness, and if not for the fact that a Republican President was in office, who let the funeral go on for the people, the people would not have been given the opportunity to truly reflect in their private moments the last politician we felt we could trust.

Anyway, I dug this up…I wrote it Kerry was running for President.
After reading it you will see that the democratic party has not changed. The liberal media, has actually gotten worse.

After reading it again myself, I think more than ever now, with the threat of Islamic world coming at us, all Americans should take out the star of Ronald Reagan whenever we hear our own citizens attack the great man, or the patriotic Americans he represented.
(What, you’re a liberal and patriotic you say?)

Well, if you are following the democratic party, then you MIGHT want to think again, and do some real soul searching. You don’t have to join the republican party. Just think for yourself.
Ronald Reagan was above parties. He was his own man who believed in the American people, damn the parties. He had very little support in his belief in right and wrong, black and white. And because of his own confidence in the rightness of his cause, he toppled a nation without a single bullet.

America was founded not on the concept of parties, but on our right to be Independent, and to be unified in that cause.

Independent from political tyrants, elitists, socialists, communists, and Islamic fanatics.

Doug was right. Ronald Reagan believed in right, he believed in us. We should start believing in ourselves again.
Thanks Doug, for making me remember just what we all should be fighting for.


December 8, 2004

A great man, has passed away. A man who shed a very prominent light on the lives of all of us baby boomers, though we didn‘t think about it at the time. During the eight years while Reagan was President, we didn’t have to give a thought about our government. We made more money than ever. (especially minorities and women) Blacks and whites weren’t at each other’s throats. Republicans and Democrats were not dividing the country like Saturday night at the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

For most of us, after we had to finally grow up and decide that if we wanted to eat, live, and support families, the “hippy” days of complaining and hating the government were gone. Bell bottoms and long hair gave way to dresses, shirts and ties. Then suddenly, we were forced by time to go to work and Bob Dylan was replaced with Disco. The old corporate greed that the baby boomers had blamed on our parents gave way to a creed of a greed even more unimaginable then our parents had ever dreamed of.

Like a good father, he was there… silently it seemed. We never noticed him much. We just felt secure and protected, not really thinking why. We were too busy with our lives. Which is the way of a great leader, great fathers, and great artists. They make it look easy. Ronald Reagan made being President look as easy as eating jelly babies.

Still…it’s sad to say as I remember, when Reagan and Gorbachev got together it seemed next to Gorbachev, the great communicator looked like he had a hard time thinking…even dumb. Sometimes I was ashamed when Reagan seemed to say so little. Because I trusted my television so much, I thought it was really Gorbachev that dismantled the Soviet Union.

Not did I realized till after the events of the last eight years, that it was the media…controlling what we saw and controlling our image of the great man. The media was the reason I had the image of Reagan that I did. Why weren’t these great speeches we are hearing now after his death not broadcasted and praised on every station when he was alive?

How shocked I was to find out that Walter Cronkite, supposedly the most trusted man in news, turned out to be a man for a One World Government and against the United States. I found out that Ronald Reagan was a brilliant man, and Walter Cronkite was simply, just a good reader. Who could have guessed? We were always led to believe that in the United States propaganda did not exist. Propaganda was only used in communist countries.

And that’s the point. Soon, after the funeral, and even now, history will be rewritten about Ronald Reagan. You will hear and read on all the leftist media outlets (and by now we all know who they are) with subtlety, and great surgical editing precision, picking apart the shining star of Ronald Reagan. Because they can’t stand shining stars. Clinton’s legacy was so bad, they had to rewrite history and trash the stars of Washington and Jefferson to make an even playing field.

The ones at the top know that the actual words of the founding fathers are kept out of school books.

The NEA continues to rewrite American history books. In my son’s required college freshman American Political course of 2000, I counted 15 pictures of Bill Clinton, five of Hillary, and two of Monica. If you go by this tactic, the greatest Americans will be completely erased from all history books by 2010. They do it very slowly so you don’t notice.

You will hear the starting comments “He was the great communicator.” In other words…he was an actor who fooled everyone. Nancy will become the nut case who read the stars. And the Iran-Contra affair will be treated as a crime as atrocious as Watergate, or killing babies.

Selling America’s nuclear secrets, setting up our nation to be attack by nuclear weapons, not to mention aiding and abetting terrorists by decimating our military and intelligent agencies, are not the same as trying to free American citizens, we will be told. Who’s the dumb ones here? Clinton is having his legacy rewritten by every X-staffer, comedian, and entertainer, that he can find. Pounds of gold glitter is being sopped on Clinton’s dripping star at every chance. But paint has a hard time sticking to tin. And not all that glitters is gold. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

The Democrats play the game of all conservatives just being plain stupid and not worldly. They on the other hand are sophisticated and intellectually superior, because they look at all sides to an issue. Everything is relative, and truth can be twisted to fit into whatever agenda they want to promote.

Now, if Ronald Reagan and George Bush are dumb. Then so am I. And so is every American who wants a government to honor all those who have died for what American stands for. Justice, freedom, a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So, watch for John Kerry in his election run to cloak himself in the American flag, and keep on pandering how he fought for his country. The Democrats will use the Revolution and the founding fathers on their platform in Boston. They want you to believe the lie that we need a revolution to escape the tyranny of President Bush. They will shamelessly use the platform of our dead founding fathers, and rewrite history to fit their run for power. They will stand before the statues of our great founders…claiming association.

Watch it.

Then go and find the truth. Because despite what they say, there really is such a thing.
Kerry reminds me of an old lover (we’ve all had these.) The kind that swears he loves you more than life itself, and then you come home and find him in bed with another woman. His real love is the United Nation.

The new Democratic party wants to not only control the U.S., but the world. They are losing, so they are triangulating as Dick Morris would say for the big prize. They will tell you that Bush wants to be a military Hitler and control the world. They will use clever sound bites, and soak themselves in your values, because they know you are a sucker for them.

They don’t want you to really look at what they are doing…. turning the star of America to RED.
So, let’s polish that star. Let’s listen to Reagan’s speeches. And when we hear the words of the polite libel and slanderous mud that the Democrats will be slinging on the shining memory of Reagan, remember: they are also slinging mud on the red, white, and blue twinkle in all our hopeful stars, and get out our polish.

Polish the star of a man who shone every day as bright as the American dream. Who protected that star with his life, his love, and his honor. Because he would want us to keep that Star Shining.


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