Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Congress Has A Night Out; Nobody Has A Night In

Nobody’s Opinion; Here, in the sequence that I observed it, is a synopsis of the all the political events of the night of President Bush’s State of the Union address, and a nobody’s interpretation from the bleachers, where the home run, sadly was caught by the guy in front of me.

Warmup; Hillary Clinton was on MSNBC being interviewed by the dweeb with the glasses, and made it very clear that she was in control of the country now. She was very impressive in making everyone understand that she now had vast knowledge of who was fighting who in Iraq and Iran, (Shities vs Sunni’s), and that a “military” solution was not the answer.

She did not mention that today Ahmadinejad said that America will be destroyed soon.

: Wow, what guts! She is actually assuming the Presidency by acting as IF she is already President! Might work---she did this by talking about the President’s poor judgment and how he is not doing what she says ought to be done, as if he now has no power at all and he WILL move aside.

After all, she keeps calling him and telling him what she wants to be done she said. She is getting very impatient. (She only mentioned her blog about 87 times.)

Not having read the Constitution lately, she doesn’t care that she is not President YET…and can’t dictate to him. Getting rid of her “Attila the Huness” image is going to take real work.

All said mind you, in a very sweet, Jimmy Carter way. God forbid she looks anything but sweet and reasonable.

Nevertheless, a very clever way to win the election, just pretend you are President already.

Nobody parks her weary and muscle aching body on bed to get ready to watch the game---flipping between stations, just to see the spin.

The Game begins;

; All the black caucus member and celebrities of the Congress came very early so as to get near the Isle. It’s very important to get their faces on camera and also to get President Bush’s autograph when he exists the room.

Nobody: Despite the fact that they hate him with a passion that runs near hysterical proportions, that autograph must be worth something. I was wondering how many would sell their prized possessions on e-bay, and for what price?

If I were him, I would have signed their cards with the name, Pee-Wee Herman.

Enter the First Lady and Mrs. Cheney: They came in to nice applause. The First Lady Laura Bush looked spectacular in a red suit with dazzling buttons, added on in the special effects by some guy in the studio who must have said, “Hey, let’s add some stars to her buttons! Let’s make them twinkle like crazy! ”

Mrs. Cheney was in white, with no dazzling anything.

Nobody: It was the first time in television history that buttons have twinkled! Entertainment was taken to new heights. I expect this novel effect to appear soon on American Idol.

If you were watching their body language, these two women looked like they actually wanted to kill each other, but knew they have to put on a good face for the party. So they just didn’t look at each other.

So, what’s the big fight about? Since I like both ladies, this was not a good sign.

The President Speaks; “MADAME SPEAKER… (huge applause), you’re father would be proud.”

Nobody: Why did Nancy change her outfit at the last moment? Saying she spilled chocolate on her suit, was really funny. She knows we ALL love chocolate. The spin politicians put out is always funnier than the truth.

Remember when President Bush fell off the couch and hurt himself on a pretzel?

We are told that Nancy has told all the Democrats that even though they actually hate the President, tonight they must show the American people that they are true bi-partisan leaders and applaud him when he comes in, no matter how they feel about him.

Which they do---and then they continue to follow Nancy’s lead like puppets through the whole speech. They stand and applaud, when SHE stands and applauds.

No individuals here. But then again, that’s been going on at every State of the Union address by the Democrats ever since, who knows when.

Vice President Cheney nobody noticed always looks like he is bored to death; he has that turtle-looking poker face. He was attacked today by another turtle face, John McCain, who blamed Cheney for the mess in Iraq.

Let’s face it---John McCain is a double agent for Putin.

Anyway, it was a good idea to acknowledge the first woman speaker, even if she reminds you of your local PTA leader, and has about as much sense.

President and the Economy: We must balance the budget.

Nobody: Oh really? When, in 3057?

President: Do not raise taxes. Dick Cheney stands up. Nancy sits, and does not move or applaud. Hillary…smirks. Does not applaud.

Nobody: Oh boy, look out, they will tell you they are going to tax the rich, but no matter what party says it, and it’s always the middle class that gets banged.

The rich hide their money in foreign accounts. We hide our in our closets.

If we get banged any further, we will have to start rationing our drinking water.

President and Earmarks: 90% of the earmarks are never even seen by the Congress he says.

: NOW they admit it? Well, that’s not going to change any time soon.

President and School Choice: He knows the system sucks. Nancy, being a puppet of the school unions, did not clap.

: NO….no way are the Democrats going to improve our schools. Dumb kids are easy to control, and the more people working for the government the more the vast and powerful elite will continue to have power.

It will never change, but President Bush gains a point for suggesting it.

President and Health Care; Well…it needs to be fixed he says, and Nancy jumped so high she almost went out of the screen.

The President also called for Medical Liability reform. Nancy did not like that one bit.

In fact she sort of growled.

Nobody; Since the Democrats are the party of lawyers and get most of their money from suing everyone, this will not change either. Universal health care will be here soon. Get your operation NOW, or you will end up like Castro.

Don’t wait for that heart attack; go in for your by-pass now.

President and the Immigrants: We must pass temporary workers reform, not amnesty.

Nobody: Actually, if he really meant this, it would probably be okay. Canada has a program where the illegal’s work for so many months and then HAVE to go home.
But, that won’t happen here, and he knows it, so why not say what the American people want to hear?

It sounded good. I wish it were true. But, not only will you not hear too many democrats talk about immigration, I doubt if you hear too many republicans say much either.

The American people are REALLY angry about it, and they know it, so they will just give it lip service as before.

In the meantime, if your kids don’t learn how to speak Spanish, they will have trouble getting a job.

President and Energy: He mentioned it all…solar, wind, nuclear, batteries, ethanol, and horses--- (wait, he left that out.)…but THIS time he did not mention drilling in Alaska.

What, did he decide to drop that?

When he mentioned global climate change, all the Democrats leaped out of their seats as if they had just witnessed Babe Ruth’s home run record finally being broken., or they had just heard that the 22nd amendment had been repealed, leaving it open for Bill to run again.

It was truly amazing that Ted Kennedy stopped reading.

Nobody: Great---we spend enough now for gas, just how much are we going to get socked for paying for all this NEW technology, and how many people are going to be killed by driving tiny little itty-bitty cars?

And where are they going to put all those discarded batteries? Colorado?

I thought they didn’t want to pollute?

I suggest they all donate their big pensions for more research.

President and Iraq; He was great here. He really hasn’t changed his story since the 9/11 attack. And much of what he said makes perfect sense.

It’s pretty clear the President is right on this one. And the Democrats are not. When he stated we needed victory, Nancy did NOT stand up.

Good thing too. We might have mistaken her for being something she’s not, which is pragmatic, honest, smart, etc.


NOBODY goes for popcorn break; Okay, he was doing great, spoke well, looked good. If taken literally the speech would have been a home run, but then again, how can we believe any of our politicians when they all have betrayed us in so many ways. Where are my glasses? Where’s the Advil? Where is the Pepto?

End of Intermission

President…continues; He goes into how we need volunteers to go and spread democracy all over the world, more money for aids in Africa, and to cure malarias in Africa, and also, we should give trade and deficit relief to the debtors of other nations.

Nobody; I personally could have done without this part.

He should have said “I forgive all credit card debt for all Americans due to the fact that you are so overtaxed that you cannot even afford to live anymore on what you are making, have no money like the rich to buy stock.”

“Therefore, as a National Security problem, I, as President will issued an executive order that all America’s credit card debt will be forgiven.”

Well, why not?

Okay, here comes the multinational corporation’s globalist agenda.

The middle class will get even poorer because we will have not only 92, 000 more troops to put into our military, but thousands of “paid volunteers” signing up to go all over the world and hand out American taxpayer’s money.

And just what is it in Africa that the all the rich people want so badly that WE the American people, people who can’t afford our own drugs for our own illnesses, have to fork over to supply other nations with free drugs, in order for the rich to get what they want?

Which is who knows what? Diamonds, oil…land? Military bases? (Sigh)

In the end, it was a great speech, until the end part where WE once again are to support the whole frigging world.

I’m getting a little tired of the world getting so much from us, and we getting so little from our leaders.

Which means, the illuminati, are in power, and yes the rich are getting richer, the middle class will be drained of every last dime and their even their children’s dimes…because the New World Order is coming to us all.

But before that, we will be attacked.

Jack Bauer has warned us, and every one knows the jihads are already here.

President Bush ended with: The state of the union is good.

Nobody says; It is about to change for the worst, pass the vodka.

Nobody’s Perfect; After his speech, came a Jim Webb democratic rebuttal. He mentioned New Orleans, (which was not Bush’s fault) and how a CEO now makes 400 times the average company worker. (This is true). What he doesn’t say, is that the democrats will do nothing about the REALLY rich, it’s the rich middle class they will tax. You are rich to them if you make over $30,000. A year.

But then he stared talking about how he used to wait up for his dad at night, who served overseas in WWII.

My husband pointed out that this guy was about thirty, and probably wasn’t even born yet.

He showed a picture of his dad, and said he took it to bed with him every night. (Yes, it’s getting that bad.)

He was also a Vietnam veteran. (This means he’s against Iraq) I’m sure he knew John Kerry.

President Bush took us recklessly into the war he said.

And if he doesn’t listen to us, “We will show him the way.”

He failed to mention where they would take him but it was a clear threat to President Bush to not try for victory, or he would get taken down.

Nobody Knows; Just how much joy our enemies got out of seeing half our Congress siding against the President and his war in Iraq. They are salivating with visions of their victory dancing in their jihads’ heads.

Nobody Cares; …I’m finally speechless.


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