Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nobody's Bunker

Nobody’s Opinion;

In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact. To shatter and destroy it is not so good. Hence, to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence consists in braking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” ---Sun Tzu, THE ART OF WAR

Not a particularly good news day, was it? While China was flexing its muscles and shooting down satellites, and our nuclear ships were racing over to the Persian Gulf, I was out shopping around for a gas fireplace.

It seems I’m the only one around here that is concerned about the future.

I have no knowledge whatsoever of gas fireplaces, so I went over to my neighbor’s house (Ray) to talk to him, because recently, while we were freezing with our log fireplace, he was cozy and warm with his gas one.

Okay, I was jealous.

Ray and I got to talking. I told him about how I wanted to set a room aside in our basement for a “bunker” because, well, losing electric was one thing, but if something happens…I want to have a place to hang out with a decent bed to die in.

(That is, if the National Guard lets me.)

Of course, he proceeded to tell me that all I shouldn’t listen to all that “conspiracy” theory stuff, why, “Nothing will happen to us,” he said, “You’re really silly.”

He was treating me like a child.

I also heard this same theory from a relative who told me, “Oh yes, the Muslims really hate us, but they are very smart…they will hurt the major cities with money. They won’t hurt us, we’re not powerful.”

I’m sure that what the Jews said to each other before they were lead away to the trains.

Do I tell them what I really think? Do I tell you?

Today, on the news they were showing “lists” of items, like food and water, for all the people in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas…to get for the incoming snow.

Snow folks.

Some of these people were STILL without electric.

I don’t know about you, I can see a few places losing power, for maybe even a day. But what are the odds that half the country keeps losing power for weeks and weeks at a time?

AND what are the odds that everyone thinks it’s just global warming, because that’s exactly what they want you to think.

This global warming stuff is coming in handy, not only for making money and starting up new industries, but soon it will be an excuse to up our taxes and control our very lives.

It’s all for our own survival, you know.

Sure, the earth’s weather is changing…maybe we are coming into another ice age…but it’s not US that are doing this change in weather stuff.

Anyone with even half a brain knows that. But boy isn’t it amazing how they can convince millions that global warming is man-made?

Pretty scary…to know that the masses are so easily controlled---but then again, nothing new historically.

Now…let’s go to another quote by William Cohen, Bill Clinton’s Defense Secretary;

“Others (terrorists) are engaging in an ecotype of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.” April, 1997

Yep, this nobody thinks if the terrorists can do it, so can we. I believe they can take a little storm and make it grow. They can even probably cause earthquakes. (which means they can cause tsunami’s) You don’t think they can’t?

Think…before the airplane was invented, would you have believed that 300 people could get on a plane, with tons of luggage, and fly from New York to Los Angles in four hours? No, of course not. You would have thought it preposterous.

And even if they aren’t whipping up some storms,

Just the RESPONSE to the storms has never happened in America before.

Have all the electricians died off.?

I think this blast of strange weather is being used to force us to stock up, state by state---all over the country. Now, we have ice storms coming up out of South America... And all of a sudden, every utility company in the United States is having trouble getting anything to turn on.

What a more clever way to FORCE us to prepare. Just leave us without power for several days.

But it’s not global warming that’s coming, and it’s not Jack Bauer.

If you have been watching all the internet news, it is said that the smartest move Iran could make to destroy the United States would be with a nuclear electro magnetic pulse. (EMP) In fact, they have been practicing for this very thing for quite some time.

It’s cheap, easy, and would bring the whole country to its knees. Just one bomb detonated over the middle of America would affect the whole country, and basically shut it down, without actually killing millions.

Sun Tzu would be proud.

No electric, no phone, no computers, no heat, the banks would be closed, and the food would not get delivered because the cars would not start.

Everyone that now lives paycheck to paycheck would be horribly hungry, and angry.

Of course the National Guard would come to every home and move us all into “shelters” for our own good.

Without our pets.

Maybe other nations would come to help. Maybe England, or the Aussies.

Maybe Bill Clinton would bring over his Chinese buddies to “save” us.

One thing for sure, the New One World Government would kick in pretty fast, and our traitorous leaders (from both parties) would all have positions at the top.

Actually, I think “our” government has known about this for quite some time. I think that’s what Y2K was all about. Remember how they went on and on about it? They actually had Y2K survival manuals on every single aisle at your local grocery store on how to survive the computer glitch of the century, which was going to bring perhaps a HUGE disaster…by doing the same thing that an EMP would do.

Technically cripple us.

WHY did nothing happen? Because there was no threat from a computer. It was the government’s way of getting us to stock up food and water.

When nothing happened not a word more was said. Put another story on the burner, and everyone forgot it.

I mean, NO President is going to come out and say, “Hey, get stocked up on food, water, and money, because a nuclear attack its coming and we can’t protect you. WE have nice cozy bunkers.”

They know we’d be pissed off that they weren’t building nice cozy bunkers for us, or at least trying to protect us.

Late at night while I’m writing, I hear President Clinton and Daddy Bush come on the radio every single night and suggest we all go to the government website and well…just learn to stock up on stuff. They say in case of emergencies..being careful not to “scare” us.

Here locally, they have an ad on TV to be sure and get your little kids a “backpack” together, so they can be ready to take off.

Say what? Take off to where?

Like my next door neighbor, nobody around here is stocking up on anything.

First: We went through Y2K, Second: It’s been five years and nothing else has happened, Third: We just can’t believe that America will be attacked again.

President Bush says “We are fighting over there to keep them from attacking us here.”

The Democrats have never said a single word of a possible second attack on our own soil because when it happens they want to blame it on the Republicans.

Madeline Albright, Colin Powell, they are all ready to assume their new positions.

And I think President Bush and his father know that is exactly what will happen. President Bush will go down in history as the man who destroyed America.

The Jews did not believe that something could happen to wipe out an entire people. It’s not in human nature to believe such a horrible thing would be possible. And the American people, right now, just don’t believe it.

But Ahmainajad, wants just that.

Now that Rumsfled has been gotten rid of by Hillary, who wants desperately to be elected and needs almost a disaster to put her into power, this nobody believes an attack from Iran is almost imminent.

And if you think I’m a “conspiracy theory nut” then, so our all the leaders in the past four years that have said “it’s only a matter of when.”

What will the Democratic Congress do after such an attack?

Nothing. They will talk to Ahmainajad by phone, in their nice underground bunkers. .

While all us nobodies will be huddles by our log fires, waiting for the National Guard.

So, what kind of heater should I get? Vented? Or not?

Nobody’s Perfect; I know, I’m going to get the “They are just trying to use fear to control you, and you are falling for it.”


I don’t care. When I look up in the sky every day, I see cloud formations that look like something out of a Walt Disney Cartoon.

Nobody Knows; You might ask…okay Joyanna, you nut. Just how could a little tiny nation like Iran POSSIBLY hurt us, the most powerful nation in the world.

Answer: Take a look at our Congress.

Nobody Cares; Hillary said yesterday, “Know Thine enemies” Well, I’ve seen them, and watched them, for half my life. And most of our enemies are right here, in our government. The REAL enemy right now is our own government, who has shown time and again, they could care less about America. They are, the ones at the very top, globalists, first.

And to them, it’s WE who have to accept change.

And as O’Reilly likes to say, "What say we to THAT?”


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