Thursday, January 04, 2007

Nobody’s Opinion; President Ford once said; “I’m a Ford, not a Lincoln.” I don’t think anyone could have given a better description of himself.

My family has always bought Fords. My father, who had once owned a Phillips 66 station back in the late 1960’s, swore by them. Every year he would buy a Ford, and like clockwork, trade it in every three years for a new one.

“Never buy a Chevy,” he said, “They’re junk. Parts from other countries.”

So, when I bought a 1986 Pontiac Firebird in lemon yellow one day…he just shook his head.

Well, that was the message from all the funerals; Gerald Ford was a true American. Gerald Ford was a sturdy guy, did not rock the boat, did what he was told, decent, honest...etc. A real Ford.

Fords, at one time in this country, represented America. They were well-made. Henry Ford sent the world into the next century, where everyone could travel. He changed the world.

You could always count on a Ford…and Jerry Ford was much like the Ford car. Quiet, no trouble, and not much care---in fact, you didn’t give him a daily thought. And two years was a good time to trade him in.

I watched the funerals, and was amazed that no one besides Michael Savage thought it was, just maybe, a bit too much. First we had to have one at the site, and then fly him to the Capitol, and one there, then back to his already prepared Pharaoh’s tomb in Michigan, where we had ANOTHER one, just so Jimmy Carter could speak.

What was the cost of this to the American people? This makes about 12 Pharaoh’s tombs to Russian’s one.

The first day it was reported someone had to go all over just to get 44 black bullet proof sedans for the Congress to ride in.

And unlike all the media and reporters, some of us nobodies got a different message from it all. And the message was; “Do not impeach…President Bush. Don’t even go there.”

That’s ALL everyone in every speech talked about. Gerald Ford “healed” the country.

Let’s say what he really did. He saved the Presidency, and his party. There was no “healing” to most of us. On the contrary, it was, “Oh gee…that’s nice, Nixon gets off.” This huge witch hunt, then he gets off.”

And it’s no different today. Our “healing” continues every time someone gets off.

Like Sandy “I stole the copies and put them in a dumpster” Burger, and Bill “I did NOT have sex or sell nuclear secrets to China” Clinton, and “Look in the frig” Jefferson, and “I don’t remember” Hillary, and “Oops I forgot where I parked the car” Kennedy, and on and on and on.

Do our government leaders ever get the same justice as the people they govern?


Are they doing this so the country does not suffer?

Do cars fly?

Gerald Ford was by all accounts, just like the Bush family…Eastern Republicans. This means much more liberal than Reagan. Reagan grew up in the middle of the country, not near the eastern skull and bones linage of American royalty.

What has fooled us is that George W. Bush ran like a Reagan conservative. (a Mercedes Benz), We were expecting at least a Hummer…we got a Toyota sedan.

But boy, they (all the speakers at the funeral) were all quick to point out how grateful they were to Jerry Ford for pardoning Nixon, weren’t they?

They told us all that he sacrificed his own ambitions to save the country from pain.

Well, we’d gone through the pain already. Another cover-up just made it worse. Justice would have healed us. To us it was just another cover-up.

Now, I’m not saying that Rumsfeld, Kissinger, the President and his father, and Dick Cheney did not say wonderful things that were obviously true about the man. After all, they are all human too, and spent many hours with the man.

But to this nobody it looked as if the funeral was used as a buffer to send a strong message to the Pink Cadillac that just drove into the House.

The Pink Cadillac, Nancy Pelosi, who like a bad Stephen King novel, is ready to investigate, and impeach, even though she has promised not too.

She came in shining, and pretty, and has a boatload of children, and “I’m harmless” platitudes and tea parties. She came in with the very feminist message that the women are here to take over the world!

And what a wonderful world it will be! Don’t you worry; mommy will take care of you!

My grandmother had a pink Cadillac. I think it was the only one in the small town of Naples Florida. It really was a bright PINK! And a convertible to boot. It was her favorite possession.

My grandfather bought it for her one day. Then a couple of months later, he just up and sold it in a business trade. She didn’t talk to him for a whole month she was so mad.

And there lies the danger. They are using Nancy to steal the American women’s hearts. Not many women can refuse a pink Cadillac. And since there are more women than men in America, with many single women who have not been voting…well, they just might want to ride in this one.

Yes, I fear we are going full speed ahead into the decade of the pink Cadillac.

And if we survive it, we are going to need some serious mechanics.

One thing for sure--it seems it doesn’t really matter who’s driving us; we have to go where they want to go, because they are in the drivers seat.

So, buckle up cowboys. As Betty Davis once said; “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Nobody’s Perfect: Nancy Pelosi wants so much to get conservative woman to like her, she has adopted the slogan, “From the kitchen to the Congress.” She even asked her daughter if it was okay for her to run for office. What a mom.

I want to know…who thinks up this stuff?

Nobody’s Knows; Nancy at her tea party on C-Span, and after swearing in, raised her fist into the air in true communist solidarity fashion.

Now, just how many people in American would know this sign? And was this a signal to China to come on over?

Nobody Cares; The best thing that Jerry Ford did, was RETIRE--- gracefully after his term. That was his best legacy. Practically speaking, it seems his wife did more for the country than he did. By bringing breast cancer to the mainstream, and giving drug addicted rich people some place to go.

I just loved it when Liz Taylor married a construction worker she met while at the Ford clinic. A guy named Larry. I can still see them both eating a huge plate of French Fries, with gobs of ketchup. That could not have happened without the efforts of Betty Ford.

And Larry got to drive her Rolls, how cool.


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