Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Saddam, May He Not Rest In Peace

Nobody’s Opinion; One day, looooooong after 9/11, it was announced by President Bush that the evil man named Saddam Hussein was planning to destroy America.

Forget bin Ladin, we can’t find him. Re-focus.

Well, who were we to argue? Except most of us had the same thought in our minds, which was: Why the hell didn’t they just go in and get him during the FIRST Gulf war? Exactly what kind of idiots are running Washington?

There has been complete and utter silence on that part. Ask any of your congressmen, no one knows. You get the “deer in the headlight stare.” Congressmen and women imagining their bank accounts in the Cayman island suddenly disappearing. So they would just cleverly change the subject. “Hey, we won that war!”

Really? That’s why we had to go back and finish it? We could have saved a lot of American lives by just going in and finishing the job years ago. Who stopped it? Was it Colin Powell? Was it the Saudi Princes?

Daddy Bush never gave us the reason. Daddy Bush is now filled with remorse, as he has to watch his son suffer for maybe the mistakes his father made. And since his son, President George W. Bush, has signed by executive order that any former or living president can keep certain documents from becoming public knowledge, we might never know. He knows full well the huge mess that our “elected” officials, past and present, democratic and republican, has gotten us into for the sake of power and money.

And above all, they must protect the office of the Presidency itself, no matter how much corruption or crimes any of them may commit.

We the American people had to wait over NINE long months before our President did just something for retaliation after 9/11, so we thought it was better then nothing. Finally- some kind of payback

And above all, they must protect the office of the Presidency itself, no matter how much corruption or crimes any of them may commit.

When Bush went into Iraq, the Democrats were screaming that it was all for the oil.

Well, how stupid is that. If we need the oil to keep our nation running, makes sense. Saddam was a dictator, a murderer. He could take over the Middle East.

The whole United States would shut down overnight. We are on this planet to first, survive. It’s been that way all through history, and I doubt it ever changes.

Having said that, it still doesn’t excuse the actions of why our politicians have put us in this position of “being addicted to oil” provided by other countries. We are being held hostage to foreign nations, so much so, that now we have to beg permission to defend ourselves.

How else do you explain the Dubai Ports deal?

After all, you have to be a millionaire just to run for office. Corruption is an equal opportunity employer.

Going to the United Nations was also a real wake-up call. For the first time in our history we had to ask permission to knock out Saddam with a… “Mother May I?”

At last, action was being taken, and Saddam, it was agreed by everyone with a brain on the planet while he was alive, was dangerous. He was as cruel a man who ever walked the earth: basically insane.

Bin Ladin after all, has many rich Saudi relatives.

So, President Bush ordered the bombing, giving us hope that that nasty creep was hiding in Bagdad, and several times, we ALMOST got him.

We ALMOST got him, more than once, or twice--- finally we stopped watching.

Reporters were always on the scene, going through rubble--- “Isn’t that his shoe?”

We also watched the “shock and awe” of the wonderful technology of the America military. Now, we are SO good at dropping bombs that we can do it without killing civilians and no-one will lose electric. (Due to I suppose to their shortage of trees)

Yes, it was certainly amazing to watch the huge firestorms in Bagdad, while at the same time watching the cars on the highway in the foreground going about their business, shopping or going to visit their cousins. George was his father’s son.

All the time Bush was trying his hardest to hit Saddam, who just keep moving around.

As we see now, after his final death, there were many Muslims scared of the man, especially the Saudi Kings. In fact, it seems all the national leaders in the world were scared of him. He must have come awfully close to killing Daddy Bush, and that means everyone in power was fair game.

Saddam was killed before the Democrats took power, because he might have been reinstated once the new Congress of Democrats came back. (That’s a nobody opinion)

The Democrats are the radical Muslims staunchest friends. It has been mentioned more than once by various liberal leaders that Iraq was a MUCH safer country under Saddam, and we should put him back in power.

That didn’t play too well in Middle America, and the elections were approaching.

And even though we are told that the Iraqis now have their own government, we still have, I’m sure, a lot of say in it, by the sheer fact that we are pouring billions every day into the whole mess.

I mean, look at our choices here during elections. That’s why most people don’t vote.

I’m sure the Iraq’s had the same thing, not exactly who they would pick, but hey, they did enjoy voting for the first time, it was a start.

Every single news media channel played it down. It was a HUGE step, but not to be celebrated as such.

The media, that is being controlled by the liberals, (you know the stations) did everything they could to attack the “liberation” of Iraq, even to the point of costing American soldiers lives.

Now, I believe President Bush when he says that he believes a Democratic Iraq will insure our future. And I believe that the soldiers also think it’s a noble cause.

It actually looked like it was going to work for awhile.

And then came the scandals.

This nobody finds it VERY suspicious that every step forward by the Bush Administration to his goal, was met with two steps back from some scandal, at just the right time…to arouse the whole Muslim world into hatred for us, thereby making the process all that more impossible.

Now…think good readers. Who is good at creating scandals?

Abu Grave…okay, we know there are scumbags even in the American army, but those pictures, with the dyke looking girl…and the all the crazy things they did, piling them up, etc…somehow, took a very calculating mind. I don’t believe for a minute that that stupid girl and that guy thought those tricks up on their own. In fact, the man he had orders.

If they did “improvise”, the last thing they would do is take big pictures.

And then…SURPRISE! Pictures leaked out. Not just a few, but whole video’s.

Come on, people don’t even video half their family reunion. They had enough video and pictures to start a magazine.

The woman General whose command it happened under is now going to testify against Rumsfeld. It was HIS fault, not hers.

Okay, who appointed her?

Then we had a “cartoon” from the Danes, and the liberals making all those ridiculous accusations about Guantanamo prison. The liberals for the entire time of Bush’s administration have driven at him daily for his attempts in Iraq.

So, today, why is it no surprise that “somehow” a camera took pictures of Saddam’s hanging, and they have “somehow” been leaked to the world?

Everyone is lamenting poor Saddam. Killed on a HOLY day. By a bunch of thugs. Why, he had the worst childhood anyone could imagine, it wasn’t his fault that he turned out that way. The Pope is appalled.

Where is the Pope with the various throats slitting videos?

What surprised me about Saddam’s hanging is that, after all the big scenes he made in the trial, to go with such submission to his death shows in the end what a real coward he was.

He did not protest. Some say, he died with dignity. Bull. I think he was so narcissist that he just didn’t believe what was happening was actually happening.

Or maybe he was drugged.

Or maybe, he had just talked to his lawyer (a democrat) who had told him, it was all a lie.

Justice was done. And in this world of world wind political turmoil, that don’t happen too often.

Nobody’s Perfect; The British once planted a monarchy in Iraq, in 1937. Funny, not much is said about the damage left over from the British Empire.

But it still rules. I know, I write monthly checks to BP oil.

Nobody’s Knows; We helped out Saddam against Iran during their eight year war, millions were killed. This was during the 1980’s, actually, not that long ago.

I’m sure this little history is not helping us out right now.

Nobody Cares; I was going to do Ford’s death, but, I want to go and lie in a big bubble bath. So tomorrow. Then enough of the death stuff. Nancy Pelosi is having tea parties.


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