Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nobody’s Opinion; Tony Blair came out with the statement over the weekend that Saddam’s execution was “completely wrong.”

This strikes me as really funny, I mean, what did he expect? They were all so proud that they set up a “democracy” in Iraq, and gave the nation the freedom to elect a government and to rule as they saw fit not us, and when the new government does exactly that, resorting back to the culture that they are used to, we are surprised?

What world are these guys living in?
What world indeed. Today, while watching the movie “Regarding Henry” with Harrison Ford, I was thinking about the very well-to-do---People in the upper classes who have the best furniture, the biggest apartments, and eat out all the time on only the best steaks.

People that do NOT have garages full of stuff they are afraid to throw away.

It truly must be hard, being as they are surrounded by luxury to put themselves into the mindset of the middle classes. After all, I don’t think they know we exist.

They know about the poor of course. They really do hire mostly Spanish immigrants to cut their lawns, cook, and clean their houses. I’m sure, like the house slaves of the old South, these people become like their family members. It makes them feel wonderful to give these people a job. Their plight would break any heart.

So when Sylvester Stallone comes out and does a movie, and then sympathizes with the illegal immigrant who is only trying to survive in Stallone’s mind and heart, it felt to this nobody like.---Well, another one bites the dust.

When in Mexico, Stallone came out and said at the “Rocky” premier in Mexico that the idea of a wall on the border was “crazy.” One wonders why he did NOT make this statement here in the United States at the opening of his movie. Right…he needed to get the “Spanish” to rush to see the film.

Which means at our house, Rocky whatever number it is, will only be seen on DVD.

It’s not that the rich should not get rich, that’s the American dream. They just don’t think the middle class will be effected by immigration all that much.

And they don’t see that they are keeping the American dream from everyone else. And that it’s not fair. Not fair at all.

They no longer need the middle classes. They now have the world to buy their product. And the middle classes are not going to the movies of some of the liberal of Hollywood because of that mindset. At least those of us that see it coming.

The invasion of millions of illegal immigrants coming into the United States will basically destroy it. But the rich are so VERY rich now, they can have houses all over the world, the United States is just another place. Everything is relative.

But to most of us, it’s the only home we have, and we don’t want our kids to grow up having to speak two languages. It’s already happening.

A rich man could pay 70% of his profit in taxes to support the poor, and he will still come out with millions. They just don’t care. The middle class are not poor, or Spanish.

But the middle class will completely disappear. They are being asked to sacrifice their lives, and those of their children.

And redistribution of wealth does not upset them in the least, in fact, it makes sense to them.

This goes to the subject of Oprah. To this nobody, it is totally amazing and beyond belief that a talk show TV host, instead of some scientist, is now the richest woman in America. She did NOT do this all by herself.

Having said that, Oprah has a great heart. And she goes to Africa to set up a school to mold little black girl’s into the future leaders of tomorrow.

She interviewed every single girl to pick out just the right ones. The thousands that didn’t get picked must have been devastated.

Tell me, how is this much different than if a rich white woman had set up a school for all white girls to make and mold future leaders for OUR country. Would she be called racist?

She could have set up this same school here. I’m sure in America she could have found 150 black girls, who had the potential to be leaders, waiting to be molded. I don’t buy her story. But here, she would have been criticized for setting up an all black girls school, to mold as future LEADERS. She would have had to include white girls as well.

After all, most of the powerful blacks feel a great and deep need to help their own people.

But if a white person feels the same need, well, we are racist.

I suggest she adopt a poor white girl.

This idea is not new. Thomas Jefferson once wanted a National College, to be built in the Capitol for training future leaders of our country. He thought only the brightest and the best should apply.

We could certainly use that idea today by just looking at our new Congress. Just think if our leaders were picked out of the best and brightest, instead of the rich and corrupted?

So, in that respect, Oprah one day might be thought of as the Thomas Jefferson of Africa. When Africa is ruled by all Queens and Wesley Snipes will have a new home.

Speaking of Queens, Nancy Pelosi is making sure that in her first 100 days, stem cell research will be going full force thanks to an excellent performance by Michael J. Fox.

There is a scientist last week who declared that in fifteen years, he will be able to grow a pair of wings on a man, and the man will be able to fly. This is because the brain can “wire in” new limbs.

I suggest he get Robin Williams to be the first guy with wings. He’s used to being high.

Another scientist claimed that by the year 2030, a computer “man” will be smarter and better than any human. We won’t even need a Neo. He is the INVENTOR of course, so I’m not holding my breathe.

He didn’t say whether they would be able to have sex or reproduce, but by that time, humans probably won’t be allowed to either due to the population overload.
And it would not be a news day without the likes of Angelina Jolie to get into it. It seems the diva of adopting African babies has tongue lashed the older diva sex symbol Madonna for illegally adopting a baby from Africa with a living father.

Frankly, I would have critized those pointy bras she tried to make popular in the 1980’s. Some poor guy HAD to get his eye put out by those things.

Angelina is just jealous that the name of Madonna has already been trademarked.

So the rich were busy in the first week of January. It was a full moon, while the nobodies’ just wait for the electric to come back on, and the National Guard bring them food.

Another absurd week, and what fun! The year’s only starting!

Nobody’s Perfect; Harvard is thinking about getting a woman President. Well, now that Nancy and Hillary are to be our new leaders, the feminists want a complete takeover.

Well, why not go all the way? Let’s make it a rule that woman run all the banks, the army, the navy, the air force, and all the Church’s.

After all, they’ve already ruin our educational system. Might as well get it over with and make a clean slate.

Nobody Knows; I’m in such an ornery mood tonight because I watched “The Stand” by Stephen King…all 2,490 hours of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephen King. Just not all in one day. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about “Flag” tonight, and my new home in Las Vegas, where I will be searching for nukes, and saying the Lord's Prayer, and probably end up in Japan.

Nobody Cares: The Democrats have decided NOT to show up for Congress, after having said that nobody is ever there.

Well, is anyone surprised? Actually, I think they should all just stay home, I don’t think anyone would care.


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