Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hillary, Let's Chat!

Nobody’s Opinion:

Well Hillary! You announced today that you want to chat to me! The middle class nobody out here who has had to watch you on TV for over a decade! Boy, this is a first!

How marvelous! I saw that you came out last Saturday on the internet, with a full green lawn of grass and nice green trees behind you, at your house in Washington, D.C...

Hey, honey, who IS your gardener? Send him over to my house. Any man who can make trees and grass stay green in January is worth being paid in pesos.

So Hillary, just when was this “Presidential exploratory committee” video made? Last summer? Or was that just a sweet computer summer-simulated background insert to make all of us out here in the middle of America feel better while we are falling on ice and waiting for the next electrical grid failure?

Was that an allegorical background symbol to make us all think you are “the new spring beginning?”

I think you should have put a deer grazing on the grass. Or better yet, had Bill out mowing the back yard lawn, and picking up dog piles: while helping the Mexican gardener.

So Hillary, when you become President, are you going to mandate “solar panels” on every home?

And are you going to do all you can to give all women in the world free abortions on the American taxpayers money again?

I know it really pissed you off when President Bush shut down that program. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you help get that wonderful program into China…protecting the woman’s right over there to get rid of all those little girl babies, with OUR help?

Are we going to get free abortions here? Will all babies be mandated to be in federal schools by the age of one?

How thoughtful of you Hillary, you know most of these young people have no clue how to raise a child.

Seriously Hillary, actually sweetheart, I’m so glad you’ve invited me into this “conversation” because you have never wanted to converse with me before!

If I e-mail you, will you e-mail me back?

I heard you say in your “Hillary’s imitation of Oprah Winfrey’s cozy chat on the sofa” video, that you grew up in the middle class in Chicago; therefore you really want me to feel close to you! How sweet!

Okay Madame Hillary…let’s talk, “let the conversation begin.”

You say you want my opinion on quality affordable heath care. You know Hillary, before you and your husband were in the White House, I had a wonderful doctor. Insurance was pretty cheap, drugs were cheap, and the doctor could spend as much time as he wanted with me. Then somewhere while you and your husband were in office, we got the HMO’s. Oh sure, it sounded great at the start.

So what if you only pay $20 co-pay? Your doctor can only give you about 7 minutes to figure out what’s wrong with you. Doctors cannot do much of anything in that time frame except tell you about their golf game. Then they take an uninterested educated guess at your complaint, and give you a drug.

Now, after the Clinton dynasty, if you go into a hospital, you could die with all the mistakes that are made.

So when you become President, can I go to your doctor Hillary? That would be so nice of you. Because with universal health care, it’s only going to get worse.

I blame this on you Hillary. You have made ONE big FUBAR out of the whole medical system. After you were stopped with your plans, somehow you went in through a back door.

This HMO stuff happened on YOUR watch. And don’t tell me you weren’t co-partners in the White House with your husband.

You know my cousin has his own business, but he and he wife could not afford medical insurance. He had a heart attack recently, went to the hospital, sat there for two days, and a doctor from India came in and ordered tests, but when he found out that my cousin had no insurance, he was released in ten minutes. They kicked him out.

If I were him I would have said “hola” to every single nurse.

So Hillary, can I send his bill of $60,000 dollars to you at the White House? Because he made less than a Mexican mowing lawns last year.

I just knew you’d understand.

Hillary, I must tell you, you sure let us all know that when you said you weren’t some bimbo sitting at home baking cookies, you weren’t kidding!

I heard you say the other day that you should always, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Is that why Bill and Daddy Bush, are now best friends? He doesn’t mind one bit when you and Bill say such nasty things about his son, not one bit.

So, are the Bushes your friends, or enemies?

You also have another saying, although you don’t dare tell us, but go ahead; we’re having such a nice private little chat.

You’ve said, “Create a problem, then come in with the solution.”

That’s the motto at all the Yale and Harvard nude parties. You learned that from Bill, didn’t you?

Well, that really worked with our medical system. And it’s has also worked with the problems in Iraq.

You and your husband just let bin Laden and all the terrorist situation get SO bad that no matter who won the Presidency, they’d be in such a hole that YOU would have to step in and fix it all! Right! How clever. Who thought that up, Bill?

Your husband even bombed Iraq and some other countries just to get them lathered up with hatred.

Yes, you were well aware that the Twin Towers were probable targets, because you tried so hard to warn the new President, didn’t you?

You even decimated the whole military down to no more than a Boy Scout troop, so that after 9/11, we had to use our National Guard after the attack…people that are not trained to fight in a war.

Now you’ve always been a big woman’s libber and a proud one. I used to be one so I know just where you’re coming from.

We all know, that as a feminist who wanted to be President, and lacking the charisma, that you had to get there using a man. Actually, I would have taken a more direct approach and tried to do it on my own.

But then again, I’m not you, thank goodness.

Now, how about the way you, as a stand up feminist who has cared about “woman’s rights,” said nothing about Bill’s philandering, the allegations of rape, and the lying to grand juries. In fact, you have done nothing but protect him.

Any feminist woman worth her salt would have headed for the divorce court.

We all just thought that you kept quiet, not because of your love for Bill, (because he had been cheating on you ever since you met him) but because of your desire for power.

And Hillary, you were pretty well spoken on the Video, but you are wise to know you cannot win on your own strength. Your speech ability is not exactly college material.

Obama can talk rings around you. Better not debate him. But of course, you won’t have too because you have more money, whew! I bet that’s a relief!

I’d rather listen to President George Bush make his speech “blunders” then have to listen to you drone on and on and say absolute nothing worth listening too.

Not to mention you cannot for the life of yourself stop saying “uh” in each and every “uh” sentence, because “uh” you are really not smart enough to “uh” stop this terribly bad habit, that “uh” you should have gotten rid of in “uh” college.


I went to your website, and all the video’s you lost all your winkles. What, are you ashamed to show your age? Is this vanity?

Well, love the touch-ups dear. Too bad Vince Foster couldn’t see you now.

But Hillary, since we are talking, I’m not sure it was such a good idea to compare your self to Margaret Thatcher.

Please Hillary, I’m here to help you. The difference between Margaret Thatcher’s IQ and yours is so great a gulf; I doubt that even your husband could disguise it.

Which is why, I’m sure you always stay very well hidden behind your bodyguards.

The years you have waited, the insults you’ve had to put up with. The lies and the cover-ups---covering up all Bill’s bimbo’s, all the “I’m not running lies”: covering up Vince Foster’s “death” by having to get up late at night to shred papers.

All the years of pretending you are a middle class patriotic American, when you are really a partner in a socialistic/communistic, third way takeover of the world.

Well, I have some nobody advice dear.

You should have married Jimmy Carter. You would have had a much happier life.

Oh, I wouldn’t let Bill pick your Vice President. Just a thought.

Well, thanks for the chat Hillary. Let’s do it again.

Nobody’s Perfect; Hillary has to pretend now that she sleeps with Bill. Ha! For a woman to stay married to one man who from the beginning of their relationship never to have been faithful to her, makes her a pretty sick cookie, or gay, or a power hungry elite psycho.
I’d say, it’s a combination, let’s not limit her.

How much hypocrisy can one nation bear?

Nobody Knows; Who is going to be her running mate? Will it be a woman/black (and half white) Obama? Will it be a southern lawyer, lower than pond scum, John Edwards? Will it be Joe Biden? Or Richardson the Mexican?

Or Arnold? Which would assure her California?

Or will it be Bill Clinton, her husband, thereby making it certain that if she is killed he will become President again.

Is there any where in the constitution that says that if the President dies, the vice President can’t take over just because he was President?

My husband I had an argument about this one. I suppose it depends on who’s interpreting it.

Any comments?

Nobody Cares: I’m getting sick. This is starting much too soon. I might need serious drugs myself before the whole thing is done. I might overdose on aspirin.

Oh, I forgot, the last two Presidents have made it a point to pardon drug lords.

I’d say by that action that drugs are here to stay.

Hillary should be selling bongs soon, on her website, along with discounted trips to China.


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