Friday, February 02, 2007

The Art of Incompetence

Nobody’s Opinion: Bill Cosby does a great comedic bit about “men” not knowing how to do simple tasks around the house, like for instance…the laundry.

When assigned with these mundane tasks by the spouse, the “man” (being Bill in this instance) will proceed to make such a disaster out of his domestically assigned chore, something he had no intention of doing in the first place because of the football game being on TV, that the only logical way to get out of the task is to pretend incompetence.

The trick is---you must be convincing.

So, the joke goes, he would put the soap in the wrong place, mix the colored pieces with the whites, put the tennis shoes in with the towels, and hopelessly ask his wife a million questions thereby, even IF she wrote down the directions for him, he would still feign confusion.

The wife would throw up her hands and come to the conclusion that the man was a bonified moron, and go do the job herself.

Never mind that he had put in a whole air-conditioning unit at the Toyota factory last week. He would have convinced his spouse that doing the laundry was way too far above his intelligence.

The reason this bit is so comical is that Bill hits a universal point. If you don’t want to do something for selfish reasons of your own…play dumb.

Somewhere in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, a man is claiming not knowing how to milk a goat.

Bill Cosby actually thinks it is one of “man’s” finest moments.

Domestic chores are very boring, but necessary. Nobody wants to do them. It’s a funny bit, even if there is truth to it.

Woman can use this game also. Because my husband cooks much better than me, I can often convince him to cook when I’m not in the mood with the question, “Are you SURE you want to settle for my lasagna?”

Sure, I could probably go take a cooking class, but, I don’t want to. Selfishly I’d rather spend my time doing something else, like reading a book.

This brings me to the question: Is the United States government really as incompetent as we see every single day of our lives? Or are we witnessing Bill Cosby national “moments?”

Mathematically speaking, when you flip a coin you have a 50/50 chance of heads or tails. So the fact that our government is so completely clueless and does the wrong thing almost 100% of the time, is almost beyond believable.

We saw this in 9/11, Katrina, the immigration issue, our failing schools, and now in Iraq.

Are we suppose to believe they can’t do ANYTHING right?

People in Florida recently hit by tornado’s yesterday are still waiting for help promised from a hurricane in 2004.

Let’s face it, the ONLY thing the government of America does well every single time is take our hard earned money.

But there is one “incompetent” moment in history that makes all others seem pale in comparison. This was an incompetent act of treason that is inexcusable, and yet has been excused by all but a few.

Recently, China launched into space a ground-based missile and knocked one of their old satellites out of the sky, 500 miles up.

This was an extremely competent show of military aggression by China, caused by the extreme incompetence of X-President Bill Clinton and his then cabinet buddy, Sandy Burger.

Or was it incompetence? Was there a selfish reason for this action?

Bill Clinton, who was President of the United States at the time and swore to protect the American people, with Sandy’s help, arranged to sell dangerous nuclear missile technology to China, because he needed the money in 1996 to get re-elected.

The “deal” was set up by Sandy Berger, for Loral, an American company who wanted to sell their technology to China. Loral donated millions to Bill’s campaign.

This act was much more egregious than President Bush’s going into Iraq, but nobody seems to care at the moment. So what if China can nuke us now? So what if China sold this very technology to Iran who is now so emboldened they mock us at every turn.

Was Bill Clinton having a “Cosby” moment when he moved the selling of our nuclear secrets by putting all technology transfer in the hands of the Commerce Department (signed by Bill on March 12, 1996) thereby taking the Pentagon out of overseeing sensitive technology to our enemies altogether?

What ARE we?---a nation of complete incompetent fools?

Was this about the “incompetence” of Bill Clinton, or was this about the selfish desire for much needed campaign money for his reelection?

A re-election that also needed to go ahead in order to set his wife up to become President in 2008.

Hillary and President Clinton had countless $50,000 dollar White House coffee clutches with Wang Jun, a man who’s company was controlled by the People’s Liberation Army of China.

The Chinese were crawling all over the White House, all for “commerce.”

If Bill Clinton knew exactly what he was doing, knowing full well that China could turn around (which it did) and sell this advanced technology to Iran and Iraq, then could this action alone be the reason Iran is so far advanced in getting ready to nuke us?

He knew he could only serve two terms. He often talked about how it frustrated him.

Or would Bill come back and say, there is no way we could have known what would happen when we approved the sales.

After all, Bill had trouble keeping his stain off blue dresses.

We’ve also heard this excuse about the attack on 9/11 time and time again.

And these excuses were from Condoleezza Rice. Later we found out, they ALL knew of the impending danger.

Good thing Sandy Berger has big feet.

And wasn’t it Madeleine Albright who gave Kim Jong II nuclear technology, and later claimed the very same thing? She said they promised not to use it to develop nuclear weapons.

Not her fault…Such incompetence, no harm done.

Is this why all the democrats are pointing to Iran and Iraq, when the real enemy is China?
When the REAL traitor is what Bill Clinton has done to the United States just to stay in power?

Just who do we fear more?

Today, the Democrats are all claiming that we should just go ahead and give Iran more nuclear stuff, because, after all, every one else has it and we don’t know that they are NOT going to use it just to heat their extremely cold homes…do we? Why if we just talk to them, they’ll tell us!

Even though, we did the same thing with China and North Korea, that doesn’t mean the Iran won’t tell the truth, does it?

And these people run our Congress?

Now the Democratic Party is just about to make this incompetent man’s wife President, putting him and her in power again.

And they have the audacity, after giving North Korea, China, and Iran nuclear capabilities to say that it’s President George W. Bush who is the threat?

When Sandy Burger gave China the satellite technology, his excuse was it would give remote Chinese villagers access to people and ideas in democratic societies.

Obviously, transferring our nuclear secrets and arming China so as to be able to wipe every American city off the map was a treasonous act done WAY before the “invasion” of Iraq. It makes President George Bush’s war in Iraq seem pale in comparison.

If you say President Bush went to war to protect our oil supplies and the Persian Gulf, then President Clinton gave China the power to destroy the United States just to get re-elected.

Which act was more selfish?

No, Bill Clinton didn’t invade China, but he basically handed over the United States to her by this act of treason beyond anything ever committed in the annuals of history of any nation.

George Washington would not have pardoned him.

Arming China, who then arms the Middle East, thereby putting us at the mercy of all the nations on the Earth, this crime against all the citizens of the United States have been completely ignored,

And why? Because of the incompetence of our press? The incompetence of the American people?

Or is there another reason?

We are about to get a woman to be placed as President, who will claim not to have known about this action when we get attacked again and the fingers point out who is really responsible.

A woman who claimed she never knew about Monica, never knew if she was going to run for President, never knew she wasn’t suppose to go into Vince Foster’s office and shred papers after he was found dead, never knew about her husband selling all our nuclear secrets to China. (Who sold them to Iran and every other enemy we have.)

She will claim she was just first lady, and she was just told to go and have a cup of tea!

And she can’t even make tea!

What do you think?

This nobody thinks that if Hillary Clinton becomes President, we will all find out the true meaning of incompetence, because the Clintons have it down to a fine art.

And we will be lamenting forever the incompetence of our own lives, because we didn’t try to stop them.

Nobody’s Perfect---Our country was sold out for a $2 million contribution to the Clintons by Bernie Schwartz of Loral.

Like Sandy Berger, compared to the crime committed, they got only a slap on the wrist for their treason.

Obviously the Clintons care more about their power positions in the world, and they are making sure that when we are attacked, the REAL people to blame will not be them, but our current President George W. Bush for being so incompetent. And with the control of the media the next two years, you can be sure all the incompetent and uneducated people in the United States will believe every single word they say.

Nobody Knows; Ron Brown was in the middle of all this Chinese money. Like John Kennedy Jr, he is not around to tell us why his plane crashed.

Nobody Cares
; The fact that this man and woman are still so powerful, that they can send in their boys to grab incrinmating documents and no one ever touches them: the fact that by giving China the weapons to destroy every single one of us was proof beyond questioning that they cared nothing for the citizens of America

AND they can STILL convince the people that they truly love America.

Is beyond all logic.

The biggest reason I can think of to attack the President Bush right now is the fact that he did not charge them both with treason when he became President.

But that’s not a Bill Cosby moment, that’s incompetence at the highest level.


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