Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 35: Dissertation on Dieties and Their Canons

Nobody’s Opinion: In his “Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal LawJohn Adams discussed the “love of power.” Calling it his “essay on the aristocracy” he said these men displayed an “encroaching, grasping, restless, and ungovernable” passion for power.

John Adams said the reason the American citizens, although gullible and slow to resist tyranny, recognized a tyrant when they saw one was because the people benefited from an educational establishment that educated everyone through all ranks of society. An educational system that Adams believed “has been unknown to any other people ancient or modern.”

Well, it didn’t take them long to screw it up, did it?

Keeping this thought in mind, here are some of the more ridiculous ponderings of the day.

Senator Biden came out today, not only announcing his plan to run for President, but to put a few comments out there for speculation. The one everybody from Drudge to the radio programs were talking about was his condescending remarks about Barack Obama, saying, “ I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American, articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Of course NOBODY seems to mention in their rebuttals that Obama’s mother was white and he was born in Hawaii, not Africa.

At least Obama gets mentioned as articulate, whereas his poor mother was just ignored as having not existed, being as Obama is always mistakenly portrayed as being completely black.

John was right. The grasping for power is so great that one-half of your heritage will be completely ignored to get votes from blacks, who will love the fact that your fathers and grandfathers were Muslims, but not like the fact that you had a white mother.

Somewhere our political and educational system has decided to exterminate the word, mulatto.

Personally, I prefer the word for a mix of whatever your parents are: mutt.

Most of us are mutts. So let’s get rid of all this African-American nonsense.

Obama, if you can’t come out and acknowledge your poor mother, at least don’t insult white people by ignoring her. That goes for every one stuck on this absurdity.


Speaking of Obama’s articulations, here are a few that caught my eye;

Obama has said that he really admires Malcolm X’s because, “Whites might live beside blacks as brothers in Islam, which offers (him) some hope in the path of reconciliation.”

This means if all whites became Muslims, the blacks would like us better, racial prejudices from the whites would disappear, and black men could marry more than one white wife, therefore increasing the possibility of more mutts to be called African-Americans, and get elected.

He also said, “We are no longer just a Christian nation.” Oh really? Last time I looked up the stats, it seems the Christian majority is about 80%.

Here’s another one: “The arguments of Liberals are more often grounded in reason and fact.”

Sorry to tell you Mr. Adams, but the liberals are so ignorant and uneducated that they honestly believe socialism and the redistribution of wealth is the way to save the world.

Having never learned from the tyrants of historical record like our forefathers did, about the fact that it’s the sure way to destroy any nation, they go on in their completely ignorant way.

Or maybe it’s because they know it’s the best way for a handful of aristocrats to grab power over the world, and in that case, they are pretending to be dumb for their own greed and lust.

This leads to the subject of the seemingly horrible education of Hillary Clinton.

From where this nobody stands today, the only difference between Hillary plans for the United States takeover and Hugo Chavez takeover of Venezuela is that Hugo can actually tell a joke.

Hugo wants socialism! So does Hillary! Hugo wants to take over the oil companies! So does Hillary! Both are for big government and the redistribution of taxpayers money!

What’s the difference?

The only difference is that here in the United States the media is mostly already controlled by the Socialist Democrats and Hugo has just been given permission to get his state controlled media in tact. He is already training thousands of students for free, in the art of the controlling the masses, copying the great example of our Hollywood friends. He will catch up to Hillary in no time.

After all, Jimmy Carter helped put him in power. I have no doubt some of America’s finest producers from Hollywood are down there at this very moment helping to set up the schools. Manipulating the public is one of America’s finest arts.

Spin is our specialty.

For example, in order to let you know that Hillary is one tough cookie on Iraq and protecting America, she knows she can’t come out and be a hawk (which she isn’t) to her liberal base, so she critizes John Kerry for the way he ran his campaign, bringing up the subject herself to make the point she wants to make to conservatives.

She said, “When you’re attacked, you have to deck your opponent.”

Ooooooooo….spoken like a true cowboy.

This was also very clever because she was also warning all Americans citizens that once she is in power, if you cross her, you might want to move to Venezuela. At least Hugo has a sense of humor.


Speaking of a sense of humor, Vermont is now paying family members $10.00 an hour to take care of their sick relatives.

One thing you have to say about the New Democrats…they are very creative when it comes to thinking up new ways to put every single person in America on a government paycheck.

This means that if every single person worked for the government, they will think twice about attacking the Democrats that will be running it.

That is one of the reasons why most government jobs are filled with “African Americans.” They would dare vote themselves out of a job. It also has helped the Democrats to building a slave class of yes-men they can count on.


Speaking of Hillary and yes-men, Manie Davis was on Bill O’Reilly radio program today talking about how wonderful Hillary was as a person. Bill is doing the two-step to get an interview with Hillary, saying he felt sorry for her having to take all the personal attacks.

Gee…he never felt sorry for President Bush. Why is this, because she’s a woman?

Manie knows Hillary needs to get on O’Rielly, with a soft interview.

O’Rielly said that Dick Morris hates Hillary, and his hatred was illogical.

This nobody has noticed that both Bill Clinton AND Dick Morris seem to be promoting Senator Huckabee from Arkansas.

Which means that MAYBE Bill is actually scared of Hillary becoming President, or that they need a third party running in order for her to actually get elected.

I’ve always suspected that Dick is still working for, if not Bill, then his policies.

Huckabee (a republican) is being made out to be the perfect conservative. This will go on until he gets in office, and then we will see “compassionate” conservative, just like what we saw in Arnold.

A candidate we don’t even recognize.

After all, we watched our President turn on his own people by signing the merging of Canada, Mexico, and Canada into a new country, without even asking us.

Who would have ever though it possible?


So John, I’m afraid to tell you that America has changed. The aristocracy you recognized and rebelled against so long ago, is not only more encroaching, more grasping, more restless, and so ungovernable that even if I told you that the educational system was STILL the best in the world (instead of the worst) and the people were up in arms about the overwhelming tyranny being tolerate, the fact is that the new “aristocracy” that has grabbed the American government today is beyond repair and have set themselves up securely so as not to be challenged or damaged without a complete revolution from the people.

And to make sure that another American Revolution never happens again, great expense has been put into non-lethal weapons.

Things look actually much worse than when you lived Mr. Adams, and unfortunately now it takes a great sense of humor just to get through the day.

Even though many brave citizens are writing dissertations on the events of our time, it going to take more than a revolution to change it all.

We might actually have to leave the planet. What we need John, is more men and woman like our founders.

Otherwise, we are condemned to suffer infinity of more aristocratic absurdities, which are as endless as their ability to create more government jobs.

I wonder when the damn will break?

Nobody’s Perfect; Ralm Emanuel, the new Muslim representative, use to work for Bill and Hillary Clinton, so he is supporting Hillary for President. His brother though got together with Obama’s brother (who Obama is proud to say is a Muslim) and both are voting for Obama.

Since when do we have to know what everybody’s brother does?

Nobody Knows; I’m having a hard time believing Joe Biden is even getting in the race. He knows, like Ralph Nader, he’s not going to win.

So what’s the real reason…money?

Nobody’s Cares; The fee for becoming a legal citizen has just doubled from a little over three hundred dollars to six hundred.

This means they know they are going to pass an amnesty bill soon, and wanted to get more bucks.

Also, I found it amusing that many people are asking the Cubans in Miami NOT to celebrate too much when Castro dies, but no one is asking Jane Fonda to get a grip.

Nobody wins
; The Iraq police academy has an Olympic size swimming pool, paid for by us.

No wonder they don’t want to go to work. Why not flunk every class and get paid to swim all day? Socialism is coming to Iraq.