Monday, January 29, 2007

Nobody’s Opinion: While Hillary was making her fabulous coming out party in Iowa, while John Kerry was hanging out in Davos with the likes of Bono, once again doing what he does best (putting down America), while Prince Charles and his Camilla were hanging out at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, trying to show that they truly DO believe in democracy even if they are royalty, I was reading some magazines.

I like to read an article every day in various magazines: Newsmax, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Science, Inventor’s Digest…even Reader’s Digest.

It’s like a warm-up exercise.

Since I’m new to this writing stuff, about nine months ago I got a subscription to Writer’s Digest. This month on the first page I discovered that the Editor was leaving, and a new one was taking her place. When National Geographic did this, the whole book changed into a global warming advertisement, with leftist leaning on the poverty of the world. Right away I knew this was not a good sign.

Very noticeable on the Contests page was a picture of Che Guevara…SPOTLIGHT: it says. “The Rebel’s Guide to Getting Published.”

Well, that’s bound to come in handy for the communist takeover. As we all know, the liberals are going to need all the Marists writers it can get.

Then, a few pages later I get to the Editor’s parting remarks (Kristin D. Godsey) and guess what’s bothering her?


“Is it too soon for a blog backlash? For someone who spends as much time online as I do, I have to say, it’s starting to feel like a bit much…do I need to get everyone’s perspective? The overall effect is leaving me a little…bored,” she laments.

Now…I have noticed that all the winners in the contests put on by this magazine almost ALWAYS go to the “gay” guy who talks about his experiences, or highly sexual content of some pervert and how he wanted to masturbate in front of his mother…so I knew right off from the start to not bother to enter.

God forbid I bore the editor.

I continue on to the article about “blogging” and the advice from it was “stay away from politics” on your blog because you’re more likely to get a serious professional to notice you.

Okay, I’m doomed again.

Turning the page, I noticed a NEW thing…a calendar with author’s birthdates. Now it was MY turn to think…how boring. Someone had made the decision that the new writers out there should memorized the birthdates of Betty Friedan, Helen Gurley Brown, John Steinbeck, Alex Haley, Lewis Carroll, Astrid Lindgren (Pippi Longstocking), and that gay genius who knew she was a genius, Gertrude Stein.

Okay, it’s obvious by the first few pages this magazine has been lost to the New World Order. It has now come out of the closet as propaganda for left to encourage new writers for them to use in other venues.

So, I put that one down and went on to Vanity Fair. This editor, Graydon Carter, didn’t even try to hide his hatred for the President.

“With the campaign over, Republican politicians could remover the American-flag pins they’ve nailed to their lapels for the past five years. Bush used 9/11 to tear the nation and the world apart.”

Actually, I owe him some thanks, I’ve been thinking about getting a 1776 flag tattoo, on my wrist, that way, when they go to “chip” me, they will be looking at it.

The very next issue had a whole layout of portraits of the new democrats; Osama, Hillary, (her minted portrait for her coin) Nancy (holding a red scarf) Trent Lot (the traitor) and the epitome of old boys power club called (the bulls) made up of Ted Kennedy, John Connors, Robert Byrd, John Dingell, and Charles Rangel.

For all their bluster about the Republicans being an “old boys club” this picture of the most powerful Democrats lets you know you are looking at it, the true inheritors of the robber barons. Senator Rockefeller must have been busy worrying about Bush bombing Iran that day and was too upset to show up.

Of course this is nothing new, this democratic portrait stuff. Right after John Kennedy Jr.’s plane went down, in the VERY next issue of his magazine, “George,” I saw the very same pictures…big portraits of Hillary, Madeleine Albright, and Bill Clinton.

I thought it was highly inappropriate at the time. Because, like many Americans, I did not buy the fact that he got lost in the fog.

Why? Because I actually read George, cover to cover, every month. And unlike Vanity Fair, John Kennedy as Editor was buffeting BOTH parties, towards the end with equal magnitude.

If he had run for Senator in New York, it would be John running for President now, instead of Hillary.

So, I put down the magazines, being rather “bored” and went back to the internet, to read the political blogs, where the people can speak their minds, and where there are editors who do NOT pick and choose articles, in order to promote the Marxist agenda.

And you can be sure, when Hillary is elected President, the internet will be the first thing she reaches out and censors.

Because it’s the last stand for the people’s voices to be heard.

Why else would Google (known to be good at censoring conservatives already) spend so much money to buy YouTube? You think it was just for the money?

The newspapers are losing their grip; I say we start attacking the magazines. (Who are owned by the same people.)

Unlike MS. Godfrey, I think the blogs on the internet are never boring, but rather amazing in every way. Hopefully, since the bloggers bore her so much, she will stay off the internet.

Nobody’s Perfect
: If you’ve ever looked at magazines at your local book store, it’s almost beyond belief that the people who are against damaging the environment have no qualms about putting out so many magazines with nothing worth reading in them.

I mean, just how many recopies of Apple pie crust do you need to print in the world? Especially when many do not even have the time to cook anymore?

Nobody Knows: How many of these editors are hand picked and controlled by political parties. (The Democrats.)

Nobody Cares; Bill Gates at the Davos convention in Switzerland said that the internet was going to take over the Television. Once that happens, the monopoly will be complete. He also is going to charge about $400.00 for Vista.

So that he can give your hard earned money to Africa.

Every few years he comes out with new “version.” By the year 2010, it will be at least one thousand to “upgrade.”

I wonder what it costs in China…don’t you?

Have you noticed that the words blog and blogger is not in Bill Gates Microsoft spell check program? Was this omission on purpose? Will Vista have the words? Someone check it out, and if it’s not, I hope all bloggers complain.

P.S. Mike LaSalle, here at MensNewsDaily continues to set a fine example of what how an outstanding editor works. He deserves all our thanks.


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