Friday, January 26, 2007

Lincoln, Madeleine Abright, and the Pigs

Nobody’s Opinion:

I starting reading “The Mighty & the Almighty” today by Madeleine Albright, when I came upon one of those “endearing” old fashion fables, often thrown into speeches by the “mighty” in order to explain to you, the lowly moron, some usually exorbitant and almost criminal behavior that they, the “mighty” do with no conscience.

Nine times out of ten, the purpose of which is to make you think they are wonderful, (and near GOD-like) and to give you a “good” feeling about how they, the “almighty,” rob your hard earned money and give it away.

Bill Clinton peppers all his speeches with little “stories” and they are usually told with big emotional bravado endings bringing Bill Clinton into his orgasmic finale. I’m surprised he doesn’t take an orchestra of violins on the road with him.

They must learn this little technique at their Georgetown University International Foreign Class on “How To Tell A Good Lie, 101.”

It’s always best to include a popular figure from history.

The stories always sound like they could be true…until you hear the punch line. You could think of them as basically bad jokes, if you could dismiss the fact that the bad joke is usually on you.

Madeleine (i.e. Marie Jana Korbelova’) sets up this story in the book by saying how she thought after she became Madame Secretary of State she should actually SEE the world and VISIT real people to see how her actions as Secretary of State would affect the average man or woman.

It was also a great excuse for Madeleine to travel around the world on Air Force Two, stay at the best hotels, and sip cognac while eating steaks at the best restaurants.

Up until that time she was trying very hard not to imagine what everyone was going through, and succeeding at it, I might add.

I would like to tell you that she visited an American family to see how her actions affected them--- but of course that would have ruined her DNA sequences.

The last time the old gal even came CLOSE to an average American person, like an owner of a gas station, was when her limo had to get a tire change in Kansas.

Anyway, she starts the story “lesson” with a memory from her visit to Africa.

“I remember,” she says, “especially, holding a three-year-old girl in Sierra Leone. Her name was Mamuna; she wore a red jumper and played happily with a toy car using her one arm. A soldier had chopped the other arm off with a machete. I could not comprehend how anyone could have taken a machete to that girl.”

She continues, “At each stop, I wished I could have bought all of America with me. Given the opportunity to see the wretched conditions in which so many people must live, I was sure we would respond with urgency and generosity. As soon as I returned, I would enumerate all the practical reasons Americans should care; because we had an interest in stability, in prosperous overseas markets, in strengthening the rule of law, in extending our influence, and in burnishing our reputation.”

Now if you read this statement and take it at face value, the reasons she gives at the end sound much like the very same goals that President Bush says over and over. Pat Buchanan comes right out and calls it American imperialism.

Why is it that when a Democrat talks about world domination it’s ALWAYS because they are SAVING the world.

But when the Republicans say the same thing, they are destroying it.

Well, here’s Madeleine’s story…one that, probably was handed down by Lincoln himself, but never happened.

I like to call it; Lincoln and The Pig.

Lincoln one day was walking, and he had a very nice lawyer’s suit on. He passed a pig that was caught in a muddy bog. He kept walking…but then 2 miles down the road he turned around and came back, and helped the pig out.

When someone asked him why he did that, because he ruined his suit, Lincoln said;

I didn’t do it for the pig; I did it for me…to take the pain out of my mind.”

You tell me…was this about as big as a Freudian slip as anyone could make? Does this not sound like the Democratic rationalization for every thing they do?

Global warming, saving the world, using wealth redistribution to give to the whole world, at the expense of our own good suit, they do this so that they can get rid of their pain?

And does this mean that all the “mighty” think we, the “un-mighty” are all pigs in the mud?

The sublimal message here is quite revealing.

Did not our Congress just make a meaningless “not-binding” resolution against the war in Iraq, so as to ease their own pain?

Madeleine says, “If Lincoln could recognize his self interest in rescuing a pig at the cost of his suit, America should be able to see its stake in helping people to escape their own desperate circumstances”

Well, Madame Madeline, isn’t that exactly what we are DOING in Iraq, a war that you have said is the worst blunder in history?

What---that’s NOT what you meant? You only meant we should give billions to Africa?

Explain this to me…I feel like a pig stuck in the mud out here.

Evidently Maddie’s great sympathy for the children of the world did not extend to Rwanda, or to the sanctions against Iraq which she put on during her “reign” as Secretary of State.

In 1996, Lesley Stahl, on 60 minutes said: “We have heard that half of a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children that died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it.?”

Albright: “I think it was a really hard choice, but the price, we think the price was worth it.”

In other words, there is no mud in Iraq, according to her.

Later on she said it was a stupid statement. In her mind her opinions may have changed, but not the fact that she is right. After all, she says that the main purpose of foreign policy is to persuade other countries to do what we want.

I don’t get it. I thought we were NOT supposed to impose our democracy on others, according to the Democrats. As she says in her book; “We do not have a divine calling to spread democracy any more than we have a national mission to spread Christianity.”

And this thinking is EXACTLY what is destroying America.

Right, we’ll just wait for the OTHER guys who want to kill us come over and use their divine right to do it.

You might think that this woman is either:

A. extremely stupid because she doesn’t see the difference in a Muslim cutting off a girl’s arm for no reason, and soldiers in Iraq trying to help people establish some sort of real life.

B. she is extremely spoiled rotten and narcissistic and could care less what anyone thinks, but wants to solve all the pigs problems in order to reliever her own pain.

Or C. She has been groomed to be just what she is: the Real Miss Piggy.

Someone should have sent her to hog heaven moons ago.

Since the story of Lincoln and his pig, I am very excited to read the rest of the book, maybe she will sneak in the one where George Washington actually told quite a few lies, NOT to save the pigs, but because he was in so much pain.

I can’t wait.

Nobody’s Perfect; She tells another story about while her twins were suffering in intensive care, Madeline went out and learned Russian in one month to forget her “pain.” Oh sure, she was probably shipped off to Russia by the Council of Foreign Relations to study at the Lenin University in Moscow with Bill.

The stories they make up…jeeez.

This woman has more degrees than then shark has teeth. And even after all that training, she STILL gave Kim Jong IL of North Korea nuclear power, and billions to built up his nuclear war chest.

Nobody Knows; It’s a small world for these elites. They all go to the same world elite training schools. Like Clinton, Madeleine studied Foreign Relations at Georgetown University. Like Hillary, she got a degree at Wesley. Condoleezza Rice was trained by Madeleine’s father who was the dean of the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver.

After her job as Madame Secretary, in 2003, she was put on the board of the New York Stock Exchange, where she appointed all the members.

Funny, I don’t remember seeing that she had a degree in economics.

She had to resign after Dick Grasso (one of her appointees) made 187.5 million. She wasn’t paying too much attention.

So, did he hide some money in the dumpster ya think?

Nobody Cares; She is now training future communists in foreign relations at Georgetown. Her official title is: Mortara Distinguished Professor of Diplomacy.

What the hell is a Mortara? Pig latin for Medusa?

She also is the Chairperson of the National Institute for International Affairs and the Co- Chair of Legal Empowerment of the pigs, I mean poor.

Frankly Madaline, if you see me lying in the mud, I’d appreciate it if you just leave me there. I wouldn’t want you to get your suit dirty.


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