Monday, March 05, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 38...Coup-de-main, Coup-de-etat, Coup-de-grace

Nobody’s Opinion: On my way to Kentucky Fried Chicken tonight, driving near the airport, (No, I did not see Hillary.) I was listening to a local radio program, when Glenn Beck came on…

As I was approaching the tunnel near Lambert Field, I lost the signal.

Don’t you hate that? Well, it really bothered me because it felt like Glenn was sitting right in the next seat to me, and what he was saying hit me hard. I didn’t want to miss even a sentence of it.

He was on his way to the airport in Florida. He was leaving St. Petersburg, and he sounded scared. Really scared---explaining that he had talked to top level CIA agents, and also had been down in Florida to attend some kind of moderate Muslim convention.

There are very powerful forces he said, keeping the American people from hearing what is going on, and what is going on is enough to turn his hair white.

Something tells me---he wasn’t just trying to drum up listeners for his television program.

I like Glenn Beck. He’s refreshing. He’s informed. He cares. He’s intelligent. Not to mention I like his very creative way of branding himself. He is like the boy crying WOLF but no one takes him seriously because, after all, he is a radio jock who got a TV program, and everyone else is saying “Don’t worry, be happy.”

He’s on CNN, go figure.

Glenn Beck seems to be the only one that is staying on the subject, which is, sooner rather than later, we will be attacked again.

The coup-de-main will be devastating.

The blow will hit us hard…VERY HARD. And like the strange feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, like the premonition you knew you should have listened to, the American people are not ready for it.

People don’t want to believe that our own government not only knows this terrible attack is coming, but that they are not willing to do much about it due to “powerful” interests.

God forbid we stand up to the terrorist says Bill Clinton. Let’s chat.

Anyway, thinking in this same vein tonight…and how absurd it is that with all the terrorists cells existing right in our own cities ready to strike at us on the command…here in no meaningful order, are more absurdities of the day.


Ann Coulter, a great American hero as far as this nobody is concerned…because she had the guts to come out and actually go after Clinton in full force while he was still President, is being attacked with full guns for using the word “faggot” and John Edwards in such close proximity.

Even I was taken aback, until I realized that whatever she said before that statement had a lot to do with the statement itself.

Kind of like when they kept showing the policemen beating Rodney King, but not until days later did we hear that Rodney had been fighting the police for a good 90 minutes while stoned up on some kind of drug …the police got so mad, they just lost it.

The media edits for effect, and to control.

They vilified those police so badly that later, when we saw a black man, drag a white man out of a truck and beat his head in with a brick, we were silence. Why, it’s only fair that a white man should get hurt. Never mind that he had nothing to do with the whole affair.

That’s how much we’ve been programmed. That’s how senseless we’ve become.

Anyway, you would have thought Ann Coulter posted Polaroid’s of John Edwards--- naked, with twelve naked men piled on top of him on her website.

Something tells me, that in a country where someone can be vilified so ruthlessly with such a simple thing as a “word” but actually not even yawn when a President sells our nuclear secrets to China AND enables North Korea to also be able to nuke us and NOT A DAMN FAGGOTED THING IS SAID!---except in a few vigilante online newspapers.

An act so horrendous and so treasonous that we all could die…not to mention that very act enabled China to help Iran with weapons during Clinton’s reign, leaving us all the more vulnerable now….

And NOW this treasonous X-President is probably going to be put BACK in the White House…

Something tells me, this is a country that is really screwed up on its priorities.

You need proof? It’s all around us. Liberals--- people who are FOREVER screaming about how conservatives are not listening to scientific proof, are actually the ones who are living and promoting a new dark ages.

With not much real science to prove that man’s polluting actions are going to destroy the world in ten years, (Muslims with nukes do not scare them at all) they ignore real scientists who prove with solid historical evidence that the world has gone through ice ages, and solar flares, and tremendous weather changes before the car was even invented.

These same liberals who are trying to tell us that homosexuality is NORMAL human behavior, and trying to promote it in all the Hollywood movies…ignoring the real obvious science that for millions of years, men and women have evolved to propagate the species, not men and men, or woman and woman.

Even with Cloning, they will not be able to perfect reproduction as much as evolution has.

But, real science is not important when you are looking for votes, and control.

Liberals, who know they have to get rid of religion, now have discovered Jesus in his tomb. Trying with all their might to erase Christianity and even worse, supporting the Koran, a religion that treats all women like slaves, is getting very scary.

It’s not funny anymore. It’s not even tolerance. It’s insanity.

These great liberals who promote woman’s lib, are silent…SILENT, on the poor Muslim woman who will live out their lives in fear, having to beg their husbands for each simple liberty or trip to the market.

So, how brain dead are we when millions of Americans act like it’s just two political parties fighting, when in fact the liberals daily dish out lie after unscientific lie, that if we all just get out of our cars, get rid of our electricity, (Oh, but be SURE to buy that digital big screen so we can keep up our relentless control of you.) life would be better for us all.

Very brain dead. It’s as if we were all hit in the cerebal vortex with a number one Tiger Wood’s Nike golf ball.

The coup d’etat of our government is happening as we speak. A government that refuses to fight for the lives of its people, no longer exists. I’m not sure who controls it.

And we the people, are in some kind of television coma. If we don’t wake up soon, we will get the final coup-de-grace.

At least according to Glenn Beck, and who am I to argue?

Right now, I’m listening to the man, staying out of tunnels, and buying myself a helmet.

Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary made another fool out of herself last weekend by going to Selma and trying to talk Southern in the black Church. It’s got to be hard on her, to be competing with a man who, like her husband, can out talk her.

She was pandering so hard, I thought I saw dreadlocks.

Nobody Knows: If the cable channels wanted to really get some ratings, they would let Hillary and Obama debate. If we must all be subjected to their nonsense, we might as well see a real fight.

Nobody Cares; Hey, Anna Nicole’s story disappeared entirely! What? Nobody cares anymore who gets the baby or the money?

I love it.



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What? No Anna Nichole right now?! Ahhh, peace at last!

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