Friday, March 16, 2007

Joints, Booze, and Pimples

Nobody’s Opinion: Some days, like today, the news is just so repetitious it reminded me of that old saying that my brother used to say: “Don’t pick it, let it heal!”

Trouble is, unlike my brother, who was a picture of perfection from birth, things never seemed to heal on me, so why not pick it?

Whenever he said this onstage, (He was a trumpet player.) it always got a laugh. He would pretend he was going to pop some huge pus-filled carbuncle on his face, and the front row (usually filled with girls because my brother looked like Elvis) would scream.

My brother never had a pimple in his life, as for me…I was covered with them.

That’s why I learned the “art” of makeup.

Everyone knows, a pimple when you’re a teenager is like having leprosy and you think everyone is looking at it on your face when in actuality, most likely--- they are.

Why talk about pimples? There’s a point here somewhere…no two people are alike.

And no two people react the same why to certain drugs, for obvious reasons.

You’ve also heard that other expression: “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”

I was thinking this exact thought after reading all the comments on Denise Noe’s report on the Supreme Court taking away the right for that poor woman to get stoned out of her mind while she was in tremendous pain, and before I start, I agree with Denise. If someone who is really that sick can only get relief from smoking grass, then there should be exceptions for these poor souls.

Having said that, I was surprised by some of them (the commentators) even with medical backgrounds, swearing about the harmlessness of smoking grass.

Because in my lifetime, being in the entertainment business where drugs of every kind were taken continuously, and then watching night after night the drunks in the crowd, I feel, even though I have no medical background at all…being probably the only straight person in any room at any moment in time, I can tell you real scary stories from the laboratory of experience.

And if I had to pick the lesser of the two evils….alcohol would be my poison.

Sure, alcohol can devastate your life…take your liver, your kidney, your wife, your kids, your job…but there is always a chance that you can save yourself.

Just ask Glenn Beck.

But I’ve seen what daily smoking can do to a mind. I’ve seen some really fine minds become, basically, oatmeal.

You can’t save mush.

There were a few exceptions of course, but I can only think of ONE. Just one.

Some people can handle it, some people go completely stupid. The trouble is, the people that are going completely dumb and dumber, smoking grass, don’t know it. People that get stoned think they are actually thinking great thoughts of the universe.

Unlike alcohol abuse, which many a literary intellectual genius has known, I have personally witness in my lifetime that with SOME people… smoking grass every day will lower your ability to complete whole sentences, and lower your IQ to the point of no return, the damage is done.

I’ll give two examples.

When I was sixteen, I was engaged to a fine young man named Mike. It was Mike who really got me into reading; he started me out on “Lord of the Rings.” Every time we got together it was to discuss some novel he has just read. Mike, like me, was from the working class, but even though he was from the public educational system, he had a sharp mind, and a great love of knowledge.

Then, he joined the army, and went to Vietnam.

After a year, when he came back, he was such a basket case from smoking grass every day, he was totally brain damaged. I was totally NOT prepared for what I saw. I actually cried when I saw him, and it was not from joy.

It would have been better if he had lost a leg, instead of his ability to think.

Just speaking was hard for him. REALLY hard.

To be fair, I’m sure that he was doing other drugs too; a lot of the boys were doing drugs just to cope. But his speech was slowed down to almost warp speed, and I’m positive it was from smoking grass. He had trouble even forming sentences. The whole day was devoting to getting stoned and lying around.

Needless to say, we broke up. Mike’s mind was gone.

Then I became a drummer, and musicians back in the seventies were known for getting stoned. I hated to smoke anything, let alone grass. That’s just me. Good thing I was a girl, the guys usually did not make a big thing about me being straight.

But I did notice one strange phenomenon…the other musicians would get real high, and then play, and then they thought that they were better than Eric Clapton.

Boy, did I have some heated arguments with stoned musicians. Because, they would not only go off rhythm, speed up and slow down, they would get lost in their playing and the rest of the band would be going “What IS he doing?”

In their minds they were playing the greatest guitars solo’s since Eddie Van Halen, but in my mind, they were out of key, not making coherent notes, completely lost in some kind of stoned parallel star-trip. Basically they were lost---but boy, don’t tell them that.

I’ve also had the misfortune to be with people high on grass, and in a car.

One time, I remember this guy driving me home one night, and he stopped about fifteen cars back from a stop light.
“What are you doing? The lights WAY up there?”

“Oh…I thought it was in front of me. Are you sure?”

“Okay, go up farther. No…a little more…keep going…go on…keep going…keep going…keep going…okay, stop.”

What’s the medical term for this misjudgment when a human brain slows down to the speed of a turtle on Quaaludes? A brain that doesn’t even KNOW it’s damaged in any way?


Flash forward to 2003. My neighbor’s son really likes to get stoned. In fact, the whole nationhood laughs at him, because the poor boys speech has gotten so bad, he can’t even say a simple sentence. His favorite band is “The Doors.’

It’s not funny, it’s sad. I have seen not only many minds from my generations of boomers be sent into the land of la-la…but the current generation who think grass is completely harmless, smoking daily and not even noticing that they are losing freedoms, because that’s what many of the experts say. Grass is less harmful than alcohol.

It’s like Global warming…disinformation nonsense spilled out to control the masses.

Drugs, and especially grass, has been the drug of choice to dumb down an entire nation, to make it easy for the liberal takeover, which is what happened. In China, the British used Opium, it’s been done before, this destroying of minds.

This is the reason why no politician will ever do a thing about it, or the drugs coming daily across our border. They just turn their heads.

Don’t worry; George Soros is fighting for its legalization, which if you are stoned will make you think…”See, there is nothing wrong with freedom to smoke such a harmless drug…it’s about time!”

But if you are not burnt out, and still have a mind, then you think, “Right, George Soros, the communist socialist, wants all you Americans to get even more stoned so that you will all follow the leaders like the stoned sheep you will always be.”

I realized that many of the readers reading this will think…well, grass never made a bit of difference to my thinking.

My advice is…ask someone you know and trust who doesn’t smoke what they think about how YOU think when stoned.

And if you love your kids, then stop, because a mind is a terrible thing to pick.

Let yours heal.

Nobody’s Perfect: Okay, I did smoke a joint once, in high school. I inhaled two times, and I started hallucinating. I looked in the mirror and saw Medusa; my hair was a web of snakes.

That was enough for me. All my other friends at the party thought I was nuts, and I was lying. Proving my point. They were on the ceiling, I was on the floor, freaking out.

They continued to smoke grass for years. As far as I know, they still do. One even works for the police department.

Nobody Knows: It has been said for years that the Vietnam War was all about the money that the CIA was making off of the drugs. Many books have been written on this subject.

“Air America” was for real. In fact…according to some, Bill Clinton got into the Arkansas drug Mafia and that was his start to fame. Cocaine was his game.

And his brother even told stories about the both of them doing drugs. It’s nice when your brother is President and can pardon your prison sentence (for drug dealing)

Nobody Wins; Despite the feelings I have about the drug, you should be able to do whatever you want in your own home. It should be your choice.

And yes we know that alcohol causes millions of deaths. We do not know how many deaths were caused by someone driving while stoned.

Having said that…I still wouldn’t want it legalized and be watching some guy smoking a joint, while talking on his cell phone, and not paying attention to the lights. We have enough trouble as it is.

Nobody Wonders: Oh, I still get pimples, but recently my brother started going a little bald. It was worth the wait.



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