Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fire In The Crib!

Nobody’s Update Burb: Al Gore today, used the only images he could think of to tell the world just what was going to happen to us all. To explain it, he used, the one sure thing that every person in the universe has a soft spot for: a baby.

Say anything about “the children” and most people will just do whatever you want. That’s why the liberals are always invoking the images of children. So when Al said the baby earth had a fever, and the crib was on fire, and the baby was not flame retardent, he of course thought that all of us would instantly go out and sell our SUV’s, throw away our old light bulbs, attach wind mills and solar panels to our house, and shower once a day with grandma.

So, what's a nobody to do? I suggest we find new ways of dealing with this predicted horrible heat wave of impulsive damnation by stocking up on extra beer every global warming winter---as this guy did.

The fact that in many parts of the United States this year, some places got so much snow, they couldn’t even get out of their houses for over 3 weeks, did not stop the guru of imprudent and erroneousness doomsday soothsaying from saying that the earth is on fire.

Too bad the evidence points to the contrary. I could use a few gardenias in my garden.

No, as the old saying goes, “If you can’t come in the front door of a One World Government…then by golly, go in the back door.”

This nobody thinks that Al should have another beer, and go pick some other planet to set on fire.



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