Friday, March 23, 2007

Ubuntu's Unit!

Nobody’s Opinion: Ubuntu! Kumauga! Kawabunga!

No, it’s not what John Bulusi said in Animal House after he smashed the guitar against the wall, it’s not the Ninja Turtles, it’s the new mantra of the globalists, the new spin word for state control…Ubuntu! A new word bought out to make you forget all the other words that have stood for the same thing in history. Words like Marxists, socialists, communists, progressives, fascists: in other words, the individual must sacrifice for the good of the whole.

Or, plainly speaking, you and me must fork out some more money.

And since the meanings of these words don’t exactly invoke pleasant feelings for most nobodies all over the planet, Ubuntu seemed a good choice. It such a good---feely word.

Remember, what the Marxists plan was? You must go from capitalism, to socialism, and then finally to the most perfect system of all (to the many who just can’t let go of power)…communism.

Actually, real communism is not suppose to have a ruling class, but, as we’ve seen from history, that never happens.

Somehow an oligarchy always rises to the top, like sour cream. And here in the United States our cream at the top is really starting to stink.

To my surprise, I did a Google search on this word and was overwhelmed.

Ubuntu Forums are already in place for you to join, all over the world. So far, two million have joined its message.

And as if you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s a U.N. machine.

Basically, it’s just another way for the UN to get into its global governance. Here’s the meaning from the site:

Ubuntu: the democratization (Warning: when everyone gives up his rights and freedom, it’s NOT democracy) strengthening, primary of the UN in international politics are essential in order to make a better world possible.

Essential is the key word here. Sort of like the word, mandatory, which was used by Hillary Clinton last Wednesday when she was slopping her Marxist rhetoric to Al Gore in the Senate Global Rip-off hearings. She said that the taxes for global warming should be federally (and internationally) mandated, not voluntary…getting a chance to once again humiliate Al Gore as she did when she took all the democratic treasure chest away from his presidential run in order to put herself in the Senate and up for this year’s run. Tipper almost hid the hatred in her heart….almost.

Oh, I didn’t tell you? Part of the Ubuntu philosophy says the US must submit to the Kyoto agreement and global warming. We witnessed two Ubuntuists not being very ubuntual while they were glaring at each other Wednesday on C-Span…Hillary and Gore.

Hillary, Obama, Gore, Carter, and Clinton have been working hard for this utopia Ubuntu. I wouldn’t doubt if there are warehouses stacked high with General Electric windmills just waiting to be shipped to every global city and village on the planet, all to be sent as soon as possible to promote justice and good Ubuntu energy to the whole planet.

I stumbled on this word quite by accident. I found out about it from none other that the queen of benevolence and all goodness herself--- Oprah Winfrey.

Remember that saying that goes with business deals. “Beware of something that is just too good to be true?”

Well, you can apply that to some people.

Let’s chat. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

It seems, just recently, Oprah’s benevolent elitists schools for girls, (she now has two) is being criticized by the parents of these girls, who had no idea that all communication with their child was to be cut off from them. They are allowed only one 2 hour visits a month.

No cell phones either, and they must only eat what they are told. No candy.

Some of the girls are in tears, and the parents are frantic. Why, how could Oprah be so mean?

“Surely this isn’t a prison?” said one parent.

Oh---but Oprah is proud to report that the schools are culturally based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu, emphasis to the collective.

We have the community interest at heart.”

Here’s another mandatory philosophy of Ubuntu: international solidarity and public opinion mobilization to combat injustice and poverty.

Oprah understands the meaning well. She takes philanthropy to a much higher level---a U.N. level.

Yes, Oprah is raising state controlled little girls to grow up and be put in ruling positions. She is making little fascist, “feminnazi's.”

You could say, Oh go on Joyanna… Oprah doesn’t know she is actually framing the world for communism…she has SUCH a good heart.

Something tells this nobody that Oprah didn’t get to where she is by being ignorant. The elites BELIEVE in their hearts, only THEY can save the world, by telling it what to do. That makes it okay

This school system that Oprah is doing in Africa has been done before, in the Carlisle experiment. The Carlisle was an experiment by the United States government and was supposed to help the poor, “inferior” Indians back in the 1800’s, who were illiterate. They took about 20,000 Indian kids off reservations and sent them to over 20 boarding schools in 1899.

The children were not allowed to see their parents, despite their parent’s impassioned letters begging to see them. Indian students spent their vacations participating in what was called the “outing” program. They were placed with white families as hired labor.

Now I’m not saying that these girls will not go home on vacation. But you can bet that more than a few of them will end up at Oxford, and Harvard, and in the homes of rich politicians of Georgetown.

Many of them might even end up living with Oprah. Just imagine how grateful that girl will be! Grateful enough to do whatever the powers that gave her the advantage says.

It’s all for the benefit of the world, you know.

We have that here in our schools. Many of our kids can’t graduate from high school without so many hours of community service…you know; picking up trash off of highways, recycling old beer cans…things they are going to need to know to survive in this new Ubuntu global world coming up.

Actually, this “cutting” off of the parents from the schools has been going on here in the United States for quite some time. We are allowed into the precious sanctuary of our children’s school only on parent teachers conferences. If you dare step on the property, without going through the proper channels, you feel like you could be shot.

I was once threatened with arrest while picking up my step daughter AFTER school was out because I had dared to walk into the school building to pick her up! All the kids were gone.

Needless to say, they didn’t like what I had to say to them.--- I told them to arrest me. As far as I was concerned I paid their salaries. And I was on public property.

This was before 9/11, and as you can guess, I was not a popular parent.

Isn’t it funny about liberals? They are SO concerned about hurting the “kids” feelings, that they want to do away with all competition, all spelling mistakes, in fact, feeling good and having confidence is more important than the kids actually learning something.

But the kids don’t feel good, most of them are miserable. Not only are they not allowed to compete, they are growing up ignorant, drugged, and bored. Nevertheless, if you have ever visited a grade school during the day, it’s pretty depressing.

The little ones are so quiet. It’s so unnatural. And yes, it feels like a prison.

No wonder they go nuts in high school.

But, when it comes to the parents, why, the school knows best. Even the Supreme Court has ruled that.

Here’s another mandate from the site:

Ubuntu: international solidarity and public opinion mobilization to combat injustice and poverty.

Oprah understands the meaning well. She takes philanthropy to a much higher level. A UN level.

Ubuntu might be just a word of peace and harmony to Oprah Winfrey right now, but to this nobody its just another word for communism

I'd like to kick all these oligarchy benevolent globalists in their ubunta's and tell them if they really want to help the world, promote the individual and freedom.

After all, it worked for them.

Nobody’s Perfect: NYU is going to build a nice little museum for the communist party’s papers and stuff, for all the students to visit. Something tells me that the horrors of communism will not be on display there. Maybe they’ll have a ubuntu café for all the faculty to gather.

Nobody Knows; Ubantu is also software for Linnex.

Nobody Cares; This nobody thinks Ubantu Uranos would be a good name for a rock band…(a la Dave Berry)



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