Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Billary's Bargain Brings Billary Baloney

Nobody’s Opinion: Two for the price of one.

That was one of the slogans Bill Clinton used during his first Presidential Campaign, meaning, not only were you going to get the fabulous Bill Clinton boy wonder from Hope, Arkansas, if you elected him, you would also get his equal partner “wife” to serve by his side in power… Hillary Rodham.

What a Wal-Mart bargain.

I just got off of Hillary’s internet site. It wasn’t easy visiting the only internet site in the world were you might catch coodies, but somebody has to do it.

So, if you go on Hillary’s internet---do you see a picture of Hillary?


You see a big smacking video of Bill Clinton, telling you what a great president Hillary would make because of her persistence, passion, love of lesbianism--- I mean lebensraum, and of course, last but not in any way least…her record.

Yeah, I laughed too. Her record speaks volumes.

Then he asks you to donate, and they left all kinds of boxes to check---from ten dollars to 10 million. Don’t be shy.

Because it was reported today by the Harris Poll that half of the people in the country said they would NOT vote for Hillary, the battle plans have changed. Bill Clinton now has to run in her place…as the first lady with equal power.

Yes, once again they are letting you know that the American people will be getting two for one, merging finally, not only in spirit but physically, becoming the new…Billary. (See the above photo, soon to be released on campaign buttons.)

Everything that Billlary says will actually be one person saying it, the combination that ruled the first eight years, will rule the next fifty or so, because as Hillary has said today, Bill Clinton is the most popular person in the world, and when she becomes President, she “can make him ambassador to the world,” meaning, he will go into some kind of world ruling position.

He has wanted to rule at the U.N, but then wouldn’t let him in, so he just started his own UN in Hope, thanks to the generous donations of the good princes of Dubai.

Good thing Billary is not Jewish.

The planet earth will be renamed in their honor. Why beat around the bush? Besides, Bush beating has become the national pastime, and they feel quite comfortably telling you that they will rule all.

Lately, Billary has come out with some remarkable statements;

I think one of the hallmarks of our democracy is we have a devotion to the rule of law, which has historically included a degree of independence for U.S. attorneys to go after public corruption and pursue cases that are important to that constituency.” (As if Billary ever paid attention to the rule of law)

Well, Billary should know. When Billary fired all 93 attorneys when he/she first came into office, Jay Stevens, the US Attorney of D.C. at the time was investigating Dan Rostenkowski, who was the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

For those of you not familiar with this committee, it’s the most important one in all of Congress, because this is where they decide just who gets all the taxpayer’s money! This was the man who was going to put all of Billary’s economic socialist/communist policies into production.

And even Billary will tell you, that kind of system takes big bucks.

Dan Rostenkowski later went to jail on mail fraud, only to be pardoned by Billary…

Also, this was a perfect time, for Billary to throw all the federal judges out, thereby eliminating almost all of the Whitewater allegations. A very friendly lady judge took over Arkansas and saw to it that the indictments went nowhere.

No wonder Billary was so confident.

Billary made the claim that this firing is commonly done when a President enters the office, which makes it non-political. Obviously, Billary has her/his own definition of politics…we just don’t recognize it because it’s more like a manifesto.

Billary also wanted you to know that not only did she/he do it in 1993, (fire all 93 federal judges) but so did Ronald Reagan, and Jimmy Carter!

Why, NOT firing 85 people when you came into office is unheard of!

Billary also promises to replace all federal judges appointed by President Bush, one she/he is President. This would in no way be political.

In 1993, Billary gave all 93 attorneys less then ten hours to clear out. Upon election in 2008, they would get less than a minute.

The fact that these eight federal judges/ attorneys were being fired by President Bush for NOT going after all the voter fraud committed in democratic states, you know the ones where those in democratic seats were elected by dead people, felons, illegal immigrants, and nine-year old children, to Billary--- is a crime of the utmost seriousness.

Voter fraud is not under Billary’s definition of public corruption.

Therefore, the Attorney General Gonzales needs to step down. Feeling very benevolent, they will give him eleven days.

Wait, Billary’s not President---yet. Somehow the operation of the merging body politic of Bill and Hillary has that old glitch that comes from one organism rejecting the organs of another.

It’s called….insanity.

Billary, will no doubt, sometime before 2008, be declaring she/he needs another operation, but I don’t think it’s going to help.

In the meantime, Bill Clinton needs to have his nails done.

Nobody’s Perfect: I hate to say it, but I do think Bill looks better as a woman. I’m not so sure Hillary would make a better looking man. I'm also not sure what that means.

Nobody’ Knows; Hillary has been going around saying that Ronald Reagan did the same thing Bill Clinton did when he first came into office, as did Jimmy Carter. (fired all federal judges)

And yet, I have read in more places than one that this is a bold face lie. Both Reagan and Carter replaced the federal judges when their tenures expired. When you’re a woman trying to run on your husband’s popularity, what’s a few “misprints.”

Nobody Cares; Billary also said on the subject of “parent notification.”

There are times in which the family is so dysfunctional that notification is not appropriate.”

So, one wonders, just what are the criteria in which the Billary Bargain House is going to judge whether you are a dysfunctional parent, and therefore will not be notified when Billary takes your child out of your house and puts them in the new Billary School for dysfunctional kids?

That wasn’t on her website.



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