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Sometimes A Synchronicity

Nobody’s Opinion: Sometimes in the course of history, it’s hard to tell just what a coincidence is, what may have happened due to a planned course, or what is just one person’s opinion (usually a historian, but lately, talk-show turned historical interpreter, Rosie O’Donnell) in evaluating circumstantial evidence surrounding historical situations.

So yesterday, when the Senate of the United States, voted with the House to end the war in Iraq, on the very same day (March 29, 1973) when the United States military pulled out of Vietnam, one wonders if the day was picked as a symbolic message by Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi to once again associate the war in Iraq with the war in Vietnam---or was it just a coincidence? The New York Times made it a point to remind everyone of the importance of the day.

Being as the New York Times is far-left leaning, it would be logical to believe it was planned that way.

But sometimes, synchronicities just happen out of the blue, like today.

I’ve been reading about George Orwell’s time spent at Eton, England, a public school for the elites. The school is just north of Windsor Castle; the year of his first attendance started in 1917. England was in its third year of war.

Eton, for those of you who my not know (or care to know) is the highest training school for boys in Britain. It was started by Henry VI, and has been the training ground for 19 former British Prime Ministers, and most all of the Foreign Affairs Ministers, not to mention Kings of other countries.

It is the training ground for the ruling class of Western Civilization, the crème de la crème. William and Harry, the current princes both went there.

In the book, The Unknown Orwell, (by Peter Stansky and William Abrahams) I came across an interesting point by the authors of the book…which I presume to ask for forgiveness for quoting so much of here: but I don’t see how else to share it.

George Orwell (The famous author of 1984) was going to Eton when the First World War broke out. And at first, like our situation here after 9/11, the English people were full of patriotism, and nationalism.

Words now considered in America by certain rulers of our country, in the present year of 2007, to be very nasty.

But then the war dragged on… and on. People got tired of it.

Even though Eton was famous for the patriotic representation of all that is England, the students of Eton, by the end of the war, had had, in Orwell’s words, “a queer revolution.”

Here’s a passage:

“The cost for England of the war she had won was almost 800,000 dead, a generation of young men decimated. The fact would seem sufficient to explain the “bad temper,” as Orwell puts it, among those under forty. No other British army felt itself so betrayed, or so scorned the causes for which it fought. In that mood the post-war generation rejected altogether the world-before-the-war, its propriety, its overstuffed luxury, its conceptions of society and manners, and its confidence in England and in Progress.” (Sound familiar?)

“Orwell’s pointed out, that fifteen out of sixteen boys in his class, marched out of Eton and enrolled in the Communist party of Great Britain. The discussions at the school ranged from “humanitarianism” down to “free love, divorce-reform, atheism (and) birth-control.” (Remember, this is 1916)

My point in the synchronicity of the passage is that the breeding grounds of many of the top universities of both England and the United States have for far too many years been the breeding grounds for the concepts of communism. They just don’t call it that. These same elite people, from the richest families, go on to be placed in the highest positions of government.

This is not a Rosie O’Donnell rant for ratings, it’s an historical fact.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, have much the same mind-set as the Etonian schoolboys from 1917. Our universities of the 1960’s, much like the mindset of the universities in England after WWI, were full of what can only be frankly called, hot-beds of Marxism. Bill Clinton went from Harvard to Oxford, and made sure his daughter studied at Oxford also.

The problem with the American people not recognizing Marxists when they are right in front of their face every day is because our educational system did not allow discourse on the different forms of government. This explains why teachers who ban Lego’s think they are being fair. The teacher’s education is so bad; they think they are just being nice.

But, back to the subject; The Eton boys from Orwell’s class had seen many of their classmates killed, much like the baby boomers witnessing the seemingly wasted lives lost in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been put down by most historians until recently as the United States’ biggest “defeat,” bought to an end with the indoctrination of what George Orwell would have called the “bolshies.” Jane Fonda, Abbe Hoffman…you know the names. Jane Fonda may deny it, but she is about as close to a communist as you can get.

We now are finding out that we COULD have won that war, but for the political leanings running the Congress. What a waste.

Did we need that war? After all, we were not attacked. Jane Fonda seemed too many people at the time, right. Until she thought she'd win us over with the famous photo-op on the guns: Not exactly the brightest daughter of an America star.

Movie stars are the communist favorite tools. The rich, who could never even imagine being told what to do because of the class they are in, cannot for the life of themselves, understand the concept of freedom, I guess.

The only freedom they have lost is not going to a regular mall without being mobbed.

They honestly “feel” for the little guy, and want to help all that suffer. So in that respect, Karl Marx, makes a lot of sense to them. Redistribution of wealth is the answer…just don't redistribute their money, only they have the right to do that.

And war…they just hate war. And don’t we all.

Still, it’s one thing to hate war, and rebel against the leaders, the policies, and the seemingly senseless scarifies of our young American boys, for some esoteric plan to spread “democracy” throughout the Middle East, an impossible plan even for a nation of 100 billion let alone 360 million.

It’s quite another to retreat from an enemy because of the horror of it all, to ignore the long historical history of the Islamic Muslims and how they approach their life, which is by their faith. They are not shy about expressing their plans for world domination. And they are not the only ones planning to takeover Western Civilization, so is China.

After all, THIS time, we were attacked. Easy enough for the powerful to forget, they have stock options.

Nevertheless, since it is true that it is the normal and brave soldiers that sacrifice for their countries, for the LOVE of their country, it’s important that we have leaders that don’t sign onto the usual communist’s dogma. Even if they have no idea, as in Rosie’s case, what a communist is. Or if they actually DO know, and get in bed with them.

It’s very vital, at this time in our history, that the American people get educated and learn the elements of tyranny, learn to recognize Marxists among our leaders, and start fighting for our independence from tyrants…again.

It’s important for Americans to know that Marxists will put us in danger. England, because of its “liberal” policies endorsed by the ruling classes for so long, is about to disappear to the tyrants of Islam, and there are too many “liberals” in our government who will help them.

They are being taking over from within. For all their elite education, the rulers feel protected.

Having said this, it seems important, when we have a situation of captured British soldiers in Iran, an arsenal of our navy ready to strike, a nutcase in Iran, and our supposed ally the Saudi King, turning against us and joining with his fellow Muslims, that we stand united as a country.

If ever there was a time to be united, it’s now.

Our Senate deprived us of that today. Once again, we are the fools of the world, because of our “educated” elite of both parties, the ruling oligarchs who fight over everything, not for the people they represent, but for power.

Our government, both the Democrats and the Republicans, have put America on the brink of destruction. The wealth and power have gotten completely out-of-hand.

Not to say that there couldn’t be an “elite” to put the country back on course.

What America needs now, is an American Winston Churchill, who by the way, went to Eton. As far as we can see, there is no such person in either party…or else they have not come forward.

We are instead offered up, the seeds that were sown in the soil of One World Fascist Government. The G8 meetings, the WTO meetings, the Kyoto meetings, the United Nations, they all get together, the new and powerful of the world.

And they are not discussing what five-star restaurant they prefer to eat at.

They are discussing the seeds of the 1984 novel: George Orwell’s vision of Big Brother. And even though it seems that to other countries, we are now that Big Brother…compare those other countries to us.

They really shouldn’t talk.

We Americans, no matter what party we claim to be for, those of us underneath the ruling classes, still have freedom in our hearts, handed down by our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers before them---and it is the American soldiers that represent us now, not our rulers. They are our crème of the crop. The true Etonians of the 21st century: they are the ones who are carrying the load.

They are the best of what’s left of all that America stands for, and they need us now.

Bring them home---and there will still be wars, or they will just be sent somewhere else. The globalization of the world is already been put in place, and it’s not about to stop. Bill Clinton had our military all OVER the planet, so will Hillary. They are no different than President Bush.

The difference is, as true Marxists, they will send troops to other countries and instead of being truthful and calling them soldiers, they will call them, as Clinton did before…“peace keepers.”

John Adams once said: “Whenever a general knowledge and sensibility have prevailed among the people, arbitrary government and every kind of oppression have lessened and disappeared in proportion. Man has certainly an exalted soul; and the same principle in human nature,--that aspiring, noble principle founded in benevolence, and cherished by knowledge; I mean the love of power, which has been so often the cause of slavery, has whenever freedom has existed, been the cause of freedom.”

“The poor people have been much less successful than the great. They have seldom found either leisure or opportunity to form a union and exert their strength. They have seldom been able to frame and support a regular opposition. “

But sometimes, in the course of history, a nation rises up and claims its rights. We did it once before. We need to do it once again. Certainly, none of us want to go back into the dark ages with Al Gore.

And in this world where every day we get so much propaganda and misinformation from both sides of the isle, it’s hard to tell if Bush lied, if the war is just, if there are “enemies” within as Savage says, or if the destruction of the United States WAS planned with help from enemies within, Rosie has a right to suspect. She just never looks to her own party.
Rosie is woefully uneducated.

If we look to history we find that there are very likely traitors from each party all over our government…with trillions floating around to bribe? Who are we kidding?
We are just becoming numb to it all, and besides, we all feel powerless. (This is exactly the point)

History is full of traitors. Ben Franklin’s two main secretaries in France were both British spies. Historically speaking, it’s not without precedent. And the fact that Sandy Berger can fill up his socks full of secrets, with only silence from our elite rulers, shows just how much they can all be trusted.
The secrets hidden in the halls of power would probably shame us to eternity.

Only historians, very far into the future will be able to tell what was planned, who was in on it, and the many complex scenarios and bargains that went on behind the scenes. Scandals from both sides are almost daily entertainment.

One thing is sure, our government, no matter what exorbrient platitudes come out of their mouths, is not listening to us on anything. And if we the people don’t take our government back, then who will?

If we don’t do it soon, 1984 won’t be just a popular novel written by a talented Etonian. It will be real.

I’d rather have a synchronicity, wouldn’t you?



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