Friday, March 30, 2007

A REAL Man's Release

: Nobody Flashes

From a real woman's point of view, there is nothing quite as sexy as a hot tub.

And a man with a gun in a hot tub, is almost too much machismo to keep a good woman down.

The hat on the other hand, could use a logo, like maybe a skull with bones.

Here in Missouri, when a man starts thinking about his x-wife, he gets in a nice hot tub and practices picking off rabbits.

Sometimes he just shoots beer bottles, or car bumpers... All in all, it seems to work, and makes for a relaxing afternoon...

The only thing he lacks in life is pizza delivery, because no one will come to his house, due to the fact that in the field behind his house, empty pizza boxes have been found shot to pieces.

This particular man, happened to be the same man who taught Dick Cheny how to shoot while under pressure, and because of this, I've been meaning to ask him over to have a hot tub shooting session. After all, Dick Cheny did not kill his friend.

But my husband says the man has a drinking problem.

Guess I'll just have to hot tub alone.

But, like I tub, man with gun...all a good woman needs is handcuffs and tequila.



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