Friday, April 13, 2007

The Black Panthers of Whores

Nobody’s Opinion: Tonight, sitting in for O’Reilly, Michelle Malchin was called a “political” prostitute. Notice the very clever way the word was put in context. Tomorrow it will be spun as perfectly okay because of the word “political” put in front of it.

It is now midnight here in the Midwest…and this nobody wonders if anyone tomorrow will be in an outrage (as I am) at the slandering of a decent, brilliant, and articulate woman, who is just as affected and slandered by such a nasty comment, if not more so BECAUSE she is in the public eye, then any of the Rutgers women…but that’s just an opinion.

My feeling is that it will be ignored by conservatives (the exception being Bill O’Reilly) because they have for too long, like our President, sat and taken every single insult dealt their way, in order I suppose to look “bigger” than the attacking party.

That’s a shame…especially in this case.

The man who did this was the Black Panther leader who has been leading the Duke Student lynching, Malik Shabazzk.

This brings up the point, that every time I hear about the Black Panthers, I think of Hillary Clinton---because Hillary Clinton used to do lawyer work for the Blank Panthers…and supported them in her early days. She has never said a word against them to my knowledge.

Upon watching this whole attack again on Michelle’s site, it was obvious Malik was sent by his masters…to “pick a fight.” He also called Bill O’Reilly, who was not there to defend himself, a white male chauvinist raciest.

More fighting words.

If you don’t think Hillary Clinton and her team isn’t behind this, you’re still dancing with Fred Astaire.

Hillary is losing to Obama…she needs to rejuvenate her black base…and fast.

Let’s not forget, that six months ago, FOX news was getting attacked by Bill Clinton himself in his television tirades.

And just last week John Edwards, Obama, and Hillary have all refused to appear on Fox for debates.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t send all their “house boys”

Now, consider. Tomorrow, conveniently…Hillary Clinton is going to Rutgers to give a talk on “Women & Public Leadership.”

Don’t miss it. She is going to make the speech of her life, for woman leaders everywhere, and how much these poor girls were damaged. (Their whole Easter weekend was spoiled.)

Reaffirming once again, she is a woman leader. (vote for her)

There will not be a word on Michelle Malcin. There will not be a word about the Duke players, who’s suffering this past year is so much more egregious then any of the women on the black basketball team.

In fact, this claim to such horrible damage was blown way out of all proportion. We ALL know that if these girls hang out just with other blacks they hear themselves called “hoes” every other minute…and so far it has not kept them from achieving their dreams.

Where’s the talk about the damage to our soldiers being held in jail for doing their job, or the border patrol guys for doing their jobs? Their lives are ruined forever.

None of these girls were sent to jail. Anyway…back to Hillary. There is a point to this.

Just recently we have seen Oprah opening up schools in Africa for ‘future women leaders,” And yesterday we saw a black woman coach (who looked half white) getting a once in a lifetime platform on every single media station to give it seemed a speech which lasted longer than any other citizen in the world has ever been given, let alone a President, on primetime, and she was giving this moment, (which should have been given the girls instead) because it was used by the Clinton machine to promote the whole women leadership theme.

I remember listening to the speech given by the coach, sure, she was articulate. But, we heard HER whole life story…the speech was about the blacks being, once again mistreated, again and again. It was also to show what a GREAT woman leader she was, and she let you know it. You would have thought she was the only coach in history to win a tournament.

It was emphasized how much of a struggle it was for these girls to be where they were, as if the white people holding these poor woman down was so oppressive, what they had done was such a Herculean feat, that it got almost to the point of sickening.

No one DARED to interrupt her in fear of being called racist. Once again, America was being pistol whipped.

Another point: We have seen Nancy Pelosi last week go over our President’s head to talk to our enemies…endangering our soldiers on the ground. Not ONLY to show how powerful the democrats are, but to show the people in the United States, how powerful and unafraid woman can be in leadership.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

But now…stay with me…I’m going to change the subject, and go around the world it will seem……but it will come full circle.

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with my brother, who happens to own a DJ service. He told me that every year the nation’s DJs hold a convention in Las Vegas. Last year, the President of Sony Records was taking questions, and one DJ asked him when in the world were they going to clean up the lyrics in all the rap records.

My brother said the whole room stood up and applauded the guy.

The President of Sony did not answer.

You see, the DJ’s have to pay extra money every month to get the CLEANED up version of the rap song to play at the weddings. The dirty versions are just too obscene. He pays sixty dollars a month, just for the “other” versions.

Think about it. Follow the money.

My brother and I were both musicians most of our lives….and I can’t tell you, how depressing it makes real musicians hear the rap musicians making so much money.

Learning an instrument, takes years and years, and hours of practice. Even learning how to sing. It really doesn’t take much talent to rap, despite what they tell you.

Most of us can still remember when we actually had real black American Music---great talents like Aretha, Stevie Wonder, and the old sixties groups. Now it’s just drum tracks and base. You don’t even have to pay session musicians now, it can all be done on computer.

So to make up for the loss in revenue, real musicians are not exactly being courted. It’s too expensive. The music industry, (one of the last remaining industries of the United States) has taking quite a big financial hit in the last ten years. The new technology, the Ipods, downloading of songs…it’s not been pretty.

And the Chinese has just copied all the albums without a cent to the companies or the artists. They do not honor any of our copyrights. Our government has done nothing about this.

When a country has so little to sell, it gets desperate.

This means, all the talented musicians left out there (black and white) are out of luck. Our music is now mostly rappors, (which it seems from watching MTV, just get houses and cars from the labels) and maybe a few hundred a week.

And if you are black, the message you are getting from your culture (MTV) is don’t become a scientist, don’t have a family, but turn to drugs, and rap…you TOO can own a house with a swimming pool and five expensive cars, and have all the sex you want.

Kind of sounds like the same promise to the Muslim young men…you TOO can have 72 virgins…

Hold on to your albums…sadly, American music is dying. Only country music remains, and because of the attack on cowboys, that is going to.

In the meantime, the sexual denigration of woman, which is so horrible it’s not even funny, will continue to be promoted.

Now, tie in half of our clothing industry, to the black culture. Not to mention all the jewelry. Hip-hop clothes, it’s a very big business.

Let’s see…who were Bill and Hillary hanging out with last week? Oscar de la Renta?

It was also no mistake today on Oprah, that after the Rutger’s Basketball team, Oprah had a “Hip Hop” dance lesson for her mostly white woman audience.

Because of the attack on the Rappers this week…Oprah had to do something…why…hip hop is so COOL to dance to…!

Now, we come full circle. All this money made from the rap industry, MTV, the clothes, the records, will go to the democratic campaign coiffeurs. It also serves to keep the black man and woman down in the gutter, where the democrats can continue to send out their Rainbow Coalition (which was started with the help of Bill Clinton) Jesse Jackson, and their Al Sharpton race extortionists.

And the blacks think they are the originators of their own uniqueness. The panthers are just being fed, but they are still in their cages.

Tonight on O’Reilly, Michelle had a good laugh when Opio Sokori (a black man) said that our founding fathers were to blame for the racist words of rappers…not the rappers themselves. Slavery was to blame…

Well, this nobody says, going by that theory, than the black men who sold their black people to the white slave traders are the ones who should be blamed.

Since Opio wants to say that history is a continuation…then he only has himself and his black ancestors to blame. If not for black men, slavery in the United States would never have come about.

And if it had never come about, Michelle Malckin would not have had to put up talking to a moronic “political” whore tonight, who was no doubt taught by the most famous Madame of the House, his special tricks…

Madame Hillary Clinton.

Tomorrow, it would sure be nice to hear someone stick up for Michelle, a woman who is an example of what a true woman leader should be.

And if the young woman of the United States want to look up to a real woman leader…

Michelle is your dan.

Men?....Now’s the time for you to protect the REAL women. Go for it.

Nobody Perfect: After having made the connection between the Democrats and the recording industry, they do not have a monopoly on it. The Republicans are also in on this too with the promotion of American Idol (which is on FOX) to the point of now we have to have updates constantly on the nightly news.

It’s pretty sad.

They get regular nobodies (no real professionals) and make them sign contracts saying that the company will get the most of any recording deals and then they will forever had new faces to promote, on every nightly news cast.

Sanjaya Malakar sang “Beseme Mucho” on the last American Idol. A song the President would love because he is the one who is promoting the merger with Mexico.

So, follow the money, follow the party…follow the new global ball.

One thing about FOX, they are actually trying to bring back music, which is a good thing.

Nobody Knows: While we are having this black and white fight…we should all be wondering what is going on in the background that the “globalists” do not want us to notice; Trucks coming in from Mexico? Paul Wolfwitz getting catch in a sex scandal? (don’t underestimate the importance of the World Bank’s leader being asked to resign.)
The war in Iraq?...

Fill in your own blank………………………………..

Nobody Cares; The President of CBS said on the firing of Imus, “There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young woman of color tying to make their way in society.”

Jesse Jackson said, “No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation.”

So…having read these two statements…isn’t it interesting that within 24 hours a whole industry of merchandize---teddy bears and tee shirts with the words “Hoes” on them are being sold by Google? Thereby making the words once again…harmless?

NOW do you see the connection?



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