Friday, April 06, 2007

Geraldo's Nightmare

Nobody Flashes: Today, men who had never heard of the minute men, gathered near the border in recognition of Geraldo Rivera's:

"Honor a Illegal Alien's Right to Get Drunk Day."

Last week, in case you didn't see it, Geraldo Rivera was very upset with Bill O'Reilly for having no compassion for a poor simple Mexican drunk, who had come over the border illegally, and who not ONLY had the misfortune for not having the name BUBBA...but suffered the indignity of having to have Geraldo Rivera stand up for his good name of Ramos

All this poor guy wanted to do evidently was get drunk and drive in a country that would not load up his inebriated carcase and send him off to jail if he committed any crimes. And in the state of Virginia, he had found just the right place to commit any crime he wanted and live in a drunken stupor, unlike Mexico where he might have been eaten by wild pigs.

He was always getting stopped for drinking here, but the cops let him go---what a great country! So what if he accidentally killed two young girls? Lots of people do that!

What a racist Bill was, Geraldo felt, for even bringing up his illegality! Why, Ramos has just as much right to get drunk and kill people as the citizens already here, and to say anything contrary to that fact, was just plain....not fair! We are luring the drunks here! Democrats are giving them free beer in the waiting rooms of every hospital!

Geraldo was so mad at O'Reilly for being outraged at illegals breaking our laws, and no one caring about it, that Geraldo lost it all, and called him one of the worst thing a man can call another man..."Lou Dobb's Mom."

And then, even though Lou Dobb's was not anywhere near Geraldo, or the scene of the crime, Geraldo said,"Lou Dobbs has regenerated his dead career on the backs of illegal aliens."

I thought O'Reilly was going to say, "Well, at least he HAD a serious career, besides opening mob bosses vaults, and drawing troop movements in the sand of Iraq," but he didn't

Geraldo also thinks that we have "lured these poor illegally drunk people here" By also offering free houses, education, all the gringo's jobs---It's our own fault!
We are SUCH an uncompassionate nation!

Yet the thing that frightened Geraldo the most, was that the minutemen were now carrying guns.

Yes, the citizens of America had decided to use their 2nd amendment rights, and also join the illegal aliens in their right to get drunk in the most generous country on the planet.

If the drug cartels can shoot at border agents for not letting them come over and sell their drugs, then by golly, the minute men should be allowed to go into Mexico, get drunk, kill a few Mexicans while driving, and be able to not ever be punished, and stay as long as they like.

I'd say that's fair.

I read that the Spanish people think the Americans are stupid, and it's no wonder...with guys like Geraldo on the air.

So here's a nobody toast!---To all men in the United States that are legal citizens, have guns, like beer, and still shake Geraldo's hand when they see him.

God Bless America!

Nobody's Perfect: Our President George Bush, wants the American people to back him on his Iraq war....maybe we could do that if he would back us on stopping the Spanish Invasion and the final end of our English speaking country.

Nobody Knows: Today on Fox, Sheppard Smith was upset about just WHO would mow the lawns if all the illegals were sent home?

Something tells me Sheppard is now living very nicely, and has a big lawn.

Nobody Cares: Bill O'Reilly was great...Bill, you're this nobody's Huckleberry for the month. Thanks for "Looking Out for Us!"

And shame on Geraldo for thinking more about his Mexican buddies than the parents of those two poor girls, and the country that gave him the opportunity to be as famous as he is.



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