Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kissinger's NEW GLOBAL ORDER, and Puppies

Nobody Flashes: Henry Kissinger has once again, come to the rescue of the US and of our beloved puppies and pets that are being poisoned by wheat gluten put into their dog food by...well, we do not want to actually point any fingers but...it all came from places like Wangdien,China. Yes, China, which likes to kill dogs for FUN, put some poison in our dog food.


He has figured out a solution to the problem, once and for all.

America, Henry says, should basically just merge with China and form a "New Global Order." After all...there is no doubt in Henry's mind that China is now the "top dog" (as Clinton always called them) in the world, and there "is nothing we should do to prevent it." (I like how he picked the word...SHOULD) We'd better be careful and not upset them because they will basically smash us. It would be a "catastrophe."

"We are not always going to be the top dog on the block and we'd better get used to it...heh, heh,"
said Bill Clinton. He is at this moment trying to find that tape and destroy every copy of it.

Henry wants to remind us that if we choose to actually FIGHT them, they have lots more people, and economically own us-- not to mention they are communists and don't give a hoot about us.

All that Chinese campaign cash to Bill and Hillary better pay off!

Although Henry said it in his more diplomatic style.. what he is trying to say is we need to cooperated with anything and everything the Chinese say otherwise, rat poison will not just be in dog food, but in every product not made in the United States.

Which is bascially, just about everything.

So, I'm thinking of plowing up my back yard and planting crops. With global warming, I should have some really great tomatoes this year.

Dogs eat tomatoes...don't they?

Nobody's Perfect: Henry Kissinger, although the adviser to many Presidents, just seems to keep on giving very bad advice. Vietnam, now Iraq...He was always talking to Nixon, and now Bush. Somebody needs to muzzle this guy, or send him to Switzerland permanetly.

Nobody Knows; Where Henry keeps his bank accounts. Also, how old IS this guy?

Nobody Cares: Have you noticed that they have stopped talking about all the many dogs and cats dying? Suddenly we are waiting hour upon hour to hear just to hear WHO IS the father of Anna Nicole's baby.

Someone should ask Henry. He has the answer to everything.



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