Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Lords of Sin City

Nobody’s Opinion: I don’t get it. I JUST don’t get it.

While we watch a speaker of the House of Representatives, arrogantly, like a queen, go against a sitting President to countries that are killing our soldiers, all the while embarrassing us all by acting like a simple mother going over to her next door neighbor’s house to beg forgiveness of her son who she thinks started a fight, as if to say, “Well if I had been home, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Putting herself in position as the new world leader…

While John Kerry, and Al Gore write boogeyman books on the end of the world as we know it, while the opposite party man…Newt Gingrich, who by the way, presents himself as a conservative and very wise man, comes out and agrees with them, but just wants to fight over who will get the money on all the new inventions they are going to make us buy…

While the Senate is quietly trying to get rid of the Electoral College in every state, which will put every President from 2008 till forever, decided by New York and California…

While a President who can barely read, goes to the border and admits that illegal aliens should not be criminals because it’s the topic of the hour, but is going to pass amnesty for them all despite what he says…which will push through the end of the United States forever…thus becoming a bi-lingual country….(Have you notice that both Bush and Gingrich now speak fluent Spanish, as does Carl Rove?)

While the same people who were in the last administration continued to hold high posts, and continue to represent us all over the world, even though they are not officially appointed or elected, affecting our foreign and domestic policy--- making vast millions while they are at it.

While a recent President get his WIFE to run so he can get in power once again…never mind that she should not be allowed to run for that fact alone.

While England, as we have always known it, the country of the Magna Carta, is so unrecognizable today, that it really does look like Orwell’s 1984…

While our neighborhoods are being watched, our money is being watched, our e-mails are being watched, and every place we visit on the internet is being watched: and not to mention, one wonders where exactly they keep our DNA…

While vaccines not even tested are being forced on us. And a medical system, which was once good, was purposely broken down in order to force universal health care…

While judges make laws, and reverse jury verdicts with a whim…

While our children have absolutely no hope of ever having any kind of knowledge, (unless they are in the upper classes) because of the vast governmental systems set up: not to prepare a future for America, but to train “service workers.”

While both parties merge to become lst and foremost, a One World Government, (all leaders have used these words, just review their speeches.) but always keeping the people…fighting… then going right along with the globaliset corporations….democrats NOT stopping the war…conservatives NOT stopping the invasions…both parties playing politics and spinning the media…in the meantime, both parties NEVER improve the public schools, but instead making sure that they AND their children continue to get to stay in the ruling classes…being that is their only true goal.

And the most maddening of all…programs set up…to keep the different fractions of Americans divided. Blacks against Whites…democrats against republicans…atheists against the religious…a nation divided so that it NEVER stands up against the powers that have for so long ignored it, let alone call them on the serious crimes they have committed, because…well, we can’t. They control the spin.

Wars are fought…but now, not won...because of trade concerns.

And we fall for it.

What do we watch while they stealth this new control under our noses? The news…of who’s the father of Anna Nicole’s baby? What did that white man say that was racist? Who’s in rehab? Who’s the next American Idol?

Meanwhile, they pump our food full of hormones, and blame us for getting fat. They purposely keep our children stupid, and blame the parents when the kids are…they promote a breakdown of the family by putting porn on every cable station they can…they build bigger cars so as to make a huge taxes off the gallons you have to put into them, then they blame you for “wanting” the big car. (God forbid you should want to live through a major accident.)

YOU…YOU are destroying the earth. (And we buy it.)

They create a false global warming scare in order to promote mandatory new ways for the rich to make money…being as we have no longer any manufacturing here in the United States DUE to the fact that they have let our markets be flooded by China, so that BIG corporations (their buddies) can get into other countries.

While big corporations have been allowed to merge every hour…what once was considered bad for the free market, is now good. Soon, about five companies will rule and own everything.

They sell our streets, our ports, our military bases, and soon our very military to the highest foreign bidder.

Soon, your daughter’s eggs will be a good way to make a few bucks.

They tax you so much; control the banks and the market so well, that you have to have both parents working in order to make ends meet, then blame you when you can’t met your debt.

They even blame you for the invasion of Mexicans.

You horrible, fat, ignorant, selfish, American people…..you poor slobs.

“If not for us here to worry about you…you would be nothing. We will save you from yourselves.”

“Yes, we are here to protect you from global warming, and racist whites, and because you are so selfish…Africa is starving.”

We just need more money.

It seems to me, until we all unit on the fact that our current rulers…the Clintons, the Bushes, Gingrich, McCain, Kennedy, Pelosi, all work for the same big picture…the big global market--

Until we all get on the same page…the slavery will come faster, and our children will not know any better, until we see between the propaganda …

Watch what they do, not what they say. The end is always the same. Globalization…They create a problem, come in with the solution.

It’s simple, it’s old, it’s effective, and it works every time.

Like today they put the whole African nation on television for one stupid white man saying something that almost all the black men have been saying for decades…treating their women like whores…leaving them to raise the children alone. Getting on MTV…see what rapping, and sex, and drugs will buy you.

And if brave Black men speak out, showing that knowledge is the way, drugs and stupidity are not…they are silenced.

The powers that be NEED this black and white division. God forbid we should all see how they are manipulating us all and stop falling for it.

They are all working for the same end. Control, greed, money and power.

They want to be….GOD.

If someone could invent a governmental system to actually curtail the ambitions of men and women who want to save the world, a system that would prevent one class of people becoming tyrants over another class…whether by global warming Armageddon’s, hidden bank accounts, fascists programs, redistribution….

We should kiss the ground they walk on…then give our lives to put it into order.

What we need are real leaders who see the problems and the scams…and give us ways to fight the entrenched globalists puppets, who keep us amused with their spin stories, like lab rats.

It’s like the parent who places his kid in front of Sesame Street so that they can do other things. Keep the kid occupied…he’ll never know. That’s how they look upon us.

No matter HOW many times they say they care about “liberty.”

And If I hear or read ONE MORE TIME how Castro has such a good health care system…I’m going to…well, screaming will not be enough.

I might break a few dishes.

The Lords of Sin City are here. The question is: Do we have a chance?

Nobody’s Perfect: Yes, I’m angry…I don’t believe we are powerless…not yet.

Nobody’s Knows; Just how fast this is all going to take place.

Nobody Cares: There are plenty of us that are disgusted…millions in fact… don’t think they don’t know it.



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