Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nobody Gets Sick on the Holidays

Nobody Flashes: Sorry I didn't post yesterday...I got some kind of stomach flu, and FORCED myself to stay in bed.

And since I stayed in bed...I ended up watching a bunch of last week's recorded Charlie Rose's that I hadn't watched, with a bunch of old cabinet guys, like Kissinger, and that lovable old commie, Brzezinski--- who were once again planning their global village...talking about some insane things...

Kissinger sees GREAT potential for a New World "system" to come into creation out of all this terrible chaos...just like what happened after 1945...he's VERY excited...and Charlie TRIED very hard to get him to say that the phrase for it is: New World Order...and he wouldn't do it. He just looked down, and was very quiet. He then looked up and said something like "International compatibility."

Poor guy...Charlie Rose putting him on the spot like that.

Brzezinski is even worse..the no borders, no right or wrong, no one country can survive with out all the others man who was advising Obama, and as far as we know, still lives in Jimmy Carter's basement.

What I want to know is: who voted these guys into office? And what happens if these guys live to be 150, and they are STILL going around the world "representing" America?

Kissinger had just met with Putin, and Brzezinski visits more countries than the aids virus. Someone should develop a vaccine for these people, or give them official status, these closet global representatives...because WE are still paying them, I guarantee it.

Anyway...after eight hours of Charlie Rose, I just couldn't I am FORCING myself to get well tomorrow!

Wish me luck!


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Forget the Yacht

Nobody Flashes: It's Christmas night, and I just thought I post a picture of one of the presents I received this morning...


Actually, I got something much better, a Christmas Eve visit from my son, who grew up and left home, and came over all by himself last night and ate my "imitation turkey-Cornish hens," and told stories of how he is being a "step-dad" to three kids, and all the problems with being a "step-dad," and his dreams of someday buying a house, and taxes, and how we should just make Mexico the next state...

BUT...the most precious gift of all that he could have given me...was when he said:

"Mom, I barely have time with working to do ANYTHING! Now I know what you went through!"

You can't wrap that. That's golden. That SHOULD have been recorded. That kind of revelation cannot be bought at any store.

Forget the yacht. My finest hour has stood before me!

Besides, I'd looked really silly driving that up the Mississippi, and it darned sure wouldn't fit in my driveway.

Now, having said that: To all the moms and dads who didn't have their sons with them because they are soldiers out somewhere in the wide world...

Thank YOU for your finest moments--for it's because of the results of your efforts, the rest of us are reminded, that despite everything..the common man will prevail.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Does Solar Panels

Nobody Knows: Another problem and point against solar panels, (as apposed to other energy) that Al Gore had NOT given much thought to...(which as we all know, is his normal state of mind)--- is---

It's one thing to tell kids that Santa comes down the chimney, but due to the politically correct education that all the kids have gotten about the function and necessity of solar panels---

They will know that Santa cannot in any way, nor can any of his reindeer, land on solar panels without destroying them all, leaving the house unheated, and all the toys frozen, including Santa's cookies on Christmas morning...

Not to mention what it will do to the failure of toys being delivered on time...I think the little tots got enough to worry about...don't you?

I'm just sayin...

(Yes, in my little and unobtruse nobody way, I try to make a difference!)

May God Bless you all...and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

See you on Friday!


Monday, December 22, 2008


Nobody's Perfect

While the rest of the world is freezing...Obama decided to fly out to Hawaii with all his entourage of we will NEVER know how many bodyguards, friends and OUR expense...and get some sun.

But, as we see by this picture, the first black President is looking just a little too...and forgive me for saying such a thing....white.

How is he going to keep up his black African image looking like this? How can we keep being so proud that we have the first African/American if he keeps looking like this?

What's a nation to do?

I certainly hope he has some really good dark-tanning lotion.

While this nobody always suspected that calling him the first Black President in our country, was a bit of a genetic would think that Obama might not want pictures of his white looking body splashed all over the world.

But then again, why should he care? The election's over. Jesse Jackson will just have to deal with it...

Who knows? Maybe Obama thought Putin's well published many pictures of baring his manly chest was a smart way to get world-wide love and attention.

So, in that case, since Putin captured a wild tiger with his bare hands, I would suggest that Obama capture a wild wart-hog, in order to show he is just as tough.

Hey, have you ever tried to catch a wild wart-hog?

Then don't laugh.

Now, I'm going to go turn up my heater...while I still can.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

President George Bush: The Man With the Front Row Seat

Nobody’s Opinion: President George W. Bush has been sitting in the front of the bus of history, and time is about up for his ride…so, as Bill Clinton did before him, he was retelling his principles on C-Span this weekend and just how proud he is of his achievements.

Trouble is: he couldn’t come up with many.

After listening to Obama’s mantra for the last two years of “hope and change,” -----squawking like an annoying parrot… I was reflecting, just tonight, how thankful I was eight years ago, when it was finally decided by the Supreme Court that George W. Bush had won the election.

I remember having tears in my eyes upon hearing the final decision, for to me, the Clintons were just one short banana republic of a firing squad. From the horrors of Waco, to watching a boy being taken at gunpoint in the middle of the night, to the “selling” of all our nuclear secrets to China, to the insulting finger-wagging, to the “war” in Kosovo…many of us thought that finally, the boy from the Arkansas Mafia drug rings, who was hand-picked by the Rockefellers and put through the best schools, was going to be put-down and hog-tied by our new cowboy President.

I couldn’t wait.

What a surprise to find out that our all-American “cowboy” was nothing more than a New England snob “front” man for the big globalization program, put on by big business.

He even put a Wall Street man to run the Treasury, and control all the money, taking it out of Congress’s hands.

After eight years of President Bush, I have no more tears left.

And yet, I want to like him. The gays right now are saying the same thing about Obama. We want to like and trust our politicians, but they know how to use our emotions to their advantage. They pay lots of big thinkers BIG American taxpayer bucks to come up with just the right phrases to control us.

Bush brings out his good old boy, “I’m just an average humble guy face”---Obama brings out his calm, “I will save us all” face…and our emotions take us away.

Yes, we are forever being manipulated to hope…and hope…and hope…and hope…but things only get worse.

Forever being told to go to the back of the bus.

I was an admitted emotional wreck eight years ago, while waiting for the final verdict in 2000. I remember watching George Bush Jr. sitting on his couch with his daddy. He looked as if he knew everything and had no worries at all.

He had that same look today, especially when he commented on the fact that Wall Street, got “a little excessive” making money.

A little excessive? That’s the same as saying that a drunk driver got a little excessive in his drinking when he accidently killed twenty people on the sidewalk.

President Bush has excused some of the most egregious actions of our own CEO’s, politicians, and crooks with just a wink and a nod, but has sadly, always been right on the front lines when it came to attacking the American people. His treatment of our border guards is an abomination in itself.

How can he face his “God” at night, with innocent men serving time for doing their jobs?

Is he any better than a Castro in this? No, the agenda of “globalization” is more important. He gets real “spiffy” when the subject of “isolation” comes up.

That alone tells you that he is part of the whole New World Order system, sad as it is to emotionally face…but face it we must.

Lately, when I look at Bush I see pure-bred, ugly, class arrogance. I blame his father. I tell myself the man has been through too much, it’s a defense mechanism---but I don’t believe it.

When it came to the subject of energy, Bush still backs ethanol, because he’d said he rather we made our own fuel. Even though that one Presidential mandate alone caused everyone groceries price to go out the roof, it doesn’t bother him.

No word about drilling for our own oil. And who owns some of these BIG government corn farms? Why Mr. Virgin, Richard Branson, the man who gives billions to Bill Clinton every year.

Yes, old King George thought it was wonderful that soon we will have electric cars that can go forty miles!

Is he kidding? Ahhhhh George.

He also said that we were getting a “stimulus” package with our low gas prices. We should feel grateful for that. Almost admitting that, like many of us feel, they choose when to raise and lower these prices…it has nothing whatsoever to do with the “free market.” That’s all carefully placed propaganda.

There is no such thing anymore as a “free market.”

And now---after eight years of watching our country go into the final nightmare that we thought the Democrats would take us, we are in full fledge socialism/fascism drive.

They created the problem, and then they came in and “saved” us.

How wonderful of them.

So, it doesn’t matter a hoot who’s in that Oval Office…the agenda’s go on. That of a bi-lingual nation, (As Obama continues the merging of the three countries) the breaking down of families and Christianly, a ‘Purpose Driven Life “ agenda of “We must keep sending your tax dollars all over the world, as bribes to get control of other countries with our “international” big businesses…like GE, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, etc.”

All in the name of keeping you American people protected---like we did on 9/11.

One thing is clear. Bush believes he is saving the world, any horrible actions he has to do as President, is justified in saving the world…even if it means the destruction of America.

He’s kidding himself. A few men cannot control the world, try as they might. I guess he didn’t read the latest findings that even dogs have a sense of unfairness.

And a few “elite” families controlling billions of people, is not going to work.

Bush also thinks he has a divine connection…and a divine right to rule…so did all the Kings in history, and the Pharohs.
As I have said before: the Presidency of the United States has grown too big for one man. No one person, like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, could carry that ring of power and not go mad as a Hatter, even the nicest man would crumble.

Even dictators can be nice men, let’s not forget---they usually live in a divine bubble.

Bush said…“The office is more important than the man.” And in that he is right.
The office of the Presidency has grown so much power, that men spend trillions trying to get into it.

Yes, when asked at the end, what he takes away from it all he said he loved being President--- after all…he has a front row seat to history.

Too bad all the rest of us have to sit at the back of the bus.